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My Rainbow Healing Pod

rainbow pod light nit turned on.jpg
angel rainbow pod closeup.jpg

You can change these colors from the rainbow projectors to how you like,
static or to constantly changing colors.

rainbow pod re.jpg

These are the four colors of the tap lights that you can change by just tapping on them.

rainbow outside.jpg
rainbow outside full pod.jpg
rainbow sound light device.jpg
neg ion gen.jpg
rainbow ion 1925 reading.jpg

This is the side view. At the end, sticking out is the Healthy Negative Ion Generator. This one on the left is in daylight and on that right is at night time.
The photo next is the Healthy Negative Ion generator and to the right of that is an Ion Tester showing -925 Ion, WOW, very nice.


The Color and nature sound device

pet max zero.jpg
rainbow zero point.jpg
rainbow foot mat.jpg
red light closeup.jpg

The Zero Point Nano Wand

Electronic Foot Mat

Red-Light Wrist device

herbal calmin cushion.jpg
herbal aura cushion.jpg

My Tesla Crystal Magnetic Herbal Cushion

violet ray slide 113.jpg

The Tesla Violet Ray

tesla copper screen 75.jpg

The Tesla Crystal Copper Plates

This comes with two power strips.
An extra-large tapestry. The extra-large tapestry you can change it, by buying them online.
or call Mary at 321-525-2511

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