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Learn Muscle Testing

I believe this is important to learn these simple muscle testing techniques because I refer to it often during the tour. This way you can literally see and feel the power of the healing devices. You can also use muscle testing at home for many reasons such as testing your foods or any product that you want to know for sure that is is good or bad for you.

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   Your body uses electric energy to charge your cells to maintain good health and healing. Muscle testing is testing a technique to determine which food, medications, supplements, and objects that makes you physically stronger or weaker. Muscle testing will give you insights into increasing energy to your cells. You can also use it when newly acquired energy machines for their results. 

   I want you to learn muscle testing because you can test for the healing machines. I will refer at certain times to do muscle testing while reading this book. I want you to muscle test your food, laptop, cellphone, jewelry, soaps, laundry detergent, perfume, your animals, sitting in your lap and holding a family member or friend while they hug you. 

    I want you to muscle test cigarettes or cigars if you smoke or someone around you who smokes, is drinking alcohol, sitting in the car with the engine turned on, then it turned off, holding a crystal or an energy pendant. It is endless to see what gives you energy and what takes it away. 

    This is how muscle testing works. If the frequency is good for you or what your body needs, you will be stronger. If the frequency is not helpful to you, you will not feel a difference or become physically weaker. A harmful frequency can make you weaker by stealing your electrons or your electricity. Meaning your muscles or your strength will become weaker. 

                                            Muscle Testing Information

    Wellness centers and health practitioners have used muscle testing for many years. This is so they can retrieve answers from the body. They can get answers about organs and nutrition. Please learn this technique to go through your kitchen and see what makes you weak or what makes you stronger. If something makes you weak, then do not eat it. You might be allergic, and you would not have known this unless you had learned muscle testing. White bread is a good one to show how sugar can make you weak, but Ezekiel bread makes you strong because of the sprouts. 

    My friend thought a banana would make him strong, but it made him weak to our surprise. Why we do not know, but now he no longer eats bananas. 






             Learn to Muscle Test While Arm is Straight Outward

 When most people think about muscle testing, they have this image of two people working together where the person wanting to know the answer has

 their arm lifted outward to their side, and the other person pushes down on the arm to see if they are strong or weak.

    Have your friend stand in front of you. Have them hold up their arm extended out parallel to the floor. Use their strongest arm, preferably one with no shoulder pain. Have them relax their other arm to their side. Face each other, then place your hand on top of their wrist. Tell your friend to resist as you push down on their outward arm. Start the test by pushing firmly downward on their wrist. This is to get a feel for their strength. Push down just enough to feel the bounce in the arm. Here the arm will stay resistant to pressure. 

    Have your friend relax their arm for a moment, then have them hold a packet of sugar in their other hand. Then repeat the test by pushing down on their wrist. The sugar is toxic, so it should make their arm easily drop to their side, showing it is stealing their energy, making them weak.

    Now have them hold another product like an orange or something that you believe will make them strong. Push down on the wrist. If the arm stays strong, then it is good for them. You can also ask questions like if they say their true name. Their arm will be strong, if they say a fake name, they will be weak.



               Learn How To Muscle Test While Sitting In A Chair

    Sit in a chair and pick up something heavy like hand weights or books that are piled on top of each other. Place them on your lap. Get a feel for the weight by lifting them slowly up and down, a few times, only from your elbows. Keep elbows to your side, close and tight. Feel how heavy the weight is, then concentrate on the weight. Keep the same rhythm going slowly up and down. 

   For example, when you are ready, you feel how the weight feels the same every time you move it up and down.                                                                                                             

Then have a friend put a lit cigarette in your mouth (Only if you smoke) and take a couple of breathes as you keep moving the weight up and down. Do the books feel heavier? Then, have your friend take the cigarette out of your mouth, keep moving the weight up and down. Do you feel that the weight of the books are back to the way they felt before the cigarette?

    For example, try testing a can of beer while you are lifting the weight up and down. Then have your friend place an open beer on your chest. Does the weight of the books feel heavier, stronger or the same? For Example, try this with a food that you think might make you weak. Have your friend place on your chest something with a lot of sugar in it. Does it make the books heavier, weaker or does it feel the same? You can do countless experiments with food and drink. It is essential if you are trying to be healthy. Now you know what makes you strong and what makes you weak.









                                          Using O-Ring Technique

   There are other ways to muscle test, and this can be done by yourself.  Put your middle finger and your thumb together in each hand. Then inter circle them, so your right-hand circle is inside your left-hand circle. Keep the fingers closed, put some pressure on it but not a death grip. Begin by asking yourself simple yes and no questions that you know the answer to. This gives you an indication of what a yes means to your body and what a no means. After you practice and feel comfortable, you can begin asking questions. For example, say a name, say in your mind or out loud, Is my name… Then you try to pull your fingers apart to try to break open the circle. If the circle stays strong, you are telling the truth, if the fingers come apart easily the name you said was not true. You can use this technique for asking countless questions that your subconscious knows. For example, is this bread good for me?


                         The Lean Forward and Backward Technique

    You can do this one alone. Stand straight and either hold something in your hand or just ask yourself. For example, hold an orange in your hands and ask, is this orange good for me. In this case, I would think your body will lean forward a little. Then hold a pack of cigarettes and ask yourself, is this good or bad for me. I would expect your body to lean back a little. Some people close their eyes, and some do not when they ask questions. You will be amazed when you feel your body is moving forward or backward when you swear you are not doing it. Listen to your body, it is talking to you, giving you vital information

 Lie Detector. 

    You can muscle test for yes and no questions for the mind and body. For example: Say your real name, have someone try to push your arm down, if your arm is weak, then you are lying, or if your arm stays firm, then you are telling the truth. The body cannot lie. If you lie, you will become weaker, and there is no way of getting around this. If you tell the truth, you will remain strong. 

 You will be surprised, I guarantee. 

                                                     Finger Rubbing
  Take your thumb and rub it against your middle finger. Ask a question, if it is a yes it will become sticky and if it is a No, it will stay the same.









Rubber Band Method
Take a small strong rubber band and place it on top of the second finger and underneath the thumb as shown in the photo. I took my rubber band from a Broccoli bunch I bought from a grocery story. I like this particular band because it is thick and hard to stretch. Practice stretching it up and then letting it go, get the feel of it without touching anything. Now, with the other hand hold an orange or something you believe will make you strong then stretch it, see if the rubber band is easier to stretch, if it is then it is healthy for you. Then hold onto something that you believe is bad for you, then stretch, if it is harder to stretch then you know it is not good for you. In other words that object is stealing your energy, literally, If the band does nothing then it is neutral meaning it is not good or bad for you.


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