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You can visit my collection and get a free session with my large Tesla coil.






Super Charge your Items

You can mail your jewelry, crystals, or whatever you want for charging for on our 6ft 400,000 Volt Tesla Coil. Send me what ever it is you want charged so, I can infuse it with millions of Tesla Energy frequencies. I will place your item on top of the crown or right besides it. This will super charge your item. Or, I can infuse a specific frequency such as the popular love 528Hz. When it is ready I will mail it back to you. If interested email me at so we can discuss it or call me at 321-525-2511  

Price for service is $50.00 plus shipping



1. Stay with me to heal, learn about these machines, and get a certificate when completing my Electro-Therapy Course.


2. EMF’s. I go to people’s homes or offices to check their electric fields. I show them if they are sleeping or working in harmful fields and tell them what to do to correct it.


3. I bring machines to people’s homes for personal sessions.



4. I do public speaking at businesses and private home parties explaining the benefits of the machines. 


5. I can come to people’s homes, or you can come to my house for live aura photography in real time. There are many experiments we can do with this such as see how your aura looks like when kissing your lover, holding your pet, a crystal. You can record the video on your photo or get a printout


6. I can bring my microscope to people’s homes, or you come here to do experiments showing how these machines within minutes improve their blood flow and overall blood health


7. Take a tour of my 90 Healing devices and have complimentary demonstrations.  


8. Get a photo and video taken with a cut-out standing next to a 6ft tall Nikola Tesla while holding an 8-inch electric plasma bulb.

9. I can come to your home to muscle test your foods or supplements to see what increases or takes away your energy

10. I can come to your home with my life chi meter and measure your foods to see which ones are truly giving you energy and you can tell me what you would like me to measure for you

11. I can come to your home with my pet healing devices, or your pet can come here

12. In my dining room is my hydropoincs where I placed a frequency generator with a sound transducer in the water so I could send specific frequencies to the growing Angelica herb. No one else is doing this research. I do provide this serve. You tell me what frequencies you want incorporated into what herb. Price of service is $50.00 


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