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I do not take credit cards only Paypal, use
I use Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp,use Mary Macurda ph 321-525-2511 use I also can take checks and money orders. If you have another way to pay let me know. Sometimes I give discounts or will take payments, It is best to contact me before ordering.

energizer pink socks.jpg
Energizer Health Tool izah.jpg

1. The Tesla Body Energizer, This is my number one healing machine
health. CLick here to read more,  see testimonials and before & after tests Price $1895.00

violet ray slide 113.jpg
angel violet ray hand.jpg

2. The Tesla Violet Ray Device, my second most powerful healing device. 

3. The Beamer, contact me I will lead to who sells them

rainbow po full.jpg

4. My Rainbow Healing Pod $775.00

angel tattoe on her side web.jpg

5. My Angel Healing device "Healing in the wings of an angel"  $1200.00

6. Nikola Tesla Economical Med Bed $4295.00

arm leg bouncer close up.jpg

7. My Arm Leg Bouncer $165.00

pendant white shelf 111.webp

8. My Pet 7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency Healing device. $145.00

radionic plate slide.jpeg

9. My Radionic Plate $70.00

tesla necklaces just the two.jpg

10. My Tesla Necklaces $25.00

tesla bracelet.jpg

11. My Nikola Tesla Bracelet $25.00

herbal aura cushion.jpg

12. Tesla Crystal Magnetic Herbal Cushion $70.00

tesla orgone 67 (1).jpg

13. My Tesla Crystal Magnetic Orgone Cushion $70.00

tesla copper screen 75.jpg

14. My Nikola Tesla Crystal Copper Plates $120.00

tesla water maker slide.jpeg

15. My Tesla Water Maker $250.00

tesla socks 30 (2).jpg

16. My Nikola Tesla Socks $30.00

Tesla crystal violet ray.webp

17. My Tesla Crystal Violet Ray $299.00

covid itens60.webp

18. My Negative Ion Face Mask $150.00

decontamiation pod front.jpg

19. My Decontamination Pod $250.00


20. Toms Chi Energy Wheel
with this pinwheel by Thomas Greenwell. Place both hands on each side of it and watch it spin. Price $50.00 email me to order. or call Mary at 321-525-2511

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