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Flu Items for any flu

Here are many other items I believe that can possibly help protect you from getting covid or any flu.
You can order these separatly   

Red-light Nostril Device-This device creates a Red-light that you use for inside your nostrils. This is non-invasive and cannot harm you, but it can purify and kill germs inside your nose. Use it when you get back inside your car after shopping or while lying-in bed.

2.Forehead Thermometer-I believe you should keep this thermometer at your door to check people before entering your home. 

3. Bio-Degradable Gloves-Wear these plant-based gloves while shopping or at work, etc. Throw them away in your garbage before entering your home.

4. Foot Coverings-During Covid, you should wear this disposable foot covering while shopping, or etc. Then throw them away in the garbage before coming into your home.

5. Healthy Negative Ion Machine
6. Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper-Hold onto these two copper pipes so that the direct current of a 9-volt battery will kill germs in your body. This is what cured my Lyme disease.  

7. Sanitation Bag-Place your car keys and cell phone in this sanitizing bag so the UV light can destroy germs.
8. Mary's Tesla Face Shield-
My mask is clear and covers the whole face but the difference is there are two little negative ion generators in the inside aimed at the nose and mouth. Also there is a 7.83Hz Tesla Schumann Generator attached to the top of the mask for added protected of germs that surround your body.

9.Schumann Earth Pulse Frequency Generator to the top outside of my shield to increase my energy field. This generator makes me physically stronger the moment I turn it on, proven by muscle testing.                

10.Wearable Negative Ion Generator-This is the Ion generator I place inside my shield. Protect your personal airspace with the portable negative ionizer. This little ionizer uses the latest in Corona Discharge Air Purification technology to surround you with mountain fresh air all day long, while purifying the air and killing germs around you with a powerful stream of negative charged electrons (Ions) and ultraviolet light. The Ionizer is designed to be worn around the neck and resting on the upper part of the chest, where a continuous stream of 70 trillion ions per second flows towards your face. When you muscle test this device, you become instantly stronger as soon as you breathe in the healthy negative ions. 

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