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Some Of Our Psychic Experiences

Some Readings I Have Had With Margo
  When I was 38 years old, back in 1995, I went with a girlfriend to get a psychic reading for the first time. This beautiful woman named Margo blew my mind. She said, "AAAWWWEEEE!! God gave you the gift of blue-green algae". I said, "oh my gosh, yes". I told her that a few months ago a girlfriend named Mary made me pray to God and ask for help with my health. I asked Margo, why I would ask God to heal me, help others and make a career out of it? I told her I had never had those thoughts before. I had never even taken vitamins in my life, and I knew nothing of nutrition or healing others. It made no sense for me to ask God for that, but this incredible nutritional supplement came to me three months after my prayer called Super-blue green algae that changed my health and life forever.
  She said an angel, or a spirit guide whispered in my ear, telling me to add heal others and make a career out of it. I told her I am now healed from many ailments, I do heal others, and I did make a career out of it. At that time in my life, I had been working for years in our handyman business. I never had any experience with an electric healing machine or had ever taken a vitamin. So, God actually answered my prayer, wow.
  She also said she sees staples, why am I seeing staples? I said because I have staples in my stomach from my hysterectomy. She also said I would be back with my husband at the end of our lives. Mark and I had just gotten divorced. Now, here it is 2022 and I am 66 years old, he is 68 and we just got remarrie
d and we know we are at the end of our lives. She predicted this 28 years ago.

   Another amazing reading. Twenty years ago, Margo had said that I would be helping people during a pandemic many years from now, this frightened me. However, this is what I am doing now. A year before we ever heard of Covid19 she told me that something big was coming in a year globally and that it would be catastrophic, and it will kill millions of people. I panicked and said “What is it, an asteroid, an earthquake, flood, climate change, the financial depression? She answered that she did not know at that point. So, three months later, I asked her if she knew yet, and she said no. In the next three months, I asked again. She said in six months a pandemic is coming in early spring. This is still before we ever heard of it. She said I was not going to get this or anyone in my house, I was relieved. I have 6 older adults in my house, all with lung problems from years of cigarette smoking, but I still worry even with house quarantine.
  I have never smoked, so my lungs are fine. She has said from the very beginning this was man-made by five wealthy people who want depopulation, and someday we will all know who they are, and people will be shocked when we find out who they are. Personally, I consider them the antichrist.

   August 2, 2022, last night Tim was taken by ambulance to the hospital because he could not breathe, he has severe C.O.P.D and asthma. The amazing thing is, a month ago during a reading from Margo, she told me in August, Tim would be in the hospital. I had forgotten about this until Mark reminded me what she had said. Mark said a week ago, he had told William what Margo had said about Tim. See her accuracy, it is August, and he is in the hospital.  

I have had countless readings from Margo about my health when doctors could not help, she did. I have had countless other readings that had helped me in many ways. I suggest you contact her for your health, relationship, family, and financial matters for the spiritual insight you cannot get elsewhere.

                 You can contact her only through her email


April 17, 2023, FIRE? At 6am, I am in the kitchen doing dishes when to the left in my living room I saw a black mass find of shaped like a person walk from the porch heading in the room. I quickly looked and no one was there. Three hours later a cop came to my door saying someone from their cell phone called 911. I ran to everyone in the house when William came to the door and asked what was going on. The cop said a call from this phone called us. It was from William’s phone but he di not call 911. William showed the cop proving it was his phone number, but his phone showed it did not call them. WEIRD. Later Margo called to chat and she said it is amazing im not a very sick person since everyone in the house is sick with something. I said, YEAH>, my house called the cops this morning. I explained what happened and she said that is a warning that something very soon is coming.
   She said she sees a fire in the kitchen but there are two scenarios. She sees sparks, she sees Mark working over the stove working with something electrical. I said OH MY GOD< Mark just jury rigging a light over the stove. A little while later Mark took it own. Then she said that she also sees Mark, drunk in the kitchen cooking on the stove and there is a towel or something that is fabric catches on fire. The dogs are barking, it is at night, Mark cant hear the fire alarm. He tries to put it out and his tee shirt catches on fire. So, we put taped the stove so no one can use it for a few days until this passes. We have the oven and microwave to cook with. I placed all ten fire extinguishers near the kitchen and everyone in the house is on alert.
  So, Mark immediately took down the light he rigged up over the stove.


   A week later Margo said that event was over now, WHEWWWWWWWWWWW


April 28, 2023, I had an hour reading with Margo and her guides told her to tell me it was extremely important to start swimming. Her guides said it was very important to move my arms and exercise or I will have a bad health event. I said I can’t swim in a public pool, beach, or a pond; I do not know how I will be able to do this. She said I will figure it out.
About two weeks later I started thinking I should get a small above ground pool, but I knew I did not have extra money for that, but I continued to occasionally think about it.
  A few days later Mark told me we could get Lorraine’s 18ft 4ft high above ground pool for free because she is moving. I said, WOW, weird I had been thinking about buying for the last few days and now here it is free. Cool. A couple days later Mark and two other men are at Lorraine’s house with a U-haul truck to bring the pool to our house. When mark had emptied, and it the three men got on the corners to pick it because Mark said it weighs about 150 pounds and he needed help to get it in the truck. As they started to pick up the corners a gust of wind swooped under the pool and lifted it up in the air. The pool went above their heads, and it acted like a kite. They literally with their arms above their heads, they guided it to the truck. As they got there the wind stopped so it was easy to put it in the truck.
  There were no clouds in the sky or a storm. So where did the wind come from? Why did it only last just long enough so the guys could get it to the truck? I just can’t imagine seeing the large blob of vinyl flying in the air like a kite, how crazy was
They told me they thought it was paranormal. So, I called Margo,
and she said it was not spirit but aliens helping them. I'm like
WHAT, ALIENS? Why would they care if I exercise or not?
She said it is important for you and them to stay healthy.
WOW did this freak me out. I know they have a base above
our neighborhood because people in our town are seeing them
so much. So much so, I have writteb a book on this towns
sighting and encounters for aliens and UFO's. There are many
photos in the book but this link you can go see the photos.

this pool to show me how important it is for me to swim.
  This put fear in me because it showed me I better swim or else,
 Look how heavy this is, it is about 150 pounds         

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