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" From Hooker To Electricity, The True Fountain of Youth"

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We must keep our electricity up as high as possible for optimal health.

We need to change the way we think of our bodies. It is not just this psychical mass of bones, muscles, organs, and hair but also a body of electrical energy. Everything that is dying, getting older or decaying is losing its electricity, magnetic field, and its voltage. If a person is alive, the body fights to stay alive. 

    Electrical signals control everything we do. Electricity is generated by almost every cell in our body. An eel can generate up to 600 volts, but our cells can only generate from 10 to 100 millivolts. Our veins and arteries are the wires. Our hips, as we walk, act as a generator of electricity. Our chakras accept millions of frequencies from the environment and act as a step up/step down transformer that takes them in and emits them outward, which is our auric field. 

   You have heard that modern-day vampires people drink the blood of young people to give them energy, or as they say, to keep them young. They are getting more electricity from the young person’s blood than drinking the depleted electricity of an older person. There is even research being done on using blood to power electrical devices for nano implantation into the human body.

   This is the same concept of eating sprouts. Sprouts are one of the highest-charged foods that I have tested with my Chi meter. This is because they are picked when they are young and full of enzymes and like force. All the foods I have tested when they are fresh from the store test higher than when they get old and are rotting. This is the same thing that happens to every plant, animal, and person.

   If you sleep next to a sick person, they can make you sick because their body has lost its electricity and is always seeking to replenish it by taking the electrons from healthy young people, healthy food, pets, water, air, or whatever the cells can find. When you lay or even sit next to a sick or an older person, or are within a couple of feet of them, their chakras are taking the frequencies from your own chakras to fill their low cellular voltage, and my meter proves this.

    Let us say a person that gets Leukemia, and later down the road, you hear their mate gets Leukemia. So, you wonder, was it something in the water, something they were eating, or something they were exposed to because they lived together. It could be because the first person coming down with that illness now resonates with a certain specific frequency from their body. So now, every night, you are sleeping next to your loved one that, possibly with all their organs are emitting unhealthy frequencies. Then your aura, your chakras, pick them up and transfers them into your organs. Also, while you are sleeping, their body is taking your electricity, lowering your magnetic field, voltage, sucking it out of your cells, literally. They are unknowingly setting you up for impending sickness or to age quicker. 

   Therefore, I stopped my Hands-On-Healing sessions on people like Reiki

, because my body would pick up their frequencies and place it right into where it resonated into me. For example, when I was working on a person doing Reiki, this woman had pain in her left side. She did not know why she had this pain. During a Reiki Session, I did not touch her body but only held my hands over her side, and within 10 minutes, her pain left her and was transferred into my left side.

   I immediately stopped, sat down, and told myself that this is not my pain, and canceled it. It did stop, and when two weeks went by, she came to see me again, and as soon as she walked through the door, the pain in my left side came back. I sat down and said to myself, this is not pain and cancel it. It did stop; unfortunately, a few months later, she told me the pain was from her pancreas because she had been diagnosed with Diabetes. Not long after that because my pain would occasionally come back. I went to a doctor, got tested, and found out I now had Diabetes. I will never do any kind of Hands-on healing again. Did I get Diabetes from her? I believe so.

   One day I was on a two-hour plane flight, and the lady next to me had a cold. She was sniffling and sneezing the whole trip, and I was worried I would catch it. Sure enough, close to the end of the flight, I started sniffling and sneezing. She felt bad because she knew I had caught it from her. Right away, I concentrated and said to myself, “this is not my cold, send it back and cancel it’. Immediately It stopped, Thank God! Again, I had learned that technique. You should try this method. 

   A hands-on healer puts their electrons, harmonics, magnetism into your cells to charge you up to get rid of the pain or disease. The left palm is the negative pole, and the right palm is the positive pole. The right hand emits the energy as the left-hand takes it in.

   I am sure you have heard that being a caregiver to someone who is ill, especially if they do it for a living, year after year, is draining. I was a caregiver for three years and vowed never to do this again. I remember I kept telling my friends and family how draining it was, knowing it was in the literal sense. Thank God! I knew enough to charge myself up with the Energizer by replacing my electrical energy and throwing off negative sick energy.

  Blessed be the caregivers; they need to know how to protect themselves, even if they used a simple machine called a High-Frequency Violet Ray to charge them up daily would make a big difference in their health. The people who give massages every day need to use the Violet Ray in between sessions not only to charge the cellular voltage back up but to purify their energy field. They also need to rub it on their hands to bring circulation into their hands. 

We are total electrical beings; we eat, drink, breathe it, get it from the atmosphere and from walking on the Earth. Every living creature on this planet, as well as humans, are made up of positive and negative charges, electricity, and so are pathogens. Just like a battery has the North Pole and the South Pole, we also do. We are just one big battery, and when a battery expends its energy, it dies. Every cell in our body is a battery that does this same thing. When our cells are charged up this gives us a level of protection from germs and illnesses. The more charged up we are, the better our hormones and chemical reactions work. Plus, the more electrons in our cells we have, the stronger our aura becomes.

   When we eat unhealthy foods, it literally drains our batteries. When we drink alcohol and sodas, it does the same thing. When we get stressed or even exercise too hard, it drains us. My Bio Energy Meter, The Bio Chi Meter, The Chi Life Meter measures the Milli-volts of the cells and of the body, foods, plants, and liquids. The higher MV of food and drink, the more charge we get. 

   The Tesla Body Energizer machine is the most powerful machine of all for charging up your cells, just like a battery charger charges up your cellphone. For example, when your cell phone loses its charge, the phone does not work, just like your body would not work either. So, you plug in your cell phone and charge it back up. I have other machines that charge you up also. In my collection, I will explain them all to you.

   To prove how we are electrical is to think how you have walked across the room and touched another person then see a violet spark zap the both of you that is a static charge. You also are a radio receiver and transmitter. Your body works in the range of radio waves, and we are made of radio waves. When you are in pain, your circulation is bad, and you are missing frequencies, magnetic field, and harmonics. This means you need to replace this with electric charging healing machines, foods, water, or etc. 

   Noble prize winner Otto Warberg states that Cancer in a person is a very low 15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is about 50 Millivolts, and a normal cell is about 70 to 100 Millivots, a child is about 100 Millivolts. 

We can accept that the body is electrical in nature; all of the actions and reactions can be broken down into concepts of charge, capacitance, semi-conductors, current flow, magnetism, our veins, and arteries become the wires, our chakras are our step-up and step-down transformers. We know that cells conduct electron flow and store it as potential energy. By analyzing what has taken place in a healthy group of cells and comparing it to an unhealthy group of cells, we can better understand what is going

   The outside of the cell is the negative side, and the inside is the positive side. When pain occurs, the cells lose their magnetism, and the cells stick together, meaning they clump together. This causes the blood not to flow properly so, pain, swelling, or disease occurs. You can see the red blood cells stuck together under a microscope.

It works like when you hold two north sides of a magnet together, and then they repel each other. This is the same with your red blood cells. Your cells repel and start flowing again, causing blood circulation after using these machines. When you use a device that puts back these energies, they unstick and flow again, releasing pain, disease, and swelling.

If you start at a young age, keeping yourself charged up, avoiding things that drain you, then you have a much better chance at a healthy life but even if you start when you are elderly the benefits can be great.
  Electrolytes Lights Up A Light Bulb
It is very important to take electrolytes in drop or powder form because the minerals conduct electricity in the cells. The heart is an electrical generator that when the electricity winds down you can have low blood pressure and other heart ailments. Our cells run on electricity, the more we have it the better health we have like more physical strength, better immune system, better brain function just to name a few. I have done experiments with electrolytes and then lighting up a light bulb which you can see on my website. It is fascinating to see the difference between water, sport drinks, and other liquids. To see how little or how much the light bulb lights up. I will tell you that spring water from a bottle does not light up the light bulb at all but the when the electrolyte drops are placed in the same water it totally lights up the bulb.

90 Body Energy Experiments
This is a one-of-a-kind book showing many experiments done on the aura, physical, mental, and spiritual body using 90 Healing Devices. See tests using measuring devices, bio-feedback software, muscle testing, and chi measurements of different foods. The before and after tests are done with machines such as the Tesla Body Energizer, Nikola Tesla Coil, Edgar Cayce Violet Ray, color therapy, subtle energy devices, zappers, and many more. Learn how you can heal yourself using energy machines. 

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