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Twice we saw aliens watch us make our Tesla Coil and
the Tesla Body Energizer

   Mark and Tina saw an alien species outside their apartment watching them
This because we build Tesla Technology, a Nikola Tesla Coil, and The Tesla Body Energizer  for healing people. The three of us moved from Melbourne Florida to Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2011 so we could continue our healing business with our friend Curtis.

 Mark had gone out of town for two weeks to work for Curtis’s welding company. On the last day before he was going to be home, Tina was sitting in her recliner watching television. She noticed some movement through the back window, which was right behind the Tv set, a few feet from the back window, outside are trees. There was a vibration that caught her attention. Suddenly three creatures were sitting side by side on a floating platform. They and the platform were literally see-through, meaning they were not solid. They had long arms that were positioned straight in front of them with what looked like they were working controls. Their cone-shaped faces were moving up and down, right, and left as if they were looking at the back of the apartment building.
  They looked about three feet tall, but they were
sitting so not sure. They looked like they were from
the movie Predator. In the movie, those aliens would
cloak themselves to make them invisible, but you
could still barely see them. She could see the leaves
right through them as they passed by the window. T
hey were also looking right at her at times. She said
she was scared to death; she froze in her chair. She
thought they were going to float in and abduct her.
After about 2 minutes she decided to get up and run
to the front door. As she did, she looked back, and they had disappeared. She opened her front door, and her next-door neighbor was outside. Her friend said to her, what’s wrong you look like you saw a ghost. She said nothing is wrong, but she was visibly shaken. She did not want her to think she was crazy.

   That night she talked to Mark on the phone but did not tell him anything. She did not want him to worry. Mark came home the next night and he fell asleep on the sofa. He said as he was waking up at dawn, he was facing the same back window. He noticed movement in the bushes right where she saw the aliens. He yelled to her to come to him. He asked her if she had seen anything weird in the back. She said yes, Why? He explained that he had seen three alien’s sitting side by side sitting on a floating platform moving very slowly until it was past the window. She then told him what she had seen. He said they were kind of clear, shimmering, but he could see them like when you see heat waves rising off a hot road. He said he was so scared he could not move he was frozen still. He said they took about 30 seconds to cross to the other side of the window then they disappeared out of sight. He said he had no idea how long or how far they traveled behind the building.

    Tina and Mark talked about what they saw, the same creatures, and how frightened they were. We make these Tesla machines for healing people in their apartment and in Curtis’s warehouse which is about a mile away.

    The next day when Mark was at the warehouse Tina saw another alien. It was around 9 am and sitting in her recliner watching Tv when Suddenly one of them showed up, sitting on its platform moving slowly past the window again. His coned-shaped face was looking up, down left, and right as he moved behind the building. After it was gone, she called Mark who came right over. They both walked behind the building but saw nothing to explain what they have seen.

    These weird-looking aliens have caused them no harm, but we supposed they were curious about what we were building. We believe these high voltages, high-frequency machines cause portals. A few days later Mark saw a grey alien watching him.

   Mark saw a grey alien watching him one morning while he was in Curtis’s warehouse building a Tesla Coil. Mark said that he was in the small room, I was on the office, and he had been tuning the copper wire coil in a different way than usual. He noticed movement and looked up and saw a 4ft grey alien watching him from behind a wall. He was peeking out from the side of the wall and Mark could only see from the top of his head to the bottom of his torso. The rest of him wasn’t there. Mark immediately dropped his tool on the table and ran towards him. He said he disappeared when he got behind the wall where no one was. He said there was where he could have run because it was closed in. We wondered why he was there, and what was the fascination with Mark working on a Tesla Coil. This is technology from the early 1900’s by Nikola Tesla, so it has been out there for a long time. The only reason we thought was interesting to him or whoever sent the grey to investigate was that Mark was tuning the coil differently, possibly opening up a portal.
  These two occurrences happened within a week of each other. So, they must be connected. Maybe the ones on the platform sent the grey alien to see what Mark was doing and report back to them.  
Margo said they are watching us because these machines do create a vortex, a portal.


   One day I was watching a video on aliens when I saw a man talk and describe these same aliens that sat on a platform and controlled their spaceship. This Youtube video is called Alien Agenda Conspiracy documentary 2015” by Simon Parks. If you start the video at 44:39 Simon, starts his talk on the aliens he calls Mantis but I do not think these are the Mantis.
  I can never be sure it is these exact ones, but the similarity is something to consider. He drew these aliens; I took a snapshot of it off his video. Notice they have cone-shaped faces. He explained that they have very long arms that worked controls while sitting on a floating platform. In the video he goes into detail, very interesting. Someday I plan on contacting him and tell his Mark and Tinas experience and see what he says.

mantis alien 80.jpg

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