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Thank You For Entering My Tour Of
90 Healing Devices

When you enter my room with 90 healing devices, Nikola Tesla will greet you. Wait for videos to load up.

This video shows a short tour of my collection of 90 Healing Devices.

hallway77 (1).jpg
hallway 103kb.jpg

When you walk into my hallway you can Your photo taken with Nikola Tesla by standing next to him while he is holding an 8” plasma bulb, that you can touch
while I video you and 
take your photo. At the top of the hallway
wall are certifications 
of people who have completed my
Electro-Therapy course.




Below that, are 8 documents showing my New York radio station Interview about Nikola Tesla.





Below that are my nine Amazon Published Books    




1.“From Hooker To Healer”, from sex to becoming a world known healer using electricity.
2.“From Hooker To Electro-Therapist”, a collector of 90 healing devices.
3.“From Hooker To
Aura Photographer”, before and after of what harms
enhances the aura.
4.“From Hooker To Paranormal Investigator”, 470 encounters in my own home.
5.“From Hooker To Nikola Tesla”, and my personal connection to him.

6."From Hooker To the True Fountain of Youth". learn how to reverse your aging. 
7."From Hooker To  UFO Researcher" 
8."From Hooker To Heaven"

9."From Hooker To Pet Healer"
Next to my books are some books that I had learned about electricity and the body.

“Body Electric, Electro-magnetism“  by Robert O Becker, M.D and Gary Selden                                      I had an interesting dream about this book. One night while dreaming, I found myself sitting on my sofa in the living room. Across from me sitting was a nice-looking man with dark hair. The coffee table was in between us, which is how it is. He had a book in his hand that had a page opened to limb regeneration. I leaned in to read what it was about, and it was the first time I had been able to read in my dreams. I immediately woke up and walked into my living room, where I kept many books on electricity. I picked out this book, "The Body Electric", and somehow, I opened it right to that exact page on Limb Regeneration. I was sure he showed me this because he wanted me to work on limb regeneration with the Tesla Body Energizer. Because of the machine reversing gangrene in Mike's Foot and the other Mike from England reversing gangrene in his toes that this man came to me. So, I have always kept that in mind how to add, to help limb regeneration along with the Tesla Body Energizer
“Electric Body, Electric Health” by Eileen Day McKusick

Beneath these book are eight photos of Mark and mine underwater wedding at
SeaWorld Orlando. You can see these photos on my website.


Also, In the Hallway are these photos

This is has a large poster of Einstein
Photos of Tesla’s patents and a chart the periodic elemental chart


Now enter into my collection by clicking on the link below
Click here to go to the 1st Wall of Self-diagnostic Tools




































Any questions you can call me, Rev. Mary in Florida, ph 321-525-2511 or Email me

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certificates three of them on wall.jpg
hallway books 103kb.jpg
hallway interview 70.jpg

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