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Nikola Tesla and the Annunaki uses a Tesla Coil to charge their batteries.

eygptian tesla coil.jpg

See how similar it looks to a Tesla Coil.

eygption insulator.jpg

This is an insulator on a current high voltage neon sign transformer. See how similar it is.

The Anunnaki are a group of seven deities of the ancient Sumerians. Researchers believe this ancient relief from Egypt is the tree of life, but I do not think so, I think it is a Tesla Coil. I think this because when you look closely at the things sticking outward, they look like just like high voltage transformer insulators. Inside them is the Tesla Coil and the cris cross field is the electricity, the violet sparks that come from a Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil is aways tall and wound with copper and at the top is the crown of sparks which is what a Tesla Coil does when it is turned on to emit the high energy field. I believe these deities were receiving the electrical energy for charging what they are holding in the in their hands.

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