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Our True Alien Encounters

alien aura ohoto 102.jpg
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Caroline Connors Aura Photo of a Real Female Alien.
  In 2005 I had been selling Instamatic aura cameras for some years. This camera would take polaroid photos that are shot by the camera in 10 seconds and developed in a few more seconds. It took auras of people, pets, and any object. It was accurately proven

by repeatable photos. I sold one to my girlfriend Caroline Connors who is a Radionic Expert, a self-made scientist. She lives about ten miles from this haunted house, in Palm Bay Fl.

   This is a real face of an alien, humanoid, a person in another dimension or spirit. I do not know who or what is it, but it wanted its photo taken.

   One morning my friend Caroline Connors is a Radionic expert and a self-made scientist. She heard in her head to go get her aura camera and bring it into the porch. So, she got her polaroid Instamatic aura camera and put up her black background behind the wicker chair for preparation for the photo. She was told to aim it at her empty chair and take the photo. She did not know what was going to appear, but she was very shocked.

   You can see it is an aura of a female alien. I believe it is a female because like human females we pose by slightly turning our faces to pose to the camera. Notice how her head is turned in the same way. She is either wearing a headband or she has tattooed hieroglyphics around her bald head. Her eyes are amazing. You can easily see the pupil and structure. You can see her eye on the other side of her little nose. Her nose is small, but you can see the nostrils. Between her eyes is a hole, is it needed to breathe? Or it is adornment like a crystal stone. Is it her third eye chakra? We do not know but she used telepathy to talk to Caroline because she wanted her aura photo taken.
  I do not see the mouth because it is covered up by the aura or it is just not there. The neck is interesting because it is almost like ours but different. See how the jawline is in an upward curve and you can see the neck muscle. Why does just the head seem to float? Where is the body? When she took the photo at the chair it was taken a little upward showing she is tall. The meanings of color do not apply here, they are beautiful as well as she is also.

  Some years later I watched a show on area 51. They showed a captured alien. This was exciting because I noticed this alien had a similar jaw to her. Here are the photos, can you see what I mean. I believe because of the jaw that this alien captured is real.

alien51face (1).jpg

Some years later I watched a show on area 51. They showed a captured alien. This was exciting because I noticed this alien had a similar jaw to her. Here are the photos, can you see what I mean. I believe because of the jaw that this alien captured is real.


Caroline Conners Aura of A Spaceship.This is a UFO white saucer space ship. This was taken one nightoutside her house in Palm Bay Florida a few miles south of where I live now. She had aimed the aura camera into the nights sky. Notice underneath the ship how there is a light blueish energy emitting downward. Below that is another spaceship that is cloaked with a white circle in the middle of it. Caroline is the lady who took the aura of the alien above. 

alien 2 kingon ship.jpg

I took this photo off of a TV show because the ship looks almost exactly like the one accidently caught on a cellphone pic in Georgia. The man who showed these pics said that this ship flew over his house and you can see two pilots inside the middle. It flew over his house two nights in a row. The second night there was one alien pilot. 

alien 2 kingons in ship 17BOOK.jpg
alien 2 kingons in ship (1).jpg

Creepy and ugly looking alien pilots

fred UFO and tanker.jpg
UFO jekyll iland.jpg

My friend took this photo of a freighter at a beach in Georgia. When he sent me the pic I saw the space ship in the upper right hand corner. Notice there are no clouds in the sky only this white ship that looks so similar to the space ship above. He did not see it until I pointed it out to him. So, is it the same alien species?

galactic federation Sutko.jpg
galactic federation front BOOK 23medallon.jpg
galactic federation back medallon.jpg

 In 1997, I Met Sutko, a Member Of The Ashtar Galactic Federation. 

I had a customer who got a great result from using the Tesla Body Energizer. He wanted to give me a gift. He gave me a brass medallion which he said has the power of a pyramid. I do not where he got it, I never saw it anywhere. I loved it; it was a very nice gift. The front of the medallion you can see has a pyramid in the middle. Surrounding it is water, moon, sun, star, man and woman. The back is a spiral, this is the side I placed on my forehead.                                       

   That night I fell asleep with it placed on my forehead (Third Eye). I have no idea why I did that I had never done this before. In the middle of the night, I open my eyes, but I think it was my third eye, not my physical eyes that opened because I saw into another dimension. As I lay in bed immediately to my right, I saw this man but only the top half of him. He did not look like an ordinary man. He had a glow around him, I could only see the top of him, and he smiled at me. He was a pleasant-looking man dressed weirdly. His smile took my fear away. I was about to ask him his name when the fear came right back. I saw what looked like about 20 feet behind him a grey alien peeking around a wall and staring at me. It scared me into sitting straight up in the bed with my brass medallion falling off my forehead.
I knew the power of the pyramid medallion had stimulated my third eye to have this
amazing experience. I woke up my husband to tell him what had happened.  

   About 2 weeks later my girlfriend Claudia and I went to a metaphysical meeting that this man from out of town was putting on. I asked her what it was about she said she did not know but just wanted to go. As this man was putting portraits of odd-looking people on his display, I stopped him and with some anxiety, I asked him who was this man. I’ve recently seen him. He said That is Sukto, he protects you from the grey aliens. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! my heart started to pound, that’s what he was doing for me, this meant they are real. I have never done this again even though it is now 26 later I should do it. On the other hand, living in this crazy haunted house maybe I should not.

Google “Galactic Federation Ashtar Command” to learn more.
  This drawing was done by a clairvoyant artist named Celaya Winkler. She painted many Cosmic masters between 1969 and the 1980’s. She would see these masters of the Galactic Federation and paint them. This is Sutko, my protector from the grey aliens.
  Prayer,- I Mary Elizabeth Macurda,( My complete full name) by the authority of the Astar Command release all necessary energies to me now for the accomplishment of my mission. This I call forth now, in the name of the cause, glory, effort, and perfection of the father, Mother Mary, right now, so be it. It is done in the name of Jesus. Lord of the Earth.

alien healin tool BEN.jpg

Alien Healing Tool, I believe is a tool that aliens use to heal people. Compare these photos of this tool. I believe you will find them similar to each other. What is it, what does it do and how does it heal? This is a drawing of Benjamin Franklin leaning backward to avoid the strike of ball lightening while holding a bizarre tool in his hand. What is this tool, it is not a key. Why does it look exactly like the tool that this women drew of a tool the aliens used to heal her when she was abducted. I took a pic of her tool while she was showing a slide show about her experience in 2018. However, I cannot remember her name but I'm searching for her. I'm sure she would be very interested in this Ben Franklin drawing.

alien mantis pic.jpg

Mark and Tina saw an alien species outside their apartment watching them
This because we build Tesla Technology, a Nikola Tesla Coil, and The Tesla Body Energizer for healing people. The three of us moved from Melbourne Florida to Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2011 so we could continue our healing business with our friend Curtis.

Mark had gone out of town for two weeks to work for Curtis’s welding company. On the last day before he was going to be home, Tina was sitting in her recliner watching television. She noticed some movement through the back window, which was right behind the Tv set, a few feet from the back window, outside are trees. There was a vibration that caught her attention. Suddenly three creatures were sitting side by side on a floating platform. They and the platform were literally see-through, meaning they were not solid. They had long arms that were positioned straight in front of them with what looked like they were working controls. Their cone-shaped faces were moving up and down, right, and left as if they were looking at the back of the apartment building.
  They looked about three feet tall, but they were sitting so not sure. They looked like they were from the movie Predator. In the movie, those aliens would cloak themselves to make them invisible, but you could still barely see them. She could see the leaves right through them as they passed by the window. They were also looking right at her at times. She said she was scared to death; she froze in her chair. She thought they were going to float in and abduct her. After about 2 minutes she decided to get up and run to the front door. As she did, she looked back, and they had disappeared. She opened her front door, and her next-door neighbor was outside. Her friend said to her, what’s wrong you look like you saw a ghost. She said nothing is wrong, but she was visibly shaken. She did not want her to think she was crazy.

   That night she talked to Mark on the phone but did not tell him anything. She did not want him to worry. Mark came home the next night and he fell asleep on the sofa. He said as he was waking up at dawn, he was facing the same back window. He noticed movement in the bushes right where she saw the aliens. He yelled to her to come to him. He asked her if she had seen anything weird in the back. She said yes, Why? He explained that he had seen three alien’s sitting side by side sitting on a floating platform moving very slowly until it was past the window. She then told him what she had seen. He said they were kind of clear, shimmering, but he could see them like when you see heat waves rising off a hot road. He said he was so scared he could not move he was frozen still. He said they took about 30 seconds to cross to the other side of the window then they disappeared out of sight. He said he had no idea how long or how far they traveled behind the building.

    Tina and Mark talked about what they saw, the same creatures, and how frightened they were. We make these Tesla machines for healing people in their apartment and in Curtis’s warehouse which is about a mile away.

    The next day when Mark was at the warehouse Tina saw another alien. It was around 9 am and sitting in her recliner watching Tv when Suddenly one of them showed up, sitting on its platform moving slowly past the window again. His coned-shaped face was looking up, down left, and right as he moved behind the building. After it was gone, she called Mark who came right over. They both walked behind the building but saw nothing to explain what they have seen.

    These weird-looking aliens have caused them no harm, but we supposed they were curious about what we were building. We believe these high voltages, high-frequency machines cause portals. A few days later Mark saw a grey alien watching him.

   Mark saw a grey alien watching him one morning while he was in Curtis’s warehouse building a Tesla Coil. Mark said that he was in the small room, I was on the office, and he had been tuning the copper wire coil in a different way than usual. He noticed movement and looked up and saw a 4ft grey alien watching him from behind a wall. He was peeking out from the side of the wall and Mark could only see from the top of his head to the bottom of his torso. The rest of him wasn’t there. Mark immediately dropped his tool on the table and ran towards him. He said he disappeared when he got behind the wall where no one was. He said there was where he could have run because it was closed in. We wondered why he was there, and what was the fascination with Mark working on a Tesla Coil. This is technology from the early 1900’s by Nikola Tesla, so it has been out there for a long time. The only reason we thought was interesting to him or whoever sent the grey to investigate was that Mark was tuning the coil differently, possibly opening up a portal.
  These two occurrences happened within a week of each other. So, they must be connected. Maybe the ones on the platform sent the grey alien to see what Mark was doing and report back to them.  
Margo said they are watching us because these machines do create a vortex, a portal.

   One day I was watching a video on aliens when I saw a man talk and describe these same aliens that sat on a platform and controlled their spaceship. This Youtube video is called Alien Agenda Conspiracy documentary 2015” by Simon Parks. If you start the video at 44:39 Simon, starts his talk on the aliens he calls Mantis but I do not think these are the Mantis. I can never be sure it is these exact ones, but the similarity is something to consider. He drew these aliens; I took a snapshot of it off his video. Notice they have cone-shaped faces. He explained that they have very long arms that worked controls while sitting on a floating platform. In the video he goes into detail, very interesting. Someday I plan on contacting him and tell him Mark and Tina's experience and see what he says.
   Baba Vanga known as the Nostradamus of the Baltics gets her predictions from clear shimmering aliens. Sounds just like this species. 

frog ranch 3.jpg

This is captured from the TV show "Mystery Of Frog Ranch" 
August 5, 2018, Mark almost died on this day, but I believe Kris saved his life. Kris was sitting in the porch, watching Mark walk out and into the living room. Suddenly, she saw him standing still while being bent over backward at about a 90-degree angle. She quickly ran to him and put her hand under his head. She could not believe he had not fallen to the floor on his head. She put her other hand under his back and had him stand straight up. She asked him what was happening? He could not talk, but he walked a few feet into the kitchen, to the sink, and turned on the faucet. Kris was by his side while he put his hands under the water, and without any soap, they watched bubbles coming out of his hands and forearms. Kris said what is going on. Why are there bubbles coming out of you? He said that he did not understand what was happening. He got worried about these bubbles, and after a minute of his skin bubbling, it slowly subsided. Kris sat Mark down in his chair, and she came to get me.
  I ran out to him, and he was in a daze for about ten minutes. Then he started to tell us that he was suddenly frozen still. He knew he was bending over backward when he saw warm rays of lights coming from the ceiling. They were lifting his chest upwards. They were colors that he had never seen before. The rays stopped when Kris straightened him up. He remembers his skin bubbling under the running water but had no idea how that had happed or what it meant. He thought he was dying; if Kris were not there, he would have died. Kris told him that it made no sense for him to be bent over like that without falling to the floor. Mark never bends his back backward and couldn't if he tried. None of us could bend over backward like that. She said to him he was lucky his spine did not break. I told him that I had heard a few times on Tv when people talked about being dead, having gone to heaven, and when they came back, they had seen colors in heaven that they had never seen before, just like you said you saw.
  We wondered if he was saved by an entity, an angel, a spirit in this house, or whoever? We believed that Mark's life was saved so he could continue making these important healing machines like the Tesla Body Energizer for humanity and finish this fixer-upper house before he dies.
  I called Margo and told her what had happened. She said it was an angel that saved him because it was not his time to go, and it was giving him a healing. WOW, what an incredible experience he had, and he did feel better for a while after that.
  One year later, I have been watching a Tv series called “Mystery At Frog Ranch” on the travel channel. These people are searching for Aztec treasure in Utah close to Skinwalker ranch. On one of the episodes, they had caught a man on a trail camera, a trespasser with the same type of seizure Mark had. Just like Mark, this man was lifted onto his toes while his stomach and chest were pulled upward. His back was bent over backward at about a 90-degree angle.
  This man's arms were dangling down, shaking, mouth open, and making strange moaning sounds. I called kris to my bedroom to see this man. I asked her if this was what had happened to Mark. She excitedly pointed at the Tv screen, saying, “That’s it, that’s exactly what happened to mark”. I said I thought so. In this episode, the crew saw this trespasser on film, and they went to find him but could not. Maybe just like Mark, this man was in the dying process from a heart attack or something like that. Perhaps this guy was being taken up by a spaceship? Who knows, but it resembled what happened to Mark so much so that it is scary to me.

monty alien face.jpg

This was caught on an old camera on Halloween night in Melbourne Fl, sometime in the 1980's. See the alien face?

monty alien ship.jpg

This is another weird UFO sighting in
Melbourne, Fl
caught by our friend Monty.

              Below are our UFO and alien Experiences
   Here are some videos and photos caught from four different cell phones and from two different locations with six people seeing UFO's over the last two months starting from Jan 30,2023 up to so far April 1, 2023 in Palm Bay, Florida.
   We do not understand what is happening to our area, why aliens have our neighborhood under surveillance but something is going on here. I decided I need to research all these photos. I have not only am trying to explain these on my website but I have place all of them in sequence by date on four poster boards and will take them to my MUFO UFO group that gathers here once a month.

The earliest UFO photos were these two captured starting on Jan 30,23 from Tim's cellphone.
These were taken from the side of my house toward the west.

jan 30 tim web  green upper right SQUARE.jpg
jan 30 web tim square green.jpg

Why is this UFO square shaped?

Jan 30, 2023 web tim green to left top.jpg
jan 30, web left green an moon.jpg


Feb 7,2023 From Tim's phone at filming the west side from my house again.

why is his next photo is the green UFO misshaped and so is the moon?

feb 7, web tims grren ufo and moon streaks.jpg
feb 7, tim green ufo flat bottom web.jpg

Eight days later aiming in the same spot is the green UFO again, around the same time about 10pm but why this time is the green lighter in color an has rough edges around the circle?

ufo_tim_web feb_7_full_green_&_moon_streaksSTREAKSO)NLY__closeeup_(1) (1).jpg

How is the moon having streaks outward, is it from this UFO?

Feb 7, web tim light green ufo.jpg
ufo tim web light green ufo 70.jpg

Here it is the next moment with the UFO now directly over the moon. The next photo a moment later the green UFO was gone and the moon looked back to normal.


March 1, 2023 UFO caught on Tim's cellphone west from my house in Palm Bay again.



march 1 ufo tim we close up.jpg

March 1st, the same night as above just a few hours later that these photos were taken from Williams phone above from my house again. These photos show it is moving fast in basically the same spot.

This was caught about sunset. Is this one or two ships?

william ufo march 1 web.jpg
william ufo web  closeup 1.jpg
william ufo web snake like.jpg
william ufo 2 closeup.jpg
william ufo closeup4.jpg
william ufo web half sjaped.jpg
william ufo closeup3.jpg


March 4, 2023, from Georgie's phone 7 miles south from my house.

This was taken from the backyard of my friend’s house. Georgie saw two round lights in the sky that stayed stationary. He told me one was above the other and they were a brilliant white light and ball-shaped. The one on top disappeared in 20 min and the other one in another 20 minutes. He said they never moved just disappeared. This photo shows them side by side? Or is it one ship instead of two, he could not tell.

    He called his wife Lorraine, to come out and she saw the lights before that had disappeared. Even though Georgie and Lorraine were standing about 20 feet apart while watching the lights, Lorraine saw something different than Georgie. She saw one UFO that was a triangle, with a bright white light on three corners. How could this be, is it because they were only standing 20 ft apart and their perspective was different, very strange.

    The next night Georgie saw it again, in the same spot, and he said it stayed there all night. It was a white ball-shaped craft but there was only one this time. At 6 am the next morning, he came out to go to work and it was still in the sky. This time he saw it was a light blue as if it was trying to blend in with the blue sky. He did not know what happened to it after that. I live 7 miles north of them. I asked Georgie to call me any time of the day or night if he sees it again. I want to see if I can see it from my house. WHY is it hovering over Palm Bay, Fl?

    I had him text me his photo. I cropped it in and notice the reddish color in between the two white lights. Is this one ship? Who knows but this freaks me out.

georgie ufo web march 4.jpg
UFO Geaorgies cropped.jpg


March 11, 2023, UFO over Georgie's Neighborhood again.

ufo georgie  web 3-11-23.jpg
UFO william 1closeup.jpg

Here Georgie saw it again a week later in the same spot.


March 27, 2023, Georgie's UFO over his neighborhood for the third time.

ufo georgie full book march 27.jpg
georgie ufo web.jpg

UFO close up, notice the same streak above this UFO and on the photo from 3/11 above. 

ufo georgie 2 pic full book march 27 (1).jpg

This is another photo of the UFO he took a couple minutes later.

Georgie and Lorraine called this night around 9pm and said for me to look outside, that UFO is here again. So here below I caught the same UFO but I live seven miles north of Georgie's house. So these are my amazing UFO photos also taken on March 27, 2023.

My two UFO videos outside my house on March 27, 2023. This time the UFO is not west but north west above the street light.


ufo mary 3-27-23 website (2).jpg

Here in the middle of the photo near the top you can barely see the UFO.

ufo mary FULL 3-27-23 website86.jpg

Here the UFO is to the right in the middle of the photo.

ufo_mary_1website 85.jpg

Now it is up near the top. A moment later it was gone. This encounter was over in about 2 minutes.

ufp mary close up website 80).jpeg


April 1, 2023, Mark, Kris and me saw a UFO

Close up of dim round light above

ufo mary cloaked website.jpg
ufo mary, web kris, mark in backyard april 1.jpg

It was about 9:30 pm when Kris who lives in the back of the property came out of her room, walking toward the house when she saw a bight star looking light shoot from left to right. This scared her so she screamed to Mark who was sitting in the porch. He came out to see what was going on and when he did he saw the light shot from right to left and stop right where kris had seen it to the right about the tree top. Here is the video of me asking them questions about what they saw. The next morning around 7am I walk to her room, glanced up to see that bright light still there. I walk in her room for about 20 seconds, walk out, looked to see the light and it was completely gone, weird. Maybe it is not a planet or a star?

ufo mary april 1 dint see it.jpg

My first photo shows only the one star. They were taken on about a minute after Kris and marks sighting but now from the front yard aiming in a different direction.

This next moment to the lower right is a light that has appeared just as in the photos above on March 27.

ufo mary web april 1now gone.jpg
ufo mary web april 1 white square 74.jpg

Close up of the square UFO

The next moment it is gone but now look on the upper left which I am sure is a planet or a star, but why does this photo show it looks like a square?


ufo izah 79 (1).jpg

April 10. 2023, Around 1am Izah was standing outside his room in the backyard when he looked up and saw a spaceship move from north to south until It was out of sight. So, I had him draw it. He said the main part of the ship was black with a round blue light in the middle with a ring of white light surrounding the outside of it. He said the blue outside lights did not blink. So, again another Spaceship over our nighborhood.

UFO izahs tv screen  67kb.jpg

This was taken off the TV show called Accidental Truth. This is exactly what Izah drew from memory of it that UFO flying over my house. Ignore the dots, that’s just from taking it off the tv screen. The ship is all black, but I cannot tell what color the middle light is. This freaks me out. Now we know this same ship and the same aliens that have been flying around for 70 years ae still here. What are these aliens doing in Palm Bay, Fl?

This is a map I have of Palm Bay Fl, and I have marked the UFO sightings from my house which is on the upper side of the map and George’s house at the lower end of the map. I drew a straight line from my house to his which is a seven miles in distance. The house where the aura photos of the Aliens are about three miles west of me. To the right of the line is where Kerri keeps seeing UFO's out side her apartment.

ufo map 80.jpg

August 2023,Kerri's UFO sightings in Melbourne, Fl

Are these weird entities looking over the fence into our porch these aliens?

fence aliem ful 77 (1).jpg
fence aliem ful 77 (2).jpg

REMEMBER this, August 8, 2021, This is the scariest thing caught on Marks cell phone that I have ever seen on my property.
  Mark was standing in the porch and through the screen door he saw a weird light. He opens the screen door and snaps a couple of consecutive pics of a light hovering over the privacy fence. It is so weird, in the middle are three colored plasma lights that go straight up, like rods, maybe a foot in height. They remind Mark and I of the plasma filled glass rods we have on top of our Tesla Coil machine. Then to the right of it is another group of rods that are smaller and purplish in color. Then on the far right is WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? It looks like an elephant trunk, kind of, but the end is kind of square looking, and it is grey. WHAT are these three things and why are they looking over the fence toward the porch door where Mark can be seen sitting in his chair. I think they are some kind of aliens, but who knows. There are also purple weird lights floating around them but go to my website so you can zoom in to get a better look. The next pic Mark took showed they were gone, but what the heck are they?

REMEMBER back on Oct, 10, 2022, My True Alien Dream

 One early morning I woke up to a disturbing dream I had with an alien encounter. It starts when Mark, my mom, and myself were inside our old house in Melbourne Fl where we lived in the 90’s. In my dream, we are standing in my house chatting when I get a phone call. A women said to quickly go outside there is an alien craft. We all ran out the front door and while standing in the front yard we looked up and suddenly a spaceship flew not far above our head as I wave, smile, and yell HI to them I immediately regrated doing that because it then landed on my side yard. It was about ten feet in diameter, about 5 feet high and it was black.

   We ran inside the house in fear, and I yelled to my mom to hide in the guest bedroom which she did. I was right behind Mark as we were trying to get to the backyard, but Mark had to open the sliding glass door first. As he did, he ran but a brown alien was chasing him. I knew he went running down the street. This alien was about 5ft tall, not skinny, and he was ugly.

    As I tried to get out, I was caught by an 8ft tall brown skinny, and ugly alien with big black eyes. He was kind of a grey looking alien, but he was tall and tan-colored. So, he stopped me in the living room. I stood still facing him when he pointed his finger at me. This tip of his finger had a white light on the tip of it while he reached out and poked my chest. He said to me by telepathy, You Make Rife Machines, You Stop. I was shocked and yes, I make them, but I am not going to stop. Immediately I turned toward the opened sliding glass door and ran out with him following me. I got to the street when he stopped me by grabbing me. This was daylight but I do not know what time it was. He put his arm around my shoulder and side by side we started walking back toward my front yard to go inside the house through the front door. As we walked calmingly, I put my arm around his shoulder, and he had to scotch down a little to become more of my height. 

    I had thought that I needed to win him over. I needed to muster up so much sweet energy that he would like me. I immediately could feel love and kindness well up inside me to transfer it onto him, as I did this, I asked him to tell me about himself. He shook his head and said, “ Oh My Queen Is So Mean To Me”. I showed him sympathy as we walked back into the house. Mark was standing in the living room next to his short fat tan alien waiting to see what was going to happen. I said to my alien that I make Tesla devices not Rife. He said my machines open portals. I said again I’m not going to stop. He nodded then both aliens disappeared, and I woke up.

    All day I could not get this what felt like a real experience, out of my head, so I called my medium Margo about it. Margo said it was a real experience from the Galactic Federation Community. She said your machines do open portals and that makes them worry. They came back a week later, but I do not know what was said. Just as I was waking up, I saw them again, creepy. So, are these recent sightings of these UFOS. Connected to my alien dreams?, Maybe but I hope not.
  Is it connected to what happened to the events below.

Some of our alien, UFO experiences in our area.

May 10, 2018, Orlando UFO Sighting, I was driving to Orlando when I looked up into the sky and I saw a silver spaceship. I saw only half of it because the other half was hidden in a cloud. In a second it disappeared; I figured the cloaking device they used malfunctioned. It was exciting to see it.


Dec 20, 2019, Mark saw a UFO. Mark saw a Triangle UFO from the backyard heading southeast at about 10 pm. Mark had walked out of the porch, outside to urinate against the fence as he has done countless times over the last seven years. As he was peeing, he looked up to the night sky. It was a clear night when he saw a spaceship. He said it seemed about a half-mile away and about a few hundred feet in the air moving about 100 MPH toward the southeast. He said it had a white mist all around it with a bright white round light at each apex. Suddenly his body froze as if he was paralyzed. He said he could not move his body but only his head. He said he had no fear but knew it was from the UFO. He had his hand on his penis while peeing, but because he was frozen, he could not tuck it back inside his pants. YES! I agree it is funny, but it was not to him. You know how men feel about leaving their weenie out in the cold. LOL!. As it moved out of his sight, the aliens released him. The whole event took place in about 10 minutes. 

    When he told me, I could not stop laughing. I asked him if he thought other people could have seen this spaceship. He said as long as they looked up, I don’t know why not. He told me it headed over the intercoastal river toward the Atlantic Ocean. I asked him, are you sure it did not head toward Cape Canaveral to check out the rocket launches? He said it did not come from that way. I told him I bet they saw you peeing on the fence and thought, “OH, look at that guy, let's freeze him; it would be funny”. It is nice to know whoever was inside that ship that they have a sense of humor.

    A few days later, I called my psychic to ask her about it. She said it was the Galactic Federation. They saw him and decided to scan his body; therefore, he was frozen still. They gave him healing while doing this, but it is up to him to continue to take care of his health. I said WOW, Excellent, I love it. I sent my thoughts to them, thanking them.


Feb 14, 2019, A UFO sighted from the victory gambling boat at Cape Canaveral. Mark, Tina, kris, and I went on the gambling boat for a day trip. We were watching birds as we were waiting for the boat to get three miles out so it would be legal to gamble. Suddenly we saw two large white lights dropping from the sky. One higher than the other. They disappeared before they hit the ocean. We had wondered if anyone else had seen them.


June 30, 2020, at 4:40, early morning, I was in the kitchen making coffee when Tim opened the front door quickly, all excited. He said he just saw a UFO. I dropped what I was doing, and we both rushed out the front door. We walked just passed my carport so we could see the night sky. I told him to tell me exactly what he saw. It was a clear night with very few clouds. There was a crescent moon, super-bright, and Jupiter was out. He was so excited I was worried about him because he had trouble breathing with his COPD while describing what he saw. He had been outside that early to smoke a cigarette.

    He pointed almost above our heads and said a UFO as bright as the moon came out from behind that cloud heading east to west and zipped for a second across the sky, then it flew straight up and disappeared. Then he said he saw a shooting star coming from behind his head, going from north to south in between the moon and Jupiter at the same height. It was very high up in the night sky, and he could not see an actual spaceship, but he said they were UFOs because a star could not do the maneuvering. I asked him, why do you call the second one a shooting star? He said it left a tiny streak. This is very exciting but kind of freaks me out and here now is another UFO experience sighted over my house and neighborhood.

April 5, 2021. Around 11 pm, Mark walked through the porch screen door to pee in the backyard when he noticed movement in the sky. He looked up and saw a white light flying erratically in the night sky. He said this white light was about the size of a dime, looking from down here. He watched for about five minutes, and then it exploded then imploded. When it exploded, the color was yellow and about a quarter-sized. It completely disappeared when it imploded, which means going back into itself. This was another alien ship flying over our neighborhood.

Lorraine sighted a UFO over my neighborhood, about twelve years ago. This was before I knew her, coincidently, when she lived in a house a couple blocks away from my house. One day Lorraine was walking with a male friend on the sidewalk in the afternoon when a spaceship flew over their heads, it did not stop over them. When they got home her friend started crying, he had been so frightened by this. I said Well, I can understand that. I asked her to describe it to me, she said it was silver metallic, and round with lights. She said it was low enough that they could see some details. I said this freaks me out because it happened only a couple blocks away.


April 28, 2023, I had an hour reading with Margo and her guides told her to tell me it was extremely important to start swimming. Her guides said it was very important to move my arms and exercise or I will have a bad health event. I said I can’t swim in a public pool, beach, or a pond; I do not know how I will be able to do this. She said I will figure it out.
About two weeks later I started thinking I should get a small above ground pool, but I knew I did not have extra money for that, but I continued to occasionally think about it.
  A few days later Mark told me we could get Lorraine’s 18ft 4ft high above ground pool for free because she is moving. I said, WOW, weird I had been thinking about buying for the last few days and now here it is free. Cool. A couple days later Mark and two other men are at Lorraine’s house with a U-haul truck to bring the pool to our house. When mark had emptied, and it the three men got on the corners to pick it because Mark said it weighs about 150 pounds and he needed help to get it in the truck. As they started to pick up the corners a gust of wind swooped under the pool and lifted it up in the air. The pool went above their heads, and it acted like a kite. They literally with their arms above their heads, they guided it to the truck. As they got there the wind stopped so it was easy to put it in the truck.
  There were no clouds in the sky or a storm. So where did the wind come from? Why did it only last just long enough so the guys could get it to the truck? I just can’t imagine seeing the large blob of vinyl flying in the air like a kite, how crazy was
They told me they thought it was paranormal. So, I called Margo, and she said it was not spirit but aliens helping them. I'm like WHAT, ALIENS? Why would they care if I exercise or not? She said it is important for you and them to stay healthy. WOW did this freak me out. I know they have a base above our neighborhood because people in our town are seeing them so much. So much so, I have written a book on this towns sightings and encounters for aliens and UFO's. T
his pool shows me how important it is for me to swim.
  This put fear in me because it showed me I better swim or else,
right?  Look how heavy this is, it is about 150 pounds   

Below are zoomed in photo's from the TV show called Beyond Skinwalker Ranch. I zoomed in on this photo and found there is much more to it than the researchers found. The color red is from the red light shining on the bushes and trees.

beyond red full book.jpg

 When I zoomed in the middle, I saw the face of the creature. A humanoid to its right and the square light to its right.

beyond blue.jpeg

This shows the photo of the infrared that has no lights coming up at all, this is not possible.

beyond two med red book.jpg

This is the researchers walking toward the bush shining the red light.

beyond infrared book.jpg

This is an example of the heat showing up on the Flir, notice the white is the heat on this researcher, why not on the pic above?

beyond humanoid book 90kb.jpg

To the left of the creature's face is a humanoid looking face that is tilted to the left behind a branch.

beyond squre 65KB.jpg

What is this square light bottom left, what is this light source from?

beyond red creature face 80kb.jpg

Close up of the creatures face. You can see the two square lights above the eyes that has pupils, a nose and mouth, creepy. Is it wearing a headband with square lights, like this head band below?

beyond head band 47kb.jpeg

Here is a quick clip of m talking about the 3 minute zoom call I did with Travis and Dragon. See the full videos.

Please email me and of you encounters or sightings even it they are not in Fl. I would like to put them in my book.
Or call me at 321-525-2511

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