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My Experience with The Crew Of Skin Walker Ranch

travis and mary not resized.jpg

Travis Taylor and my meet and greet for a 4-minutes session from Skinwalker ranch was on 6/17/21. This was able to be done at the I was super nervous so keep that in mind when watching this video. I asked him if he was concerned about him having an alien implant and they are tracking him. I told him I make Tesla machines that delete implants and I invited him to come to my 90 Different Electric Healing Machines Tesla Museum in Palm Bay Fl.   Or visit Anyone watching this also is invited.

mary Emf cap travis3.jpg

This is a close up of my electro-magnetic field cap that I wore during my chat with Travis that is for  protection from the harmful frequencies.
I told Dragon that the crew should be wearing these Faraday protective clothing and especially Thomas should be wearing on his head. I said they come in all kinds of hats, shirts and pants. 
Google Faraday clothing 

Dragon and me.jpg

 Dragon Bryant and my meet and greet
On 6/14/21 I had a zoom meeting with Skinwalker ranch security, named DRAGON. I had paid for a 4-minute zoom meeting with him from He was sweet and easy to talk to. I got to tell him about the cap I was wearing that is an electromagnetic shielding material that he can get on amazon, especially for Thomas. I told him he can google EMF shielding clothes like shirts and pants. I told him he should google Faraday material, so that who ever sleeps on the ranch should cover themselves in bed with this EMF shielding material. I showed him a blow-up photo of Marks calf and briefly explained this happened when he was digging on our property. He said: OH, so it doesn’t just happen on the ranch”. I told him to make a portal use three large tesla coils and film over it with a full spectrum camera. He said next week we are showing a show with Tesla coils. I said, yes, I see that. I told me twice aliens had come to see us build Tesla Coils. Then my short time was up.

I am a member on the website called www.
There I can get live feed with the cameras they have all over the ranch. Once a month there is an online meeting where we see the crew chat to us or they chat to each other. Any sign one signed up them you can type in questions that if they get to you they will answer.

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