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2nd Wall of Energy Devices

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First is the Horse-Riding Core Exerciser, in front of the white marble table

The Abdominal Fitness Exerciser Machine. Fitness Equipment with Safety Switch and Adjustable Handle for Horse Riding and Abdominal Exercises 
  Horseback riding is considered a beneficial form of therapy. The trotting and galloping action of a horse helps strengthen the rider’s spine, pelvic muscles, improve posture, and stimulate seldom-used core muscles in the dorsal and abdominal regions. As this equipment goes through its multiple combinations of motions, the rider is constantly thrown off balance. This requires the rider’s muscles to involuntarily contract and relax in an attempt to re-balance and stay upright. This
reflex action, known as counter-balance exercise, reaches the deep postural muscles of the pelvis and muscles of the thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutei. The most appealing aspect of this Counter-Balance motion is that the user is exercising without really doing anything, as there is no exertion from the user.   ECHTONGDA Google it it is around $700.

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The Tesla Body Energizer, This first machine is the best of all. It is all of them rolled up in one. The number one healing machine.
Click here to learn more, see testimonials and see tests that had been done.

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Next to that is the Far-Infrared Mineral Therapy Heat Lamp
This infrared heat lamp has a clay mineral incorporated into the head, so when it is aimed at your area of pain, you are getting infrared mineral frequencies and heat. This special lamp raises the temperature in the area for pain relief, reduces inflammation, back pain, arthritis, and more. This causes an e
xpansion of capillary vessels, Rejuvenation of cells, Promotion of blood circulation, helping to move toxins from cells, and Improvement in the Lymphatic system.

This has been used by chiropractors and acupuncturists for many years. There is a desktop model or stand-up one. On the head of the lamp is a proprietary 33 essential mineral clay.

Google it $100.00 up to $300.00

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Next, In front of the TDP Lamp is the Electronic Detox Foot Bath
Place your bare feet into the water container with the detox electrode in it. Sit for 30 minutes, and you will see the water change colors as it draws out toxins. Watch it go from clear water to brown or black, depending on what is coming out. The increasingly modernizing world that we live in we are continuously exposed to harmful chemicals on a daily basis. These chemicals can become trapped in your body’s system, causing several effects from general headaches to poor circulation, digestive disorders, cellulite, and much more. Living in the environments that we do, we cannot avoid pollutants like car exhaust, smog, and food additives, to name a few. More severe effects of exposure to these toxins are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, and cancer. An Ionic foot bath is used to cleanse, balance, and enhance the bioenergy in your body.
   This Ionic foot bath allows the process of electrolysis to travel through the body and neutralize oppositely charged toxins, which purges them out of your body through the feet. After just a 30-minute session, the water in the bath will change colors, indicating the release of toxins, chemicals, pollution, synthetics, and other foreign and unhealthy materials trapped in the layers of your skin.

When I first got my own, I needed to experiment with it to see if this worked well enough to help people. I took it to a friend who wanted to try it. Before the 30 minutes were up, we could see a few droplets of blood on the surface. I said to her, why do you think there could be blood in the water? And she said probably because she was on her menstrual period. I waited a couple of weeks and took it back to her, and there was no blood on the water. My brother tried it for the first time, and the water was green, showing he had excess bile. The black is mostly from nicotine, so you should use this device a couple of times a week until the water becomes clear. It is used best in combination with the Tesla Body Energizer. Google they start from $100 on up

My Radionic Plate machines 65 (2).jpg

Next to that is My Radionic Plate on top of the table
This is a one-of-a-kind radionic plate that came to me from a man in my dream. This 12”x 12” plate that has a copper antenna in the middle for transmitting the energy frequencies to the subject. Place inside the antenna one to three photos, hair, or write the name of the subject. Then you can place a crystal, a color, herbs or write what the subject needs for healing. You can also place it on top of any of the healing devices photos.  These photos of the eight machines will also send their energy to the subject. The photos are of the Tesla Body Energizer, the Edgar Cayce Violet Ray, the Iteracare Health Blower, the Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper, the Bio Energy Tuner, the Crystal singing bowl, the Nikola Tesla Coil, the crystal singing bowl and the Swing Chi machine. Each one of these devices are explained in the book and will come with a flyer of why I picked these devices out of 90 in my collection. To read more about how this man and his son showed me how to make this in my dream, 
   I add energy to the transfer by zapping the antennae with a Nikola Tesla Coil.

My Radionic Plate That was Given To Me In My Dream and Explanation of radionicsOn March 8th 2022, I was sound to sleep when an elderly man with white hair and his 12 year old son with blonde hair appeared to show me something they created and wanted me to make. The father stood in the background while the son was so happy to show the wooden plate that looked about 12” x 12”. It had what looked like a cherry stain with polyurethane on top of it. In the middle had a copper antenna wounded with two points coming off the top. To the corner was a picture of my invention called The Bio Energy Tuner glued to it. All the sudden I realized what this was so I smiled and screamed to the man “ Oh, This Is A Radionics”. Then I woke up with the whole schematics in my head and drew it on a piece of paper. Later I took a nap and meditated on this and received more information how on to build it. This is when I saw the pictures of my other machines on it with a copper wire connected from them to the antenna. Price is $80.00 go to ordering page.

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van degraff100.jpg

Next to that is the Van DeGraaff Generator
A hair-raising experience. These are used in science classes at high schools for experimentation of static electricity. Approaching this running generator can be a hair-raising experience. This is because the charges 
are transferred to your body, specifically to the hair. Due to electrostatic repulsion between similar charges, every hair tends to get as far from every other hair as possible. This “raises” hair and can be felt on the head, arms, and all over the body. This electrostatic generator uses a moving belt to accumulate an electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column, creating very high electric potential. It produces very high voltage direct current (DC) electricity at low current levels. It was invented by American physicist Robert J. Van de Graaff in 1929. This is not used as a healing device, but it does emit energy to the cells.Google it they start around $200.00

grounding 81.jpg

Under The Van DeGraff On The Floor are Grounding Items
A Grounding Bed Sheet, grounding pad for your feet, grounding wrist wrap and the grounding sandals.
Here I can muscle test you to show how you are stronger while this is plugged into the ground.
  Studies demonstrate numerous healing benefits from contact with the Earth. Studies suggest that staying connected with earth grounding helps improve sleep, reduce inflammation, accelerate wound healing, detoxify the body, reduce stress, increase energy, improve circulation, and reduce muscle tensions. Protects you from harmful EMF’s, the harmful electromagnetic fields.
My microscope shows the sticky red blood cells unstick and starts free flowing after fifteen minutes on the grounding pad sheet. I believe this bed sheet is very important to have while you sleep. You can muscle test to see how it makes you strong because it gets the blood circulating.
*Bed Sheet is $30.00
*The foot Grounding Mat (11.6" x 27") this you should use barefoot while on your computer is $28.88.
*The Grounding Wrist Band Conductive Night Sleep Wrist Support Brace Grounding Wrist Brace Improves Sleep, Reduces Inflammation, Pain, and Anxiety is $ 20.00
*The Grounding Clogs Earthing Shoes are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole, Conductive Elements. The oval-shaped conductive pad we use in the sole acts as a conductor of electron flow from the earth to your body. It makes our clogs genuinely grounding. $31.00
Go to my website to order with the Amazon Link. Get the book “Earthing, The Most Important Health Discovery Ever” by Clinton Ober, Stephen T Sinatr
a, M.D. Google them

tesla coil daytime88.jpg
tesla cut out me closeup.jpg

Next to the Van DeGraff is the 6ft Nikola Tesla Coil
This creates a wide range of pulsed electromagnetic fields, which aids in all health ailments. Cells manifest the electrical properties of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These characteristics, when perfectly balanced, create resonance and health. The Tesla Coil treats your whole system in 4 minutes.

   This is used in homes and in holistic clinics around the world. This device can raise your cells vibration to an optimal state. Every cell in the body has a tiny battery in it. When those batteries become low from stress, injury, eating bad food, breathing bad air, drinking bad water, or disease, it will have electrical difficulty. This device charges the cells back up, just like a battery charger does to your cell phone.

   Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg found that cancer is about 15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is about 50 Millivolts, and a normal cell is about 70 to 100 Millivolts. This device powers the voltage back up in the cells so the chemicals, hormones, and enzymatic processes can work properly.

​   Nikola Tesla technology has been one of the most powerful devices, such as the Energizer Health Tool and the Tesla Coil I have studied for balancing the body. This device fills up your cells literally with energy.

​   We are total electrical beings. We are spinning electrons, north and south poles magnetic poles. Without our body’s electricity, harmonics, subharmonics, frequencies in balance, we become sick. If our cellular voltage is not charged up to speed, then we die.

 Stealing our body’s electricity

Every day we lose our body’s electrical energies. We are bombarded by millions of germs, mental stress, physical stress, harmful water, harmful air, and harmful frequencies from cell phones, TV, household appliances, and computers. Even when you drive, your feet are near the bad electromagnetic fields emitted from your car engine affecting your energy field.

Plus, sick and negative people literally steal our voltage because we are human batteries. The electrons will flow into someone’s cells that you are touching if their batteries are lower than your own. So, when you say you are taking my energy, it is not a joke.

 Using an electrical device makes a lot of sense since it gives the body the power to heal itself. After all, food, vitamins, air, water are electrical. The Earth is an electrical generator, and the same goes for our body.

 This Tesla Coil treats the whole-body system at once in 4 minutes

*Helps release pain by moving in fresh blood, nutrients, and oxygen into the area and pushing out the sticky toxic blood that had built up.

*Helps give the body more energy, Helps kill or deactivate the pathogens like parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast. It stimulates the cellular regenerative process and improves the immune system. It improves the blood flow throughout the circulation system by unsticking the red blood cells. This is done by putting back the north magnetic field around them, then they repel each. This starts the blood to flow quickly throughout the veins and arteries.

*This also brings the increase of oxygen into the blood. Increase ionization and ozone.

*It helps regulate the metabolism and the adrenal system.

*Increases bone density and muscle mass.

*Speeds up the healing process of sprained muscles, ligaments, fractures after hard exercise by moving the lactic acid out that causes pain.

*It improves athletic performance. Helps you absorb your nutrients better by opening up the cells a little for easier acceptance.

*The organs can release the toxins to get rid of the impurities and regain strength, thus detoxifying the body. *Stimulates the ATP production for more energy of the cells.

*Helps with better concentration, memory, and mental clarity.

*Has shown faster recovery after surgeries. Helps regulation high or low blood pressure.

*Helps repair nerve damage and blood vessels.

*Helps to increase deeper sleep, vivid dreams, and waking up refreshed.

*Stimulates the body’s natural pain inhibitors.

*Helps create a balance acid/alkaline PH in the body.

*Helps relaxes the nervous system, to feel calmer but with more energy in the cells.

*Helps with sex drive by increasing the sex glands and bringing the blood flow to the reproductive areas.

*Helps move and drain the lymphatic system, which holds toxins and the die-off of the germs.

​   For instance, suppose a cell vibrates at a certain frequency, and a microbe vibrates at a different frequency; the microbe begins to fight the cell through radiation and sickness it has started. If the cell cannot repel the stronger vibrations and if the amplitude of its own vibration is forced to decrease, the microbe gains in amplitude, and its vibrations begin to decrease and stop those of the cells, bringing on dangerous sickness or death.

If, on the contrary, the living cell is vibrating with the proper amplitude by inside or outside causes, the oscillatory attack is repulsed.

   When you stand or sit within 2 feet of the Tesla Coil, you are bathed in rich harmonics and subharmonics. This creates a resonance effect in the atmosphere, which resonates with the same elements in your cells. Non thermal photons and electrons which permeates the cells. The lightning sparks that come off the top crown is around 6 inches long. Go to ebay.

foot tens80.jpg

Below the 6ft Tesla Coil is the Foot Circulation Stimulator Machine OSITO      
This is a simple, inexpensive, and effective device. Place your bare feet inside the foot sole pads and turn up the micro-current to where the electric current feels comfortable. You will feel it going through your feet, stimulating and opening the acupuncture points that go to all your organs. This means that the blood is circulation better. This is used for neuropathy, gangrene, swelling, any foot or leg problem. These footpads were developed based on electrotherapy, traditional reflexology, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy, and acupuncture theories to improve blood circulation. Then the lymphatic system can drain and increase metabolism. It provides an alternative therapy to relives stress, fatigue, aches, and pains and promotes all-round better health and well-being. Also, I think you should place your hands on this to stimulate the acupuncture points and blood flow.

​   I bought some to experiment with my friends, and I am very impressed.

I sent one to my girlfriend Mary Jo, who has had neuropathy for many years. She says her feet and ankles have felt like concrete every day since she had a fall that caused it. I told her to place her feet on it and turn the current up slowly until you feel it on your feet and ankles. She used it only for 5 minutes twice that day and got a great result. When she got to the number 4 intensity, she stopped even though she could not feel it. I said when I tried it, I could not go above the number 1, but I have good circulation in my feet because I have used the Energizer machine for many years. She said when she stopped her session, she could feel tinging in her feet and ankles plus she could wiggle her toes. She had not been able to do that for years. That was amazing!

  I had an elderly woman use it on her arthritic hands 4 times day for 5 minutes, her results are now her hands are now more flexible and less pain. This also comes with sticky pads to use anywhere on your body for pain and stimulation. 

Also see the book "Emotive Reflex Method, Your Wellness Empowerment System"   
by Scott Donate The Foot Guy. Google them, they start around $100.00

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At the top of this wall are photos of scientist I admire. Starting with

Contact me at or call Rev. Mary at 321-525-2511

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