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See the true blue color of Reiki caught with my aura camera
Energy Healing, See the true blue color of Reiki

   Reiki is a form of Japanese “Universal Energy” healing using a hands-on healing approach. This energy is transferred from the practitioner’s hands to the patient to encourage emotional or physical healing. Reiki is very popular these days, and for a good reason, this can be a very effective treatment for the relief of many disorders. Massage therapists, acupuncturists, metaphysical centers, and wellness centers use Reiki. I believe this universal chi energy is actually a transference of electricity

Interesting story;

        I became a Reiki Therapist from a Reiki Master named Elizabeth
Copper, who had a healing and spiritual center. So, one day I took my
Edgar Cayce Violet Ray to a fair she had, and it was amazing how
people's pain went away so quickly. Then on another day, her and I
were going to a convention in Orlando Fl. I had my aura camera with
me, and before we left, I asked her how she was feeling, and she said
her elbow hurt, and she was tired that morning. I said, let me take an
aura photo of you, and I did. Her aura showed she had a nice healthy
aura, as shown in this first photo. We were at the convention all day,
and when we got back to her center, I asked her to let me take another
aura photo. She said she was tired. This second aura photo turned
out to be one of my most special aura photos ever captured because

her only aura was over her elbow. She had been sending her Reiki
energy to her elbow for a healing. The rest of her energy around her
body was not there. It was only over her elbow, and the color was
the color of Reiki, a beautiful purple-bluish color. This is the true blue 
color of Reiki energy. 

 Interesting story

   Now, since I became a Reiki practitioner in about the year 2000,
I have started working on people who were ill or in pain with my hands
and energy. One time there was this woman in her 50’s. She came to
my girlfriend’s house where we were practicing on friends. This
woman laid down and told me her pain was over her left abdomen and didn't know why she had this pain. 

  When you do Reiki, you do it without touching the person, only by using your hands just above the area you are working on to transfer energy plus, we learned certain symbols to draw in the person's energy field. After about fifteen minutes, she said her pain was gone. We were both happy to hear this, but her pain immediately jumped into my left side. Before working on a person, we are taught to place an energy of protection around us. Obviously, I did not do this correctly. My friends sat me in a chair and said to tell myself that this is not your pain, cancel it, release it, and say it out loud. I did this three times, and it worked. My pain was gone. Wow, what a relief, but this scared me. 

   Then she came back over the next week, and as she walked in the house, she had been there for only about fifteen minutes. I had another attack in my left abdomen as I did when I worked on her. My girlfriends again sat me in a chair and told me to say this pain is not mine, release it, and immediately it worked. I left the house right away. I did not want to be exposed to her energy. Two weeks later, I found out this woman had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I was worried that I could now get diabetes energetically. 

   However, the next time I worked on a woman with a migraine headache, the exact thing happened to me. I soon realized that I am not cut out for this form of healing people, and why should I be? I should be using the Violet Ray on people instead and selling them. That is my mission in life. So, I stopped and have only used my machines since.

   Then about a year after that, I was traveling on an airplane, and a sick woman with a cold sat next to me for this short flight. Soon I started sneezing and blowing my nose. I knew this was not my cold; it was hers. I concentrated on sending back this sickness energy back to her and that it was not mine. Within minutes of doing this, my sneezing stopped entirely and did not start back up. Ever since I have used this method on myself, it has been a blessing. I suggest you do the same.

reiki Liz before.jpg

Elizabeth before doing Reiki on her arm, a beautiful healthy aura.

After doing Reiki all day on her right arm the true blue  color of Reiki shows up.


Reiki Session with WillowFire


WillowFire is a Reiki master and a shaman.  Here is her aura before working on the lady below


While doing the Reiki session her aura has changed to a red grounding color and a violet, highest chakra


Ten minutes after the session was over her aura has gone back to her original but now it is stronger


This lady’s green aura shows she needs a healing. Her heart chakra is opened trying to give her healing energy.


After her session her aura shows she has a lot of energy to heal with. She has grounded and has better circulation. Plus, now she has the aura of a child which is full of energy. or call 321-525-2511

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