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Ed McCabe Saved My Life and best holistic book I ever read

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This is me doing a video for Ed McCabe many years ago.


Ed McCabe has appeared on over 1,500 TV, radio, and lecture platforms. His 1988 bestseller Oxygen Therapies sold over 250,000 copies by word of mouth and without a major publisher! The people want what he has to say! Now, after 14 more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, “Mr. Oxygen,” announces the best Oxygen Therapy book in history.


“Take note. The interest this book will unleash is noteworthy. Both lay and professional persons who secretly will not admit their ignorance in this emerging field of study will use it as a guide.”  - Mona Harrison, MD, Former Assistant Dean, BU School of Medicine

“I am doing my best to promote your work and the concept of Oxygen Therapy. The work is so important and many more people must know about this. Keep up the fantastic work. God Bless.”  - J. S., England

“Thank you Mr. McCabe. You’re a gift from a higher entity.” - Linda Dale, Florida

“I now literally thank God for giving us Ed McCabe. It is through his courage and conviction that my life was saved. Thank you, Ed.” - Chris Savage, Australia

“Ed, Your work has been impeccable, profound, and courageous…. there aren’t the words to describe the respect and admiration I have for you and what you have done for Oxygen Therapy.” - Colleen Kincaid, Canada

“I thank you for your stand and crusade for our health in spite of the dangers you have had to endure. I would say your stance would describe one of my favorite sayings, ‘One man with courage makes a majority.’ - M.G., New Hampshire

“Ed’s information really ignited my brain.” - Viktor Goncharov, ND, Ph.D., NY

“May God continue to bless you Ed as you have blessed us with your compassionate service. Humankind is the better for your being.” - Jerry Bergemeyer, Arizona

Flood Your Body with Oxygen honestly examines all the Oxygen Therapies and every issue surrounding their origin, their history, and their use. Flood Your Body includes a wealth of testimonials and available medical references and examines the therapies and their use in detail.


Part 1 Problems; everybody gets sick eventually. Here’s why. Polluted environments and mass-produced foods grown on de-mineralized mega farm soils have lowered our cellular oxygen levels, and these too-low oxygen levels let toxins and anaerobic (can’t live in oxygen) microbes¾bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pathogens¾pile up inside us and in our animals, pets, and our plants. Anaerobes are the cause of most human, animal, and plant health problems as well as the ‘incurable’ diseases.

Part 2 Solutions; proven, safe, and effective techniques not taught in our medical schools. These little known techniques have been used safely and effectively on the international scene daily by thousands of doctors to surround microbes and cancer cells with active forms of oxygen that they can’t live in. This immobilizes the offenders, and then flushes them out. Therapies, devices, and products, how the doctors use them all over the world, and a consumer-patient guide to “What to watch out for.”

Part 3 Evidence; historical and modern proof of active oxygen’s effectiveness, its 50-year prolific use internationally, and the top quality documentation proving its safety. Lists of doctors, Naturopaths, clinics, products, and contacts. Flood Your Body With Oxygen is written in a lively conversational style for everyone with a body. You, your doctor, the animal and plant owners, and everybody else will be amazed at the simple powerful results obtainable from these unpublicized professional techniques.

 800-247-6553  $27.99 

My Near Mayan Death Experience and Mr. Ed McCabe's Oxycaps That Saved My Life
One day I noticed that I was trying to remind myself to breathe. This breathing problem went on for about two weeks. I did not tell anyone about it, and I just thought maybe I was coming down with something. It was very unusual for me to have any problem with my lungs. I had never smoked ANYTHING in my life.

     One night I had a dream that I walked into a church and saw my girlfriend Mary, and her friend was with her. We sat in a circle, and then the three of us held hands. At that moment, my body draped over the back of my chair as if it were a coat. Instantly I shot straight upwards, out of my body, extremely fast into a round green hieroglyphic symbol. The moment I went into it, I fell back into my body at a speed that felt like a million miles an hour.

     It was about 2 am when this happened, and I jerked awake. When I woke up, I sat up immediately in fear. My heart was palpitating tremendously fast. I had never had that happen to my heart before. I certainly never had a dream like that before. I laid back down to calm myself and fell back to sleep.

   Something terrible had happened to me from that experience because for the next three days, all my muscles were twitching and were becoming more frequent. I had been taking a lot of my Super-Blue-Green Algae, digestive enzymes, coQ10, sprouts, and acidophilus. Still, it wasn't helping me at all, which surprised me since I had seen with my own eyes people getting all kinds of healing with these supplements, as well as myself, over the past months. But they were not helping me at all.

     My mom, hearing this took me to a cardiologist. The doctor put the EKG halter on me for a couple of days. He said my brain was not regulating my heartbeat and put me on a beta-blocker. I was 38 years old at the time. It turned out I had high blood pressure that I did not know I had. I ate all the time unhealthily and was about 50 pounds overweight.

     My friend Jeff Martin called me, who was in the algae business with me. I told him how the supplements were not helping me. He said he had read a book called "Oxygen Therapies" by Ed McCabe and thought I should take some oxygen capsules. The next day he came over like an angel with the bottle of Oxycaps. I took two in the morning and then two at lunch, and an hour later, all my twitching from my muscles completely stopped. I was shocked, and I have always remembered the healing power of the oxygen capsules. We had figured out that the twitching had been caused by a lack of oxygen in my nervous system and muscles.

     I was very appreciative of Ed's book and Jeff's help.  I felt that they saved my life. Now here it gets kind of weird. Jeff was at a friend's house and borrowed the Oxygen therapies book by Ed McCabe, which was lucky for me. However, he had never returned it to the rightful owner. He gave it to me to read and found it genuinely full of fantastic information on healing your body with oxygen and ozone therapies.

     Mark, my husband, and I went on a cruise to Cancun, Mexico, two weeks later. We took a scary bus ride to see the pyramid at Chichen-Itza. While we were walking around this fantastic place, I told Mark that the green we were seeing was the same color green in that hieroglyphic symbol I went flew into when I left my body. This same color, green, was the mold inside the temples. Mark said, to see if that symbol was here. I looked during the tour, and all the symbols carved into the stones were square, not round, until we got to the ball court. Here the Mayans played a game similar to our game called Jai Alai.

     There, I pointed with excitement in my voice to the tour guide. I said, "What is that symbol? I have seen it before. He said; that is the symbol of death. Mark and I looked at each other like, OH MY GOD! We said nothing to each other as we walked with the other people in the group over to the pyramid while my heartbeat fast. The guide told the people on his tour that anyone could climb to the top if they wanted, but to come back down, you had to come down on your butt. You cannot walk down the step. If you fall, it is like falling straight down.

     Mark said that I better not climb the pyramid, and I agreed. I had planned to get to the top to take photos, but after the tour guide said it is like falling straight down, I thought no way now.

     After we got home, I went to talk to my psychic in Cassadaga, Florida, about what happened when I left my body. All I said was my name, and right away, she said, OH, You died. I said yes, and I believe my heart stopped. She said NO, you stopped breathing, then your heart stopped. I said Oh Yes; for two weeks before, I had to make a conscious effort to remember to breathe. However, she could not explain why I went into a Mayan symbol after holding hands with two very Christian women.

     This experience is called an NDE, a near-death experience. Questions that I would love answers to. Was I once a Mayan in a past life?

     One night Jeff Martin brought this lady to me because she had been turned down from the hospital for another blood transfusion. She has Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She told me that a blood transfusion was the only thing that made her feel better. Jeff had wanted her to try my energizer to see if it would positively affect her. So, he put her on my Tesla Energizer machine for about an hour, and when she got off the machine, she was full of energy. She was not even the same person that it helped her so much.

  After that, we became friends, and some years later, I told her that Jeff had this book and how I believed he saved my life with its information. When I told her the book's name, Oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe, she looked at me with a big smile and said, Oh My Gosh, that is my sons' book, what a coincidence.

     What comes around goes around in a good way. It gets even weirder. I end up in
Ed McCabe's new book on Oxygen and Ozone therapies called "Flood Your Body
With Oxygen" Therapy For Our Polluted World," where I talk about my Violet Ray research. Now, he is in my book, Synchronicity? Good Karma? Yes, I know it is.

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