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I time traveled the same way Nikola Tesla did

Nikola Tesla and I Time Traveled By An Accident With A Tesla Coil

   We both saw the future because of being shocked with a Tesla Coil. One day, he worked in his laboratory and was accidentally shocked with three and a half million volts. He had put his hand on his Tesla Coil, and while he was being shocked, he saw the past and future racing toward him. As soon as his assistant saw what was happening, he turned it off. He had time traveled, seeing the future.       
   I also got shocked when I was doing a demonstration at a fair with the Edgar Cayce Violet Ray high-frequency small handheld Tesla coil device. I was rubbing the glass electrode with argon gas in it on this woman’s ankle, and my other hand was holding her leg.  

   A friend came up from behind, and he had placed the “Orgasmatron” head tingler massager on top of my head. He started stroking the copper fingers up and down my scalp while my hand was on the women’s ankle. This made a complete circuit of electricity. I instantly felt a strong electrical current going into my head, into my brain. It was painful, and I was screaming in pain, but he thought it was a scream of pleasure since that is what the Orgasmatron does to me. 
   The Orgasmatron gives me extreme pleasure by giving me goosebumps all over my body. I believe it releases happy hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. I pushed his hand away, which stopped him massaging my head with the copper fingers that were electrocuting my brain, but he had no idea this was happening. Luckily, it was not very intense, so I was fine, and I explained to him what had happened. 


 Later I go home and shortly get into bed. My husband was in bed with me, and as we were falling asleep, I said to him that I was a little worried because I was seeing the universe, outer space, and millions of stars. I had told him how I got accidently shocked in my brain. He told me not to worry, everything would be fine. So, I closed my eyes and had a vision that I would be in the emergency room with my girlfriend. I saw myself sitting on the hospital bed, and she would be wearing a blue-colored sweater, and she would be holding my hand. Then I hear the doctor say “ OH it’s so yellow”. A week later, I felt sick, and I had a sebaceous cyst right over the spine on my neck. It swelled up so quickly and got so unbelievably painful that my husband took me to the emergency room. My girlfriend Maryjo met me there, and as the doctor started to lance it he said “ OH it’s so yellow”. Suddenly, I realized that my girlfriend was holding my hand, wearing the same sweater as what was in my vision, and we were in the emergency room. I knew that the electricity from the copper fingers combined with the 25,000 volts from the Tesla Coil Violet Ray going directly into my brain stimulated something in my body to see the future just as Nikola Tesla did, but how did this happen? Did it open our crown chakra more than it was supposed to? Did the current make it spin faster?

   Did it stimulate the hypothalamus and the pineal gland? People try to stimulate this gland to make them more psychic. Interestingly, Nikola Tesla and I are most likely the only two people ever to be shocked by a Tesla Coil and have seen the future. So, does this mean that with the correct high voltage device, people could see the future and use a device that could be made exactly for this reason?
  How I would love to experiment with this idea. I experienced it at only 25,000 volts and 30ma, certainly I would not need three and a half million volts. Something small like a wristwatch, push the button for a zap, and bingo, you see the future. Wow! That would change lives as we know it.

I believe we both had received the knowledge of the future from the akashic records. Nikola Tesla was known to access this information clairvoyantly. He thought he was in contact with
aliens also. 

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