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Nikola Tesla's Reincarnation

   I've had the privilege to be a close friend of Robin Elkins. We met 22 years ago when I was doing a show on my aura research. I was showing slides of what harms and enhances the auric field. The auras of before and after my healing machines, aura of pets, ghosts, and an real aura of a female alien posing for the instamatic aura camera. He met me after the show andwe had been friends ever since until the day he passed on in 2017.
   A prolific inventor, scientist, engineer and award winning photographer, Rob was founder and proprietor of Elk industries. He was a true pioneer and inventor in the voice mail and laser fields. Having been educated at MIT he went on to lecture and speak at various conventions and institutions. He also performed laser light shows on Earth Day and other festivities. He has been published in several technology magazines as well as newspapers. He currently has outstanding patents in the technology field.

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   Robin over the years had made three Inventions for me, The Bio-Energy Tuner, The Bio-Chi Meter and The Bio-Energy Meter. Now they no longer are made but if you know someone who can do this for me, let me know.
   I say he is Nikola Tesla's reincarnation because many people in town who know him have told me this. After I got to know him more I started to believe he was. One day I went to the town called Cassadaga Fl, where only certified psychics can live there and do their readings. I went to see an incredible psychic named Albert Bowes. I brought ten photos as he requested. I placed them face on the table. He started to move his hand over each photo. The first photo he said this is a man holding a foo foo dog. He turned it over and it was Alan holding my little shitzu dog. Then he placed his hand over the next photo and said this is a young man with lots of the red color surrounding him. He turns it over and it is Alans young son with his red aura surrounding him. The third photo with his hand over it, he said this is Nikola Tesla's reincarnation and I would like to meet this man. Turns it over and it is a photo of Robin. In the photo there were  no machines, nothing that would indicate that he makes Tesla Coils. I said Yes, I believe he is too.
   He never did meet Albert but since his death. Robin had died by taking to many pain pills because he was in tremendous pain from an his accident he was in.
A few days later I woke up to Robin, holding me, lying next to me in bed. I did not why he had come to me, so I went to see him and found out he had died a few days earlier. 
   I knew 
immediately it was him coming to see for the last time. Later that sad day I listened to a voice mail that he had sent me a day earlier from his phone. It was an Elvis Presley song called " Its Now Or Never".  WHAT? He had never sent me any song before. He was dead when this was sent. The lyrics could not have been more perfect. " Its Now or Never, come hold me tight, come kiss me my darling, be mine tonight, tomorrow will be to later, its now or never, my love wont wait." WOW!
I had just woken up with him holding me in bed. Elvis is one of my favorite singers, he did not know that.

My psychic Margo since he has passed keeps saying when Robin or Tesla wants to come through to give me a message she mixes them up because Robin was also Tesla.

   I found out about Albert by over hearing a woman saying that he guided the police, over the phone, while being here in Florida, to the grave of her friends missing daughter. She was in living in Germany when she went missing. Albert said when they find her she will be missing her arms and legs, and she was. 
He had worked for the police finding missing people in the past.
Bless You Albert!

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