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Red Tide test with the Ionizer, amazing story

My Experience With A Negative Ion Generator

   I don’t remember why I decided to order a negative ion generator that you wear around your neck. Regardless one night, I was sleepy when UPS came to my door and delivered the little negative ion generator. I thought, OK, I’ll put it around my neck, not expecting to feel anything. When I noticed about fifteen minutes later that I was full of energy as if I got a lot of sleep. I was very impressed and continued researching these units.                                             

  My next experience was at my parent’s beach house in Melbourne Beach, Florida, and our backyard was the Atlantic Ocean. In 1998 we had the red tide come up from the Florida Keys. This is a rare occurrence, but it has happened twice that I know of in the last 50 years. Red tide is a common name for algal blooms and is a neurotoxin that has destroyed marine and birdlife. Humans suffer lung, gastrointestinal effects, coughing, irritated eyes just to name a few effects by inhaling this toxin.

    One day I go to visit my mom at the beach house and when I pulled off Highway A1A into her long driveway I instantly started to cough, and my eyes started to water from irritation. As I pulled up in front of the house there was this man outside working on the driveway. I thought that he should not be working here today and should wait till it clears out. I asked him how he felt, and he said it is hard to breathe, I’m coughing constantly, and my eyes hurt. I said wait, I will be back with something that might help you.

    I quickly got back to my house and pulled out the negative ionizer that you wear around your neck. It hangs on your chest, and you breathe the healthy negative ions that the scientific community states will kill bacteria and other pathogens. So now I have a chance to see if this is true, and by God! it is amazingly true. As soon as he turned it on, he stopped coughing. He said he could breathe better, and his eyes stopped watering. So, he continued to work on the driveway.

    A half-hour later, I walked outside, and I immediately started to cough, and my eyes were watering. Inside the beach house, the air conditioning unit stopped the red tide algae from getting in, so we were not coughing. I said to him I am going home, and I need my ionizer back. He took it off and immediately started to cough again. This was an amazing experiment. I got to see, a hundred percent, that breathing these negative ions instantly purifies the air before breathing bad bacteria, viruses in.

    So yes, I am a big believer in having a large unit in your home, bedroom, and car, especially If you have any lung condition. 

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