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Nikola Tesla himself told me how to make these socks.
Oct 4, 2022, I had a psychic reading from Margo today. As usual it was amazing and I’m only going to tell you a few things she said. She told me Nikola Tesla has come through to tell me that when he was alive, he had taken seven raw crystals, and grounded them into powder.  Then he sewed them into a pouch and sewn that to a pair of socks, where the arch would be for the foot. These frequencies would stimulate all the organs. He said that most people are not aware of how important their feet are to the whole body.
  I giggled and told her “OH MY GOD” before getting out of bed this morning I had thoughts of asking Mark to grind up those same crystals to place inside my Herbal Magnetic Cushion that I sell. I am making one for my nephew for his birthday coming up soon because he is a truck driver, and this would help him have more energy and mental alertness while driving. Margo said he wanted me to open the top of my crown chakra for more communication with him. And, to meditate for contact with him.
  Then she said her spirit guide sees Kris drawing something for me and should do it on the computer. Again, I said WOW, this morning before getting out of bed I was picturing in my head Kris drawing me Charlie, the mean monkey. I had heard three times what he looked like from Lorraine, (Tattoe) and I wanted to put him in this book of what he looks like. 
  Lastly, she said that I am having trouble with the covers of my books I upload to Amazon. She said the photos are not clear when the book cover photo is printed. I giggled again and said, YES! I am calling Amazon today about this problem. She also said that Tesla told her that Elon Musk is the reincarnation of Thomas Edison,
Interesting. Over the years Tesla has contacted me many times through Margo. This is because we had a past life together and I make all these healing machines and Tesla devices

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