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Telomeres, True Anti-aging and my telomere thought that streaked into my brain
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Power of love
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Low Body Temperature, Part Of The Aging Process
Absinthe poisoning
Cirrhosis Of The Liver
Aura photo before and after drinking alcohol                                                
Aura Photo before and after smoking a cigarette
Aura photos before and after praying the Lord’s Prayer over food
Chi Meter Experiments with food, fast food, liquids, animal food, and people

Dangers of aspartame and NutraSweet
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Bio-Feedback Machines, Wellness Centers, and Naturopaths

The Vega Tester, Dermatron, The QXCI/SCIO Biofeedback, and the Sound Voice Bio-feedback.

Telomere Anti-aging

   An explanation of a Telomere. At the ends of each of your chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres. Telomeres help protect the ends of your chromosomes from damaging or fusing with nearby ones. Your DNA strands become slightly shorter each time a chromosome replicates itself. It is only 50 times that a cell can replicate. Telomeres help prevent genes from being lost in this process. But this means as your chromosomes replicate, your telomeres shorten. That’s where an enzyme called telomerase comes in. It’s found in certain cells and helps prevent too much wear and tear.

    Think of a shoelace. The tip of the shoelace shortens as you age. You are born with a certain length, but many factors explain why the telomeres shorten with age, like the natural aging process, toxins, oxidative stress, and inflammation, and can also shorten them, and pollution, smoking, etc or alcohol consumption.

    Research shows that shortening the telomere is connected to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It has been found that reducing emotional stress, a healthy diet, keeping blood glucose levels under control, and exercising could slow down the shortening.

    You can take a test to find out the length of your telomere and then experiment with the Tesla Body Energizer and then retest about eight months later. I suggest this machine because I have heard many times over the years that this machine is reversing people's age by their hair turning from grey back to their normal hair color. Their nails are growing faster and stronger, and wrinkles are going away. I hear their bones and muscle are stronger, but this seems to take eight months to a year of almost daily using the machine. 

   This one man in his eighties used it daily for a year and took a biofeedback test of his age. It showed he was in his 20's. He called me excited to tell me. At that time, I had no idea why this machine was doing this, but years later, when I learned about telomeres, I knew this is the reason, it helps regrow the telomeres. Google for this test in your area or ask your physician how to get it. Telomere testing out of pocket can be from $100.00 up to $300.00

    If you want to learn more about Telomeres, you can read the book called “ The Telomere Effect”: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel. She won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2009

 You can google supplements that claim to enhance the length. The herb Astragalus Root is commonly used to regrow the telomere. However, I think it is best to only buy this from the company called Telostep to learn more and order the telomerase activation enzyme.

 There is a Ted Talk with Elizabeth Blackburn about telomeres on youtube.

    Weight loss increases telomeres, exercise increases telomeres by mostly doing mostly cardio. Foods- Nuts, beans, seaweed, mushrooms, coffee, fruits, and vegetables can increase them, but what decreases them is red meat, alcohol, processed sugar, and smoking.

 A telomere white light shot into my brain

    On 10/3/21 ( Telomere ) Mark and I were at the hotel International Palms in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Mark and I had spent two nights for a little getaway. The second night around 9pm, we were in bed relaxing and watching tv. I was lying on my left side listening to the Tv and half asleep when all of a sudden, a white light shot quickly into my brain from the right side of my head. I had never had this happen before. The light felt like it was about 3 inches long by about 1 inch high.

    It did not light up my brain or my vision, but this small light streaked into my brain with a thought connected to it. This thought I knew was purposely implanted into my brain instantly to take the signal frequency of a telomere and make it so people can wear it on their body for anti-aging. I sat up and thought, “What the heck just happened? I have never had anything like that happen to me before. It literally shot into my brain. I knew someone gave me that thought, so it must be important. 

    The next day I called my psychic, Margo. I told her what had happened. I asked who sent me that thought, and she said it was Nikola Tesla. I said WOW? We are so connected. Just the like lady who showed me in my dream the Bio Energy Tuner device many years ago, and then the next day, she showed it to my scientist friend Robin Elkins who ended up making them. This means I should take this seriously. 

   Suppose a person wore that telomere frequency from a little frequency generator around the neck, wrist, or in their pocket. Maybe they could experience a slowdown or stop the telomeres from shortening, possibly creating regrowth. The idea of regrowth comes from knowing that a Nikola Tesla Coil and my Tesla Body Energizer machine can regrow the telomere because of people reporting to me that their age is reversing from using these machines.

  Even this one woman got her period back after being in menopause for a few years. She was upset about it. I told her it meant your age is reversing, and then she was ok with it.

You can ask your doctor for a blood test to see what the length is. If you do this, I need to see your test before and after using the Energizer, please let me know.     

 By the way, I found out that the frequency of a telomere is approximately between 187,000 hz to 1.1 megahertz. I will work towards my goal of seeing if I can get this into a wearable generator.


Regrow the Thymus for Anti-aging
  One day I watched “ The Unexplained” show hosted by William Shatner”. A Pharmacologist, Dr. Greg Fahy is studying how to reverse human aging. He is regrowing the Thymus gland by taking some kind of chemical compounds, stem cells, or cellular reprogramming, he did not say exactly. He claims that the Thymus gland is replaced by fat when we get older. By regrowing it back, the immune system becomes younger, and the biological age also does. At the top of the breastbone is the location of the thymus gland. This is where the immune system produces the majority of T cells. T cells fight against disease-causing organism pathogens. Should we take thymus supplements? Will it do any good? I have no idea, but I did start to take this supplement called Grass-Fed Beef Thymus 2100mg, 200 caps, desiccated bovine by Herbage Farmstead for $29.99 at Amazon.

Stem Cells, I’m A Believer
  In 2010,Curtis and I drove to Mexico to get stem cell treatments for his lungs. I tried like crazy to stop him from smoking those GOD DAMN cigarettes but to no avail. His lungs were so severe that he lived with oxygen tanks. When I met him, he had only one lung and was always in pain, but Energizer helped his lung pain and helped him breathe. Regardless three years later, he needed more help. Curtis could not get on the transplant list because he could not stop smoking.
  We drove from Milwaukee to Yuma, Arizona, then crossed over into Mexico to a clinic that gave sheep stem cell shots. I drove most of the way, and I was exhausted by the time we got there, and I could tell my blood pressure was high. So, we talked to the doctor for a while, and he explained the procedure. He said Curtis will get 6 injections of sheep stem cells, and he assured us it was safe but would only last a few months, and he would have to come back.
  Curtis laid down on the bed while the doctor did the injections over his lungs, kidneys, and in his back. The cost was $1200.00 for the procedure but worth it. In about fifteen minutes, a miracle occurred. He could breathe better and had less pain. The stem cells took down his inflammation and are supposed to regenerate his cells. We had no proof of regeneration, but it was a powerful anti-inflammatory, no matter if it was fake stem cells. Then Curtis said for me to get a treatment. I said that I could tell my blood pressure was high from driving across the country and that I had some mild heart palpitations. So, I laid on the bed, and he injected me over my kidneys and heart with 6 injections. Immediately my palpations stopped, and my blood pressure dropped too normal. I was impressed. We both drove home, and we were happy about the whole experience.

   Three months later we drove back to this Mexican doctor and received our treatments again with great success. The day before we left for home, I got a frantic phone call from my psychic, Margo, asking over and over if I was OK. I said to her yes, why you are scaring me. Yes, again, Curtis and I are OK. Why are you asking me this? Are we going to get in a car accident on the way home? She said NO, It has to do with Curtis. Something terrible is going to happen to him. She rarely calls me, so I knew something awful was coming. Then soon after that, Curtis got a phone call from his mom saying that she was going into surgery for cancer the following day. The next morning, we felt rushed to get to her, which was unexpected. We went against what the doctor said, to not go over the Rocky Mountains because the high altitude could kill him since his lungs are so deteriorated. Curtis ignored his warning, of course, because he was concerned for his mom. 
  That night we were driving at a high altitude in Colorado, about 10 pm. Curtis was asleep in the back seat when suddenly he woke up saying I CAN’T BREATHE, I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!. He started to grab the nebulizer machine that we had hooked up, but he kept fumbling with it, and now I am freaking out. Our friend pulled off the side of the highway and I grabbed the mouthpiece to try to put it in his mouth, but he could not open his mouth, it was locked closed. I am now screaming Curtis, OPEN YOUR MOUTH, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! I called 911, and the paramedics came right away, THANK GOD!.
  They grabbed me and pulled me out of the car while screaming and crying hysterically. Just a couple of minutes later, they came out of the car and said he was gone. Margo was right, something bad did happen to Curtis. The reason for telling you my sad story is if you get a chance to get stem cells, do it. It is now 2022 while writing this book and is much easier to get this treatment. When Curtis passed on, Mark, Tina and I came back to Melbourne Florida. We are not snowbirds and could not wait for the warmth of Florida again. R.I.P Curtis, my love.


Low Body Temperature Causing Aging

  When the body's temperature drops below 95°, this is called hypothermia, and the causes are cold weather, inadequate heating, cold wind, wet clothes, etc. A temperature of 96.7 is considered normal. Hyperthermia can slow brain activity, breathing, and heart rate. Confusion and fatigue can set in, hampering a person's ability to understand what is happening and make intelligent choices to get to safety. It can cause cold feet, face, hands, tiredness, irritability, balance problems, jerking movements, shallow breathing, irregular or slowed heartbeat, muscle aches, trembling, and loss of consciousness, or even death. 

   Hypothyroidism caused by an iodine deficiency may cause low body temperature. A hormonal imbalance can cause it. Low body temperature can be caused by drug use, alcohol, malnutrition, and medicine such as antidepressants and sedatives. 

    Knowing about the energy body, auras, and the chakra system, I believe that when a person becomes elderly, the sexual red and orange chakras close many years ago and can lower body temperature, which can cause aging. Those colors create heat in the body. A kid’s auras are red, and orange and are full of heat and energy. They also have a fast metabolism. Almost all the aura photos I have taken of older people are blue and violet. These are the cooler colors of the body. The colder your temperature becomes, the harder it is to lose weight; it lowers your metabolism. This is the natural part of the aging process. There are ways to heat your body temperature. Exercise, sleep with an electric heating blanket, turn up your air conditioner, and use a sauna. 

   In my book " My 90 Aura Photo Experiments". I show an aura photo of an older woman when she had been outside in the cold for too long. Her aura photo showed it was a low green energy field. When she came inside and warmed up, I retook her aura, and it was now a powerful red aura with a small circle of violet in front of her face. This showed that when you are cold, you can shrink your aura, and when you are hot, your aura is stronger.

    Interesting Story; I had been resting in bed quietly, thinking about adding this subject to my book. The next day, my girlfriend Margo, my psychic and counselor for many years, called me to ask about low body temperature. Weird timing: I told her I had been thinking about this. 

   A medical test showed she was 98.1, and she has always had 98.6, which concerned her. She is now in her late 50’s but athletic and healthy. I asked her, when did you get his test? She said about 2 pm yesterday. I giggled and said that was about the time I had these thoughts in my head about this subject. I told her there is no worry at only 98.1, but I know those temperature forehead guns are not always accurate, only the oral or the ear ones are. I explained to her about the chakras, and she said that makes sense. I asked her if she thought I was psychically connected to her anxiety about this yesterday, and she said yes. I said WOW!, that is the first time for me because it has always been you connecting to me whenever I am sad, scared, or sick, then you would call me to ask if I am ok? Very Cool.


My belief of why time speeds up as you get older

    When you are young, you have heard from the elderly that wait until you get old, then time will go by quickly. We never believe this until we are older and see it is true. No one knows why time speeds up when you get older. My thought is that when you are born, your aura is red and violet. The red is the connection to the Earth, and the violet is the connection you still have to heaven. This means your root chakra and crown chakra are wildly spinning open. The violet crown chakra closes from heaven as a baby ages, and the red root chakra grounding is prominent. The red chakra stays this way until about your teens. Then the orange chakra spins faster along with the red. The orange is the more sexual chakra. Then is about in the late twenties, the yellow stomach chakra and green heart chakra open more. So, your red, orange, yellow, and green heart chakra is open by your mid-thirties. Then as you get into your fifties, your red and orange chakra starts to slow down. Otherwise, the wheels that turn the chakras slow down. Then in your sixties and up, your blue throat chakra and violet crown chakra open more. This is why usually men and women start to lose their sexual desires. The red and orange chakras have completely shut down. This is when people usually start thinking of their immortality and spiritualism because of getting closer to going to heaven. Then when you are all white and violet, you are much closer to going into heaven and ready to go into the universe with God. So, by now, all the lower chakras have closed, losing their grounding to the Earth. I tell you this because each chakra spins at a certain rate of speed like a wheel. The red root chakra spins at 96.22 Hz, the orange spins at 108 Hz, the yellow spins at 121.23 Hz, the green spins at 128.43 Hz, the blue spins at 144.16 Hz, the dark blue spins at 161.82 Hz, and the violet spins at 181.63 Hz. I believe the chakra correlates with our perception of time. There is no proof, but since the lower chakras closed, the older you get, the more time speeds up. The highest spinning chakra is the crown violet at 161.82 Hz. These are my thoughts. I have never heard this anywhere, but I see it from being an aura photographer. The young kids have red/orange, and the older people are almost always violet. 








Aura Of A Dying Alligator
  A trapper shot this alligator near my house. He posed a danger to our block because it was mating season, and he was walking down the street, ending up in the carport of my girlfriend’s house across from me. Thank God she was at work because she could have walked right into him. I was able to take an aura photo as the poor thing was dying. These photos were taken about ten minutes after being shot. I had asked the trapper to tell me when he thought I could place the copper pipes that connect to my Instamatic aura camera under each of his arms. This violet aura shows that all his chakras connected to the Earth are now closed down. The red, orange, yellow, green, and blues leaving only the violet crown chakra which is what is supposed to happen when you die. The violet is always the last to close because your soul leaves for heaven above when that is gone. I took this last photo about ten minutes later, and now it shows no aura at all, showing he has completed his transition and there's no life’s energy left in the body.

My fear of alligator dreams, but the power of love stopped them.

    This is my experience of the power of love. Mark and I used to water ski in the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Lakes, and the canals. They were always full of alligators and some manatees. As I am older and look back on those days, I thought, “What idiots we were” where was our fear, our common sense? I have seen alligators of all sizes lurking in public parks, swimming in canals, lurking around in bushes all my life, and sometimes I have seen them asleep on embankments. My whole life, I have lived In Florida and forever, hearing the word alligator or gators, from stories of them grabbing people while swimming or pulling them off the sides of a lake to pull them under to eat people or pets. These prehistoric predators are everywhere. There are restaurants named after them, a university football team, car dealership. You cannot get away from this word in Florida.     There are statues of them in stores and truck stops with stuffed heads. They often showed a gator causing trouble on the news, like climbing a chain-link fence to get to a terrified barking dog. If you accidentally fall into a lake near them, they will hold you under and rip you apart. Don’t dangle your feet in a lake or canal.
  As our life changed and we no longer went water skiing, I started having nightmares about them swimming behind me, chasing me to eat me. Sometimes I would be swimming in a canal or a lake, but one or more of them would always chase me but never catch me. Sometimes I would wake up with my heart beating fast. These awful dreams went on for many nights for two straight years, so much so I had thoughts of getting hypnosis or talking to a professional about this.

  One night I am dreaming again about being in a canal with one behind me. He was getting ready to bite me when for some reason, I turned around, grabbed him, hugged him, and said, “ I LOVE YOU”. Instantly the dream ended, and so did my nightmarish alligator dreams. So, what made me think of that? No one told me to do that. I confronted it with love, and the fear went away. This is my example of the power of love even though it was done subconsciously. 

Absinthe Alcohol: Don’t Drink It, It Is Poison

    A Friend of mine had their marriage destroyed because of an alcoholic drink called Absinthe. Her husband ordered two bottles of this awful drink the day the United Kingdom could sell it here in 2004. The United States was right to make it illegal because it is poison to the body and mind. Unfortunately, they lifted that ban. He drank both bottles in their garage over a weekend without her knowing. He had no idea of the harmful effect coming on him and their lives. This was not his fault but the fault of the company. She told me they never argued for the first three years of their marriage, not even raising their voices. I know this to be true because I was very close to them in friendship, and they were my neighbors. They were a happily married couple until this green Absinthe incident. 

   Since that weekend, they had argued almost every day. When he would have a couple of beers, he was not her husband anymore. This must have changed his brain chemistry. The damage was done to their relationship, and it eventually ended in divorce. We blamed the company and discussed the need to sue them in hopes that others would hear about it and stay away from this poison but that never happened. 

   During this time, he was taken by police to the mental ward twice. He also pulled a gun on her, and she had to stay elsewhere for many nights. Even though he had drunk two bottles of Absinthe, the after-effects of drinking beer changed him, and this was detrimental. Luckily, he was sent to a rehab center to stop the beer-drinking, and praise God, it worked.

    Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter, drank it when he cut his ear off, just to give you an example of what this drink can do. If you google the dangers of drinking Absinthe you will find a wide range of health problems, it creates. It is the alcohol content and the other ingredients that can make a person sick and hallucinate. Wormwood, Oldman, and Ginger make up the ingredients, but the wormwood acts as a poison that causes hallucinations. In the holistic world, wormwood capsules or tinctures are used to kill parasites because of its poisoning effect. He had said he ordered a bottle because it was the green drink that James bond drank in his movies.

Interesting story about Cirrhosis of the Liver

   Mark has had a swollen liver from many years of daily drinking beer since a teenager for 40 years. One day I asked my psychic, Margo, about this, and she said he should drink wine and stop the beer. He took her advice. He was becoming genuinely concerned because his liver was giving him pain. He had been diagnosed with the beginnings of Cirrhosis of the liver. This horrible disease scars your liver, and people often die from it or need a liver transplant. It was not easy to switch to wine, but he did, and in a couple of months, all his swelling was gone, WOW! Thank you, Margo, for your spiritual advice. 

  It is three years later, and his swelling or pain has not returned. The antioxidant resveratrol has made a considerable difference. He drinks from a third of a gallon a day of red wine. He is never drunk, and I am grateful for him having a sober-ish mind.








Aura Experiment of Before and After Drinking Alcohol
  One night before Mark and I were going to a nightclub, I had my instamatic aura camera with me. My girlfriend, Mary M, allowed me to take her photo while she was sober. Then after four hours of drinking and dancing, I took her aura photo again. The photo of my beautiful friend shows her strong red sober aura surrounding her. On the right, her aura shows when she is drunk, and how her aura is almost gone. I believe that because people's aura’s diminish from being drunk, this can make you have bad decisions, get sick, and wreck your car.









Aura Experiment of smoking a cig
Below is a before and after aura experiment of a man before smoking his first morning Cigarette. Notice his whiteish aura around his chest that is strong needed energy. After I took this photo, he smoked one cigarette. I retook the aura photo, now on the right, notice  how the cigarette took away that white energy, a shame.






Pot Smoking Aura Experiment
This aura photo on the left is of an older teenager before smoking pot. Here he las lots of red energy as he should have from being so young, full of energy. The photo on the right shows his aura about five minutes after he was finished smoking pot. Now his aura has changed to a calm, relaxed looking aura. He is in high higher chakras now, as with the drinking alcohol aura experiment above this shows why people should not be driving or making any important decisions in this condition.








Before and After supplements, and medicine
This was an aura experiment of my husband Alan when he forgot to take his anxiety medicine. 

On this day he told me that he felt funny and might need to go to the ER. Then he remembered he had forgotten to take his anti-depressant medicine. So, I took his aura photo showing very low energy.






Ten more minutes after taking the medicine, his aura is coming back. This red aura shows he is grounding now. The medicine is starting to balance him.




Five minutes later after taking his medicine, his aura is starting to come back even more because the medicine is opening up his second yellow and third green heart chakra.





                                                                                                                                                                              Ten more minutes, his aura red aura shows is back normal. All his lower chakras are opened now and he feels normal. This proves his body needs this chemical.









Aura Of Food, Experiment With Food Saying The Lord’s Prayer.
I believe this shows the importance of prayer. Many people have seen this aura photo and had started to pray over their food and drinks.

   On the left is an aura of stale pretzels showing low blue energy. This shows a good reason to start praying over your food before eating it. I do this since I did these experiments.
   On the right is the aura after placing my hands over each side of the pretzels and praying the Lord’s Prayer, the aura is completely recharged. 








Above this is the aura an uncooked yam that was not prayed over. Yams are highly nutritious. This uncooked Yam has the same aura as the prayed over pretzels.  On the right is an aura photo of an Banana, notice the yellowish/orange powerful aura.There are 90 aura experiments on in my book about auras.







Experiments done with the Chi Life Meter 
  This device measures the Orgone Energy of people, plants, food, liquids, and more. To use it, place the item you want measured on the metal plate next to the meter. Then the needle will go from 0 to 100 to show how much energy is in that item. The photo on the left is a bunch of Romaine lettuce being measured at a 16. Most veggies measure higher than fruits.

This unique device is based on the mysterious Orgone Field Meter of Wilhelm Reich. Several names, including Orgone, aura energy, and chi, have known the phenomena it detects. Our newest version of the Experimental Life Energy Meter model is used worldwide for personal energy monitoring, energy device evaluation, water testing, and more.                          
This photo above shows the energy of Romaine lettuce measures at a 15.
I have repeated these experiments and they come out the same measurements.

CHI LIFE measurements of our body’s energies

   Each organ resonates at a specific frequency, so when you eat liver, you eat the proper frequency for your own liver. If you eat a kidney, then it is good for your kidneys. If you eat a beef heart, then it resonates with your heart, and by the way, the beef heart has the highest Coq 10 of anything you can eat. The Beef Heart also measured the highest CHI units of all meats. Is this why? A beautiful white carnation flower just picked from my backyard was a 2. Then 24 hours later, it was a 1, showing it was losing its life force. Then another 24 hours, it was a zero. By doing these life energy experiments, I hope I will have inspired you to eat healthier. At the beginning of the Covid lockdown, I did some raw food measurements, which inspired me to eat mostly raw veggies. I lost 35 pounds that year. You can easily make a chart to do your own measurements, then eat only the highest energy foods, keep track, and send it to me.

    On my website, there are ten pages showing raw and cooked food measurements. Measurements of fruits and veggies. Measurements of Fast foods such as McDonald’s, Burger King, French fries, and drinks. Also, measurements of Kentucky Fried Chicken products and pizza items. Snacks and so much more. When you read these pages, you will be shocked to see what life-giving energy is and what is not.
I am 66 years old, and pretty healthy                                                                                          Average 50                                                                                                                                                                         
But, I have seen myself at a 35 when I was very sleepy

Mark is 67 years old declining, loss of muscle mass and energy                                            Average  42
Kris is 52 years old, healthy, psychically strong, full of energy                                               Average 62

I tested an 11, 10, 8. 4 and a 2-year-old, each was a                                                                                  52             

The Tesla Body Energizer, one day I woke up and measured a 45. I have never after a year of measuring been near a 45, however I felt fine and all day I measured a 45. So, after a tiring day, I used this healing machine for an hour. It went from a 45 up to 60, I felt energized. I then went to bed later and in the morning, I was back to 58, I was happy.          
Violet Ray Machine             52                           after used it for five minutes now it is              I was a 58    
Exercising                            50                        after walking on treadmill for 20 min                  I was a  56
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Before holding my puppy before     53                                                           while holding her it was a  55                                                                                                      


Measurements of veggies
Celery, The whole bunch                                  26                                                                     one stalk      8
Whole Broccoli  Bunch                                     10                                                                    one crown    2
uncooked Yam                                                     8                                                                     baked           8
Cucumber                                                                                                                                                         8
Celery, The whole bunch                                   26                                                                      one stalk    8
Interesting Side Note: On Celery Juice. There are many books written by a man named Anthony Williams. He is also called the Medical Medium. He has been on television shows, radio, and such. One of his books you should get is called “Medical Medium Celery Juice”. He talks about the healing properties of this super food, and about juicing celery every morning before you eat or drink your coffee. The measurement using this Chi Life Meter shows that celery is one of the strongest chi units that I have found in vegetables. So, it is not just the properties that make up the celery that has its healing ability but also the high Chi content.

Measurements of fruits     
Banana   with peel an 6            ust the peel is a  4                                                               Banana itself   2

Small Hass Avocado                                              2                        cut open, pulsed then dropped to 1 1/2  
4 Green Grapes, 4 cherries, 4 Blueberries          0                                             measured separately All 0       

Measurements of meats

Hamburger                                                                   cooked and raw                                                          0
Salmon 4 oz                                                                 cooked and raw                                                          4
Turkey leg                                                                    cooked and raw                                                          6


Measurements of dog and cat food
Dry Cat & Dry Dog Food bits, whether they claim to be healthy are a                                                     10 Can of 3.5 oz Cat Friskies Mariner Pate                                                                                                      10
Can of 13 oz dog food  Pedigree Turkey & Bacon                                                                                     10

Measurements of Canned foods
Can of  10 oz Great Value Corn , drained not rinsed  not cooked      8                                          boiled  8
Can of 5 oz Bumble Bee White Chunk Albacore Tuna in water                                                                  0
Can of 15 oz Portside Seafood wild caught Chub Jack Mackerel                                                            10
There are many more measurements on my website
Measurements of Liquids
Black Folgers coffee one cup                                                                                                                         8
Milk 2 % whole One cup                                                                                                                                10
Tap Water, 8 oz                                                                                                                                                 8

Measurements of snacks
Slim Jim Monster Size Smoked Stick, the whole                                   2                               2 inch piece 0
Oat and Honey snack bar from convenient stores 1                                                                                    2
Greek Yogurt loaded with real Blueberries                                                                                                    0
Random Foods
Soleto Italian White bread                                                                                                            one slice  10
Sara lee Honey Wheat bread                                                                                                        one slice   2
large Curd Cottage Cheeses ½ cup                                                                                                               2

Fast Foods
Burger King Whopper                                                                                                                                      8
Domino’s Pizza, one cooled slice of Pepperoni and Sausage                                                                     8
Mc Donald’s  3 piece Mc Nugget                                                                                                                    0
Taco Bell One Hard Shell Taco without condiment                                                                                      2
KFC Original Chicken Breast White Meat                                                                                                      3
I have bought off their menus almost every food item they sell and tested them.
I spent a lot of money doing this and gained 3 pounds consuming it all, so I hope you appreciate what I did for your information.

Measurements of condiments
Heinz Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, BBQ sauce, Salt, Butter, Miracle Whip Mayonnaise,                              Salad dressing Kens Asiago and Garlic and Salad dressing Ginger                                           all are a 0                    Interesting Story;
Myself on 6/25.21, I had a big dinner of dark turkey, jellied cranberry sauce, a large amount of stuffing, gravy, and a choc dessert. I had the same plate at lunch the next day, got tired, and slept all day. The third day at lunch had the same dish again, knowing that was the end of my turkey dinner binge. Not long after finishing, I became drained, unlike anything I had experienced before. I thought maybe my blood sugar was super high. I was right, it was at 500. I was going into a sugar coma. So, I placed my hand on the CHI Life Meter, and OH MY GOD! I was down to a 32. WOW! That scared the heck out of me. I have never seen it go lower than Marks reading at a consistent 40. I got on my Energizer for three hours while sleeping for short bursts. I then retested my CHI, and it went up to a 40. I was happy to see it could even go up. I went to sleep for the whole day and night knowing not to eat any food, and, in the morning, I was up to a 48. I checked my sugar, and it was down to 95. I felt normal since, and I ate only the foods I have listed that have high CHI. I used my Tesla Body Energizer or two hours, and by the next afternoon, I was up back up to a 60. This event was interesting because it accurately measured my body’s energy level. This is like a warning system that the meter can let me know if something happens to me. So, the reading correlated with very high blood sugar, extreme fatigued, and brain fog. Could this also be used for detecting high blood sugar, cancer, and other severe ailments in the future? I am scared to eat anything with no CHI or sugar.
Send me an item you want measured or email me what I can buy and measure for you

Eat A Hundred Percent Energy.
Everything is energy, so when Earth produces plants, fruits, and vegetables, they become %100 energy. When a creature like cows, pigs, and chickens eat that energy, they use it all up except %10. When we eat them, they give us only %10 of their energy. This is a good example of why we need to eat %100 live food, not food that barely fills up our cellular batterie. I am using this old analog meter, but now they have updated digital ones for around $400.

The CHI Life Diet
Now since we know how much chi energy is in many foods, let’s make a program of calculating the chi we eat.

1.Common Breakfast                                 2. Common Lunch
2 Eggs                             0                     2 slices of white bread 20
Sausage two patty’s       2                    Iceberg lettuce                0
3 pieces of Bacon           4                     Bologna slices               0
White Toast with jelly     0                     Slice of onion                 0
8 oz 2% whole Milk         8                     Handful potato chips     0                 
----------------------------------------              -----------------------------------------------------------
The whole breakfast      14                    The whole Lunch         20


3. Snacks                                                  4. The Common Dinner
Chocolate chip cookie   2                     Macaroni and Cheese    2
Fritos                               0                      Microwaved potato        0
Energy bars                    0                      Hamburger Patty           0
Ice Cream                       0                       Ice cream                       0
---------------------------------------                  ---------------------------------------------------------
All these snacks are       2                       This whole dinner          2
                              Grand Total is a 38


            Now let’s Prepare Healthy Strong CHI Meals

1. CHI Breakfast                                            2. CHI Lunch                                                                       
wo small Avocados      4                         Romaine Salad           10
Two slices of Ezekiel    20                        Broccoli 4 crowns       8                                                               Slice of Cantaloupe a    4                        One slice of tomato      2 
One stalk of celery with                            Apple                            2
Peanut butter an             8                         Whole orange is a       2
One Banana                    2                         One uncooked carrot  2
-----------------------------------------                --------------------------------------------------------                          Breakfast      Total is a 38                       CHI Lunch     Total is a 26


3. CHI Snacks                                                   4. CHI Dinner
One Celery stalk with                                  Baked 4 oz salmon filet  4
almond butter is an        8                           Cooked Yam is an           8
Half a cucumber a          4                           Half a Zucchini friend      2
Handful of Cashews       0                           Portobello uncooked a    2
-------------------------------------------                 ------------------------------------------------------
Snack Total is a           12                              CHI Dinner Total is        16


Grand Total of this example of CHI LIFE ENERGY is 108 So, wouldn’t you rather eat 108 units of Chi energy than a 38. If you, did you feel great that day instead of sluggish.



Aspartame & NutraSweet, They Are Poisonous
  Interesting story of a man I met many years ago. I went to a scuba shop one day to look around. I started talking to the owner, and somehow, we got on the subject of drinking Diet Mountain Dew. He told me he drank it every day for years until he started to have memory loss. He said every morning, he had to look at his driver’s license to know his name. He said a doctor told him to stop drinking Diet Mountain Dew. I forgot how long he said it took to regain his memory, but that story scared me. The most toxic ingredient in Diet Mountain Dew is aspartame and Nutra Sweet. These artificial sweeteners have been linked to multiple serious health challenges. Health problems such as Lupus, fibromyalgia, Parkinson, spasms, shooting pains, numbness, cramps, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss. Research shows that when some people stop poisoning themselves, their symptoms disappear. If you need to add sugar, use natural sugar like Xylitol, Truvia, Stevia, or honey. This man was very lucky that his doctor told him to stop. I bet that does not happen often.


Schumann Frequency, Are We In Danger?
  Does the electricity we are creating in the atmosphere and into the ground have anything to do with the changing Earth's frequency? The Earth's pulse, the Schumann frequency, has been 7.83 Hz for thousands of years. So why now, in these last four years, it has been rising as high as 128Hz. Never in our Earth's history has there been this much-added electricity. There is WIFI, electrical system from car engines, wires, laptops, cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, every appliance, fridge, stoves, dishwashers, TV’s, microwaves, radios, can openers, washing machines, dryers, house lights, burglar alarms, printers, air conditioners, restaurant equipment, department stores, convenient stores, grocery stores, gas stations, oil rigs, and fracking equipment. 

   Industrial equipment, boat engines, motorcycle engines, buses, and bus stations. Electrical high wires, transformers on electrical poles, electrical city generator grid systems, banks, department stores, and city water plants. Hospitals, clinics, city gas plants, equipment for road repair, equipment for building roads and bridges, airports, and electrical systems of planes. Railroad stations and trains, electrical systems, and nuclear power stations, to name a few but you get the idea.  

    Is all this extra electricity changing the Earth’s atmosphere, the weather, and our health? Where there is a magnetic field, there is always an electric field. Could all this electricity be changing our north and south poles on Earth? The Schumann frequency has been rising, so could this be thinning the wall between our next dimensions? I say this because more people are catching ghosts, angels, demons, portals, and spirit animals on their cell phones and security cameras more than any time in our lives. 

   Maybe someday, people will start going to the doctors with unexplainable symptoms and get diagnosed with Schumann Frequency Disorder? Eventually, perhaps, doctors will test for a person’s frequency and see how high or low it is? Many people have also been feeling like time is speeding up in our current political, economic, and personal environments. Maybe this rising of the 7.83HZ is the reason? Therefore, I believe this little Schumann 7.83Hz generator that emits a healthy and normal frequency at 7.83 HZ is essential because our bodies are meant to live with this frequency. The Earth's frequency now fluctuates from 7.83Hz to as high as 129 Hz. The Schumann frequency could affect high blood pressure, mental and physical energy, emotional health, and more.

     I am starting an “International Schumann Frequency Day” on January 15th of each year. We need everyone worldwide to pray the Schumann frequency prayer for Mother Earth to correct and balance her spin to 7.83 Hz, her natural frequency. This might help slow down the changing of the Earth’s magnetic field from moving so quickly because if the poles flip violently, we are all in trouble. I believe these unusual fluctuations of the frequencies are causing more volcanos to erupt, climate change, Earthquakes, and stronger hurricanes. Hopefully, we can change this with the collective concentration of millions of people. An example: Here in Melbourne, Fl, a hurricane came up the east coast of Florida from the south. We lightworkers and spiritual people who believe in the power of prayer got together and prayed to push it out at sea, and miraculously that is precisely what happened. It moved out to sea before coming to our Brevard County. It passed us with no high winds, and as soon as it passed Cape Canaveral, where the rockets are, it came back inland. Another example of the power of prayer.

 “Prayer for the Schumann Frequency: Dear Mother Earth, we need you to slow your spin and correct it to 7.83 Hz. Balance it to where you feel normal, healthy, and happy”. 

  I need everyone to concentrate and say this prayer in silence or out loud. Do this during meditation, at work, or wherever you will be on January 15th every year. Then you can say this prayer as often as possible. You can download a simple app called a magnetic detector from google play store. This way, you can check the Earth's magnetic field anywhere you go. What I have written about this concern is my own thinking. You can join this Schumann frequency group Schumann Frequency to learn more about this subject, and there is a website with a 24/7 graph. You can go to youtube and search for how to read a Schumann chart. You can order this wearable Schumann frequency generator from me. It called the Tesla Schumann 7.83Hz magnetic Crystal Pendant. Price is


Gravitational Therapy
  While watching a video on advanced propulsion, I thought, could this apply to the physical body? The footage showed the universe with swirling planets, stars, and suns. I believe our energy body looks like this. It is believed our bodies have a universe in each cell, and this concept is not new. You have the atomic weight of elements categorized by how many protons they have on the elemental scale. These elements are stable up to 114. Gravitational propulsion uses the elements 115 and 116. A proton accelerator bumps up these elements. These are unstable since they release their energies quickly. This creates anti-matter which is the opposite of matter. Anti-matter is a tremendous source of energy. Since the physical body is very much the same as the universe with swirling neutrons and protons, then why can’t anti-matter apply to our bodies for fuel. Maybe the more protons we intake, the more energy our body creates. So, does it make sense that when we age, we are losing our protons, and we start to lose our gravitational field? We have a harder time moving our bodies. Then what if we add more protons? Would our bodies firm up and resist gravity easily like when we were young?
  Well, this might be a question to study. Could we ever use a small-scale proton accelerator ourselves for anti-aging? Could we add these protons to our drinking water?
  This concept might sound crazy, but when some people finish a session with the Tesla Body Energizer, they feel like they float. I do not get this feeling unless I am on it for two hours, and yesterday a customer told me it takes an hour for him. Why and how can this occur? I cannot answer this question. This is a curious thing for me to try to discover. So, does the Tesla Body Energizer add protons? Why do people feel so much lighter when we get off the machine. How long it lasts is different for the individual. We cannot measure how many protons are in our body, unfortunately. Is this machine giving us “Gravitational Therapy”? Scientists have taken a ping pong ball and levitated it using sound. The frequency and amplitude reverses gravity.

Is my machine using sound to do this?

Hot/Cold Water Shower Therapy 

 Try this for swelling, low energy, a bruise, arthritis, high blood pressure, pain, or whatever you are suffering from. You will be using a lot of water, so DO NOT THINK ABOUT YOUR WATER BILL. Your health is more important than the water bill. Turn on the radio and listen to your favorite music. Know you will be in your shower for as much as 10 to 20 minutes. Place a plastic chair in the tub, or you can stand. Turn on the cold water for one minute, then hot for one minute, then alternate back and forth, back and forth. Soon you do not feel the temperature change at all. 

   Many years ago, I saw a show of an old wellness center claiming they could bring people back from the brink of death by using this method. So, I had experimented with this method. I asked customers and friends to try it. One day my husband forgot to take his blood pressure medicine. He came to me saying he felt his heart palpating. I put him in the shower right away to try this shower therapy for ten minutes. I took his BP reading before, it was 160/100, but when he got out of the shower, it dropped to 130/80. 

   Always take your medication and get a blood pressure cuff to keep track when you wake up, in the afternoon, and before going to bed. Sometimes people can have a headache and not know it is because their blood pressure is high.

   With this shower therapy, I have seen a fresh bruise go away that very day. The cold water pushes the oxygen and blood into the organs, and the hot water pulls the oxygen and blood out. This push and pull can unstick sticky red blood cells and move them again. The Tesla Body Energizer and the High-Frequency Violet Ray have the same effect on the blood. 


Laughter Therapy Is Real

   One day a girlfriend called me to say how she has had some lung congestion for a few days. Then she started watching a comedy show where the one liners made her laugh so hard, she started to spit up the phlegm. She soon felt better, and I thanked her for telling me. I told her how in a book called… A man did an experiment with my Bio-Energy Meter and found when he laughed his voltage reading went higher. Experiment before and after laughing because it really does charge up the body. There is a book called Bending Spoons with Your Mind, Using Mind Power To Attain The Ultimate In Personal Growth!  by Rev. E.M Camarena. PhD. On page 84 he talks about my Bio Energy Meter. He talks about how he watched the meter raise from laughing. It is a very interesting book that I suggest reading.

Music Therapy is also a form of holistic therapy

   A famous harpist and healer claim he has used his harp music to heal people of all kinds of health problems for many years. He states that the notes of the strings correspond to the body’s chakras or seven wheels of light. 

    Scientists have studied music being directed into water and found that the patterns are remarkably similar to the patterns of the human DNA. They speculated that the music might be able to strengthen a player's, and a listener’s DNA codes.

   A lady who had arthritis, when she took up playing the harp found the frequencies of the notes cured her arthritis. The harp has been used for centuries to soothe and calm. This beautiful instrument is 5,000 years old. In a bible story, David calmed King Saul by playing his harp. If a person is angry, have that person play the harp to release the energy. These beautiful vibrations of the sound of a harp could also be used to help people with Dementia.

These are some of the frequencies from the harp. 96 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz and 852 Hz. Notice it has the 528Hz Love, DNA frequency.


One researcher, Bruce Tainio, found that a healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz, and when your frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when the disease starts. Bacteria, viruses, and disease each have their low frequency that influences your energy field. So, I say again, use the machines and healthy foods to keep or charge up your electric power.






My Workspace and How I protect Myself From Harmful EMF Fields
   Every morning between 4 and 5 am, my three small dogs wake me up by kissing me. After getting their lovely kisses, I get ready for the day. When it is time to work on my book or website, I sit down by my window. I place a pillow under my laptop and take the Faraday material, and put it on top of the pillow. Then the laptop goes on top of the Faraday material. The Faraday EMF shielding protecting material is wide enough to cover my chest and hips. Then I place the rubber grounding pad mat on the

floor in front of me. I plug it into the ground of my power strip. This way, I can place my bare feet on top of that. Then I put on my Tommy Copper gloves. I sit on my Tesla Herbal Magnetic Cushion I made for myself and others. Now I am completely protected from harmful EMF fields, and I prove this by Mark muscle testing me. This shows my physical strength is stronger, but when muscle testing me without all this, just sitting in my chair, my arm is weak. This shows that I am protected from harmful fields and have more energy and blood circulation. 

alliagtor before 65.jpg
alligator after 55.jpg
alcohol mary before 55.jpg
richard_before_smoking 85.jpg
pot before55.jpg
alcohol mary after 55.jpg
pot after 65.jpg
pretzels prayed over 65.jpg
banana 75.jpg
chi meter romaine 66.jpg
gounding EMF pad.jpg

Bruno Gröning is a German faith healer

   He is from the 1940s who has a worldwide following called The Circle Of Friends. He said that human beings were like batteries that used energy. To maintain health, people needed to renew themselves daily by tuning into the healing wave. He says anyone can maintain health and heal from illness by absorbing a Divine Lifeforce. 

   Interesting story; One day I noticed my left thumb started to spasm and tremor. I had no idea why this was happening. I thought that I would just use my machines and it will be fine. So, I did this for two weeks, and it did not stop. I could not believe this; they have always helped me with everything until now. Then one day a friend of mine said I should go to the Circle of Bruno in town. He said you would find it interesting. I had no idea what to expect, I went the next night, but I was not thinking about my thumb. In this meeting, there were about 20 people seated. An older woman came up on the stage and explained who and what to expect from Bruno himself even though he had been deceased for many years, and she said he was still helping people from the other side. 

    Then she had everyone pray to Bruno to help in our healing and pray for others. She asked each person to go around the room and say the name of someone who needed healing. I asked for Mark, who needed healing. I enjoyed meeting all these loving people and the meeting itself. I never thought about my thumb until I walked outside the building, and while walking to my car, I noticed my tremor was gone. It has never come back. I believe God did this to my finger to show me it does not always have to be a machine to heal people or myself. I am grateful to God for this experience.

David Boyce Therapy

   The goal is to allow the subconscious to operate at top performance in achieving what it is you desire. David Boyce understands what the challenge is. The subconscious is in control of the body and is in control of 98% of your life. When a person decides to accomplish a goal or project, the subconscious puts it through two stages. Good or Bad and Yes or No is decided by the seven-year-old inside of you.
  The reason for that is by the time a person reaches their 7th year of age, they have downloaded the bulk of their beliefs, programs, and image of themselves. And that was by everything they have seen, heard, been told, and experienced. The seven-year-old has already decided how much success, money, good, and the kind of relationships you'll have. So basically, the seven-year-old is in control of the majority of your life. Take a moment and think of all the things you do each day void of conscious thought. It is literally a little kid with superpowers. The objective is to get the little kid to use its superpowers for the life you want.

  David is able to identify what the belief is, help you remove it, and help you download beliefs that will get you to the life you want. It's an issue of getting the subconscious to understand why letting go of the limiting beliefs is in its best interest.

   You may not get what you ask for, but you will always, always get what you want. And if you’re not clear what your seven-year-old wants. That's simple just look at what you have....and don't have. " Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate. "

Carl Jung. If you would like a session, email him at

Scream Therapy
  One night I was in my bedroom when I saw a large Palmetto Roach bug on my wall. I screamed and jumped on my bed. Lorraine ran to me to see what was happening. I pointed it out to her; she jumps on my bed screaming. Kris then came in my room because she heard us screaming, sees the bug, and then she jumped on my bed screaming too. Now we three girls are on my bed screaming like schoolgirls until the men come running in to see what was happening.

   The three men laughed at us because it is just a bug, and it was no big deal to them. It is the difference between men and women. So, Mark gets rid of it, and everything calms down. Later that night, Kris came to me and said her arm had stopped hurting after the roach incidence. We were shocked because, for a week, her arm hurt constantly. I said to her, do you mean the screaming released your pain? She said she did not know, but the pain was gone. It returned the next day but being a healer, this was very interesting to me. I thought that the energy release of her screaming had to have released her pain.

   I googled the words “Scream Therapy” and websites came up using screaming to release emotional trauma, fear, anxiety, ect, but nothing was said that it could release physical pain. When anyone gets a Boo Boo, their first reaction is to yell “OUCH!”. I read that screaming creates a chemical reaction releasing dopamine, this makes sense plus screaming moves energy.


Bio-Feedback Machines, Wellness Centers, and Naturopaths

   I want you to google wellness centers, holistic clinics, holistic practitioners, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and chiropractors in your area. Look for the ones that can scan your body with biofeedback and that have healing machines, not just who do homeopathic and sell supplements. A Bio-Feedback machine or software detects internal bodily functions allowing involuntary physical processes to be translated. The information, or “feedback,” that the “cue” provides is used to monitor these functions and facilitate treatment for various disorders while moving the patient toward a more balanced internal state.

   The Vega Tester
uses homeopathic preparations inserted into the measuring circuit for diagnosis rather than electrical conductivity measurements at various acupoints. In VEGA testing, the patient holds an electrode (brass tube) in the right hand while the practitioner presses a pointed probe against an acupoint. The body's reaction to the homeopathic preparations, vitamins, allergens, etc is then measured by inserting the agents into the electrical circuit one at a time.

   The Dermatron,
tests the patient by also holding an electrode in hand, then the practitioner makes the primary diagnosis by pressing a pointed probe against many different acupoints representing internal organs and their specific parts.

   Electroacupuncture devices like the Dermatron, VEGA tester and MORA machines are widely used in Europe and Japan. Researchers in Russia and Eastern Europe are far advanced in the development of diagnostic and treatment devices based on electroacupuncture and biofeedback.

  Interesting story about my friend.

Many years ago, I took a friend to get a Dermatron and Vega scan because he has type one diabetes. The scans showed he has the energetic marker of Rabies., RABIES WHAT? She said he is showing only the frequency of Rabies, not the actual parasite. She asked him if he had been around any animal with Rabies. He said NO, but I took my dog to the veterinarian for a rabies shot a few days ago, and he kept licking me. She said that explained it. Wow, very interesting, wouldn’t you say. By the dog licking him, he got the frequency of Rabies.

   The QXCI/SCIO Biofeedback Device

 This is an extraordinary tool to analyze and balance excesses and deficiencies within the body. The device can analyze an extensive range of nutrients, allergens, hormones, pathogens, and risks. It is able to then use these acquired energetic values to apply various non-invasive energetic therapies, including hormone balance, NLP, brain wave pattern balance, immune stimulation, allergy desensitization, and countless other therapies.

   The device first takes an individual’s electrical parameters (resistance, amperage, and voltage) creating a trivector field from which it is able to measure adrenal function, brain function, immune function, hydration, pH, and the speed at which the body reacts to pathogens. The main test matrix shows responses to over 10,000 items, including nutrients, allergens, hormones, bacteria, viruses, risks, toxins, and heavy metals. The biofeedback device is able to identify items through “fractals”, or mathematical images, as each item (i.e. nutrient, allergen) has its own mathematical image or structure. Additional scans for nutrition, adrenal function, male/female hormones, toxins, bacteria, and allergens give greater clarity to areas of stress.

    QXCI Biofeedback has shown great benefit to many individuals struggling with health issues. Some of the conditions that have responded well to QXCI sessions include chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, sleep disturbance, chronic pain, hormonal imbalance, post-cancer care, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and bipolar disorder. Biofeedback is for stress reduction only. The device is NOT for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. See your primary care physician for medical advice. No claims are made of the device or therapies.

   Interesting story of my account with this QXCI machine.

My girlfriend has this QXCI. I went over to visit her and to try this Bio-feedback device. I left, being very impressed. She explained to me that this device was about $20,000, and practitioners use it. So, she started the machine and typed in my name and birth date only. There is a harness that she can attach to the forehead and wrist of her client, but she did not attach anything to me. I asked if she was, and she said, NO, it can scan you with just your name. 

I said, OK, I understand. 

   When the scan was finished, she showed me the readout. I did not have any health problems, so I did not come up with much, which made sense. Then she said, this is weird. She said she had never seen this before. I said What? She said that the readout said that you have neon gas in your body. I said, WOW! That is amazing because it shows that the Tesla Body Energizer bulb with neon gas enters my cells. She said that the readout does not show that the neon is harmful.

 Sound Voice Bio-feedback Scan Machine

   This lady had very expensive software for her clients. She ran a scan on me by me talking a few sentences into a microphone. The scan showed that I had neck pain which I did at that time. This voice scan picks up all kinds of health problems.    

   Interesting story; She told me of a woman who brought her husband to see if she could help him with his anger problem. So, she ran his voice scan and told this couple that she had never seen anyone with a scan like this before. She said it showed his liver was at a level of 100 percent meaning his anger is being stored in his liver. All psychics say that the liver creates, holds anger and guilt. All psychics say that the color that comes from the liver is red, which makes sense that anger is red. She told them that he must be careful and that he could get himself in trouble with his anger. A week later, he murdered someone. WOW! And this was picked up from scanning his voice.

   I literally saw red when I got angered. When I was around 20 years old, Mark and I were in a night club dancing. He went to shoot a game of pool with this large woman who was a lesbian. We did not know her. I watched them play for a while. I had a drink in my hand when she got mad and pushed Mark onto the floor. I instantly saw red in my vision, dropped the glass on the floor, grabbed her, and threw her to the ground yelling, "Don't you ever touch my husband again". She got up, and we wrestled, but I got the better of her. The point of my story is I literally saw the red anger color. Thankfully I have never gotten that mad since. 

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