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Old Doctors Manual for the Master Ray

The Ray is a pleasant, effective means of applying the wonderful power of electricity to the human body without pain, sensation or shock, and is without an equal in relieving pain and congestion, stimulating the circulation and restoring good health, vigor and youth.

   The  Ray is the ordinary electric current obtained from any socket, nebulized and split up into infinite parts and produced through glass applicators called electrodes, in a violet colored stream, hence its name, RAY. A huge voltage of electricity is obtained and applied to the body or hair but without any shock, whatever, the only sensation being a pleasant warmth.

   Ray Treatments surely relieve pain in any part of the body. The electrical currents penetrate every cell and tissue of the body, and tranquilize and soothe. The Rays stimulate and strengthen the vital organs, build up the natural forces, steady the nerves, and develop the general health and conditions of the body. High frequency electrical currents carry oxygen to the blood, thus purifying this vital body fluid. The Rays equalize the circulation in congested parts and restore bruised and inflamed tissues to normal.

   A  Ray is applied through vacuum applicators or electrodes made of annealed glass. These electrodes diffuse the electrical current in sprays of a beautiful deep violet color. These sprays or sparks vibrate to and fro, or oscillate at the rate of several hundred thousand times per second. This rapid vibration is what produces the pleasing, invigorating and corrective effects derived from Ray Treatments.

   A few minutes' application each day, simply holding the applicator in the hand, furnishes a tonic to the system which does much to fight disease and keep the body in a healthy state. Inasmuch as prevention is to be desired a thousandfold rather than a cure, this one point alone makes the Ray indispensable in your home.

   Many authorities state that impaired circulation of the blood causes most ailments. The  Ray by stimulating the circulation, thus wards off disease, saving you much unhappiness and suffering.

   With the knowledge that electricity, Nature's greatest health agent, was a vital factor in the treatment of various diseases of the body, there has been a constant untiring effort to improve the method of application and increase the power of this wonderful agent.

   The wide use of electricity produced through various types of apparatus finally led to the discovery of the  Ray, otherwise known as High Frequency, which has solved many problems and today furnishes the most efficient and powerful phase of electricity known for the relief and destruction of the various diseases and germs of the body.

   The  Ray offers a pleasant, effective means of destroying germs and banishing various diseases while building up the tissues and toning up the system generally. The Ray while introducing all the power of electrical energy into the body, does so without the slightest pain, shock or contraction of muscles. In fact the application of the Violet Ray produces a pleasing sensation. The amazing results secured through Ray treatment, immediately caused it to be accepted by the professions, and today you can hardly find any physician's office not equipped with Ray Apparatus.

   Now this remarkable factor is made available to you for use in your own home, at a price within the reach of anyone. We have built an effective Ray instrument that is the essence of simplicity, made so a child may operate it, and at the same time we have an instrument that produces the Ray unexcelled by machines costing many times as much without the unique and practical features of our instruments.

                             WHAT HIGH Frequency RAYS DO

   The Rays or High Frequency Currents benefit all living matter. Through the glass vacuum applicator light, heat, electric energy and ozone are created. These forces are uniformly, potent in relieving and eliminating human ailments. The Rays present a remedy upon which we can rely. They are positive and certain in action. They will reach where medicine does not and often cannot reach – yet they cause no pain, no disagreeable sensation, no discomfort. They furnish a soothing relief. They destroy germs and have a strong power over infection.

   The uses for the Ray are practically unlimited. Not only are ordinary pains and aches removed, but deep seated ailments of long standing are often entirely eliminated.



There is no danger with the Ray. It can he applied to the most sensitive parts and the treatment is agreeable and exhilarating. You simply connect the machine to any convenient light socket on direct or alternating current and it is ready for any treatment. People were very skeptical about the claims that we made for Ray treatments till they found that physicians not only strongly endorsed its use, but treated their patients with it with very gratifying results. You will find the Ray in the office of many doctors. The Ray in the home is good health insurance.


Spinal Cord is contained in the Backbone or Spinal Column.  The Spinal Cord is an extension of the brain.  The nerves branch out from the spinal cord and go to all parts and organs of the body.


Larynx and parotid gland 

Phrenic nerve supplies diaphragm 

Upper trachia and esophagus 

7th cervical nerve 

Inferior cervical ganglia of sympathetic nervous system 

8th cervical nerve 

Bronchial tubes 

Upper heart                                                                          


Lower heart 


Stomach and duodenum 



Pancreas and spleen 



Kidneys and prostate 

Bladder, peritoneum, 

Right side supplies the cecum and appendix 

Left side supplies the sigmoid process 

Bladder and lower bowel


   Pain or tenderness at any point along the spine signifies involvement of that corresponding organ.  Both the organ and the spine should be treated.

   By Ray treatments these Spinal Nerve Centers can be stimulated to cause the parts and organs which are controlled by them to respond.

   High frequency application to the correct spinal region will restore an organ which has lost its natural tone or shows impaired activity. The normal state of the organ or part will be regained so that its duty can be properly carried out.




   The following are suggestions. In most instances the individual will develop their own technique in their own case.

   THe Ray treatments need not be of long duration. Short treatments at frequent intervals are very effective. Always start with the weakest current possible. The initial discharge which occurs when you bring the electrode to the body in making contact should be avoided. Make contact with electrode quickly when beginning and finishing treatment. If metal object like hairpins, corset steels, chains, etc., cannot be avoided in the treatments they should be removed.



USE YOUR RAY AS A FIRST AID, spider bites, a fall, sprained ankle ect


   There is no quackery or uncertainty about the High-Frequency Current. It is a thorough cell massage, and a wonderful stimulant, and while it is by no means put forward as a cure-all, yet it is of the utmost aid in restoring to normal the physical condition impaired from almost any cause. The results obtained are universally beneficial and can never in any instance be harmful.


The following are suggestions for the treatment of disease taken from cases where physicians or clinics have obtained excellent results. Not all cases will be cured through High-Frequency alone, but in every case it is a valuable adjunct to other treatment; in fact, many cases have been greatly benefitted where medical treatment has failed.

Alopecia or Falling Hair – Use Comb electrode No. 3. Use a mild current at first, which can be increased with treatments. Pass the comb back and forth over the entire scalp for about five minutes every day. This same treatment can be used for gray hair in restoring it to natural color. Use same treatment for baldness. Do not use the Ray on the hair immediately after applying any preparation containing more than forty percent of alcohol.


Acne: Pimples – Treat the entire surface for about seven minutes with the Surface electrode No. 1. If the skin is damp, either apply talcum powder, or treat through handkerchief or other clean cloth. Use a medium current.


Anemia – General application to the entire body. Treat with Surface electrode No. 1 over the chest, and Throat electrode No. 4 on throat glands, the treatment to last from five to ten minutes. The Ozone Generator is also of the utmost benefit.


Ammenorrhea – Irregularity – Suppressed Menses – With the vaginal tube No. 24 or 26, an emmenagogue effect can be produced. Apply any antiseptic lubricant to tube. Give 10 minute treatments every other day. Also apply surface electrode No. 1 to spine, 5 to 10 minutes.


Abscess --To abort an abscess, the use of the surface electrode has been found to be the most beneficial. Keep tube in contact with skin. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tube before applying. Give 5 to 10 minute treatments.


Adhesions – In conditions following operation or inflammatory conditions, use the condenser tube No. 2. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tube. Give 10 to 15 minute treatments daily.


Asthma – Apply Surface electrode No. 1 or Condenser No. 2 over the chest and throat glands for about 5 minutes with a strong current. Treatment of Asthma is also found to be very successful by the use of the Ozone attachment, filling it with one dram of Oil of Pine; 1 dram of Oil of Eucalyptol; 5 minims Beechwood creosote. Inhale 3 to 5 minutes daily.


Atrophy of the Optic Nerve – By the use of the eye electrode No. 5 excellent results have been attained. Single or double electrode. Intensity of current should be regulated very low, giving 10-minute treatments daily. Apply to the lids, closed.


Ataxia – Use as strong a current as can be tolerated, to spine, over abdomen, and back of legs. Give milder treatment as improvement is noticed.


Barber's Itch – General treatment with electrode No. 1 for five minutes daily.


Blepharitis – Infection Edges of Eye Lids--Excellent results can be produced by the use of the eye electrode No. 5: treatments 10 minutes daily. Also use throat tube No. 4 to go around area of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane of the eye 5 minutes.


Boils – Furunculosis – In treatment of Boils, excellent results have been obtained by giving a light spark around area of infection with the surface electrode No. 1 and then applying the electrode direct on same twice daily, 5 minute treatments.


Bruises – Usse Surface electrode over area affected. Treatments about five to ten minutes. Medium or strong current.


Bunions – Use Surface electrode in direct contact with skin, with medium current for about five minutes.


Burns – Apply electrode in close contact with the burned area, using a mild current for a short time, two or three times a day.


Brain Fag – Use applicator No. 1 over forehead, eyes. Also treat the back of head and neck with strong current in direct contact with the skin. Treat the spine and hold the electrode in the hand. Ozone inhalations for about four minutes are also of importance.


Blackheads – A mild to medium treatment of five minutes daily. Use Surface electrode No. 1 and apply talcum powder before treating.


Bronchitis – By the use of the Ozone attachment, very beneficial results and great relief can be obtained immediately. Use same mixture as in treatment of Asthma.


Carbuncle – Use the surface electrode No. 1, applying same direct, 10 to 15 minutes daily.


Cataract – Great relief can be obtained in the early stage of cataract by the use of the eye electrode, either single or double, with a very fine current, not exceeding 1/8-inch in length.


Callouses – Use a strong electric current with Surface electrode No. 1. The current can also be applied by holding electrode a short distance from the skin.


Cancer – Surface cancers not too far developed can be treated with Cautery electrode No. 25. Anesthetics may be required. Surgery is usually necessary.


Carbuncles – See Boils.


Catarrh – Nasal – In this condition the nasal tube is used within the nose with a mild current within the nasal passages, 2 to 3 minutes on each side, followed by an application with the surface electrode externally over the area of the nose. Use ozone generator.


Catarrh of Womb – Use Vaginal electrode No. 24 or No. 26 for five minutes daily. Electrode to be lubricated before insertion.


Chilblains – Use Surface electrode with strong spark applied directly to the skin. Treatment to last about ten minutes.


Cold in Head – See Nasal Catarrh.


Cold in Lungs – See Asthma.


Cold Extremities – Apply Surface electrode direct to affected parts, using a strong spark for about five minutes. Also apply electrode to the spine; keep the electrode about one-half inch from the skin until the surface is red.


Constipation – Apply Surface electrode over the bowels. Apply for about ten minutes, moving the electrode. Use a strong current. Physicians use Rectal electrode No. 23 for insertion into the Rectum. Orificial treatments last about five minutes.


Cervicitis – The use of the vaginal electrode No. 24 is very effective, giving 10 minutes daily. Use any antiseptic lubricant on same before inserting.


Coryas – Use the surface electrode No. 1, rubbing same over forehead and sides of face 15 minutes daily.


Cystitis – With the use of the rectal No. 23 and urethral No 21 tubes, remarkable results have been obtained. Give 5 minutes daily, using any antiseptic lubricant on the electrodes.


Dandruff – See Alopecia.


Deafness, Earache and Ear Diseases – Apply Ear electrode with very mild current into the ear. Care must be exercised so as to not touch the ear drum. Three to five minutes is sufficient.


Diabetes – Apply Surface electrode over the abdomen and spine through a thin towel or cloth for ten minutes. Diet must be observed. Complete results must not be expected before several months.


Diphtheria – Apply Surface electrode to outside of throat and spine. Insulated Throat electrode, inside. Treatment not over ten minutes, repeated at short intervals. Ozone inhalations are also of great advantage.


Dyspepsia – Use electrode No. 1 or No. 2 over the stomach and solar plexus with a strong current for about ten minutes.


Eczema – By the use of the surface electrode No. 1, excellent results have been obtained by giving the patient as much current as can be endured. Another beneficial way of treating is to apply gauze over the area and go over same with the electrode.


Enteritis – In acute cases of Enteritis not as beneficial results may be expected as in chronic cases, but same can be treated by giving tonic applications with the surface electrode No. 1 over the area of the abdomen. 15-minute treatments daily. In chronic cases, excellent results can be obtained by giving treatment twice daily with the condenser electrode.


Epididymitis – Great relief is given immediately by the use of the surface electrode No. 1 in the area involved. Give 15 minutes daily.


Erosions of the Cervix Uteri – Excellent results have been obtained by the use of the vaginal electrode No. 24. Bring tube in contact with the Cervix, giving 10 minutes daily, using any antiseptic lubricant on the tube.


Freckles – Cover surface with gauze and treat daily with a medium current of from five to ten minutes' duration. Results are quite apt to be very slow and patience is required.


Frost Bites – See Chilblains.


Fissure – Anal – Remarkable results, and in many cases complete recovery, can be expected by the use of the rectal electrode No. 23 tube. Apply an antiseptic lubricant on the tube before inserting, giving 10 minutes daily.


Goitre – In Goitre cases, by the use of the surface electrode No. 1, the tube contact with the surface should be kept in light contact of the skin, treating the sides of the neck as well as over the Goitre itself, giving 10-minute treatments daily.


Gonorrhea – In sub-acute or chronic forms, marked beneficial results have been obtained by the use of the urethral No. 21 or vaginal No. 24 electrodes. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tubes before inserting. Give 7-minute treatments daily.


Gleet – By the use of the urethral No. 21 and the rectal No. 23 tubes, unusual results have been obtained. Insert same with any antiseptic lubricant, giving 10 to 15 minute treatments daily.


Grippe – Breathing through Ozone Generator gives immediate relief. Follow with treatments over side of nose, and in some cases with Nasal electrode No. 13 internally. Treatment five to ten minutes.


Gout – Apply Surface electrode to the spine to stimulate the system. Then apply Surface electrode to the painful area with a medium current, keeping the electrode in contact with the skin but moving same about. Pain may be noticed at first but results are certain if treatment is continued.


Gray Hair – The natural color of the hair may often be restored by continued and patient treatments with electrode No. 3. See Alopecia. Several months are usually required for results. Use a current for stimulation at least once a day. Read Eberhardt's Manual.


Hay Fever – Apply Surface electrode over the nose and along spine with medium current for five minutes. Apply electrode No. 19 in nostrils for a short time. Treatment must be of short duration but frequently repeated. Use the Ozone Generator freely, it being advisable to Ozonate the entire room with it. For satisfactory results treatments should commence two or three weeks before period of attack.


Headaches – Frontal and Occipital headaches are relieved by using the surface tube No. 1 over the seat of pain. Keep the tube in loose contact and prolong the treatment until relief takes place, which usually takes from 5 to 10 minutes.


Hemorrhoids – With the use of the rectal tube No. 23, temporary relief may be obtained by giving 5-minute treatments daily.


Herpes-Zoster – Application of the condenser tube in the eruption of Herpes. Recovery can be hastened by giving 10-minute treatment daily. 3 to 5 treatments are usually sufficient.


Impotence – The most beneficial way of treating this condition is by the use of the prostatic tube No. 23 with plenty of spark. Use the surface electrode No. 1 slightly raised over the area of the spine from 5 to 7 minutes daily. Direct application with special electrode is also of great importance. This electrode can be used for 5 to 10 minutes. Treatments once or twice daily.


Incontinence of Urine – Apply the surface electrode No. 1 over the area of the spine, raising same slightly; also apply electrode around the area of the Bladder. Five minutes daily.


Influenza – Treat the spine and solar plexus with the No. 1 electrode. Also over the area and the sides of the nose. Treatments to the spine are made through a towel for five minutes. Also use Ozone Generator.


Insomnia – The method most beneficial has been the use of the condenser tube which is kept in tight contact with the back of the head and the neck, going down the spine for about 5 minutes daily before retiring.


Intra-Ocular Hemorrhages – The eye electrode No. 5 in contact with the closed lids using a very light current for about 5 minutes has produced favorable results in many cases.   DO NOT PUT ELECTRODE OVER EYES< ONLY THE PHYSCIANS USE TO DO THIS


Iritis – Treat as outlined above. Good results have been obtained in Syphilitic-Iritis.


Jaundice – By the use of the condenser electrode, great relief can be obtained. Apply electrode over the area of the liver 10 minutes daily.


Laryngitis – The throat electrode either by the loose contact or mild spark will greatly aid in treatment of this nature. Ozone inhalations are most advisable.


Lumbago – Apply the current through the clothing with as strong a current as can be tolerated. Continue treatment until pain is gone. Keep the electrode moving and give long treatment.


Leucorrhea – Use Vaginal electrodes No. 24 or 26, lubricating before insertion. A medium treatment for five minutes is applied and repeated as circumstances require. Current should be turned on after insertion of electrode and off before removal of electrode. Antiseptic douches in connection.


Meterrhea – Treat the same as Amenorrhea.


Neuralgia – To obtain a hurried relief of neuralgia, the surface electrode No. 1 should be used. Pass back and forth in light contact with the skin, giving 10-minute treatment as needed.


Neuritis – Use Surface electrode for five minutes at a time. Several treatments a day are advisable. Use light current at first and gradually increase same. Apply locally or to entire body, depending upon the condition.


Obesity – Apply Surface or Condenser electrode No. 2 for fifteen minutes twice daily. Use very strong current. Fats will be consumed by increase of oxidation but diet must be reduced and watched.


Orchitis – Relief can be immediately obtained with the surface electrode No. 1 over the area of the testicles, giving 5-minute treatments.


Parotitis – The condenser electrode, using a medium intensity of current over the diseased area, giving 5 to 10-minute treatments daily, is very beneficial.


Pharyngitis – In acute forms with the use of the throat electrode, quick relief can be obtained. Give 5-minute treatments daily.


Pleurisy – Using the condenser tube over the front and back of the chest until a marked reddening of the skin indicates a counter irritation. Two or three treatments are necessary in acute cases and one daily in chronic cases.


Psoriasis – This is treated by the same technique as that employed in eczema.


Piles – See Hemorrhoids.


Rheumatism – The condenser tube is of exceptional value in chronic and muscular rheumatism. Apply the electrode over the area 10 to 15 minutes daily.


Ringworm – Use the Surface electrode and apply short sparks several times a day with a medium current for several minutes.


Scars – By the use of the surface electrode No. 1 a softening effect can be produced on soft tissue, treating same 5 to 7 minutes daily.


Sciatica – Apply the condenser electrode along the course of the nerve and over the lower part of the spine, giving 10-minute treatments daily.


Sinusitis – The use of the surface electrode No. 1 gives a hurried relief by applying same over the area of the Sinuses daily for 5 minutes.


Sore Throat and Throat Diseases – Use Internal Throat electrode No. 20 with medium current for five minutes, and for the External Throat electrode No. 4 on the outside of the throat for the same period of time.


Stiff Neck and Joints – Apply Surface electrode, using the same method as explained in Neuritis.


Tonsilitis – Use treatment as above for Sore Throat. Ozone treatments are also of importance.


Tuberculosis – In the incipient type of tuberculosis, exceedingly good results can be obtained and tubercul bacilli eliminated by the use of the Ozone attachment, filling same with one-half dram of oil of eucalyptol, and one dram of oil of pine, ten minims of beechwood creosote, using the same morning and night, with the use of the general electrode over the area of the chest. This will also be found beneficial using same 10 minutes daily.


Urticaria – Hives – Urticaria can be quickly eliminated by the use of the surface electrode No. 1, going back and forth over the area for 10 minutes daily until condition is gone.


Warts and Other Small Growths – The Fulguration electrode should be used, as it throws a fine sharp spark. Apply to growths long enough to cauterize the surface. A few seconds is usually all that is necessary. Wait a day or two for results and, if necessary, repeat. Where there is no Fulguration electrode the Surface electrode can be used by holding it about one-eighth inch from the growth and allowing the sparks to pass from the edge of the glass.



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