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About Rev. Mary Macurda

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Cartoon Artist, Jerry Forney of Melbourne FL

 If you are lucky, once in a lifetime, something or someone will significantly impact your life. Dr. Hulda Clark was the influence that began my change forever. In the 1990’s I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and by synchronicity, I came upon the book “The Cure For All Disease” by Dr. Hulda Clark. With the simplicity of a 9-volt battery therapy, as called out in her book, She truly saved my life. My Lyme disease was reversed in two weeks, and because of this miracle, I started my electric healing machine business to help others. 


My quote is: “It takes a lot of electricity to kill you, but it only a small amount

of electricity to kill germs.”


*I have a certificate of Ordination for the Order of Melchizedek

*I have a certificate of completion for Reiki Practitioner 11

*I have a certificate from the Stratford Institute in Natural Health Consultant

*I am an aura photographer doing pioneering work in the field of energy

*I am a teacher in electro-therapy giving a course in this subject

*I am a published author of six books

*I own 90 electric healing devices that people can visit, stay, 

or view online.


  I feel my reason for being here on Earth is to research and teach people how to use holistic electrical devices that give the body the power to heal itself. Knowing about these electrical energies can enhance your health and optimize your life. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease at 39 years old, living in Melbourne, Florida. I was very sick with this disease. When I read Dr. Clark's book, I found it fascinating. I was new to holistic health, so this made great sense. So, I had Mark, my husband, build a 9-volt zapper from the schematics in the back of her book. It cost us only $37.00 to make, but it was priceless. It has two copper pipes that are connected to a 9-volt battery. 

  When I held onto the two pipes for seven minutes, I waited 20 minutes for the germs to die, as Dr. Clark states. I then held onto the pipes for another seven minutes, then waited 20 minutes, and then did this one last time. 

 Immediately after the session, I stood up without any effort. It showed that I had gotten some energy back from the germs that were stealing it from me that quickly. I breathed better, had some pain relief, and did not have to sleep a little elevated when I went to bed. I felt so much better in the morning, so I zapped every day for the next two weeks. After that, I went back to my doctor and told him I did not take the medicine he had given me. I had him do another test, and it was negative; YEY. I returned to the holistic clinic, and they confirmed it was gone using a resonance computer system.

 This experience started my journey of teaching people how to heal themselves with holistic electric machines. People usually come to me when their conventional and holistic healing methods have failed to work. I show them how these electrical machines go far beyond supplements, exercise, herbs, etc.

 Our bodies are made up of color, sound, magnetic energies, voltage, and millions of frequencies. So, why not heal with these same forms of energy? These energy machines are used for every ailment from A to Z and chronic pain. I have been a holistic electric healer for 27 years by only using electric therapy machines.

 My devices have been sent all over the world to wellness centers and to anyone who is in need. The success that people have experienced has gone beyond anything I could have imagined, providing results for many health issues.

 Electro-Therapy is the wave of the future in this growing business of alternative medicine. These devices can bring the body back from many diseases and pain. Everything emits a frequency; we are 99.7% electricity. We emit 127 specific frequencies, three from the brains and 27 from the lungs. When you eat food or take nutritional supplements, you absorb the frequencies of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

  We are spinning electrons, “Electrical Beings” at the sub-atomic level. Our spinning frequencies of light that surround us make our auric field. We are just a big battery that needs recharging by eating healthy foods, sleeping, and energy machines. I have a nagging question: Why are we not holding onto the voltage in our cells as we get older? If your body is not generating enough electricity to keep you healthy and not holding on to it, your electrical system is short-circuiting. It means your wires which are your veins and arteries, are deteriorating like an old antique frayed wire. This is why using an energy charging machine like The Tesla Body Energizer Health Machine is essential. This device is the main reason for writing this book. I am 66 years old and reside in Palm Bay, Florida. I continue to help people and teach them the electric healing way. You can visit my 90 healing devices collection for an interactive experience. You can come to stay with me and receive a certificate for my electro-therapy course. 

        There is no place else in the world that has all these machines in one place.

Slide show of my books

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