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My Amazon Published Books

1. "From Hooker To Healer"   
Orgies, Swinging, a Brothel, and a High-Class Escort. I went from pleasing people’s sexual appetites to becoming a world-known healer later in life by using Electric-Therapy devices to give people the power to heal themselves. My autobiography is about my wild and crazy life of how I went from a life of SEX, to the paranormal, and miraculous healings.

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Contact me at 321-525-211 or 

2. “From Hooker To Electro-Therapist,
a Collector of 90 Healing Devices”

Take a tour of my collection of 90 electric healing machines that uses electricity to give your body the power to heal itself. I became a world-known healer using Electric-Therapy devices, such as electricity, ozone, magnetic fields, color, sound, frequencies, scalar, tachyon, Tesla Tech, and Edgar Cayce devices.  Our bodies are made up of these energies, so doesn’t it make sense to heal with them. They are used to reverse ailments from A to Z, chronic pain, and reverse the aging process while increasing mental and body energy. 

electro cover 144KB.jpg

3. “From Hooker To Paranormal Investigator", my 470 true encounters in my haunted house”

This is my journey of living in this fixer-upper house over the last ten years with the supernatural, not by choice. These are real encounters documented by twelve people who have lived here of Interdimensional monkeys, spirit orbs of all shapes and colors, ghost animals, elementals, angels, sexual experiences, scratches, bruises, slaps, strangulation, shadow people, and worse of all, demons. Also encounters with aliens an UFO's
See proof with photos and videos.

pranormal cover inside.jpg

4. “From Hooker To Aura Photographer ”, a beautiful, unusual, coffee table book.
My aura research will teach you what harms and enhances the auric field. See before and after using electric healing machines, the aura of a couple having sex, an aura of a real female alien, an aura of a UFO, chakras of a spirit orb, an aura of a little ghost girl, aura of animals, and many more unusual aura photo experiments.

5. “From Hooker To Nikola Tesla, my personal 
connection to him”

I went from a life of orgies, swinging, being an escort and working in a brothel to later in life connecting to Nikola Tesla. I now build many of his healing technologies and have had many personal experiences with him while he is on the other side.

Tesla cover inside website104kb.jpg

6. "From Hooker To Electricity, the True Fountain of youth".
Edgar Cayce states “Without electricity there is no life”. My book will teach you how to literally charge up the electricity in your cells for optimal health. All we are spinning electrons, a big battery, and our battery drains from eating unhealthy foods. Also, from toxins in the food, water, air, and products we use. I will show by using electrical healing devices you can change your health from illness and chronic pain and reverse your age by regrowing your telomere.
This is a one-of-a-kind book showing many experiments done on the aura, physical, mental, and spiritual body using 90 Healing Devices. See tests using measuring devices,
bio-feedback software, muscle testing, and chi measurements of different foods. The before and after tests are done with machines such as the Tesla Body Energizer, Nikola Tesla Coil, Edgar Cayce Violet Ray, color therapy, subtle energy devices, zappers, and many more. Learn how you can heal yourself using energy machines. 

fountain of youth cover 50 book and website.jpg

7. "From Hooker To UFO Researcher"
My book was written because of so many sighting of aliens and UFO flying around my town. I want to know why they are here, what they are doing here and if we are in any danger. I have an aura photo of a female alien, an aura photo of a small alien and an aura of two UFO ships in the night sky.

r 105KB.jpg

My amazing readings from psychic mediums over the last 30 years.

hooker to heaven book cover149kb.jpg

Electro-Therapy for pets is the wave of the future.
Heal your pet with home energy devices such as; color, sound, magnetic, high-frequency, ozone, and Nikola technologies. Also, there are two diagnostic software applications. Pet stories and my collection of 90 Healing Devices.


10. "From Hooker to UFO, 

Electric healer, Paranormal,
Nikola Tesla and Aura

 This book is a compilation of
my nine books.

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