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"From Hooker To UFO Researcher"

Table of Content
About the author, something about Mary.    

Chapter 1. Why am I researching UFO’s Titusville, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa beach, Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Sebastian Fl in Brevard County with many photos.

Chapter 2. Our personal stories of sightings and encounters. Plus, an aura photo of a female alien posing, a little alien hobbit and an aura photo of two UFO’s.

Chapter 3. Alien implants and let’s stop the abductions, let’s protest. How to boobie trap your house against abductions. Alien Implants, how to scan for them, how to negate them using Nikola Tesla high frequency devices. Tech to protect yourself and family.

Chapter 4. My connection to Skin Walker Ranch, see a photo of the creature zoomed in where the lights and another creature is there watching them but Skinwalker researcher did not zoom in and now you can see what they missed, creeepy.

Chapter 5. Different species and different shaped UFO’s & are some orbs aliens or UFO’s?

Chapter 6. Come visit my collection of 90 electric healing devices.

Chapter 7. We Got Married underwater in SeaWorld’s Main Aquarium             

Chapter 8. Available Services


Chapter 9. Madam Orgasma and
Orgasms R’ Us         

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I am Rev. Mary Macurda, I am an aura photographer Reiki practitioner, an author of nine books,
I have a collection of 90 electric healing devices featuring Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce that you can view online or come visit. I am a teacher of electro-therapy.


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