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Body Voltage Meter Experiments


body voltage probe.jpg

This is a pic of my fingers holding onto the metal probe that connects to the Body Voltage Meter wires up top. It is battery operated so you can move around with it for measurements. You can also plus it into an outlet.

body voltage before unplugged laptop.jpg

            My Laptop Experiment
This reading is when I h
ave my HP 16" laptop on my lap but with my 4" thick pillow with a hole in the middle for air flow between me and the bottom of the laptop top. It is plugged into the outlet and I am happy with this small reading. This is not a harmful a harmful amount even though it would  be best at .000

This reading is when I unplugged my laptop from from the outlet. Now it is much higher showing how important it is to keep it plugged in because there is a grounding plug.

laptop 121.jpg
laptop 877.jpg

This reading is when i have it unplugged and have no pillow underneath the laptop. WOW, what a difference. This is a harmful high amount that can disrupt my healthy cells.

laptop pillow.jpg

This pic is to show you the pillow I use under the laptop. I suggest you buy a 4 inch foam and cut a hole in the middle for air flow so you will be protected. Research has shown by leaving a laptop on your lap it lowers testosterone levels and possibly cause problems with the prostate. This is also harmful to the female reproductive system. Who knows what are harmful effect this can have on the whole body. When I have it plugged in and the foam pillow under the laptop as you see from above my reading was only at a43.

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