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My full Bio of how I got started in this business
                            My Something about Mary

"From Hooker To Electro-Therapist", Yes, I was a hooker, but it
was 40 years ago. So, by now, I am certainly not the same person.
My whole life has le
d up to where I am now. Everything I have

ever done, ever thought, my life of swinging, orgies, being an
escort girl, and working in a brothel is long gone, but I absolutely
do not regret a moment of it because It had up to where I am now.
I had a wonderful loving family growing up. I was a lucky child
and still is a lucky woman because there were never any
catastrophic events. I was never abused by any family member             
Me using the Orgasmatron Head Tingler
or a hooker customer, unlike the many prostitutes I had met.
I have always been a happy-go-lucky lady. If you want to read more about my weird sex life and becoming a healer, read my book "From Hooker To Healer'. My life has been so bizarre it is hard to believe my experiences.

   Now, this part of my life started when a girlfriend named Mary Moye called me to see how I was feeling. It was about 27 years in 1997 when I was 38 years old. I told her that I'm not feeling great today. She said, "why don't you pray to God and ask for help? I said, " Oh no, he is too busy for me." She said, "Please do it for me," I said, OK, I will. So, in the middle of that afternoon, I sat on my sofa, put my hands together, and prayed out loud. I said, "Dear Lord, please bring me something that will heal me, heal others, and make a career out of it." The next day I repeated my same prayer, and then I forgot about it.”

  Three months later, another girlfriend named Mary called me to talk about a nutritional supplement called "Super Blue Green Algae." This company was called Cell-Tech out of Klamath Lake, Oregon. She and her dad, named Bob, had gotten into marketing these vitamins, and they wanted me so badly to try them that they said they would pay for them. I said NO NO! If it means that much to you, I will buy them. I then purchased the Alpha, and Omega algae capsules, digestive enzymes, Co-Q 10, probiotics, and super sprouts.

   It was a miracle for me; it changed my life forever from the first day I took these capsules. The first day I got a lot of energy, and I did so much housework that my husband asked me, what is going on with you? You are like a hurricane today. I was shocked he saw a difference in me already. I continued to take these capsules every day, and before I knew it, I was in the business selling them because I had seen so many health changes in myself and Mark my husband. This was my first experience with anything holistic.

   My whole life before the algae, I was always sick with something. One day, I remembered my mom and dad saying they believed my brother and I were hypochondriacs. We were shocked they said this, but we knew this was not true.

   After taking these supplements for three months, I got so many benefits that I wrote down all the thirty positive changes.  My blood pressure lowered, my eyesight improved, I had more mental clarity, better memory, better sleep, and more physical energy. I had a prescription for migraines for a horrible degenerative nerve disease in the hinge of my jaw that only the elderly gets. It is called Tic De La Roux, but I never had this awful pain again from the first day of taking these nutritious supplements. In the medical dictionary, this disease is used to describe what the worst pain. I never had period cramps again, and it regulated my cycle to be on time monthly. I was getting arthritis in my ankles and pain in my stomach on my left side, and the doctors could not figure out what was causing it. I had head and hand tremors for a year that stopped. I had horrible allergy attacks being allergic to everything. My life had been debilitating a couple of times a week, but I never had another allergy attack from the first day I took the algae. Thanks to my friends, Cell-Tech, and God answering my prayer, that all stopped.

   Through the company, I learned that my life before the algae, my immune system was not working correctly, and the same happened with my brother. We were nutritionally deficient. When he started taking it, it was also miraculous for him. This has been such a blessing for both of us. This company was a multi-level marketing company; however, it is not in business anymore. I did get to see many miracles happen for many people. I saw cancers cured, chronic pain, and all kinds of illness. About three months after being on the algae, I went to Cassadaga, Florida. For the first time, I went to get a psychic reading with friends. The lady I saw blew my mind when she said, "AAAWWWEEEE!! God gave you the gift of blue-green algae". I said, "Oh My Gosh, yes he did." I thought back to the day Mary Moye made me pray.

   I then told this psychic named Margo how I had prayed to God to ask for help, and he did answer me. I said I understood why I would ask God to help me, but why would I ask God to help others and make a career out of it? I told her I had never had those thoughts before. I had never even taken vitamins, and I knew nothing of nutrition or healing others. It made no sense for me to ask God for that. She said an angel, or a spirit guide whispered in my ear, telling me to add this. I told her that I was healed from many ailments, now I do heal others, and I do have a career out of it. At that time, I had been working for years in our handyman business and certainly knew nothing of electric machines that heal.

   One day, I listened to a cassette tape from a chiropractor praising the Blue-Green Algae benefits. He said something that shocked me. I was confused to hear this, but he piqued my interest when he said, "When you eat the blue-green algae, you are eating the frequency of it, and your body discards the rest." I thought frequency; what does that mean? That one sentence started an obsession. I had to understand what he meant. Since I had better mental concentration and memory, I began to read and learn the computer.

   On the internet, I read about scientists from many years ago about how the human body runs on electricity and frequencies. I became fascinated with electrical machines that healed the body and began saving this information, not knowing I would ever need it. What I learned made so much sense to me, and not much was known about this way of healing the human body and animals.

   About a year later, I became ill, even though I was still taking these supplements. I started having heart palpitations, fatigue, and headaches, I could not lay flat on my back because of lung congestion, aches, pains, and so much more. I thought, OK, I will take more supplements, but that did not seem to help. Then one day, Mark, my husband, noticed a large round rash on my back. I never get rashes, so this concerned me even more.

   A friend told me to go to this holistic clinic in Cocoa Beach, Fl, which I did. This nice lady hooked me up to this Bio-Feedback machine called a Dermatron, which was computer software. The scan showed that I had Lyme disease. WHAT? Lyme disease? I got scared; I knew it was a dangerous disease. She had asked me if I had found a round rash on me, and I said yes. I was walking my dog in a park, and I pulled a tick off my thigh. I said I think it was days later that I developed a rash and started to feel sick.

   She then ran another Bio-feedback machine called a Vega Tester. This is another fantastic diagnostic machine. It also showed I had Lyme disease by putting a sample of the dead Lyme bacteria on the test plate, then she tested me along with it ( In Resonance). She gave me some supplements and homeopathic drops to take home and said to come back in a month. When I returned, she found I still had it, which was disappointing. So, right away, I went to my primary care doctor. He did my blood work but, in the meantime, while waiting for my results, I was divinely guided to Dr. Hulda

   Clarks Book called "The Cure For All Disease". One day I met a woman at
the health food store, and she said to get this book, but I did not. A few days
later, I talked to a different woman who said to get the same book, and the
following day, another woman said to get this book, which would help me.
No one ever since said that to me again.

   I had to take this as a sign. Three women I did not know within one week
told me the same thing, which was too much of a coincidence to ignore.
I returned to the health food store and bought it the next day. It is a fantastic
book with information that I had never heard before. She talked a lot about
cleaning up the environment in your house and the toxins in your body. She spoke about the dangers of parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses and how to kill them with a simple 9-volt battery zapper. She also talks about detecting heavy metals and chemicals with a device you can make at home called the Syncrometer. I suggest googling her videos.

   After reading the book, I had Mark build the 9-volt- zapper from the plans in her book. It is a simple device with two small copper pipes that you hold in each hand that connects to a 9-volt battery that pulses 30 times a second. When Mark was done, as per her instructions, I held the copper pipes for seven minutes in each hand, then stopped for 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, she states that pathogens are starting to die from the electricity. Then I did the second session for another seven minutes and waited for 20 minutes. Then I did the last seven-minute session and stopped completely.

   About an hour later, I started to notice a change in my body. I could feel the energy coming back to me, and I noticed as I walked, I felt stronger. Mark and I were shocked at seeing me getting results so quickly. I went to bed soon after that, and in the middle of the night, I found I could lie on my back with no lung congestion. In the morning, most of my pains were gone. This was so amazing that I could hardly believe it. I continued zapping for two more weeks and then went back to the holistic clinic to see what the scan would say. The Dermatron and The Vega tester showed it was gone. WOW!!. I told her I used the Dr. Hulda Clark zapper, and she knew what it was to my amazement. She was happy I was using it and told me to continue the sessions. She showed me in secret, a similar device that does the same electric zapping. This was a Dr. Bob Beck Blood Zapper that you place electrodes over the arteries on your wrist to kill the germs by electrocution. I told her I had this one but had never used it. It was so good to have someone who knew all about Dr. Bob Beck, plus Dr. Hulda Clark, who’s simple nine-volt battery saved my life, as well as all her information in her book.

   I heard from my physician that I did have Lyme disease, and I went to get the antibiotics just in case, but I never had to take them. A month later, I went back for a blood test, showing I no longer had Lyme disease. He said he was surprised the antibiotics had worked so well and so quickly. I did not tell him about the zapper because he would have thought I was crazy.

   About three months later, I came down with Pneumonia, and I had it for a couple of days with so much lung congestion. I had lent out my 9-volt zapper but had the Beck blood zapper that the holistic doctor showed me she had as well. I was a little nervous about using it, but I did it anyway. I placed the electrodes over each pulse artery on the inside of my wrist. I felt the pulsing, Bam Bam Bam, going positive and then negative back and forth. I zapped for an hour and again an hour later, and I swear on my grandmother’s grave about 95 Percent of it was gone, just that quick. The next day it was gone by electrocuting my blood. The electricity killed the germs. I suggest googling Dr. Bob Beck and watch his videos.

   About six months later, I had sprained my ankle which was two days before I left for Miami to visit a girlfriend for a week. The first day I was there, I used her hot tub, hoping it would heal my ankle. After two days of my ankle not recovering and still being in pain, I asked her if she could put an Ozonator Generator in the hot tub because I had been reading a book called "Flood Your Body With Oxygen," by Ed McCabe and his
research on ozone therapy relieving inflammation. The next day a man
came over and installed it. I placed only my ankle in hot water. I could smell
the ozone, but I did not feel like immersing my whole body completely.
In about fifteen minutes, I pulled my ankle out because we were going to the
store. I noticed that I had absolutely no pain at all in my ankle, and the
swelling was gone, I mean completely gone, that quick. We were so shocked,
and I was super happy. I learned more about ozone for healing.                                     

Thanks to "Mr. Oxygen", Ed McCabe. Visit

   While at my girlfriend's house in Miami, I had a sebaceous cyst removed at
a doctor's office from the back of my neck. The next day I felt deathly sick. It felt like a different type of sickness, and I knew it was from the lancing of the cyst the day before. I could feel my energy literally leaving my body through my neck. I know it sounds weird; I had never had this feeling before. I called the doctor, and he said it must be a staph infection and that I should go to the hospital. I had never had such low energy in my mind and body before, even when I had Lyme disease. It felt like I would be dead in hours.

   I called my husband, who was a four-hour drive north of me, to tell him how I felt and to ask him to drive down with the Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper immediately. I reminded him about the time I used it for my Lyme disease and how an hour later, I felt better. I told him I believed it would kill this Staph infection.

   That very day my sweet Mark came down to help me with the zapper. He wanted me to go to the hospital, but I said, let's first give this a chance. We discussed calling the ambulance because I could not walk, and he did not know if he should wait for the hour session to end to see if I would get results. I told him that I wanted to see what the zapper would do. He was concerned because I did not have enough energy to hold the copper pipes by myself, so he held the pipes in my hands for me.

   After the first seven-minute session, we waited twenty minutes. Then, at the start of the second session, I said, I can hold the pipes myself now because I could feel a little more energy. Then on the third session, I held the pipes by myself again. After this 7-minute session, Mark put the zapper away. I felt a bit stronger, but I stayed in bed for an hour. I said to him and my girlfriend not to worry that I am starting to feel better. They did not believe me until I walked into the living room and danced around. They were stunned and said, what are you doing? You should be in bed. I said, I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like I was never sick. AMAZING. I have all my energy back.

   For the second time, this 9-volt battery zapper saved my life by using a small current of electricity. This is the reason I became interested in electric healing machines. This Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper was my first electric healing device, the Dr. Bob Beck Blood Zapper was my second. Soon after, I bought an antique Violet Ray from Ebay because it creates ozone. I used it on many people to see if it worked like the physicians from the early 1900s said it did. Again, I saw miracles from this Nikola Tesla High-Frequency Violet Ray machine. I saw people's chronic severe pain go away within minutes and so much more.

 After having the zappers and the Violet Ray device, I came across a machine that seemed like the violet ray but a full-body version. It is called The Tesla Body Energizer. However, it was called back then by a different name. This machine has turned out over all these years to be my number one healing machine because it is all of the energies rolled into one.

   I have studied over 100 different healing devices, and this is the most important healing machine you could own. I bought this machine back in 1999 because Fred, my brother, had been seriously ill from adrenal failure. The day it came to me, and we put it together, Mark, our friend Terry and I were ready for the first session. The first to try it was my neighbor. She and her husband came over because, for two weeks, she had a painful swollen knee from a fall she had. She sat on the sofa and placed her feet on the glass footplate that was connected to a 12,000 volt, 30ma neon sign transformer. She then held a large round glass bulb pumped with neon gas between her hands connected to the transformer to complete a circuit. When it turned on, she could feel tingling throughout her body from being in a static electric field. This meant that her blood circulation was better. The ozone was killing germs and bringing in more oxygen to her cells, charging the voltage of the cells and pushing out toxins.

   After about fifteen minutes, she rubbed her knee and told us that the pain and swelling were gone. I thought she was kidding, but she said she was not. I said well, stay on it for another fifteen minutes. When she was finished, she stood up and showed us her knee, it was no longer swollen, and she walked out with pain or a limp. Terry then got on the machine and stayed on it for two hours. He did not want to get off because he said it made him feel good. Not long after he finished, he went to his room and slept. The following morning, he told Mark and me that his fingers and toes, which had been numb for months from a construction accident, were no longer numb, but he was worried because he had an ongoing lawsuit for this. He said he slept deeply and had more energy than normal. WOW! we were so impressed and thrilled. I told Mark and Terry that when I used the machine for a half hour last night, I also slept deeply and woke up with a little bump that I had for months over when my upper lip fell off.

    After being so impressed with these results that day, I drove four hours to my brother's house so he could use this fantastic machine. Fred had been diagnosed with Adrenal Failure, and the doctors said go home, we cannot help you, so basically, go home and die.

   This is why I bought this machine, to see if it could help him.

I was so scared when I saw him. He was so very weak, was only 32 years old, and his weight had dropped to 130 pounds. He could only sit in a chair in a hoodie and could not even hold his head up. His neck was not strong enough. After setting up my Energizer, he used it for two hours. He was the fourth person I had ever put on my machine. It was so interesting what happened with Fred, within about 20 minutes of him being on it, he told me that the bulb was hot and his feet on the footplate were hot. I said “Really?” Let me use it maybe something is wrong, it had not done that with the other people who have tried it or myself. I told him that I thought the sound of the transformer was different like it was working harder, louder. So, when I used it for 20 minutes, the bulb and my feet did not get hot, and the sound of the transformer sounded was not nearly as loud as when he had used it. I immediately realized because he was so severely low in energy that, he drew a lot more electricity (electrons) from the transformer. For myself, I was not sick, my cells were full of energy so that the transformer did not have to work so hard, it was fascinating.

When he got off the machine, he said his shoulder pain was gone for the first time in a few months. It had been dislocated, but the pain had even stayed gone since that session. The next morning, he woke up with improved eyesight so much, so he did not need his glasses to read. The next day I drove home with hope. I left the machine with him, and he recovered between using it and going to a holistic doctor in Tampa.

   Soon Mark made me this machine. It was crude looking, but so was the one Fred now had. Who cares with what it was doing for people. The word out that I was helping people with this machine, and they started coming over left and right. I never charged anyone but would take a donation. People would come over with crutches and wheelchairs and leave without needing them.

   I saw immediate miracles with this Tesla Body Energizer machine, such as this older man who was paralyzed from strokes for a couple of years. I met him at a holistic convention, and his wife was moving him around in a full-body wheelchair. I asked if I could put this Violet Ray machine on his finger, which was paralyzed, and he obliged. I rubbed it for about ten minutes on his finger, and before I was finished, he started to move it.

   He and his wife were thrilled to see this. I told them that now his blood was circulating throughout his finger and asked if they would like to come to my house to try the full-body version of this machine. Yes, excitedly, they answered. The next day they came over to see what would happen by using the Tesla Body Energizer. His wife placed him in a chair, and we had to strap his upper body to the chair and strap his knees together because his whole body was paralyzed. We tied his hands to the plasma bulb and turned it on for a half-hour. His wife said, turn it off; I need to check his blood pressure, which was normal. After the session, she stood in front of him and wrapped her arms around his waist as she had done for the last two years to lift his large body upward. She was a tiny woman. When she said OK, Let's get up, he actually stood up on his own power, and as he was standing in front of her with her arms wrapped around his waist, she looked up at him and asked: Do you realize what you just did?" he said. "Yes, I stood up on my own." I get goosebumps from writing this part. His wife and I had tears in our eyes. We were so happy to see this.

I had two men use the Tesla Body Energizer for their gangrene feet and toes. WOW, it pushed out the sticky dead blood and brought in the fresh blood. Amazingly, their painful gangrene was reversed to the point where they did not need their surgery which was a week away. I have seen cancers and diabetes reversed and just so so much more. Go to my website and go to Tesla Body Energizer and read the mind-blowing testimonials.

   do not make them anymore, but I can direct you to who does.  After the Tesla Body Energizer, I learned about Nikola Tesla technology. I started to research him and became intrigued with his Tesla Coil. This became my next healing machine. I bought a large 4ft, 500,000 volt Tesla Coil with 12 plasma gas bulbs connected to the top of the machine. People would stand a couple of feet around it, and when it was turned it on, it made a god-awful noise, and the glass tubes with different gasses inside would light up. Then on top of that were 8-inch violet lightning sparks shooting outward in every direction. Sometimes someone would point their finger at the sparks and say "Oh look at the pretty sparks," and instantly, one of the sparks would shoot to that finger and zap them, hard because it is looking for ground. While turned on, their bodies would absorb the healing frequencies from the machine. This would charge up their cellular voltage so their bodies could have the energy to heal themselves. Some wellness centers, around the world use a Tesla Coil in their healing sessions.

   We were so impressed that Mark started to build them so we could sell them. We sold many of them worldwide as we did with the Tesla Body Energizer, and we heard back from people getting great benefits, however, we no longer make the Tesla Coils. 

   These healing devices are the reason I started my business, promoting this information that is it was not well known and had been suppressed by doctors and big pharma for decades. After many years, I had helped thousands of people when their hope was gone. I am now 66 years old, and I consider myself partly retired, but I am continuing to help people. My passion is to teach people how to use these machines to heal their families, themselves, and the world. This is why now I give a course in electro-therapy.

   During the Covid lockdown, I created my collection of 90 Healing Devices, that are on display for a hands-on experience in my house. I feature Nikola Tesla Machines and Edgar Cayce devices. You can visit, stay with me, or view my collection online. People who see my collection are overwhelmed by all the healing machines. People can receive free demonstrations as well. It usually takes a couple of hours to go through it.

Also, during the Covid Lockdown, I became the author of six unusual books about my autobiography. "From Hooker To Healer" is about my early life, where I went from a life of sex, swinging, escort service, and working in a brothel to becoming a healer.  My 2nd book, "From Hooker To Aura Photographer," this is my research I did with my aura camera on what harms and enhances the auric field, plus many unusual aura photos. 

My 3rd book, which is the one you are reading now, "From Hooker To Electro-Therapist," this is how I became an electro-therapist by my experiences with all these machines. My 4th book  "From Hooker to Paranormal Investigator," is about the hundreds of paranormal encounters 12 people have had while living in my house over the past ten years. My 5th book is "From Hooker To Nikola Tesla" is about Nikola Tesla and connection to him. This is about making his Tesla technology for healing people and my personal experiences I have had with him. My 6th book is "From Hooker To Body Energy Experiments", This is about using my collection of healing machines to do many before and after experiments to see what harms and enhances the body. I have done a new website with videos on each device, and I have a youtube channel on my healing machines.

   I never had children, but I know if I had, I would have never been able to help people the way I do. God gave me this gift; I know this is my life's path, my reason for being here on Earth, and my mission gives me great pride and purpose.

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Artist by Mike Bryant of Melbourne Fl

orgasm characture.jpg  or call Rev. Mary at 321-525-2511

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