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Chapter Of Content

Chapter 1. Something about Mary &
my connection to him

Electricity, The True Fountain Of Youth                 

Chapter 2. A Brief history About Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Quotes
My Interview On The Radio About Tesla

Chapter 3. Our Tesla Healing Devices We Make
and sell

The Tesla Body Energizer Healing Machine with aura
The Tesla Coil, 500,000 volt , 4ft with 12 Plasma Lights,
The Tesla Coils, 25,000 volt smaller version
The Tesla Ray Gun
The Tesla Crystal Ray Device
The Tesla Water Maker and How it Came To Me In A Dream
The Tesla Socks, how it came to me in a dream
The Tesla 7.83Hz Magnetic Shungite Pendant
The Tesla Magnetic Bracelet
The Tesla Purple Energy Plate
The Tesla Ozone Plasma Machine
The Tesla Wearables
The Tesla Charging Service
The Tesla Herbal Magnetic Frequency Cushion
The Tesla Orgone Frequency Cushion
The Tesla Silk Copper Healing Screens
Chapter 4. Tour My Collection 90 Healing Devices

Chapter 5. My Amazing Experiences With Nikola Tesla
* My Dad’s Amazing Experience with our 500,000-volt Tesla Coil
Could not get out of a chair without help, When he walked he always had shuffled for the last two years
* Many Years Ago, I had A Dream That I Met Tesla In His House
* I Time Traveled The Same Way Tesla Did
* My Reincarnation Experience With Tesla
* Dancing With Tesla

* Our Alien Experiences With Them Watching Us Building Tesla technology
* Come get your photo and video standing next to a tesla Cut out that speaks
* Come get your photo and video taken with three different large tapestries in the backyard
* Come get your photo taken with you looking like Nikola Tesla


















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