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                            Healing Devices For The Sex Industry, See aura photos of a couple having sex, Orgasm therapy, The Orgasmatron and Sex stories

   These are devices that should be used in the Sex Industry. 

Unfortunately, the mindset of most people in this industry has no concept of what I am about to say. Most of these girls do not think about healing themselves, only money and drugs. It is so sad that they are too young to think about healing. Prostitution will never stop unless sex dolls become mainstream, which is a possibility. They are getting so realistic; they feel real and can talk now. Will this be a bad thing for the future of humankind? Let’s face it, ladies, men mostly, all they really want in life is sex and beer but, yes love and family as well.

   If these machines were used in the porn industry, escort services, brothels, and swinger clubs, it would be a game changer to help slow down the epidemic of STDs. 

Biofeedback such as the Quantum Magnetic Analyzer

   This Analyzer should be in this industry to check for sexual disease. This could be possible but not likely anytime soon. I hope by writing this section, I could put a bug in someone’s ear. A brothel could advertise the one-minute biofeedback showing their girls are safe from disease. The girls could test themselves in front of a customer and test their customers in one minute by just holding onto a hand probe and letting the software scan their body. When a man comes into the brothel, he picks his girl, and then she brings him back to her room. Her laptop would be ready with the program open. Then the girl could say “Hold onto this probe, I am running a scan for sexual diseases". "This will only take a minute”. Eventually, brothels could be free of sexual diseases.

   This biofeedback could be used in escort services. Same as with the porn industry, this would be easy to do in that atmosphere and a sex swinger club.

Hulda Clark 9-Volt Zapper

   I think after having sex with anyone, a person should hold on to the two copper pipes for 7-minutes, wait 20 minutes, then repeat two more times. This should kill some germs that a person has picked up. Possably any sexually transmitted germs. This could be used in porn, escort services, brothels, and swinger clubs.  


The Violet Ray should be inserted after the girl is finished

    After each customer or any sexual relationship, you should place the straight rod of the Violet Ray inside your vagina, on low, and for only a couple of minutes, any longer, it might burn the vaginal walls. Turn it halfway up. The ozonation would be helpful to rid a yeast infection or possibly any other kind of sexual disease. In the early 1900s, physicians would use this for sexual disorders. But I cannot say this will stop you from getting anything, but it would be helpful. The physicians used the Violet Ray for uterine cancer, ovaries, and such problems. The ozone is a germicide, and this is how it kills germs.

  There are home test kits that get results in minutes for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B. They are all easily detected using this STD test kit. They should be in swinger clubs, brothels, and escort services. 


Hydrogen Peroxide

 Sex Works should always pour Hydrogen peroxide down a man's pee hole because if it bubbles up, then he has some kind of infection, and you should not have sex. I learned this method when I worked in a brothel. The PH of the Sperm is between 7.2 and 7.8. An imbalanced pH level in the cervix or vagina can damage sperm enough to prevent it from fertilizing an egg. The ideal vaginal pH level for a woman to get pregnant is between 3.8 and 4.5. I found this interesting.


Healing Through Orgasm Therapy

 The aura of before and after having an orgasm shows increases blood circulation and charges up your chakras. This also clears negative energies and resets your energy field. This increase in blood flow proves that an orgasm is healthy for you, whether by yourself or with a lover. Orgasm Therapy

 I have found having an orgasm can relieve pain by moving the chi and pushing the sticky blood, thereby improving circulation to all the cells but, always check your blood beforehand because having an orgasm can raise your blood pressure dramatically, which can cause a brain stroke. The Sacral Chakra is known to be the sexual spinning wheel chakra. This is called the second chakra that produces the reddish but predominate orange color. Not only is this responsible for reproduction, but also creativity. This chakra is over the belly button, pelvis area, and the center of the abdomen. This is associated with the kidneys and bladder, the water element. The Keynote is D, and the frequency it emits is 288Hz.


Orgasm Sex Aura Experiment

These friends were opened enough to help me with my sex experiment, I thank them. 

 The Setup; I took their auras separately before having sex. I hung a black background and placed a chair in front of it to take my photos. This is so she can sit on top of him with her skirt raised up to slide up and down on him. I had to block their faces which is understandable.










This is the man’s red /orange sexual chakras that are wide opened in his anticipation before having sex. This is red root and orange sacral chakras that are stimulated by the thought of having sex soon.









This is the woman before having sex, her anticipation aura. Her lower chakras and heart chakra is opened.










This is his aura a few minutes after orgasm. One of the most powerful auras I have ever seen, the “Oh God” chakra. This is why most people scream Oh God! while having an orgasm because they become closest to God at the point.










This is her aura just after they are finished. She had not had an orgasm, but her lower sexual chakras were much more stimulated.












This beautiful yellow orb I cropped out of the photo above of the women before having sex, upper left side. In her aura photo look up at the very upper right-hand corner and you will see this yellow orb. This is a spirit orb who wanted to be in her photo. Who knows who it is, possibly a spirit guide or a family member but this spirit must have known she was about to have sex for the aura experiment, funny.


The Russians did an experiment where they found that when a couple had sex, their aura stayed the same for three days. This would explain the connection people have afterward.

Funny Story, As I was taking their photos and his orgasm started, he was moaning when all of a sudden, my eyesight went bad. I yelled “I can't see, Im blind”, when it was all over, I told them that my glasses had fogged up. They laughed and said 

 “Oh, that was because I got all hot and bothered”. I said NO, giggling, I was 6 feet away, and I was being scientific. It was your heat.


Me using my Orgasmatron and now see my red sexual aura gone wild.

ORGASMATRON Head Tingler  
If you like you can use stroke this up and down your scalp.                                                    
This is a vibrating head massager that stimulates the 123 acupuncture points on the scalp. It releases the happy hormones that can make you scream in pleasure. You do not actually have an orgasm, but it sure sounds like it. The first time I tried, it was at a convention. There was a long line of women waiting for the man to slide it up and down their scalp. When it was my turn, I sat in the chair and as soon as he placed the copper on my head I started to scream “Oh My God”. I screamed so loud that my girlfriend said she heard from the other side of this large health convention center. Not only was I screaming at the top of my lungs, “Oh God, Oh God” I was slipping out of my chair toward the floor like      I was melting. When he stopped, he told me he had not heard anyone get that much pleasure out of it. I was embarrassed, and when I got home, I ordered one. I had so much fun doing this to men,
women, and children. I found that an older adult does not feel it
as much as a younger person does. I was 43 at the time and felt
lucky my hormones were still so active. 

    I am sure this stimulation releases Dopamine which is
known as the “feel-good” hormone. Dopamine is a hormone
and neurotransmitter that is an important part of your brain’s
reward system. This is associated with pleasurable sensations, along with learning, memory, and the motor system function.

 Serotonin. This hormone (and neurotransmitter) helps regulate your mood as well as your sleep, appetite, digestion, learning ability, and memory.

 Oxytocin. Often called the “Love Hormone” oxytocin is essential for childbirth, breastfeeding, and strong parent-child bonding. This hormone can help promote trust, empathy, and bonding in relationships and generally increase physical affection like kissing, cuddling, and sex.

 Endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s natural pain reliever, which your body produces in response to stress or discomfort. Endorphin levels also tend to increase when you engage in reward-producing activities, such as eating, working out, or having sex.

So, I suspect all these hormones are released when the copper fingers are stimulating the acupuncture points on the scalp.

   One day I was at a talk about auras, and the lady who was presenting this had a live aura imaging system like mine, which I also sell. When she got to me, I asked if she could do an experiment with my Orgasmatron Head Tingler that I had brought with me. So, she hooked me up to the biofeedback by putting my hand on the hand plate, and about 20 people watched as my live aura came on the screen and began to move with flowing colors of yellow, greens, and blues. You could easily see my face when this good-looking young man stood behind me and placed the tingler on my scalp and started to slide it up and down on my scalp. The copper fingers are wide enough so as not to touch my ears. Immediately I start to scream, “Oh My God, Oh My God”. My aura turned so completely red that you could not even see my face. This proved to me, how stimulating the scalp acupuncture points with copper goes right to my sexual root chakra. I was embarrassed when he stopped, and everyone looked at me with shook on their faces. These make a great fun gift.

  If you google for it, they come with it vibrating now or without. Approx $20.00 A fun gift


Interesting side note; One day my girlfriend called to tell me that she had been having normal blood pressure and a high pulse for a week. She said she had been taking more blood pressure medicine and vodka to calm it down, but the pulse only came down sightly and for a short period of time. She had no healing machine, but her husband notice she was trying self-soothing by rubbing her hair. He had a thought that the Orgasmtron she had bought for fun is supposed to release Dopamine and he thought that’s what she needs. So, he sat her in the chair and started to stroke the copper fingers up and down her scalp and on the fifth stroke she felt her pulse no more pounding her chest. He continued for a couple more minutes and then she checked her pressure and it had come down from averaging for a week around 125 down to the 70’s. She had called me the next day to tell me her pulse is still normal and thought this was so amazing she had to tell me.

   I was shocked to hear this; I would have ever thought for her to try this method. A week later her pulse was still normal. Shad been worried she may have had a blockage in the heart but now she knew it was anxiety that whole time. Wow!! So use this as a self-soothing method

crystal bowl 67.jpg

Sound Therapy Crystal Singing Bowl, my sexual experience

   Kundalini Orgasm experience with the singing crystal bowl.

 I had what is believed to be a Kundalini orgasm experience on stage in front of 50 people at a Holistic Convention one year. There was this man who sells those crystal quartzes singing bowls, and he was talking about them and giving demonstrations on their beautiful tones. He asked if there was anyone in the audience with pain. I did not raise my hand, but he pointed at me and said I keep seeing you fidgeting in your chair. I said Well, my back is bothering me a little. He said, come on up and sit in this chair. He had me take my shoes off, and he put both inside this very large orange crystal bowl that emits the note # D, which is for the sexual chakra. I did not know that at that point.

   He kneeled in front of the bowl on the floor in front of me. He then started to move the gong back and forth on the bowl so everyone could hear the tone. As soon as he started, my head flew backward, my hands gripped the sides of my chair, and I started to have extreme goosebumps all over my body. I felt this rush of energy roll up from my feet into my head. My eyes rolled back, and I started to scream, “ Oh God. Oh God”!

    The man was quiet while everyone listened to me and the bowl's sound. I said under my breathe to the audience that I was not having an orgasm, but my whole body was full of goosebumps. I do not think they believed me. I was conscious enough to feel embarrassed as I sounded like I was having an orgasm and goosebumps at the same time from the reaction to the bowl. This new sensation of pleasure lasted about 5 minutes when he stopped ringing the bowl. He told everyone that I had a rising of kundalini but had never had anyone who reacted that strongly before. I thought to myself. Figures!! He asked me if my back pain was gone, and I said, Oh Yes, it is gone. 

   I walked off the stage and sat down. I was embarrassed at the orgasm sounds I had been making. When he was finished with his talk, I went to see him at his booth. He was happy to see me and said he wished I were with him with all his talks. I asked how much is one of those bowls. He said $400.00 I have looked online over these past years and still see them at $400.00. 

Energizer Health Tool izah.jpg
EnergizerHealthTool my feet.jpg

The Tesla Body Energizer for sexual health.

Energizer aura before.jpg

A mans low auric field before using the Energizer

His aura after 30 minute session, wow

This is an amazing machine for sexual health for men and women. 

The Tesla Body Energizer Device 

Electro-Therapy is the wave of future. This is my best and quickest healing machine that I have, because it is all the machines rolled up in one. I have studied about 90
different machines over 27 years. This is the most powerful healing tool on the market. 

  The Tesla Body Energizer, It is used for all diseases and chronic pain. It is used to increase mental and physical energy. People experience mental clarity, deep sleep, weight loss, better eyesight, better sexual performance, improves hair growth and nails. It improves bone density, muscles and releases toxins. It is the most powerful lymphatic detox machine on the market. It energizes the body back to optimal health. Helps with teeth and gum problems. Used for all heart disease, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancers, Paralysis, and can reveres gangrene and does so much more.

​This a PEMF healing machine, it uses a pulsing magnetic field, ozone, millions of frequencies, harmonics, inert plasma gas Neon, far-red, and raises cellular voltage.
   Every cell has a tiny battery in it that holds milli-volts. It has positive and negative charges. When your bodies battery's voltage becomes low from stress, injury or disease, it will have difficulty working properly. This device charges your cells back up just like a battery charger does for your cell phone. Cancer is -15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is -50 Millivolts and a normal cell is - 70 Millivolts to -100 Millivolts. This device powers the voltage back up in those cells so the chemical, hormonal and enzyme processes can work properly.

   For 27 years I have studied healing machines. All kinds of frequency, zappers, color, sound, magnetic, powerful energy, subtle energy, infrared, acupuncture, Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce machines. These machines use Electro-therapies to give the body the power to heal itself.  

  People have reported great benefits with Diabetes, People with abnormal cells. This machine has helped people with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, paralysis, gangrene, edema, heart congestion, severe back pain, and so much more. The Tesla Body Energizer creates more oxygen in the blood because it ozonates the tissues. Oxygen is a nutrient; you can live only a few minutes without it, but food, supplements and water you can last for days. Al,o harmful germs cannot live in a high-oxygenated state. Ozone is a germicide. This amazing device acts as a cellular massage. This can create a more balanced alkaline state, disease lives in a high acidic state, when the body becomes more PH balance it can regenerate to normal health.


•Moves the lymph’s. We are 60% lymph material and the toxins accumulate in the lymph’s that runs along side the circulatory system. This drains the lymphatic system.

•We are made up of electricity, we are spinning electrons and when we are in pain or dis-ease we are missing harmonic frequencies. This can replace those missing frequencies. The metals oscillate off each other causing a broad band of harmonic frequencies. 

•When we are in pain, we have a build up of positive ions, this replaces the body with healthy negative ions, thus releasing the excess positive ions. Ever see the info-commercial where people are lined up in a convention to try a positive ion bracelet and immediately their pain is gone? 

•When we are in pain, we have a build up of too much hydrogen, this replaces that painful area with oxygen. Promoting the feeling of well-bring. Allows the body to release toxins at its own rate. Also emits infrared a healing wave length.

•This device causes electro-poration, meaning the cell membranes become more permeable by opening up the cells more so that the nutrient rich blood can rush in and the toxic waste can flush out for detoxification

•Causes better hydration and makes the communication of the cells work better

•This device can unstick the sticky red blood cells that causes pain, most pain and disease is the caused from sticky red blood cells and this gets the blood flowing, literally moving again.

•This enhances the sodium/potassium exchange of the cells. Making the pump work better, the more electrical energy it has the more efficient it works.

•Restores the natural frequency of the cells, it resonates a frequency for the rejuvenation of your cells.

•It does not pass electricity through the body because of the glass insulation but creates a strong magnetic field

•Balances and charges the Chakras, thus enhancing the (Aura) energy field

•Can be used as a crystal therapy device by placing crystals on the glass to incorporate that particular crystal or gemstone frequency

* It seems to stimulate endorphin production and neurotransmitter output. This may be why there is an effect on mood/ relaxation and energy level. 

* Improves nutrient absorption, assimilation, and improved memory.  

* Digestive system and metabolism improvement. Improves sleep. Relaxation, mental clarity and Speeds recovery after surgery and injuries

Devitalizes parasites, viruses, bacteria, molds, yeast in the body. 

Great for enhancing athletic performance.

This Tesla Body Energizer has helped people for the last 27 years.  

It is in many Holistic Clinics around the world. 

This does not cure you; it only provides the vehicle to recovery. 

This is used as experimental and research only.
  My Tesla Body Energizer, can reverse telomeres because it is an anti-aging machine. Many people report their hair growing back to their original color, wrinkles going away, increased bone and muscle mass, better memory and concentration, more energy, even there is a women who said her menopause came back showing how it is good for helping with hormones and female health. This one women said it cured her vaginal cancer. I have reports of two people proving their metabolic tests after a year showed they reversed their aging by many years. So, these are only the sexual testimonials that I have collected for this section of my book. In the other sections of my book is full testimonials of how it has helped people with many diseases and chronic pain.

Tesla Body Energizer Testimonials

None of these private reports mean you would have the same results.

  (Sexual benefit) The Attack of the Hubba Habba, Listen up boys and girls. Mary was right she said one of the benefits of the Energizer is that it has a positive effect on your sex life. I will let her fill you in on how I did it but to describe how the first attack was, it went something like this: at 11:30 a.m. I was at home watching TV and it was like a wrenching feeling at my groin area. My friend starts to pop up on its own. The circulation has increased tremendously down there. I asked you why it is so good for the prostate gland? I said because of the blood circulation, getting in fresh blood and pushing out the old blood. I told him I hear this so much from the men that I should do a webpage on erectile improvement. Dr. King, Chicago

(Increased power of sperm), Hi Mary, I need to tell that when I cum now the power of my shooting off my sperm can almost hit the ceiling and the feeling is super more intense. Incredible! Thank you so much, I feel younger as well. Bill

(Uterine fibroids, juvenile arthritis) Lisa with fibroids on her nervous system. For the last year she has been in pain and the only thing that helps her get out of pain is the Tesla Body Energizer her mom told me. A little 7-year-old with juvenile arthritis has been suffering in pain until she gets on the machine and now, she is pain free her mom told me.  


(Uterine fibroids, palpitations, fatty lump, tooth ache) Myself, I stayed on the Energizer for a half-hour the first night we had bought it. I noticed I stayed up later than usual that night and the next day the bump of infection I had over my lip was 2/3 gone, I had had it for 3 months. Also, that night was the first night in months I could sleep through the night without waking up. My nose had been so dry every night that I could not breathe through it, I did not know why but t is back to normal. Also, my uterus has large fibroids, enlarged, and is tilted. For about a week I had a constant feeling of vibration inside my belly. I figured it was not getting circulation, I assumed. I decided to use the machine for a couple hours one day.
  The Energizer must have brought the flow of blood to it because now it no longer bothers me, and I was ready for an emergency hysterectomy but now I feel I can take care of this myself. As time passed, I developed weight gain, high blood pressure and sometimes I got heart palpitations especially after eating. When that occurred, I would get on my Energizer and every time it stopped the palpitations. I assumed it was helping me digest my food. I believe it opened my circulation and raised my heart energy.  

  Also, one morning I woke up with a severe toothache, the pain went into my temple and ear, instead of running to the dentist as I normally would have, I used my Energizer for an hour and WOW! The pain was completely gone, even the ear and temple pain, the swollen gland I had was gone the next day. I am sure the Energizer moved the toxic blood out of my mouth bring in the fresh oxygenated blood. I read that a dentist uses ozone to kill the bacteria of his patients tooth in one minute and because of this, it kills their pain. The Energizer has helped break down some fat lumps on my arms that had caused pain. Also, if I get a catch a cold, I barely feel the effects of it like others if at all. This testimonial is from myself.
Just an aside: My eyes don’t hurt. anymore. Kathy in Chicago


(Menopause, knee, anti-aging) Hi Mary, Well, the Energizer has also amazed my mom. Her knee is doing very well due to the Energizer she and I believe. When she has pain, she goes for extra 10 min. Mom does the Energizer 2x 15 min. and has remarkable results as the specialist was very amazed that her wound and leg did progress so quickly. He does not see this so often he said. What is strange though is that my mom who will be 70 next year and had her menopause several years ago, is starting to have slight Moon time again, perhaps this is from the balancing effect. She went to her gynecologist, and they did a scan, but everything was normal!! When I stopped treating her with the energizer, mother stopped bleeding. Could it be of the balancing effect the Energizer has on her system or is this the antiaging effect, I think so, have nice weekend, from overseas, Holland


(Hip pain, sexual benefit) This woman who was in her late 60’s came over to try the machine because of hip pain. She was born with a bad hip she told me and when she walked, she needed a Cane but had operations that never took the pain away. She was on it for about an hour then went home.

 She called me the next day because she wanted to order the Energizer. She told me that not only was the pain greatly reduced but she had always had to crawl on all fours to go upstairs in her condo. She told me that for the first time she just walked right up the stairs without crawling. I said Fantastic, the machine increased the blood circulation to your hip. A month later I went to go see her and she told me that why every time she gets off the machine, she has to have sex with her husband. I giggled and said Well I suppose it is increasing your hormones. I asked her can I video her telling her testimony and she pretty loudly said “ Oh god no”. LOL I had done video filming years ago of people telling their testimonials but over time the VHS tape went bad. Maybe someday Ill redo it with the cell phone camera.


Groin pain) Sharon brought her friend over one day because he had been in excruciating groin pain. He had no money to go to the doctors. She wanted him to try the Energizer before taking him to the emergency room. She put him on the machine, and he held the bulb in both hands for about an hour. About every fifteen minutes he mentioned he felt the pain getting better. When he was done, he stood up and all the pain was gone. I heard weeks later it did not come back. We don’t know why this had happened to him, was it an infection? Will never know but it was wonderful to see him out of so much pain.


(Groin pain and bruising) A friend Robert after an operation a few weeks ago was left with a giant bruise throughout his whole right groin and down his leg. His doctor said that it was supposed to take 3 to 6 months to heal. For a week he has been coming daily and the bruise is almost fully gone. He was just using it with holding the bulb in his hands. Then few days ago he stared to put the bulb right on his groin, not on the skin but on his shorts and the bruise is almost gone. It was a deep purple color when he started with the Energizer. He will be here till Wednesday morning, then will return to NJ. So, he will continue to use the Energizer till he leaves. AMAZING - Ann 


(Gangrene and Sexual Benefit) One day a friend of mine came over with his foot, that was gangrene from smoking cigarettes, a disease called Buerger’s Disease. His toes had already been amputated and in a week was going to be amputated from the knee down. He had heard about the Tesla Body Energizer and wanted to try it. So, I put him on it for three straight hours. After two hours he told me he did not smell the infection running through his body. I told him that it meant the ozone was killing the germs and the machine was moving his blood and lymph. The next day, we had setup a machine at his house. In a week he called and said he went to his doctor and that he almost fell over when he saw his foot. I had asked Mike not to tell the doctor about the machine. The doctor said whatever you are doing keep doing it and he cancelled surgery.

   Two weeks later he called and said I cannot keep using this machine. I said in a loud voice, WHY? It is helping you. He said because he keeps hard-ons, and he has no girlfriend. I said Well you can walk better so go get one and so he did. Two weeks later he drove to my house on his motorcycle that he repaired which he could not do before the machine. He walked up to me while wearing his boots and hugged me to thank me. I had tons of goosebumps and I loved getting this blessing.


(Gangrene an Sexual Benefit)  About a month later I got a call from London. This man who was also named Mike said he has Buerger’s disease and is a week away from getting his toes amputated. He flew over in two days and stayed in my guest bedroom. The first day he was on the Tesla Energizer Health Machine for three hours and he told me his toe pain was less. So, he used the machine every day for about three hours each session but somedays he would do a couple hours, then another hour.

  We watched his toes get better, lighter in color and less pain with him waling better by the time he went home. Before he left, he said that one day he was at the gas station, and he got a hard-on and then one night he was watching the news and the same thing happened. I said that is common because it gets energy into the sexual organs like the prostate for men. I have heard many comments from men about his, even when they were very old or sick, it still happened. Or they started chasing their wives again.


(Cancer vaginal) A man from Ireland called me to say his wife is so much better. She called the Energizer her lifeline. She has had vaginal cancer for about a year and in tremendous pain. I want to thank you, she is not cured, but much less pain and has more energy. Also, interestingly her wrinkles have gone away. She is 46 years old. How being so close to death and suffering has she gone from that to feeling so much better but her wrinkles clearing? This is like an anti-aging machine, right? I am in good shape, but it does give me energy. You are an angel, Bill in Ireland


(AIDS, neuropathy, sexual benefits, melanoma) Thank You Mary, Dennis was on his last leg when a friend had him try his machine. The first half hour, his Neuropathy in both legs from the hips to the feet was gone and had not come back. Plus, he received a lot of energy. He used the Energizer for about once a week for two months then went back to the doctor for tests. The doctor asked what he was doing because for the first time in ten years it is undetectable. Dennis would never tell them because he knew any of his doctors would not like it. Dennis had gained weight, could drink a couple beers, and eat again. His Melanoma spots on his back were gone.
  That surgery was canceled. Dennis will tell anyone who wants to know about the Energizer and how it helped him regain his health. The Energizer is something like a Viagra machine as well. The men that he has had on the machine reports waking up like a teenager again and their wives are happier. Proves how the energy gets everywhere. Thank You so much!!! Dan


(Prostate) Susan called me to tell me what has happened with her husband. She said her husband used the Energizer for an hour a day for seven days. He went to his doctor for a checkup and the doctor said to him, what have you been doing? In all of my career I have never seen this happen. Your prostate numbers have dropped dramatically. She asked me how this could happen. I said I have heard this many times. What the machine does is bring in the fresh oxygenated blood into the prostate and push out the old stuck toxic blood. It also brings in energy to it so it can start working the way it is supposed to.

(Back pain, Wheelchair, Sexual Benefit) This man, I can’t remember his name, he had been on SSI for ten years and living in a wheelchair for the last two years. He came over to my house with his wife who wheeled him in. We put him on the machine for an hour, he stood up and walked out without pain. They were so amazed and happy. The next few days he called me to tell me his back still felt great, but his wife was mad at him because he said now my downstairs is working again and I am chasing her around the house. I never heard from them again.

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