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Paranormal Orbs In My House

These are orbs and weird things on my property from over the last tens years

big-orb-in-my-bedroom 152KB.jpg

Oct 20,2013, I took a photo of the big orb that came through my window with my cellphone. There are actually three consecutive photos, but I am only showing you this close up of it. I was sitting in my chair next to the window. I had my cellphone in my hand and saw something white streak across the room. I took many photos, then I saw this large orb. When I cropped and zoomed in you can see it has some white stringy plasma inside it, is this the soul?. The two other photos also show this. It was nighttime and my overhead light was on. I wish I knew who it was or what it was. It came though my bedroom window and into my room. This was done around 9pm.

orb lorraine in my room 3 cloned.jpg
orb lorraine in my room 2 cloned.jpg

My girlfriend came in my bedroom. I am laying in bed and we started joking and laughing at stuff. All the sudden she bends over and moons me which made me laugh even more. I snapped these two photos and told her i will put them on the internet with her face blurred out. When I took the photos, we did not see the large orb in in my bedroom. These were taken on a different day, during day light about a week later. The  pic of the large orb above was taken at night with my over head light on. So, who was this orb, and why did it show up  when she flashed me her naked butt? Obviously, this soul was watching us goof around with laughter and wanted to see her butt. I do not see the stringy plasma inside but I think it is the same soul because of the size.

green orb outside69.jpg

Dec 10, 2013, Mark told me he saw a white mist floating around his bedroom sometimes. Later that same day Tina had seen a half a dollar size bright green orb rush from one side of the porch to another. Later that night I caught this green orb, so what is it?

kris blob backyrad green light - Copy (1).jpg

This was taken a a few nights later in my backyard. I did not see it until I looked at the photo, what are these green things?

kris blob backyard greenlight small - Copy.jpg

Look at the far left, you will see a green orb thing. This was taken in my backyard. The photo below is it zoomed into it.

green orb with two tails.jpg

Dec 29, 2013, at sunrise I was in the backyard snapping photos for no reason. When I looked at them, I was surprised and freaked out that there is another green neon spirit flying around the backside of the porch windows. Comparing it to the surroundings of the porch window and the table it was near, it looked like it would be about six inched high x twelve inches long because of the two tails. What is it?

backyard werid shape white light - Closeup.jpg

May 21, 2021, When I was snapping pics of the tree and the backyard, when this appeared. It could only be seen in the photo. It was a small orange neon spirit flying in the middle of my backyard. So, what is it? The backyard was very active that night. Margo says many different types of entities come through the portal in my backyard that night. Comparing the size to the tables and the house it looks like it was about one ft x one ft.

neon light cropped by mark.jpg

June 6, 2021, Kris was sitting in her room, facing her window that looked outside into the backyard. At about 3:15 pm, she saw a white orb about the size of an orange fly around her room. It did not fly straight but flew upward and down for about a few seconds, then flew outside, into the backyard. It did not scare her because she has had many experiences. I understand that. She called me and I went in the backyard it my cellphone to try to capture it on film and here it is, but what is it.

neon orange window.jpg

July 2, 2021, Kris was walking in the backyard to her room from the porch when she saw this bright orange neon thing fly at her head and hit her forehead. It was about 3 pm, on a clear, calm day. She said it was about 4 inches high and 6 inches long. She said she saw it out of the corner of her left eye coming from the pyramid. She saw this orange thing fly very quickly, and hit her forehead, and then it was gone. I asked her if she thought it went into her third eye chakra, maybe for a psychic upgrade.  She just looked confused at my question.
  She said it must have been some Florida bug, she is from Canada. I laughed and said NOWAY!  Florida or anywhere else has bugs like. Mark saw the whole thing happen from sitting in his chair from the porch. He told me that he watched her walk to her room when this bright blue thing flew and hit her in the face. Then it streaked past her, it left a streak of light bright blue for about 6 feet behind her head, then it disappeared. So, why did he see it as blue and her as orange? This is no way it was a bug, I said it was energy.                                     I told Mark and Kris that at 6:30 am this morning, the next morning, I went outside to take more pictures to see if I could catch anything weird. I then caught this orange thing. I showed them this photo of a bright orange neon thing, outside of the porch window over where Mark was sleeping. It was the same size that they saw. I said this orange thing is what hit you, but how, why, and what the heck is it? So, what are these neon green and neon orange spirits? They are not seen with the naked eye. I'm sure they are coming through the portal.

white light weird.jpg

July 12, 2021, In the early morning, at about 5 am, I walked into my backyard and started snapping photos. I caught this one bright white weird looking orb. It seemed to go straight downward about 6 inches and about one inch wide. I don’t know what it is. Surrounding the cluster of orbs is a reddish energy.

purole small orb.jpg

One night while snapping photos oh my backyard I caught this weird orb, what is it?

small white orb closeup (1).jpg

One night I caught this purplish orb flying around my backyard. I did not see it until I looked at the photo.

orb mel beach2.jpg

One night we were at Melbourne beach, Fl laying n a blanket on the sand. It was around midnight and I started snapping pics at the beautiful night sky. I did not see this white orb with my eyes or these large red orbs as well. What are they?

michael Howell full 73.jpg
orb chakras.jpg

   I took this aura photo of a friend and inside his aura was this orb. So, I cropped it and zoomed in. It is incredible to see it has a chakras such as people and animals do. At the bottom is a green heart chakra and above it the violet crown chakra. It does not have a red or root chakra because it does not need it for grounding to the Earth or for reproduction. It also has its own beautiful golden aura surrounding it. This is proof it is an entity of some kind, either a dead relative, a spirit guide, or an angel.

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