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Mark was warned by a spirit he would get shocked

I stopped using the ghost app when I heard words one after the other in one session: demon, rip, disembowel, and murder. I have never used it again, but these four recordings are before this. One night I was lying on my bed. I turned it on and asked my mom to speak to me. Right away, the word Mary appears, my first name. I ran to the porch where Mark and Tina were sitting. I said Mark!!! Mom is trying to come through. Then the word “Step” came through, I was standing on the step of the porch. Then the word “Orange” came through. I was so stunned I grabbed Mark and said it's mom, its mom!!!! We knew this because moms favorite color was orange. I had told many people her favorite color was orange; this was our code word. I asked her to say another name, and she said the word “Seed”. I yelled Oh My god!!, she said
my last name. When you change the letter from E to I, it spells
Seid, which is my last name from my second husband
HER. I asked her what she was doing on the other side, and
she said the word “Supper”. Then the radar went silent;
I guess she went to have dinner, LOL. I could not wait to use
it again.
  The next morning, as soon as Lorraine woke up, I sat in her room and told her what had happened last night. So, I turned on the radar, and within a few minutes,
I told Lorraine that I felt mom on my right side. The word "Right" came through. I knew she was here listening to me. The next word that came through was "Jimmy". OH MY GOSH, LORRAINE!, that is my brother’s name. Then it said the word, "Army". I thought of Mark because he was in the army. The next word was “Castle”, well Mark went to many castles in Germany when he was in the military. I said to Lorraine, I bet this is about Mark. So, we went to the porch and said I think it’s for you, Mark. I asked for another name, she said “Mark”, OH MY GOSH, SHE JUST SAID YOUR NAME, then the word “Personal” came through. Ok, yes, this message is just for Mark, then she said “Arrangement”, then “Changing” then “Surrounding”. Ok, we said so something in our surroundings is going to change. Then mom said “Case” and then “Energy”. Interestingly Mark was working inside a large case making an energy machine called a Tesla Coil.
  Then no more words, so we discussed what this message could be about. We know our surroundings will change soon because Tina is in Hospice care in my porch. She is dying from cirrhosis, so maybe this is what she means. About 20 minutes went by; it had been quiet, then Mark told the radar to continue the conversation. Right away, the word “Together” came through. On this ghost radar app, you can see dots or blips when the spirits are near you. Mark
said I see two spirits on the radar, does together mean two spirits are here? Then the word “Living” came through. OH, OK, you mean us. Then the word “Three” came through; Mark
said, yes, the three of us are sitting together, then it stopped talking, and after 20 minutes,         I turned it off.                                                        
  That was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day Mark had his hands inside the “energy” “case” of the high voltage, high-frequency healing machine called a Tesla Coil. He
made a wrong move with a wire, and he got a tremendous shock. It threw him backwards, onto the floor. I was not there, but Lorraine called me to tell me what had happened.
I said I’ll call an ambulance; I'll be home in a minute. Mark was unconscious for a bit, but after a couple of minutes, he started to come too. He said he could hear and see people but could not respond. As more minutes went by, he spoke with mildly slurred speech and was walking slowly. When he had heard the ambulance was coming, he said he was ok, and WILL NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND TO CANCEL IT, so I did. He said he was feeling electricity going through and around his body. In 30 minutes, he was back to normal, which was a scary experience. So, mom predicted that some change was coming directed at Mark with the "energy case". After that shock, he never made another Tesla Coil. He was hit with 750,000 volts. He was very lucky he did not die.
  AS I AM WRITING IN THIS BOOK, JUST NOW, SOMETHING HAPPENED. It 7:38 am and is July 27, 2022. I was sitting in my chair as I do every morning to watch TV, get on the Energizer machine, or like what I am doing now using my laptop to write this book, especially this particular segment. Suddenly Max, my dog, and I heard something making noise near the floor to my right. He ran over to see what it was, and as I looked down, the bottom part of the curtain was moving, fluttering a little. I was stunned and immediately scared. My heart started to race. I did not know who or what had done this. I said Mom is that you? I got no response, so I moved the curtain so Max, and I could get a better look but saw no reason for this to happen unless it was my mom showing me she was here. After all, I had been writing about her using the ghost app. She not only moved the curtain but also tried to open the box that holds my large glass bulb that goes to the Energizer Heath Tool. This box is right next to my right ankle. I tried to recreate the sound by opening my box, which was the exact sound. She had messed with the box a few times before I looked down and saw the curtain move. My body still, at this moment, feels excited and nervous. I think she wants me to open the ghost app, but That app has been gone a long time. I might try to find one later and let you know if she contacts me again.

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