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This is my beautiful “Healing In the Wings of an Angel” healing device.

    She is a 6ft female healing angel device I make to improve your health by the healing devices incorporated within her. When people see her, they are in awe, their eyes light up, and they want a session, or their photo taken with her. People have experienced more physical and mental energy. They have also experienced pain relief, better blood circulation, a calming, happy mood, and an increased auric field.

   This angel gives you color therapy, magnetic, shungite, and zero-point energy. She also increases your energy by standing on the electronic foot pad for acupuncture therapy. It opens up all the meridians to your organs so blood and energy can flow. The tap lights in her middle are for chakra therapy. The rainbow lights are for rainbow therapy. The wrist device is for red-light therapy purifying your blood. The Zero Point wand is for balancing your energy and pain relief. The iPod is programmed with many healing frequencies that your body will absorb through your energy field. The Schumann generator necklace is for added energy by using the 7.83 Hz, the natural Earth's Frequency. The small bracelet has whatever essential oil inside so you can breathe in that healing frequency, and she also emits Orgone energy. A mister comes with her to purify her energy field in between sessions. You can use holy water, essential oils, or whatever you prefer. I send along a kit of ten essential oils. All these devices are for pain relief and to increase energy. We are made up of these energies, so why not heal from them? 

 You can use each healing tool individually. Just take them out of the angel.

   She only takes 2 minutes to get ready for a session when she is all put together.

To Use;

1. To create your angel therapy session, take the Tesla Magnetic, Shungite stone, Crystal, Schumann 7.83 Hz frequency generator necklace hanging around her neck and place it around your own neck. If you are familiar with muscle testing, do this to prove to yourself how instantly it makes you psychically stronger by increasing circulation and adding energy to your body. This necklace has been charged on top of a Tesla Coil machine giving the raw crystals millions of frequencies. 

    These ten raw-powered crystals are White Quartz, Violet Amethyst, Dark Blue Lapis lazuli, Light Blue Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Green Malachite, Yellow Citrine, Orange Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Black Grounding Obsidian. When muscle testing, they make you strong and balanced. The idea of using these crystals came to me psychically from Tesla himself.

2.Then press the button that is attached to each wing. The LED lights will flash on. You can have the wings pulse or not. When you have everything turned on, take both wings, and cover yourself with them over your shoulders.

3.Then push all the puck lights in front of her from the forehead down to her feet. The forehead is dark blue, the throat is light blue, the pink is over her heart as well is the green one, the yellow is over her tummy, the orange is over her pelvis and the red root chakra, then the knees, and last the feet. While standing close in front of her, you are receiving chakra colors for chakra color therapy.

4.Then turn on the iPod attached to her right hip. Here you will listen to meditation music with many frequencies incorporated into it. 

5. Then place the Foot Tens Mat Device on the floor, and place it directly in front of her. Turn it on, and you will see a small blue light. Then have your bare feet on it and turn the intensity up until you feel it comfortably. This will also improve your blood circulation, opening up all the meridians and acupuncture points throughout your body. It will increase your energy for optimal healing. Start at a 1 intensity.

6. Place essential oil inside the bracelet.

7. Then turn on the power strip so the rainbow light above her head and on the floor will turn on. The switch to change the colors for the rainbow lights will either pulse, stay static or change colors independently.

8. Place the Red-Light Wrist device on your wrist and turn it on.

9. When you are all setup, reach to her left hand and hold it for Orgone and magnetic energy. 

10. Lastly, hold onto the Zero Point Energy Nano Wand in her right hand.

  This comes with a mister to mist the angel between sessions to clear the energy. It also comes with essential oils to place inside the bracelet, so when you stand in front of her, you will breathe in that frequency. I sell these to Wellness centers and other businesses, so people can use her while in the waiting room. I also sell them to lay people. She is quite the center piece, a conversation piece. I custom make this angel Price $1200.00 plus shipping. It is custom-made, allowing for three weeks.

angel night green red bllue.jpg
angel violet re.jpg
angel light blu.jpg
angel light blues.jpg
angel mark light blue.jpg
angel small green circle.jpg
angel half green.jpg
angel ornage full.jpg
angel half view.jpg
angel all red.jpg
angel full red.jpg
angel side view.jpg
book 3.jpg

Angel in daylight without anything turned on.

rainbow pod not turned on.jpg

Rainbow projector not turned on

angel rainbow pod closeup.jpg

Rainbow projector turned on to violet

angel orgone.jpg
angel red-light closeup.jpg

Orgone energy to hold
in left hand

Zero Point Nano Wand to
hold in her right hand

Red-Light wrist device

angel three bulbs and pendeant 100.jpg
angel pendant 88.jpg

Tesla 7.83Hz Schumann Frequency Pendant

angel mister 54.jpg

This comes with a mister
and Essential oils

angel Gail.jpg

Angel Gail

Angel Karen

angel Karen.jpg
angel foot mat.jpg

Electronic Foot Mat

angel ipod 22.jpg

Healing Frequencies Ipod

angel Kerri.jpg

Angel Kerri

angel lorraine N.C.jpg

Angel Lorraine N.C.

angel margo.jpg

Angel Lorraine Z

angel margo.jpg
angel half view.jpg

Angel Margo

angel andmy closeup.jpg

Angel Mary

These angels have different wigs. You can chose which one you want.
The names are listed in alphabetic order.
or call Mary at 321-525-2511

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