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Covid Predictions From Psychics

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Sylvia Browns Prediction Of Covid In Her 2008 Book                                    
  The Covid 2020 Pandemic was predicted in 2008 by Sylvia Browne, the famous psychic medium. In her book is called “End of Days Predictions and Prophecies”. It was a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author. 

One day a past customer of mine sent me this tweet. It was from one of the Kardashian's. She tweeted a passage from Sylvia Browne's book saying that only electricity and heat will be the way to cure the global flu and that antibiotics will not work. Electricity, and heat?

Well, that is what I have been saying for 27 years. This prediction made me feel that I have been validated.

   She wrote that in 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness would spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes, and resisting all known treatments. This has been exciting for me to read this passage. It helps me see that I have been on the right path all these years. And, by the way, when you have electricity, you have heat.

  My girlfriend friend Margo, who is a professional psychic medium, predicted this a year before lockdown. So, about twenty years ago, Margo said that I would be helping people during a pandemic many years from now. This frightened me, a pandemic was coming, oh no, but now that is what I am doing. A year before we ever heard of this Covid19, she told me that something big was coming in a year globally and that it would be catastrophic. It is going to kill millions of people. I panicked and asked, “What is it, an asteroid, an earthquake, a flood, climate change, the financial depression? She answered that she did not know at that point. So, every three months, I would ask her. She could not tell what it was yet for the next two more times. About six months before our lockdown, she said it was a pandemic coming in early spring, and this was before we ever heard of it. She said that everyone in my house would be fine. I was relieved to hear this, and she was right. I have six older adults in my house, all with lung problems from years of cigarette smoking, but I was still worried even with my home in quarantine.

   I have never smoked, so my lungs are fine. She has said from the very beginning that this was man-made by five wealthy people who want depopulation, and someday we will all know who they are, and we will be shocked when we find out who they are. Personally, I consider them the antichrist.

   Google the words “List of Epidemics” when you get a chance.                        

This website will blow your mind. It lists epidemics from back in 1200 BC till modern days. You will see how common this happens to humans from around the world., but none of them were man-made. It lists approximately how many people died as well as the names of the epidemics like Bubonic plague, Smallpox, Hantavirus, Influenza, Hepatitis, Typhus, Yellow Fever, Chicken Pox, leptospirosis, well syndrome, Measles, Diphtheria, Dengue Fever, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Malaria, whopping cough, dysentery, Scarlet Fever, Kuru, African Trypanosmiasis, Encephalitis, and Polio. The 1889 Human Corona virus that killed a million people world-wide and the H1N1 Virus of 1918 which killed many millions of people world-wide.

The Herb Angelica

   One day I had a reading with Margo, my friend, and psychic medium. She told me that I would be helping people with a pandemic years from now. Wow, this frightened me. She said to get the book called "Back to Eden" which I did right away. She said that something in that book would stand out to me for pandemics and that there is a combination I will use.  I told her I wanted to start working with hydroponics and place a sound transducer inside the water for the herbs to absorb specific healing frequencies as they grow. She thought that was a wonderful and original concept. Now that is exactly what I am doing.

   Margo gets her information from her spirit guide and then tells me what was said. She did not know what would jump out at me, but when I looked in the book, it was an herb called "Angelica" that has been used for pandemics since ancient times. So, I marked the page and forgot about it. When the Covid pandemic started, about 22 years after this spiritual information, I bought the herb in powder form and took it occasionally. No one else in the house took any supplements because they are not holistic, and none of them used any of my machines.

   However, nearing the end of the pandemic in January 2022, five of us in my house caught Covid. This first morning, when I woke up, I felt sick, low in energy, and hot. My temperature was 101, which is high for me. So, right away, I took my Angelica that I had bought at the beginning of the covid, then I used my Tesla Body Energizer for three houses straight while wearing the Beck blood purifier zapper, and used my 9-volt zapper, then I went back to sleep.  

   By that afternoon, y fever dropped to 99, and my energy fully came back. I had an occasional mild cough for the next three days, and on the fourth day, I tested negative. Everyone else in the house suffered for a week, and one almost died.

   Now, as I am writing this passage, it is November 2023. Margo, during a reading, asked me if I had the book "Back To Eden". I said that is weird you asked me that because this morning I was going through my many books, and I pulled that book off to the side. I had not gone through that book since you told me to get it about 20 years ago.

   She said to go through that book. There is something that you need that will jump out at you. It has been some twenty years since I have looked inside it. When I did, the Angelica herb was the only excerpt that I had circled. I called back Margo and told her that I had just ordered some Angelica a couple of days ago, and it had been many months since I had any. So, to me, this means that I need to keep taking it, especially because Covid is still around, the regular flu, and now a new flu called RSV, that has put hundreds of children in the hospital.
  Interesting side note; a scientist in Korea gave a bird with the flu a cabbage food called Kim Chi. He claimed Koreans used it many years ago to cure their bird flu. So, learning about that, I occasionally buy a bottle of it and have a small amount almost daily. I love it, and it tastes delicious. What is in Kim Chi? It is a traditional Korean side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, such as napa cabbage and Korean radish. A wide selection of seasonings are used, including gochugaru, spring onions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal. This must be a powerful combination for healing a flu. It is available in most grocery stores.


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