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The Tesla Body Energizer Machine Before and After  Tests

energizer aura before.jpg

My friend has a very low aura and felt a little tired at the time of this photo. She is a nice spiritual woman.

energizer aura after.jpg

Her aura after 30 minutes being on the machine is now very powerful with all the lower chakra spinning open for a healing

Below is a before and after a Bio-Feedback software done at a wellness Center. One of my customers did this test and sent me these results.

This is before him getting on the Energizer. I know it is hard to read but still you can see how out of balance his organs are.

enhancer_test_before444KB Book (2).jpg

This result was done after the Energizer. You can see how he is now in complete balance, amazing!


This is a skin moisture test before and after the Energizer. This is pressed up on my cheek before my session, it measures only 22.4 percent hydration on my skin. 20 minutes after the session my skin is now 45.4 percent hydrated. I believe this is why so many people have told me this machine has reduced their wrinkles even while having cancer. The more hydrated your skin is the less skin conditions you will have. You can get this tester at this Amazon Link for $18.00 

moisture 22.jpg
moiature 45.jpg

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