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Live Blood Cell Experiments

Live blood cell analyses is taking a drop of blood and interpreting it for information it gives us about the body. This is used as a guide towards better health. The blood can identify stress in organs, which nutrient the blood is lacking, see levels of inflammation, toxicity and oxidation. It can also help determine digestive capacity and general health. A practitioner can use the analysis for a deeper understanding of of the body.
These photos have been done with my Dark Field Microscope. I suggest if you really want to see what is going on with your health, then learn Microscopy. You can search online for an online course. However, I am self taught by learning from you tube videos. I do not do this as a profession or make any money from this. There are health foods stores that have a micsroscapist come and setup the microscope for their customers. 

bloodfreeflowing book.jpg

Above is my  blood work before and after the Tesla Energizer Health machine. The photo on the left is my sticky red blood cells after eating ice cream. This is also caused by my blood being dehydrated. This is a  dangerous condition called Rouleaux. Some people use blood thinners to keep the blood flowing freely. Then I used my Energizer Health Tool for only 20 minutes and retook my blood under the microscope. Now, the photo on the right shows my blood is unstuck and bouncing off of each other and flowing quickly across the test slide. I now have normal healthy blood from my machine. This Sticky blood causes swelling, pain and all kinds of disease. Thank God I have my machine

blood big crystal.jpg

This is a big uric acid crystal is in my blood. Uric acid crystal are formed when you have high levels of uric acid in your blood. Your body produces uric acid when it breaks down purines, a substances that are found naturally in your body. Purines are also found in certain foods, including red meat and organ meats, such as liver. Eventually they cause arthritis in the joints. So, eat more alkaline foods.

marys blood fungus half screen.jpg

This is my friends blood taken a few months after having Covid. Before having Covid his blood was normal. Very little yeast and his red blood cells were round and his blood was healthy. Now a few months after having Covid it shows a tremendous amount of fungus and some yeast. These blood tests were taken March/13/2022

marys blood close up fungus.jpg

This is another friends blood showing the exact amount of fungus after about 4 months of having Covid. A year before she had Covid, her blood was normal. Very strange both blood slides show the same problem with fungus from covid. Both blood tests were done the same day.

marys blood closer up free radical.jpg

This blood test is also when the free radicals seemed to have started. Here we are talking about my friends blood with all that fungus. This is out of shape red blood cell is a free radical. These free radicals are oxygen molecules with an uneven number of electrons. When the free radicals overwhelm the body, a condition known as oxidative stress ensues. They harm lipids, proteins, DNA and creates many diseases. This is also part of the aging process. You do research and learn more about free radicals online. The two friends blood before had not had any free radicals before Covid. They both are in their 60's.

blood march 18, 2023 free radicals 78.jpg

Now it is 15 months after having Covid and my male friends blood is very sickly. All his red blood cells have turned into free radicals. Not one of them is round and they are to small. My girlfriend also went along to have her blood taken again and she has for the second time the exact blood, full of free radicals. This photo above the blood cells likes like bottle caps as the microscopist said, scary.

parasite zoomed.jpg

This is my girlfriends blood. She has a long white snake looking parasite in between the red blood cells. Beneath it is a white blood cell chasing to kill it. This is one of the jobs of a white blood cell.

This is her video of this parasite.


This is a closeup. She is in her 30's and has no health problems.

If your Interested having a blood experiment then come visit me. Contact Mary at 32-525-2511

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