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My Psychic Connection To Nikola Tesla

About five years ago I was having a reading from Margo and she started stuttering wit the word T. She said some body is trying to come through and his name is TT,T Tesla. Excitedly I asked her do you mean Nikola Tesla and she said yes. I said, WOW, Nikola Tesla is coming through you? What does he want to tell me? She said he wants you to start meditating so he can connect with me without having to come through me. I said, oh boy! I dont mediatate. She said well you need to start because he has important information he wants to give you. So, I told her ok, I will start. I felt proud he wanted to lk to me, so I started mediating and I have my psychic connection to him.

My Tesla Socks
Oct 4, 2022, I had a psychic reading from Margo today. As usual it was amazing and I’m only going to tell you a few things she said. She told me Nikola Tesla has come through to tell me that when he was alive, he had taken seven raw crystals, and grounded them into powder.  Then he sewed them into a pouch and sewn that to a pair of socks, where the arch would be for the foot. These frequencies would stimulate all the organs. He said that most people are not aware of how important their feet are to the whole body.
  I giggled and told her “OH MY GOD” before getting out of bed this morning I had thoughts of asking Mark to grind up those same crystals to place inside my Tesla Herbal Magnetic Cushion that I sell. I am making one for my nephew for his birthday coming up soon because he is a truck driver, and this would help him have more energy and mental alertness while driving. Margo said he wanted me to open the top of my crown chakra for more communication with him. And, to meditate for contact with him. These are the raw powdered gemstones he mentioned to her. Raw powered White Quartz, Violet Amethyst, Dark Blue Lapis lazuli, Light Blue Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Green Malachite, Yellow Citrine, Orange Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Black Grounding Obsidian. When muscles testing, they make you strong and balanced. Now I make these socks for sale at $ 30.00 a pair.

ts socks70.jpg

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