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My dreams I have had about Nikola Tesla

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One night I dreamt of meeting Nikola Tesla

In my dream I was in a car with some man who I did not recognize was driving. I asked him where are we going? He said to meet Tesla. He asked do you want to. I said “OH My GOSH, YES!” I do not know where we are, but we pull up to this house and walk up to the front door. This man knocks on it and a man that I assumed was a butler or assistance type said hello and let us in.  We followed him into a room that looked like a library. He said Mr. Tesla will be right in. We stood standing side by side as he walked up to us without saying a word, I put my hand out to shake his, but he did not shake my friend or my hand. I thought that was strange.

He startled me because he pulled one of my hairs off my bangs and then went and sat down behind his beautiful large mahogany desk.

Still, he has not said a word. In front of him on his desk he picked up a micrometer and measured the width of my hair. He looked at me and said 6 millimeters.

Then I woke up. I called my friend and him about the dream. He said to me that Tesla did not shake hands because of his fear of germs. I said, oh yes, I remember reading about that. My friend said look up the Millimeter of a hair. I did and sure enough, a normal width is between 6 and 8MM. No way did I know that before my dream. Any way I loved that and to me I know I really did meet him.

Recently I dreamt I was dancing with Tesla
In 2021, one night I dreamt that I was on a dance floor with classical music playing. I was in a beautiful white long flowing dress. There were couples on the floor dancing as if we were in the Victorian days. I am watching from the sideline when suddenly Nikola Tesla appears in front of me dressed in a black tuxedo. I felt startled when recognized him. He grabbed my hand and lead to the dance floor. He put his arm around my waist, and we started to move to the music. He was swinging me in circles with my head backward for about 10 seconds. I enjoyed this very much then I woke up, unfortunately. I could hardly stop thinking about him that day. My psychic Margo who can contact him has said for years we had a past life together and this is why we are still connected. He is one of the people who sends me messages about my healing machines as I sleep.

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