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My Interview On A New York
Radio Station
About Nikola Tesla

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This was a radio interview done with Rev. Mary Seid Macurda and a New York Radio station done in 2005 about how I became interested in Nikola Tesla. This is not an online radio station.



My Radio Interview on Nikola Tesla on an actual radio station
in New York.


A.  You are described as a Vibrational Medicine Therapist, what does that mean?


M. Yes.  I studied vibrational medicine, different types of ways to heal the

body using vibrations like herbs, essential oils, and homeopathy.  What I am doing is a little different than the average person because I use different

types of vibrational machines.


A.  Tell me about your therapy.


M.  I sell a lot of different types of machines that help the body heal Itself.  I started studying different scientists back in the early 1800’s and how they used electro-therapies devices for healing the body.  Many of those therapies were suppressed so I became curious about that and eventually started buying different
electro-therapy devices to experiment with.


A.  For example?


M.  Tesla technologies such as the Violet Ray , Body Enhancer AKA The Tesla Body Energizer and my big Tesla Coil


A.  Did he invent them?


M.  Tesla invented the Tesla Coil which emits millions of harmonics and electricity into the atmosphere. He wanted everyone to have free energy instead of paying for electricity. We all know that never worked out. But his Tesla Coil high frequency device called the Violet Ray was used for healing. It was combined inert gases.  He experimented a lot with that type of technology High voltage/High frequency.


A.  So exactly what happens when you use the Violet Ray?


M.  The violet Ray has glass electrodes which has argon gas in it that creates the color violet, neon gas creates the color orange. When you place the electrode on the skin it creates ozone into the area you are working on which put the ozone into the blood. 

         When you have pain, you have a build-up of positive ions, this brings in the healthy negative ions.  When you have pain you have a build-up of hydrogen, but this brings in the oxygen it calms the pain.  Ozone is an extra molecule of oxygen, so now you are highly oxygenating the area.  You are bringing the blood circulation into the area and forcing the toxins out of that area.  Since you are moving the red blood cells, you’re moving the lymphatic system as well.  Also, when you have pain, the red blood cells are stuck together, they are stuck upon each other.  This device separates the red blood cells by putting back the magnetic field. It also emits the wavelength infrared.


A.  Does your big Tesla Coil do this?


M.  Yes


A.  So, if I come to you, will you actually hook me up to an electrode?


M.  Yes, I would with the high voltage Tesla coil machines. There is arcing involved like lightning, little violet sparks.


A.  Like in the Frankenstein movie?


M.  Yes, that’s why my nickname is Mrs. Frankenstein “giggle”, I love it.  In the Frankenstein movie they had the very very Tesla coils that would shoot electricity up through the air with the violet sparks reaching out many feet into the air. Interestingly the crew actually got healing effects during the shooting of that old movie. This is because they were getting bombarding with the harmonics and millions of healthy frequencies coming off the Tesla coil. My Violet Ray the sparks reach out only about a quarter of an inch. My big Tesla coil the sparks come off about 10 to 12 inches.


A.  Then you use the Tesla coil, is the small one?


M.  Yes, it is very small but powerful enough to do miraculous healings.


A.  Is it the same as or different from the Body Enhancer?


M.  The Body Enhancer is different in that it has a footplate, the Violet Ray and the Tesla Coil does not.  The Body Enhancer causes harmonic vibrations of the mineral frequencies.  It is a 12,000 volt transformer 30 MA transformer and is hooked up to a big plasma filled bulb with neon that you hold with both hands.  


A.  Do you hold it in your hands?


M.  Yes, you hold it in your hands and boy do you feel the cellular massage you are getting, powerful energy running into your cells. It raises the milli-volts of your cells; this works because we have little batteries in each cell. It charges us up like a cell phone charges the phone.  It literally charges us back up when our cellular voltage is low. This helps our chemical processes can take place properly.

For example: the cancer cell is as low as 15 milli-volts of a cell.  A normal cell is around 70 to 100 milli-volts.  After all we are made up of spinning electrons. We operate on electricity. Everything in the universe is electrical.


A.  How were you trained to do this?


M.  I trained myself by studying books and experimentation.  About 8 years ago I started taking a nutritional supplement called super blue-green algae. It was amazing how it changed my health for the better from the first day I took it. I was curious why all of these symptoms that I had for all of my life; my illnesses went away when I took these little green pills. So, I started studying why. 


I had listened to an audio cassette tape that said, “you are eating the frequency of blue green algae”. That stuck in my head, eating the frequency? well what does that mean?


So, I got on the Internet, and I started reading all about different types of frequency machines and started cataloging them.     Then one day

I got Lyme disease, and I became very ill. Thank God I had been on blue green algae at the time. I know it kept me going but it was not enough to get rid of my Lyme disease.


Then I bought a Hulda Clark Zapper which is 9-volt battery that connects to two copper pipes you hold in each hand. It pulses 30,000 hertz that you only feel a tingling sensation. So, I zapped myself with it per instructions in her book. An hour later it felt like almost all of my symptoms were gone. This absolutely blew my mind. In 2 weeks of zapping, I went back to the doctor as it was gone without ever taking any pharmaceuticals. Dr. Hulda Clark saved my life with her zapper.


Then again it saved my life from a staph infection that I was dying from in hours.  I zapped myself for an hour and in an hour, it was like I was never sick. So, she saved my life twice. This woman Hulda Clark is a famous holistic practitioner scientist who wrote a book called “The Cure For All Disease and the book “The cure for cancer and HIV”.


A.   And it is a zapper?


M.  Yes, a mild amount of electrical current. These experiences made my curiosity increase even more. So, I do sell the zapper because of what she has done for people’s health as well as mine. And from there, I got my second machine called the Body Enhancer and it turns out since then I personally have 25 healing devices.  And through all of my research that I have done and all of my experiments, it turns out that the Tesla technology is by far the most powerful.


A.  Did he envision these uses for his invention?


M.  Yes, he did.  He was working on them medically back in the 1800’s.  He was working with high-voltage high frequency inert gases on animals and human beings. He was learning how to heal people. Unfortunately, his discoveries were suppressed though.


A.  By whom


M.  By the Medical Association. Like the violet ray for example. In the

early 1900’s the physicians were using them for curing just about every aliment such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, they were even curing Polio. One day I met a women who told me when she was a little girl the doctor cured her legs in two weeks. They improved eyesight and all types of pain and swelling. 

   They had published a manual on how to use the different electrodes and what to use it for from every ailment from A to Z. But when the American Medical Association came into power they went to those doctors and told them that they couldn’t use the Violet Ray anymore and if they did, they would call them Quack Doctors. So, they made them sell only pharmaceuticals. But as years went by companies got them approved by the FDA for use as cosmetics to remove wrinkles, warts, moles, and hair growth. 


Edgar Cayce who was a famous psychic and prophet recommended the violet ray in about 1000 of his readings for all health problems.


A.  Since the medical association came after them as quacks are they coming after you?


M.  No, I don’t treat anybody. I only sell machines so people can work on themselves.  I just want people to know that they can do this.     


A. Now how about photographing people’s auras? 


M.  Now that is what Tesla did.  He wanted to see the aura, so he used the high frequencies with the inert gases, and he photographed himself. On the Internet there is a black and white aura photo of himself. And what I have done is I have taken people’s auras and then I put them on the machines, the Tesla machines, and then I re-take their photos. Their auras are just huge afterwards. They are white which is all the colors combination. Or their aura is red afterwards which means that there is a lot of oxygen circulation and energy flowing throughout the body. The red is because they are now grounding to the Earth.

      When people are violet, that means that they are up in their higher self which is not good for physical healing. You need to be down, grounded into yourself completely, into your body for a physical healing which means your aura needs to be reddish orange like a child energetic aura.


A.  If all you saw of Tesla’s aura was in black and white photo, you probably couldn’t get a good sense of how he was doing, is that right?


M.  Yes, that’s right.


A.  Could you tell me anything about his aura?


M.  No, not through his black and white photo. 


A.  You got to see the color?


M.  Yeah!


A. So you use aura photography as a diagnostic tool?


M.  Yes, because if some people have pains on one side of their body, then there is no aura there but when they use a healing device and I retake the photo then their aura is back, and their pain is gone.


I do slide show presentations on my aura research where I show before and after experiments. Like drinking before and after, or before and after smoking a cigarette. Before and after hands-on healing sessions. Before and after my different healing machines. I also have a couple making love, before, during, and after. Then after they were through in about 15 minutes, they got their aura back.


A.  You photograph people making love?


M.  OH YEAH. That was fun.  I’ll tell you a funny story.

While I was filming with the aura camera this couple making love, I am only 4 feet away from them. I am taking consecutive photos, and I am seeing how the colors are changing. I am looking through the shutter and all the sudden, I can’t see through the shutter.  I said with fear in my voice, “Oh my God, I am blind". Then I looked up and my glasses had fogged. We laughed and they said the heat was coming from me and I said, giggling with embarrassment Oh no, it was your heat, I am being

scientific here. “Giggle”.


A.  In this lifetime what were you before you became a vibrational

therapist?  What did you do for a living? 


M.  I was a hooker; housewife and I did handyman work with my husband where I learned to build and fix homes for ten years. That was always fascinating to me. But one day my girlfriend said to me, "you are always ill, why don’t you pray to God for help?" I said but he is busy. I was never very religious, but I did believe in God. So, I said I would do it for her. For the first time in my life, I put my hands together and I prayed out loud and I am 38 years old now. I said Dear God, bring me something that will heal me, heal others, and make a career out of it.  And three months later this
Super blue green algae came to me. 

    It was life changing. All my allergies went away that I had every week. My migraines, carpal tunnel, joint pain, I had more energy, more mental energy and so much more.

      I mean I could just go on with this huge list.
  I started getting other people on this blue-green algae. I saw miracles. So that prayer actually came true because when I looked back, I said why did I say, “Please God heal me, heal others and make a career out of it”? I had never even taken a vitamin. I knew nothing about nutrition or holistic health at that point. But I was divinely guided to say help others and make a career out of it because that is what I do now.
That Super Blue-Green algae from Klamath lake Oregon was truly a gift from God. I believe an angel whispered into my ear to say that.


Then I just started getting these old medical books, old
electro- therapy books from back in the 1800 hundreds. And I just started studying them even if I didn’t understand them, I just kept on reading them. I did take a basic electronics course to help me understand it more. 


Tesla and Edgar Cayce had come to me in my dreams. I believe I was a scientist in a past life because while I sleep occasionally, I receive plans and schematics that come to me. 


A.  So, Tesla is still inventing through you?


M.  Oh yes, and probably other people.  I am sure it is not just me.


A.  Then you invented things through Tesla’s guidance.


M.  Well, I have 3 of them in the works right now.


A.  Can you talk about them?


M.  No, not yet. I have to be scientific and experiment with them first and make sure everything is safe.


A.  Who do you experiment with?


M.  On myself, my husband, my friends, and family because they are the closest to me plus they let me. Giggle! 


A.  Where would you be without Tesla?


M.  Well, he changed my life dramatically.  Partly because of him I am creating all these miracles with people from all

over the world who have come to use these my machines. I have a web site where I have sent orders all over the world. Some to wellness centers and lay people. There is never a day goes by that someone does not tell me

a testimonial of how much better they feel. Like their pain is gone, their swelling is gone; they have better eyesight, more energy, ect. Many times, they tell me these devices have reversed their illness. This makes me feel very blessed and proud.


A.  Now have you been in touch with other people who have been inspired by Tesla in one way or another.                                         


M.  Yes, I have. I would never be around if it was not for all of the people I have met on my journey.


A.  Are they also healers or do they come from other walks in life?


M.  Yes, basically the ones I have met are all healers and it seems as though most of us are intuitive or have psychic abilities. Even Tesla was clairvoyant, he would get some of his messages from Spirit and the Akashic records. A lot of healers have their own story on how they had to go holistic to heal themselves, then turned that into a healing business.


A.  How do you know this?


M.  I watched the video of him on his life and it was known they said that he would get in his info or plans from the ether. He also was a bachelor, but he was not very good as a socialite. He was so much into inventions instead.


A.  Are scientists more isolated?


M. I would think most are, like Einstein.  He would get information from spirit. He would hold a ball in each hand and ask a question to the universe. And when he fell asleep the balls would drop out of his hand, he would then have his answer.


A.  I remember hearing about that as a kid. He did not like to sleep for a full night so he would wait for whatever was in his hand to fall to the ground and that would wake him up and that was all the sleep he needed but he would have his answer.


M.  Right, it was both.


A. Are you are saying that there is a whole community of healers who are inspired by Tesla.


M.  Oh, for certain.


A.  They do variations of…?


M.  Variations of all types of devices are used to heal the body. Many are very expensive, but I don’t bother selling them if they are very expensive. I only sell affordable ones. I just want the average person to be able to afford them and get better.  That is my passion – just helping people use their own machines so they can heal themselves.


A.  So, when Tesla comes to you and you feel his presence, does he talk to you?


M.  Yes, and I can always tell the difference between a psychic

dream then a normal dream because I would instantly wake up right after it happens and just feel the difference.


A.  When Tesla speaks to you, does he speak to you in English?


M.  It wouldn’t really be English, but it would be like telepathy type thing, where his mind enters through symbols and energy itself. I have seen Edgar Cayce in my dreams. I have been in a discussion group with people in a classroom setting and one on one discussions.


A.  Mary, our time is up, and I want to thank you very much and wish you all the best.


M.  My work is published in a book Called “Flood Your Body With Oxygen” by Ed Mc Cabe on oxygen and ozone therapies. My Violet Ray research is in his book.  order the book or off Amazon.

Michaël Barclay with Nikola Tesla Cut-out

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