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 "From Hooker To Paranormal Investigator", 
over 470 encounters in my home. 
             Author Rev. Mary Macurda


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Over 470 true documented encounters, in my haunted house by twelve people who have lived here over the past ten years.



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big-orb-in-my-bedroom 152KB.jpg

This is a big orb coming through my bedroom window

Watch Mark explaining his attack, only 1:43min

April 28, 2021. I dont know why, but one night I asked spirits to come and visit me. See how about 100 orbs came flying out of my bedroom closet. Must be a portal there. It freaks me out, I did not expect 100 dead people wanting their picture taken. They visited me for around 3minutes.

This is about five minutes after they stopped coming in. The next night I asked again for them to come and get their photos taken. About 50 of them came out to have their picture for a couple minutes then they were all gone.

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                    These Encounters Are 100 Percent True                          
  Explanation of different entities have been seen, felt, and heard in my house. The first entity that was seen was a black gorilla. Throughout these ten years, a silverback gorilla, orangutans, a 2ft baby fat tan chimp, a 4 ft fat tan mama female chimp, and a 4ft skinny creepy looking chimp with pointed ears, yellow eyes, and long fingers. Also, a tall, big monkey has been seen twice as tall as the ceiling. Five people have heard the sound that a chimpanzee makes, the WHO WHO WHO WHO they make. I have been taken over by a monkey. The grim reaper had been seen twice, and Jesus had been seen. Many sizes, shapes, and colored orbs have been seen. Also, White mists and black stinky mists. A little boy and girl have been seen, and a monk. There is a dead man and woman here. Shadow people in and outside my house have been seen many times. A fairy has been seen, a dragon and an orange and green neon light caught on camera in my backyard.
  A tall stereotype demon had been seen, as well as a small one. This small demon gave me more pain than I have ever experienced in my whole life. A pterodactyl flew over my backyard. We have ghost dogs and unexplainable booms that occur occasionally. There is moaning from the attic, screams, and an entity that walks on my roof. We have objects that disappear and then reappear and things that manifest right out of the blue. We have poking, hair pulling, blowing breathes, burns, pushing, and a black mass that completely engulfs me that I have had to fight off. Commonly all our doors have knocking when no one is there. People hear the whispering when no one is there.
  You bought this book because you are interested in the paranormal. I applaud you for researching this subject to uncover that these occurrences exist. Thanks to all the paranormal shows that use scientific methods on Tv and the internet. My family now say that maybe the weird things I have told them since childhood could be real. These shows validate my experiences.                                                                                         
   I know the whole time I have lived here I have not tried much to catch anything on tape or recordings. If this house were someone else's house, I would be over there with all kinds of equipment, but because I live here, I am in fear all the time as it is. I have been too scared to see photos or videos for this reason. I already have pics of people's scratches and bruises and have recorded some of these experiences. I can handle orbs and mists. On my website, you can see more photos and watch some weird paranormal videos I did catch, a 100 orbs coming out of my closet on demand. Video with Travis Taylor & Dragon from Skin Walker Ranch, a recording recreated of the WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO


Table of Content

About the Author, Rev. Mary Macurda                                                             


Chapter 1. My Weird, Sexual, Paranormal, and Crazy Life                                                                             

Chapter 2. Over 450 Paranormal Occurrences In My House                                                                          

Chapter 3. Some Ghost Sightings, Not In This House                                                                                                

Chapter 4. Our Alternative Reality Experiences                                                                                                              

Chapter 5. Paranormal Experiences Before Living Here                                                                                     

Chapter 6. My Four Spirit Voice Recordings                                                                                                                                
Chapter 7. My Psychic Dreams Connected To My                                           
Healing Devices                           

Chapter 8. The Tesla Body Energizer                                                                                                                                                    

Chapter 9. Seeing UFOs and Our Experiences With Aliens                                                                              

Chapter 10. Alien implants and let’s stop alien abductions                                                                             

Chapter 11. My Collection of 90 Healing Electric Devices                                                                

Chapter 12. Some Readings I Have Had With Margo                                                                                               

Chapter 13. We Got Married in SeaWorld’s Main Aquarium                                                                     

Chapter 14. I am in Ed Mc Cabes book,                                                          
“Flood Your Body with Oxygen”
and my Near-death experience

My Available Services                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                        In Summary & Ghost Hunting Equipment 


Madam Orgasma                                                                                             


Orgasms R’ Us                                                                                                 


As of Sept 11. 2022 I still live here, and it could be a year or 2 before I finally get out of here. So. I will send you updates every two months future creepy encounters. Makes sure you sign up with the newsletter.                  


Sign up for newsletter, place the word Newsletter in subject box and I will send you updates on occurrences every two months until I sell this house and get the F out of here.                                                                          

Gail white streak 1.jpg

Notice the streak of white light coming from above my friend Gail's crown chakra, straight threw to the ground. This is an amazing photo of what?. A spirit of protection, someone sending her love or a healing? Wow, she was in Canada at her families get together.

This is a male ghost voice moan left on my cell phone. There was no number registered to it, so how could this be?

Contact Rev. Mary at or call 321-525-2511

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