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Welcome to the 4th Wall 

Displayed on these four glass shelves are many healing devices

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Below is the top shelf from left to right

glass top she;f 74.jpg

These 3 unusual products are my Inventions created by Robin Elkins.                

They are no longer available, until I can find someone else who can make them for me again. Do you know anyone? My inventor friend, Robin Elkins, has unfortunately passed on. God Bless Him

Robin Elkins of Elk Industries is a scientist/Inventor and a dear friend. Robin and I are co-inventors of the Bio Energy Meter, Bio Chi Meter and the Bio Energy Tuner. He was the inventor of digital voice mail when he was 18. He had many patents over the years. I believe he is Nikola Tesla's reincarnation.

glass top she;f 74.jpg
bioEnergy Meter77.jpg

My Bio-Energy Meter
Noble prize winner Otto Warburg states that cancer is -15mv of the cell, an aged cell is around -50mv, and a healthy cell is -70mv or little higher. It is important to keep up the electrical charge of the cells to maintain optimal health. Measure the electrical overall body voltage in your cells, your foods, plants, or trees. Most people I have tested register around -50mv to -70mv.

   In order to stay healthy, you must eat the foods of the highest electrical values. There are a million chemical processes going on at every given second. We are huge chemical factories. If the cells enter electrical difficulty, meaning the millivolts (mv) of the cells are low, then the chemical processes that need to take place cannot occur. Experiment with before and after laughing because it really does charge up the body. There is a book called Bending Spoons with Your Mind, Using Mind Power To Attain The Ultimate In Personal Growth!  by Rev. E.M Camarena. PhD. On page 84 he talks about my Bio Energy Meter. He talks about how he watched the meter raise from laughing. It is a very interesting book that I suggest reading.
  Be creative, have fun but write down your research. Keep track in a book and send me your discoveries. Help me to do this research. Food literally is our energy, fuel, just like when you put gas in our cars, and it is truly our medicine. Eat the highest mv of foods.

We need a high charge in our cells for this to work properly.Click to learn more

My Bio-Energy Tuner
This is an amazing one-of-a-kind device that you can wear around your neck or place in your pocket. It emits 23 healthy frequencies that your energy body picks up through the chakras and are placed where they need to go. It has biofeedback that takes the body's negative, unhealthy frequencies and inverts them to healthy frequencies. It has a small LED light for color frequencies and a magnetic field. There is no wearable device like this on the market. It is only 2” x 3”.

People experience increased physical energy, increased mental energy, and less pain for as long as they wear it.

Increased physical strength is instantly proven by muscle testing. People experience enhanced athletic performance like running faster, lifting weights easier, better accuracy at golf, improvement in tennis, etc. This device came to me one night in my dream, and then it came to him the next night. A woman showed it to me, and the night when Robin dreamt of it, he was shown the schematics, even without us talking about it to each other. We decided it had to be built since it was important enough to be shown to us in our dreams. After reading the testimonials, you will see how important this device is.

   Hi Mary, I used the Bio Energy Tuner when I played golf today. I was amazed how it gave me energy during my game and even after the game. I was more accurate with the ball and could hit the ball farther. This device should be sold in all the golf pro shops. Lee  

   Mary, I must tell you about my experiment last night. I went to bed with a swollen lymph node under my left arm. Strange for me that this has happened. So normally I would just use the Energizer or the Violet ray on the lymph node to flush it. This time though I took the Bio Energy Tuner and placed it with the light facing down on my lymph node and fell asleep about midnight. I woke up at 3 a.m. and felt the lymph node. There was no pain at all, and it was not swollen anymore. I was really amazed; I did not think in three hours or less it could stop that pain because swollen lymph nodes become kind of hard and swollen tight with germs. Pretty cool! I thought, Michael

   Hey Mary, My Bio Energy Tuner, what a weird testimonial I have. I sat on my couch as I was turning on the Tuner for the first time, I said to myself, "OH I can't stand this heat". I live in California, and it is summertime. I was thinking this as I turned it on and all the sudden a rush of coldness flew through my body. It immediately lowered my body temperature. I have never experienced anything like that before and do not understand it. I was thinking something then it happened. I could feel it clearing energy around my chest, that I understand. I told him the Bio Energy Tuner has AI, artificial intelligence. I am looking forward to seeing what else it will do for me and my wife. Is this magic? Kyle

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This device came to me from a lady in a dream and the next night it came to Robin in his dream. This was created and had helped many people in many different ways with their health only by wearing this little multi-wave oscillator with AI. Click here to read full story and amazing testimonials.

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bio chi meter.jpg

My Bio-Chi Meter
This is a one-of-a-kind kinesiology device. This is used instead physical muscle testing, it is electronic muscle testing.  It can instantly test food, supplement, cigarettes, drinks, for example, or any substance to see if it is draining your energy or giving you energy, in other words to see if it is harmful or good for you. If it good for you the light turns green and if it is bad it turns red, read more here

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On this second glass shelf starts with the Colormesmerizer


My Colormesmerize 

Quench Your Thirst For Color. This little device pulses millions of harmonic colors in a second. Wear your color therapy and be strong all day. Charge your aura with all the colors of the rainbow. The pulsing colors are truly mesmerizing, beautiful, brilliant-colored rays that are being emitted. This device emits the color in a “straight ray” just as the sun does. Many color therapy devices do not do this. The straight ray is the natural way for the aura to except color into the physical body.

    What colors is your body thirsting for or lacking? How are you supposed to know? Well, this problem is over. When you wear this 2” x 3” Color Mesmerizer in your auric field, your body will take the color it needs and discard the rest. Any illness, pain, infection, shock, breakdown, or other occurrences will change the color of the aura and alter its strength but now you can replace those color frequencies.

 You can place it between you and the computer or turn it on when you use your cellphone to strengthen the physical body, which can be proven with muscle testing. People always muscle test strong for no matter what color is flashing. People report having more energy at the computer and throughout the day, better athletic performance, and more mental clarity.

    Color therapy uses color to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Scientists, who have studied color and light extensively, recognize that colors bring about emotional reactions to individuals. Our reactions and attitudes to colors differ from person to person, which makes an interesting study. Our attraction to certain colors may very where we are imbalanced. Understanding why certain colors affect us favorably while others bring about negative feelings helps us along our healing journeys. This can be worn around your neck or in your pocket. You can place it on the table next to you at work in your energy field so you can absorb the beautiful colored harmonics while at the computer. Use it for hypnosis or meditation. Wear it in a nightclub and have fun with it. It is a real eye-catcher. Robin who created this for me, has passed on. I need help making them again, do you know anyone?

mary orgasmatron before 75.jpg

The Orgasmatron
This is a vibrating head massager that stimulates the 123 acupuncture points on the scalp. It releases the happy hormones that can make you scream in pleasure. You do not actually have an orgasm, but it sure sounds like it. The first time I tried, it was at a convention. There was a long line of women waiting for the man to slide it up and down their scalp. When it was my turn, I sat in the chair and as soon as he placed the copper on my head I started to scream “Oh My God”. I screamed so loud that my girlfriend said she heard from the other side of this large health convention center. Not only was I screaming at the top of my lungs, “Oh God, Oh God” I was slipping out of my chair toward the floor like I was melting. When he stopped, he told me he had not heard anyone get that much pleasure out of it. I was embarrassed, and when I got home, I ordered one. I had so much fun doing this to men, women, and children. I found that an older adult does not feel it as much as a younger person does. I was 43 at the time and felt lucky my hormones were still so active. 

    I am sure this stimulation releases Dopamine which is known as the “feel-good” hormone. Dopamine is a hormone and neurotransmitter that is an important part of your brain’s reward system. This is associated with pleasurable sensations, along with learning, memory, and the motor system function.

 Serotonin. This hormone (and neurotransmitter) helps regulate your mood as well as your sleep, appetite, digestion, learning ability, and memory.

 Oxytocin. Often called the “Love Hormone” oxytocin is essential for childbirth, breastfeeding, and strong parent-child bonding. This hormone can help promote trust, empathy, and bonding in relationships and generally increase physical affection like kissing, cuddling, and sex.

 Endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s natural pain reliever, which your body produces in response to stress or discomfort. Endorphin levels also tend to increase when you engage in reward-producing activities, such as eating, working out, or having sex.

So, I suspect all these hormones are released when the copper fingers are stimulating the acupuncture points on the scalp.

   One day I was at a talk about auras, and the lady who was presenting this had a live aura imaging system like mine, which I also sell. When she got to me, I asked if she could do an experiment with my Orgasmatron Head Tingler that I had brought with me. So, she hooked me up to the biofeedback by putting my hand on the hand plate, and about 20 people watched as my live aura came on the screen and began to move with flowing colors of yellow, greens, and blues. You could easily see my face when this good-looking young man stood behind me and placed the tingler on my scalp and started to slide it up and down on my scalp. The copper fingers are wide enough so as not to touch my ears. Immediately I start to scream, “Oh My God, Oh My God”. My aura turned so completely red that you could not even see my face. This proved to me, how stimulating the scalp acupuncture points with copper goes right to my sexual root chakra. I was embarrassed when he stopped, and everyone looked at me with shook on their faces. These make a great fun gift.

  If you google for it, they come with it vibrating now or without. Approx $20.00 A fun gift


Interesting side note; One day my girlfriend called to tell me that she had been having normal blood pressure and a high pulse for a week. She said she had been taking more blood pressure medicine and vodka to calm it down, but the pulse only came down sightly and for a short period of time. She had no healing machine, but her husband notice she was trying self-soothing by rubbing her hair. He had a thought that the Orgasmtron she had bought for fun is supposed to release Dopamine and he thought that’s what she needs. So, he sat her in the chair and started to stroke the copper fingers up and down her scalp and on the fifth stroke she felt her pulse no more pounding her chest. He continued for a couple more minutes and then she checked her pressure and it had come down from averaging for a week around 125 down to the 70’s. She had called me the next day to tell me her pulse is still normal and thought this was so amazing she had to tell me.

   I was shocked to hear this; I would have ever thought for her to try this method. A week later her pulse was still normal. Shad been worried she may have had a blockage in the heart but now she knew it was anxiety that whole time. Wow!! So use this as a self-soothing method.

acupuncture sub pen 80.jpg

The Acupuncture Device
Here I will show you how to find detect and acupuncture point.
There are many acupuncture devices out there so here I am showing you this simple one. This is the Leawell Electronic Acupuncture Pen for Pain Relief Acupoints locator and Stimulator. This electric meridian detection pen is based on the meridian theory of low resistance. It can automatically find acupoints. The beep tells you when you have found the acupuncture point so you can use the stimulator. This is a simple handheld tool for pain relief and stimulating the meridians. Google it.

The Ultra-Sound Device
The heating function increases blood circulation, slows down the cell excited point, relieves pain, Makes the subcutaneous tissue movement, activates cells, reduces puffiness of the face, smooths tissue congestion, and inhibition of dark mark formation, removal. Improving microcirculation, inhibiting facial varicose, improving dry skin and skin aging lines, detox. Loosen the nerve-muscle, resist muscular nerve. Dissolve hypodermic fat, accelerate absorption, heal acne skin. I have no healing experience with Ultrasound energy. Google it.

ultra sound 25 (2).jpg
glass shelf 3rf 77.jpg

On The Third Glass Shelf


Voxxlife Socks and foot soles with incorporated technology
These aura photos are not from wearing foot soles.
This company called VoxxLife Foot soles and socks that has incorporated into them technology that immediately connects the central nervous system to the brain. This sends information from the receptors on the bottom of your feet to your brainstem.
  “When I first experienced Voxx Socks, I was amazed at how they immediately improved my EEG brainwave pattern and how much better energy and mental clarity I felt while wearing them. Then I saw similar results on my colleagues. W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD (H) “.

   It starts with a special tactile patter woven into the foot soles and socks that triggers a neural response in the brainstem that helps manage pain, better energy level, recovery process as well as improved mobility and balance. After processing that information, the Central Nervous System distributes commands to your peripheral nervous system, affecting various functions in your body, from pain regulation to motor and control balance. It is important for those who are suffering from painful Diabetic Neuropathy in the feet.

   You must put the arch back in the soles of your feet for optimal health. When your arch drops, your whole body goes out of alignment. That affects the whole system of the body. Circulation slows down which affects every organ, causing all kinds of ailments, not just foot problems. By wearing VoxxLife insoles you are putting back the natural shape of the arch, so you can instantly come back into balance. Then your circulation increases, which in turn increases the oxygenation to every cell. Your shoulders and head pull back, and you become taller than you were before. Even teenagers can already have drooping arches. I believe this is part of the aging process. However, this is not the average foot sole or socks because of the technology sewn into them.

   Richard, who is a holistic practitioner, called me to tell me about this product. He said he was getting miraculous results. He said a lady whose son has autism instantly focuses better when wearing his socks. Also, the mother said that the child said that when he takes the socks off, he feels heavy. HHHUUMMM very interesting to me. So, I watched a lot of videos at and youtube where people added their unbelievable testimonies. I’m very grateful for Richard telling me about this company. I have been in the business of healing people with the power of electrotherapy devices for many years, yet here, what these socks are doing is astonishing.

   One day I saw Mark, my husband standing up and leaning on the table in pain. He said he had a pinched nerve in his back and was in tremendous pain. I had him sit down and put the socks on, not expecting anything. Soon his face changed, his eyes opened wide, and he stood up and walked quickly around the house. I noticed he was not shuffling as usual. I asked him how he felt. He said, " I can't believe it, my pain is completely gone". Now he always wears his Voxxlife socks and foot soles all the time.
  Then I had Tina try them while sitting on the sofa. In just about 2 minutes, her back pain was gone. She has a pain pump in her stomach with a needle in her back. Now she wears them all the time. But this one day, she was not wearing them, and she told me her liver felt like it was cramping in pain. I said "Tina, put your socks on," so she did. Again, right away, her pain stopped. She says they also always give her energy.

  I sold a pair of socks to the UPS lady, who is always on her feet. She suffers all day with leg cramps. I saw her a week later, and she says she has not had one cramp. Now she has ordered the foot soles.

  I met this 88-year-old woman that complained to me about her balance. I gave her a pair of socks, and the next day she called to tell me that she was so balanced she could stand on one foot. Then she said she was on the go all day and could not have done all she did without the socks. Now she is giving them as presents and telling everyone.
  Kathy came to visit us for the day, and she had spinal surgery a year ago but never out of back pain, they took out an inch off her spine. She had had no feeling in her feet ever since. I had her try the Voxxlife socks, and within a few minutes, she started to get tingling and feeling back in her feet. After fifteen more minutes, she could tap her foot up and down. You could imagine how happy she was.

A girlfriend of mine who has a cleaning business says it takes away her sciatic pain.
Another girlfriend of mine says the socks gave her better vision, WOW!
  My brother said he had hurt his knee and hip by hitting it on the steering wheel while getting out of the car 30 years ago. It has been more of an annoyance over these years, always feeling it. So, I sent him the foot soles. He said he no longer has the pain and feels lighter on his feet.

  For myself, the only thing I noticed was one morning, I woke up with a very unusual nausea. I did not know what it was from, but it was mild. So, I reached over to put my socks on, not thinking it would do anything but to my surprise, within 30 seconds, my nausea was "Puff" all gone, just like that. Since then, I have sleep with my socks on.
  The other day around 11a.m I got a deep pain in my shoulder near my neck below the collar bone. I never had this pain before, but I had a bad fall two years ago. I am off in the car all day doing errands. I took aspirin but no relief, so around 5 pm, I noticed I had my socks inside my purse. I put them on, and all the pain was gone within a minute. It had to have opened up my blood circulation. I love my socks and foot soles. I want to point out that all other foot soles you can buy do not have this technology incorporated into them. 

Testing the socks and foot soles

   There is a way to simply test your balance. Have a friend stand in front of you, and you grasp your hands together in a fist. Let your arms hang down in front of your navel but clasp your hands tightly in a fist. Without wearing the arch supports or socks, have the friend push straight down, on top of your clasped hands, pushing straight to the floor. See how the back of your heels comes up off the floor toward the friend. Or you lose your balance by leaning forward.
  Now put your arms behind you and clasp your hands again in a fist and have the friend push straight down. Notice the front of your feet will come up, and you lose balance falling backward. Now stand on the arch support insoles or put your socks on, then have your friend redo the experiment. You will be so balanced that your heels or toes will not raise. You will not lean forward or backward no matter how hard your friend pushes downwards on top of your clasped hands. It is truly amazing!. You will stand like a brick wall. 

  Now the blood and oxygen flow better to every cell and muscle in the body. 
To order email me I can give you a discount but go watch the videos on and  Place order here

covid itens60.jpg

Covid Items
Here is a face mask I made during Covid. There is no other mask like this one.
My mask is clear and covers the whole face but the difference is there are two little negative ion generators in the inside aimed at the nose and mouth. Also there is a 7.83Hz Tesla Schumann Generator attached to the top of the mask for added protected of germs that surround your body. On the shelf is a Sanitation Bag so you can place your car keys and cell phone inside for sanitizing with a UV light. The red light nose generator, place the small plastic electrodes inside the nostril so the red light can help purify your sinuses Click here to see more items for the flu Price $150.00 Place order here.

EMF orotection 65.jpg
cellpne before65.jpg
cellphone whie65.jpg
cellpne after65.jpg

This man’s aura before using his cell phone is a beautiful normal energy field. But, the second photo shows while making a phone call, his aura has diminished dramatically. Then five minutes after call the third photo shows it is diminished even more. This shows how unhealthy these cell phones are. He came to me for this experiment because he felt it was making him sick and this was back in 2002 with 3 G and now we have 5 G.                               God help us!

EMF Cellphone Protector and Sound Tube Tech, See before and after aura photo of using a cellphone.
Trap EMF’s Before They Reach You: Are you concerned with electromagnetic radiation from your mobile phone, computer, or other device? Do you suffer headaches or fatigue and suspect it’s EMF? Shungite sticker right on your device can catch frequencies before they even reach your body!
  Safe Nano Containers For EMF’s: Shungite is a rare stone formed 2 billion years ago, and mined only in Karelia, Russia. It’s naturally rich in carbon (just like adsorbent charcoal filters), but with an organic boost of carbon C-60 and its amazing fullerene (buckyball) structure. These carbon cages encapsulate EMFS along with other atoms, ions and molecules and locks them up before they hit the airwaves. Peel and stick on the back of your cellphone.

Air Tube Sound Headset, no radiation goes into your head
Connected to this cellphone is a headset that you only hear the voice through the air. This way you keep the harmful field from the phone radiation does not get into your ears and head. When you place the earpieces in your ears, place the cellphone as far away from you as possible.You can google each item


itercare Health Blower
Terahertz energy resonates with the same frequency as a normal healthy cell. Generating millions of vibrations per second. The iTeraCare device uses the Terahertz energy which is abundant in the atmosphere. This Terahertz energy is safe just like the far infra-red is commonly used for healing. Far-infra-red (FIR) rays enable multiple energy transfer as deep as 2-3 cm which means about one inch into subcutaneous tissue without irritating or overheating the skin and then accelerates blood flow and followed by an increase in nitric oxide production.
  This is blows out hot air that has the electro-magnetic field of terahertz. It has two setting and a UV light that shines where you are blowing for extra healing effects. By blowing the frequencies of terahertz along with heat over and area you are working on helps heal.
  The body itself is a heat source that absorbs or emits terahertz waves. When terahertz waves are used on the body the cells receive a large quantity of healthy negative ions, itself is a heat source that absorbs or emits terahertz waves. When terahertz a large quantity of negative ions cancelling out the unhealthy positive ions. This recharges the cells and activate them, thus improving metabolism and raising the body temperature. Once the body temperature increases, immunity of the body will also be strengthened.
IteraCare Health Blower Testimonial

Mark, my husband’s first testimonial was the day I got this Health Blower in the mail.
He woke up with extreme pain on the back of his calves and he had no idea why. I said I just got this Health Blower in the mail this morning, let me blow this on your back and calves, he said OK. So, I did this for about ten minutes while he was bent over and when he stood up straight all the pain in his calves and back were gone, that quick!

The next testimonial was just as amazing. He was in our Livingroom and accidently tripped so he quickly placed his right hand on the shelf with the small tesla Coil on sending it to its side. It has a spike at the top about 3” high and it went right into the palm of his hand. I and Lorraine heard him scream and we went running to him. Her and I started to scream, pull it out, pull it out, meaning pull your hand out of the spike. It went in about 2” straight into the middle of his palm. We thought it went so deep it would be coming out the back side of his hand, but it did not. When he pulled it out, he fell to his knees in pain. We got him to the chair, and it looked like it missed the tendons. He said the pain was not to bad and actually was able to work with it that day. The next morning, he woke with excruciating pain in his hand. So, without me having to tell him, he took the Health Blower that was plugged in and next to his chair to blow his hand. He told me he had blown for about 20 minutes on the front, and back of his hand plus on his forearm where there had been a big bruise, he did that also.
  After he was finished, he said “look Mary, I can open and close my hand all the way without any pain”. Wow! this was unbelievable to see this miracle. Also, his brise was completely gone. Now it is four days later and still he has no problem; he continues every day to use it all over his body. It is simple and easy to use, so keep it by your bedside or chair.

Benefits: Stimulates better micro-circulation, Repairs damaged cells
Detox lymphatic circulation rapidly, Recognize and destroy abnormal cells
Delay onset of aging, Remove deep tissue coldness and dampness rapidly strengthens organ functioning. Used for Diabetic neuropathy. Kidney and Liver aliments, Prostate and Stroke aliments. Just about any health problem you have it could help. Use it for chronic and acute pain, it works quickly and is very effective. It can eliminate water retention in the body. Regulates the body temperature. Improves the immunity system. Activating weak and inactive cells. It strengthens healthy cells, repairs damage cells, thus Expelling liquefy unhealthy cells.                  
Easy to operate just aim and blow.$350.00 Place order here.

glass sgleves bottom 65.jpg

The Bottom Glass Shelf

Tens Unit
This is a muscle stimulator and a micro-current device. Used for chronic & acute pains, Back & cervical muscular and disc syndromes, RSD, Arthritis, Shoulder syndromes, Neuropathies & more. Google it.

tens unit70.jpg
mind machine68.jpg

The Mind Machine
Light Sound Mind Machine Brainwave Entrainment That Allows You To Experience Improved Wellness, Learning & Performance. A mind machine uses flashing light, pulsing rhythmic sound, or a combination of these, to alter the frequency of the user's brainwaves. They can induce deep states of concentration and relaxation and alter your consciousness states. Different colored lights are in the sunglasses while you watch them with your eyes closed. Go to Amazon or Ebay

hot cold70.jpg

Hot/Cold Therapy Device
Eye Massager with Heat & Cold, At Home Rechargeable Skin Lifting Machine, for Relax Eye Strain Dark Circles Eye Bags Dry Eyes Wrinkles Fine Line, Improve SleepThis is sold for facial to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. This hot and cold massager can change between hot (100.4℉-114.8℉) and cold (44.6℉-50℉), to massage the skin with vibration. However, since I believe it also could be used for other skin problems and for acute pain. For pain try a few minutes on the are of heat then a few minutes of cold them back and forth to push and pull blood. Suitable for all skin types (3 levels of cold massage can be adjusted, 1 level to sensitive skin, 2 level to neutral skin, 3 level to oily skin.

galvanic 67.jpg

Galvanic Beauty Device
Galvanic energy helps the skin absorb nutrients to tighten the skin. Galvanism penetrates substances into the tissues where they bring circulation by improving the vascular and lymphatic system. I have not used this as a healing tool. Google it around $25.00


Hanging next to the glass shelves is the Tommie Copper Shirt
This Tommy Copper Shirt is made of woven copper. Tommie Copper equals pain relief and boosted healing. Compressing the site of an injury is the third step of the recommended treatment for injuries such as muscle strains and ligament sprains. Compression works by limiting swelling while providing support to the injured area. Copper, a soft, malleable metal, has long been touted as a folk medicine treatment to relieve pain and heal injuries. Copper has been used for thousands of years to aid in reducing inflammation and sustaining connective tissues and aiding in blood flow and oxygen transport,” and that it “provides immediate relief from inflammation… and harnesses the other well-known health benefits of copper.”
  I have found that when you wear this technology your aura becomes stronger proving increase in strength and the ability to heal. Even when you wear a cheap copper bracelet your energy increases because copper is electrical conductive metal, and the copper literally charges up your own electrical charge. You can muscle test the shirt or any of their other products and se how it makes to instantly strong but I recommend a shirt which covers your organs.

Go to Tommie to order


Next wall, on the floor is the Body Vibration Machine
2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine with MP3 Player 180 Speed Levels Platform
You stand on this platform and hold the rails. It looks like a treadmill, but it is not. When you turn it on, your feet will go up and down, not side to side. It rids unwanted fat, improves circulation, metabolism, improves muscle strength, stimulates intestines, and so much more. 

UPGRADED VIBRATION MACHINE features a 1.5HP 2000W motor & enlarged platform that effectively and quietly shakes your whole body with a more stable vibration plate for people of all shapes and sizes. Excellent addition to your home gym equipment.

180 SPEEDS & DIGITAL DISPLAY with 10 Preset Programs guarantee the appropriate workout intensity for every user while the easy-to-operate LED monitor displays mode, time, speed, and BMI to conveniently monitor your vibration session and fitness level.

330 LB CAPACITY is made possible by the solid metal frame and vibration plate finished in non-toxic and non-slip premium ABS for durability and anti-static performance. Equipped with caster wheels for easy portability.

SOUND SYSTEM & 2 DETACHABLE RESISTANCE BANDS allow you to double your fitness productivity with upper body workouts in various positions while enjoying your favorite music flowing through the built-in sound system.

XL SIZE WITH ADVANCED FUNCTION to help burn body fat, improve flexibility, relieve chronic pains, promote muscle strength, and increase blood circulation. The XL vibration plate makes it the perfect fitness equipment for people of all shapes and sizes. Go to Amazon                         

pink sofa on sofa 68.jpg

The Pink Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
People who have a lower body temperature do not burn food the way people with a normal to slight, higher body temperature does. Therefore, you need to eat foods that burn calories and heat you up for weight loss. Heat Sauna Blanket with Infrared Heating Therapy uses the unique rays to penetrate the skin, the subcutaneous tissue to cause blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, thus promoting better blood circulation and helping to get rid of body toxins and metabolic waste. This deeply relaxing treatment is also great for stress relief score joints and stiff muscles you will leave invigorated renewed if you are looking for instant detox pain relief or if you just want to drop a dress size. This would be good to use if you are recovering from shoulder, hip, and waist, back, and legs.
Go to Amazon


Contact Rev. Mary at 321-525-2511 or email me at

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