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Covid Information you have not heard 

    Psychic predictons of Covid coming, Covid experiments, Little known Alternative Methods for Lung Health, come stay with me, aura experiment with lavender oil, my Decontamination Pod and so, I caught Covid.


Sylvia Browns Prediction Of Covid In Her 2008 Book.                                    
  The Covid 2020 Pandemic was predicted in 2008 by Sylvia Browne, the famous psychic medium. In her book is called “End of Days Predictions and Prophecies”. It was a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author. 

One day a past customer of mine sent me this tweet. It was from one of the Kardashian's. She tweeted a passage from Sylvia Browne's book saying that only electricity and heat will be the way to cure the global flu and that antibiotics will not work. Electricity, and heat?

Well, that is what I have been saying for 27 years. This prediction made me feel that I have been validated.

   She wrote that in 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness would spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes, and resisting all known treatments. This has been exciting for me to read this passage. It helps me see that I have been on the right path all these years. And, by the way, when you have electricity, you have heat.

  My girlfriend friend Margo, who is a professional psychic medium, predicted this a year before lockdown. So, about twenty years ago, Margo said that I would be helping people during a pandemic many years from now. This frightened me, a pandemic was coming, oh no, but now that is what I am doing. A year before we ever heard of this Covid19, she told me that something big was coming in a year globally and that it would be catastrophic. It is going to kill millions of people. I panicked and asked, “What is it, an asteroid, an earthquake, a flood, climate change, the financial depression? She answered that she did not know at that point. So, every three months, I would ask her. She could not tell what it was yet for the next two more times. About six months before our lockdown, she said it was a pandemic coming in early spring, and this was before we ever heard of it. She said that everyone in my house would be fine. I was relieved to hear this, and she was right. I have six older adults in my house, all with lung problems from years of cigarette smoking, but I was still worried even with my home in quarantine.

   I have never smoked, so my lungs are fine. She has said from the very beginning that this was man-made by five wealthy people who want depopulation, and someday we will all know who they are, and we will be shocked when we find out who they are. Personally, I consider them the antichrist.

   Google the words “List of Epidemics” when you get a chance.                        

This website will blow your mind. It lists epidemics from back in 1200 BC till modern days. You will see how common this happens to humans from around the world., but none of them were man-made. It lists approximately how many people died as well as the names of the epidemics like Bubonic plague, Smallpox, Hantavirus, Influenza, Hepatitis, Typhus, Yellow Fever, Chicken Pox, leptospirosis, well syndrome, Measles, Diphtheria, Dengue Fever, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Malaria, whopping cough, dysentery, Scarlet Fever, Kuru, African Trypanosmiasis, Encephalitis, and Polio. The 1889 Human Corona virus that killed a million people world-wide and the H1N1 Virus of 1918 which killed many millions of people world-wide.

The Herb Angelica

   One day I had a reading with Margo, my friend, and psychic medium. She told me that I would be helping people with a pandemic years from now. Wow, this frightened me. She said to get the book called "Back to Eden" which I did right away. She said that something in that book would stand out to me for pandemics and that there is a combination I will use.  I told her I wanted to start working with hydroponics and place a sound transducer inside the water for the herbs to absorb specific healing frequencies as they grow. She thought that was a wonderful and original concept. Now that is exactly what I am doing.

   Margo gets her information from her spirit guide and then tells me what was said. She did not know what would jump out at me, but when I looked in the book, it was an herb called "Angelica" that has been used for pandemics since ancient times. So, I marked the page and forgot about it. When the Covid pandemic started, about 22 years after this spiritual information, I bought the herb in powder form and took it occasionally. No one else in the house took any supplements because they are not holistic, and none of them used any of my machines.

   However, nearing the end of the pandemic in January 2022, five of us in my house caught Covid. This first morning, when I woke up, I felt sick, low in energy, and hot. My temperature was 101, which is high for me. So, right away, I took my Angelica that I had bought at the beginning of the covid, then I used my Tesla Body Energizer for three houses straight while wearing the Beck blood purifier zapper, and used my 9-volt zapper, then I went back to sleep.  

   By that afternoon, y fever dropped to 99, and my energy fully came back. I had an occasional mild cough for the next three days, and on the fourth day, I tested negative. Everyone else in the house suffered for a week, and one almost died.

   Now, as I am writing this passage, it is November 2023. Margo, during a reading, asked me if I had the book "Back To Eden". I said that is weird you asked me that because this morning I was going through my many books, and I pulled that book off to the side. I had not gone through that book since you told me to get it about 20 years ago.

   She said to go through that book. There is something that you need that will jump out at you. It has been some twenty years since I have looked inside it. When I did, the Angelica herb was the only excerpt that I had circled. I called back Margo and told her that I had just ordered some Angelica a couple of days ago, and it had been many months since I had any. So, to me, this means that I need to keep taking it, especially because Covid is still around, the regular flu, and now a new flu called RSV, that has put hundreds of children in the hospital.
  Interesting side note; a scientist in Korea gave a bird with the flu a cabbage food called Kim Chi. He claimed Koreans used it many years ago to cure their bird flu. So, learning about that, I occasionally buy a bottle of it and have a small amount almost daily. I love it, and it tastes delicious. What is in Kim Chi? It is a traditional Korean side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, such as napa cabbage and Korean radish. A wide selection of seasonings are used, including gochugaru, spring onions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal. This must be a powerful combination for healing a flu. It is available in most grocery stores.
   This section is about my friend’s experience being a Covid19 long Hauler.

My very dear friend named Jerry got Covid19 in March of 2020, which was at the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown. He said he was sick for a few weeks, and it was a flu that was unlike any flu he had ever had before. He said it felt different with weird symptoms. When it was over, he had never gotten back to normal health. In the beginning of his Covid, the top of his head felt like it was on fire, and he complained to me about this awful pain that would not go away. He said he had heart palpitations after he ate, numbness in his fingers, chronic fatigue, ear itching, skin peeling on his hands, and brain fog. 

    So, a few weeks after he became sick, I sent him the Violet Ray Device to experiment to see if it could help him. I also sent him a bottle of blue-green algae, starting at one capsule, then each day, moving up to 4 capsules a day. He started using the Violet Ray on Dec 12, 2020. The first time he used the comb attachment on his scalp, his pain went away for about 15 to 20 minutes, that was amazing to him. He then used it every day, and on the fourth day, he said his head scalp burning pain stayed gone for about 40 to 50 minutes. He continued to use it every time his head felt like it was on fire, and each time the machine would calm it down until one day it stopped completely. He contributes this to the Violet Ray. I also told him to place the Violet Ray device on his lymph nodes to finish killing off the germs. This is because using ozone that it emits kills germs. When germs die in your body, this is the last place they end up before leaving the body. I told him to rub it all around his body a few times a day to help charge up his cells with energy and replace his low magnetic field.

    A few weeks later, I also sent him the Dr. Hulda Clark 9-Volt zapper to get direct current electricity to kill the germs even more in his system. I told him how to use it, and he told me he did use it every day. I would have sent the Tesla Body Energizer, but that was not possible. He soon started feeling better after using the machines. In about a few months, he felt so much better that his health was not the topic of our daily conversations.

    Then in late July of 2021, he went on a trip to visit his family in New Jersey for a week. When he came back, I picked him up at the airport. He said he did not understand why his ears hurt. He had never had that happen from a plane flight. I drove him home, which took about an hour. As soon as he got in my car, I told him not to touch or kiss me and wear his mask. On the drive home he must have coughed at least ten times. I started to get very worried that he came back with Covid even though he said he was not near anyone with it. I was still concerned even though in the month of June/July, the covid rate had fallen drastically. 

     As soon as I got home, I got on my Tesla Body Energizer for two hours and zapped with the Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper, just in case. I did this for seven days in a row. 

   The day after I took him home, he called and said he believed he had Covid again, even though he had been vaccinated a couple of months before hand. This means that this poor sweet man had covid at the beginning of the pandemic, became a long hauler with mild symptoms, and 15 months later, even after being vaccinated, he still caught Covid for the second time, unbelievable!. He said he had lung congestion again, was coughing alot, had brain fog, ear itching, and that the burning fire on his scalp had come back. I told him to immediately start using the machines again. I know the ozone, magnetic field, and electrocuting germs while building up my cellular voltage must have stopped me from getting sick. I did not come down with it even though I should have because it is so easily transmitted. I believe this is a testament to the power of my machines. I have not gotten vaccinated and do not plan on it, ever. I refuse to be a Guinee Pig. 

    This is now the beginning of August of 2021. Covid has come back with a vengeance in my area of Brevard County, Florida. Of all the counties in the US where I live has just been rated at the top of the covid rating system. I do not understand this because we are not a tourist town like Orlando, and we are an hour and a half away from that city. Where I live is only a ten-minute drive to the beach on the east coast, central Florida. Now we are wearing our masks again and hunkering down DARN IT! We only had two months of freedom in these last 15 months. Now I had to cancel all of my future plans again, how sad this is for everyone.

    Jerry is starting to feel better after a few weeks of being sick again. A couple of months before getting sick, for the second time he got a Fitbit Garmin vivosmart4 watch from his Medicare for free. It calculates heart rate, BP, oxygen and how many steps you take a day, etc. What caught my attention was when Jerry said that the Fitbit reads his body battery level, which it stayed around a 48 level after waking up in the morning for the past two months. It was two months ago when he had gotten another vaccine, HUM! interesting the timing. At this point, while being sick one night before going to bed, it said he was a 5 reading. He had not seen this reading before. He got very worried that he might not have the energy to wake up the next morning.

    I had sent him a box of electrolytes in packets months earlier that he had not taken. He figured he would try one packet before going to bed and while not expecting anything when he woke up with his body battery reading an amazing 86. WHAT? I said, that’s unbelievable, and just from taking electrolytes, WOW! so, for the next four days in the mornings, his body battery still would read above the 90s from taking the electrolytes before bedtime. When he ran out of the electrolytes, the next mornings, he would wake up in the mid 40’s until the box of electrolytes returned. He took one packet in that afternoon and one before bed. At bedtime, he would average around a 15, but the next morning he wakes up at a 94 again, wow!.

    This means if you get one of these Fitbit watches from Medicare or buy one from my Amazon link at about $75 to $95.00 you can keep track of your body's energy level. I think this is very important, and more people need to know about this technology to research Covid victims and their levels and see what raises it, whether it be the electrolytes or my machines. We need to know if every Covid victim could be helped by adding electrolytes. It does make sense that your electrolytes get low while having Covid from vomiting and having diarrhea because this flushes them out. When you go to the hospital, they commonly give you an IV bag of electrolytes.

    What if people take it this every day and don’t get Covid? We need to know. I already know people have told me by using their Tesla Body Energizer daily that they have not gotten Covid even though people around them have gotten it. So, let’s do the research. I will show you where to get these packets. If you see good results or not from your experiment, then email or call me, and I will keep a record, and you do the same.

    The first day I put on my Garmin Fit Bit Vivosmart4 watch, it was about 2 pm, and I was at a 65 level. I watched it go continually down from there incrementally until I was just about to fall asleep, and it was a low 28, but I never had it lower than that. Continually, every morning my Garmin reads that my Body Battery level is in the 90’s. 

I wake up at my usual time 5:00 am. Two hours later, after feeding the dogs and cats, and drinking my sugar-free coffee, and I had been on my laptop most of that time I am in the 80’s. The rest of the day I watch it go down little by little until I am around 30, just before falling asleep. It is interesting to see how the body battery reads lower throughout the day until you are tired and ready for sleep, showing how you have used up your energy during the day.

   I have done some experiments before and after with the Tesla Body Energizer with the Violet Ray device, and this shows how these machines raise your Body Battery levels. A friend told me after he jogs, his level raises about five points. If you’re interested in getting one go to my Amazon link to order. There is more info at the beginning of the Garmin in my collection under the section delf-diagnostic devices. I recommend this to anyone with Covid or a long hauler to get the Tesla Body Energizer and a Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper.


Covid blood viewed under a microscope.

 I talked to my friend, who is a microscopist. He goes to health food stores, takes a drop of people’s blood, places it on a test strip, and then puts it under the microscope viewer. The viewer goes to a large screen so it can be viewed easily by anyone watching the Tv screen. This way, he can show you uric acid crystals, fungus, yeast, free radicals, parasites, irregular shaped red blood cells, stress from the liver, sticky red blood cells, and so much more. He has done this for years, but when Covid hit, he told me that people’s blood was a mess, unlike anything he had ever seen before. He told me after the vaccines, it messes up their blood big time, showing a lot of inflammation and poor sticky red blood cell circulation. This shows how dangerous the Covid, and the vaccines can be. I can now do this microscope experiment here.


An Interesting Covid blood experiment

 Experiment: A lady died from blood clots soon after she received the vax. This embalmer, Richard Hershman, took a clot, put it in a preservation liquid, and he put it in storage. The next day he took it out and found the clot had grown by 40%. When I read this, I said “WHAT THE HECK”. How could this happen?


Another Interesting Covid blood experiment

 The blood is pumped through a tiny screens and filmed with a camera. This is to measure the cells mailability. The healthy blood on the other side of the screen is normal, rod-shaped, but the Covid blood on the other side of the screen remains clumped. The Covid blood, some get bigger with a greater volume. Some become more ridge. This could have something to do with the red blood cells not passing through the capillaries and getting stuck in the lung. The Covid blood reverts to normal after recovery. You can go to at youtube and watch the video. This is why the Tesla Body Energizer, or the Violet Ray High-Frequency device is so important because they move and unstick the sticky red blood cells.


Little known Alternative Methods for Lung Health
1.The Charred Oak Keg
  The charred oak keg containing applejack brandy was
recommended in about 50 readings for respiratory problems,
particularly tuberculosis. This should be used for all flues. You
place inside the Keg a small amount of Applejack brandy, then
you pop open a stopper and place a straw inside so you can
breathe the fumes.
  "First we would give that the body begin inhaling the fumes from pure apple brandy in a charred oak keg. Put half a gallon of pure apple brandy (such as Hildick's) in at least a gallon or a gallon and a half of charred keg. Prepare the keg so that two vents may go into one head of the keg after it has been corked. To one vent attach a little hose or a connection so that the fumes from the vacuum may be inhaled deeply into the lungs. The other vent is to allow air to enter, so that there is not the attempt to inhale against a vacuum. At least two or three times a day inhale these fumes into the lungs, blowing out through the nostrils when it is practical. Keep the keg in a warm place so that evaporation may occur easily. Do this and it will change those activities in the lungs that once in a while do break through. Use these fumes regularly." (3154-1)
"The activity on this is not only for the destruction of live tubercle tissue, but it acts as an antiseptic for all irritated areas; also giving activity to cellular force of the corpuscle itself. It acts as a stimuli to the circulation, then, recharging each cell as it passes through areas so affected by the radiation of the gases from this fluid itself." (3176-1)
"For the properties inhaled will work with the activity of the respiratory system, as well as the properties contained therein will act upon the influences of the liver and kidneys in their ability to be purified in the assimilating of these forces that arise from the infusion of these influences indicated." (1557-1)
"This will act not only as an antiseptic but will so change the lung tissue as to bring about healing of the tissues, and will also increase the abilities of assimilation, and we will have improvements."
"These [inhalations] will irritate at first but use through the nostril for the stopping of cough, as well as inhaling into the lungs." (3594-1)
"Do not attempt to inhale too much in the beginning, or it will be inclined to produce too much intoxication for the body." (2448-1) "Keep the keg. This is as life itself. " (1548-4)
You can go to Ebay, they are around $70.00
But, an alternative is to buy a glass container with a top. Pour in a little amount of the brandy inside and inhale a few breathes through threw a straw. Go to google and type in Charred Oak Keg and learn more on this. Or go to


2. The Herbal Breathing Products
Inspirol Herbal Breathing Aromatherapy Helps Clear Lungs, Penetrates & Soothes Nasal Passages, Supports Healthy Breathing, Relieves Nasal Allergy & Sinus Symptoms, Contains Known Cell Protectors and Spike Protein purifiers, Alleviates congestion, Natural expectorant. It comes with a straw so when you open the top of the bottle you place the straw inside and take in a breath with one nostril and with your finger you close the other nostril. Then you do the same to the other nostril, and then you breath it in through your mouth. This is the way Edgar Cayce wants you to do it.
There are many excellent lung products on this website that have been recommended by Edgar Cayce, the famous Psychic Profit. Should be used for all flues.



3. 99.99% High Purity H2 Hydrogen Inhaler with 5 Nasal Cannula, Hydrogen-Rich Water Generator
   2 in 1 Portable Hydrogen Inhalation Machine, for making

hydrogen to Breathing and making hydrogen water for Drinking.
Hydrogen gas can serve as an antioxidant, can improves lung
function, prevent body aging and high blood pressure, improve
diabetes, and it serves as an odorless, nontoxic gas. The Hydrogen
Water Ionizer is adopting the latest SPE + PEM technology for
99.99% purity of hydrogen gas. It has strong pressure resistance
and doesn't produce harmful gases such as residual chlorine and ozone.
  People drink hydrogen infused water by using hydrogen water maker that you can see on Amazon. This is a device so you can breathe in hydrogen for your lung health as well as for over all health. You should google ( Breathing Hydrogen ) to learn more. Amazon has a hydrogen generator for breathing and making hydrogen water, Price $599.00 you can go to my website link to order go to my website and click on the link $ 479.00


4. The Tesla Body Energizer
  You have been reading about my 1# healing machine and it is

this one, that is all the devices rolled up into one. Since you
have read of my many testimonials, I am sure you understand

how wonderful this machine is for the lungs. I am going to tell
you a story of how I met a man because of this Energizer.
    One day I got a call from a man named Curtis who lived in
Milwaukee WI. He was at an airport ready to fly to Alaska.
He told me he had been in Sedona Az for the past week to
hopefully find a way to heal his lungs. He said on his last three
days he would use my Energizer at a wellness center for an
hour a day. He said he could breathe better after the first treatment. He had his third treatment this morning before leaving for the airport. When he got to the airport, he had to literally run to catch his flight. When he got to there, he was amazed he was not out of breath and did not need his inhaler. This is why he called me to order the Tesla Body Energizer.
  So I sent one to his home as soon as I could and when he got back from Alaska, he started using the machine every day. For some reason we connected as friends on the phone and a few months later Mark, his girlfriend Tina and I moved to be with him. I had just divorced my second husband Alan who is a wonderful man, but his drinking became to much.
  Curtis had a lung disease called Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency is a rare genetic disorder that is passed on in families and can affect the lungs, liver and/or skin. When this condition affects the lungs, it causes COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). This is a horrible disease that never stops destroying the lung and when he was in his 30’s, a doctor told him he had the lungs of an 80-year-old. He was now 55 years old and lived on oxygen tanks.
  When I moved in with him, he used the machine and continued for about a year to get better little by little, however no matter what we tried, he could not stop those DAMN cigarettes. He had already had half a lung taken out. Two years later we were in the driving over the Colorado mountains when his lung collapsed. He died in the backseat. One of the worst experiences of my life. In Rest In Peace, sweetheart.


5. The Violet Ray Hand-held Device
  As you have read this Violet Ray Device is the small handheld version

of the Tesla Body Energizer. This also has helped people with their lungs
by rubbing the glass electrodes with either neon or argon gas in them
on the chest and back. As with the Energizer the ozone, magnetic field,
millions of harmonic and charging up the cellular voltage is a big part
of the healing but when you use this device you place the electrode on
the lymph nodes to purify the. Please make sure you read the testimonials


6. The Dr. Hulda Clark 9-Volt Zapper
  You have read how this cured my Lyme disease and saved me from dying

of a Staph Infection. When you have a lung infection the mild current of
electricity can kill some of the bad bacteria and viruses that are attacking
your lungs. Go to Ebay and google “Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper.
This model is only $29.95


7. Test Your lung Health and Exerciser
Digital Peak Flow Meter Spirometer
Exercise your lung volume. Measures two parameters: PEF and FEV1.

You can write your peak flow diary which shows on description. 
Automatically Displays Test Values: Electronic digital peak flow meter
with LCD screen, the Value can be display clearly and quickly.
Price $36.00


8. Finger Pulse Oxygen Meter
This is very important to own if you think you have any breathing problems.

You slip your finger into it and measures the amount of oxygen in your
blood. It also measures your pulse rate. This is done in a few seconds.
If you are a smoker, have asthma, COPD or have the flu you should have
this device to keep track of your oxygen levels. Every time you are in the
hospital, they keep this on your finger for monitoring you. I have never
ever been a smoker of anything and my level measure between 100 and

98 all the time. My friends who are smokers measures usually in the low 90’s to upper 80’s. These low levels are not good. It is said if your level is 92 you should call you health care provider if it is 88 or below you should go to the hospital.
  To increase your oxygen level stand or sit up straight. Rather than lying down, which may put pressure on your lungs and make it harder to breathe. Try coughing. If you have a cold or the flu, difficulty breathing can decrease oxygen saturation in your blood. Go outside to breathe fresh air. Drink lots of water. Take slow deep breaths and Try exercising. To order go to my website $14.90


9. Nebulizer with DMSO, Hydrogen peroxide and Lugo’s Iodine Solution
My friend told me about this book called Informed Consent by Dr. Brett Appleby, ND.
In his book he talks about the Narrative You Are Not Hearing on the Covid-19 Pandemic and its Novel Vaccine. In his book he talks about using a nebulizer and breathing in a solution of drops of DMSO, Hydrogen peroxide and Lugo’s Iodine Solution. My friend called to tell me how quickly it

I suggest buying to book to get the mixture.

Stay With Me, learn the device, and get your health back on Track
  I need someone to leave my business to 

   Since I had no children, I have no one I know so far to leave my business too. I am 66 years old and do not know how much longer I have on this Earth. When I have completed my mission, it will be my time to go; who will take my machines and my knowledge? I have grown this business for 27 years. I had helped thousands of people when they thought there was no hope. I have taught people to become health practitioners worldwide, and now I am looking for an assistant to leave these machines and business to. This person needs to be in their 40’s or 50’s and who already has a good understanding of this type of business, and hopefully, they will have someone to leave it to.      

Come stay with me

   This is different than all the other holistic wellness retreats, spas, or holistic clinics. Some of those can run up to thousands a week. Here you will rent a room from me in my house and then have access to any of these devices anytime you like. I cannot quote you a room rental price because it varies from how long you want to stay and how much you can afford. Or you can stay at a hotel down the road from me.
  Here you will learn to become an Electro-Therapy Self-Healer by using these 90 Electro-Therapy Devices. What you will learn will give you the ability to heal others as well as yourself. You will also be going home with machines that I will teach you how to make. I am a teacher in Electro-Therapies. I am not a doctor or practicing medicine but only want to teach you how these machines work, when to use them, and what to use them for. I will not make any claims that your health will improve. This is all experimental, and any testimonials you have read do not mean you will get the same results. You will keep track of your own results. Before leaving, you will get a framed certificate for completing my Electro-Therapy Self- Healing course.
  On the first day, we will test yourself to get a baseline of your health. You will learn how to test yourself with 10 different self-diagnosis devices and learn muscle testing. This way you anytime you like, you can test yourself. There are many before and after experiments, you will do on your own. You will need to keep track of each result on your laptop, cellphone, or notebook. The first device to learn and test will be the Body Voltage Meter.
  *The Body Voltage Meter, you will learn how to test where you will be sleeping. Learn how to detect harmful electro-magnetic fields in your room or at my computer. So, when you go home, you can test everything in your house to protect you and your family.
  *The Life Chi Meter, this simple device will show your body's energy readings, foods, what is dead zero, and what will give you energy. 
  *The Meridian Energy Organ Tester, you will keep track of the energy of each of your organs. For example, your heart and lungs could be at a 20, but I want it to come up to at least a 50. 
  *The Quantum Resonance Analyzer, you will use this bio-feedback software to test and keep track of your health. You heavy metals, chemicals, antioxidants and more.
   *The Live Aura Imaging, you will see what your aura (Energy Field) looks like and learn what harms and enhances it.
   *The Microscope, you will learn how to see what your blood looks like before and after experiments.
   *The Bio Energy Meter to test your electrical milli-volts of your cells. Use this to test before and while walking, before and after machines.
   *The Hand Grip Strength Tester is for testing psychical strength before and after experiments.
   *The Saliva and Urine Strip Testers, I will want you to test with the saliva strips. This will show the amount of nitric oxide you have. Nitric Oxide is essential because it is a vasodilator. It keeps your veins and arteries more pliable. As we get older, the amount diminishes, so we need to increase it by using healing machines and eating proper food.
  Then you will use the Tesla Body Energizer, and we will retest to prove the healthy increase in your blood circulation, voltage energy, and the machine provided for you.
Then we have the rest of the time to test and use the other devices.
  You will be in a calm, clean environment, the air will be purified, drink purely charged alkaline and hydrogen water. You will sleep on a grounding pad, shower with a no chlorine shower head, juice, eat only healthy foods, and have no processed sugar. This is not a beauty or health spa, even though these machines can be used for wrinkles, warts, moles, skin cancer, and hair growth.
  You will have a healthy negative Ion generator purifying your air in your room. I will muscle test you to show you how breathing in these ions makes you stronger. You have a mini-Fridge/ freezer but will also use my kitchen refrigerator. If you like to walk, I have a treadmill, or we can walk at the dog park, which is just about the happiest place on Earth, full of doggie love. I will teach you to how to grow sprouts. Eating sprouts is super healthy because they are alive and full of energy that will fill your cells.
  You will have access to many of my books on electro-therapy, videos, and DVD’s. You will come out with a tremendous knowledge of how to help yourself and others. You will be only 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. Bring your pet if you like, there is a dog park nearby and a beach dog park. I have two small dogs and two outside cats. If your pet is sick, we can work on it with these machines. Toward the end of your days, we will make My Tesla Copper Healing Screens, My Tesla Herbal Magnetic Cushion, and possibly more devices.
What To Bring
  Bring your supplements for muscle testing and a couple of food items you want to have tested or whatever you think you need testing. Bring your laptop or a notebook to keep track of your progress. Bring a heating pad and castor oil. Bring anything you want to be charged with the Tesla Coil like jewelry, crystals, etc. If you like, you can go with me to my groups on alternative medicine, Reiki groups, crystal sound bowls, meditation groups, and more.
  In my backyard is a 7ft copper pyramid for meditation and charging your cells. Enjoy hands-on healing therapy, Reiki, crystal therapy, tuning fork therapy and enjoy electronic foot reflexology. You can have hypnosis therapy and learn the emotional freedom technique.
  Experiment with the live aura imaging anytime you like. There is so much more, and we will have so much fun!! You will have to sign a disclaimer. I am not responsible or liable for any injury or harm. I will need to know if you are allergic to anything.
Reasons: You cannot come here
  If you are in a wheelchair, you have a heart pacemaker, or on the verge of passing on. If you have an Infectious disease or allergic to dog and cat hair.
  It is up to you if you want to rent a car, if not I have my car. However, if you're going to travel to Orlando, you will need a rental car for going out of town. You will sign my rental agreement contract.
  Common-sense rules. The do’s and do nots, laundry can be done after 9am and not after 8pm. Do your own dishes and cooking. There is no loud music or loud talking on your cell phone in the house except in your room. Smoking only outside. No drinking alcohol other than a glass or two of wine. No illegal drugs, crack, cocaine, ect. No sexual advancements to anyone in the house.
Be kind and loving to my animals.
  There will not be more than one other renter here. If you are local or out of town and want my Electro-Therapy course, this is available. This is a one-to-two-week course. I will not nickel and dime you. I only want to help people and not gouge people’s finances.

Take Blood Tests Before Coming Here

   There is an affordable lab here, that gives many types of blood tests. You can get results the next day, and you do not need a physician’s referral. These tests are inexpensive; for example, the CBC is $20.00. This lab is convenient for our experimentation. If you eat unhealthily, then have your CBC, Liver profile, and cholesterol tests done here. Wait for two or three months, then go back and redo the tests. I guarantee you will see much better, healthier results. This proves how important it is to eat healthily, and food is medicine. A CBC Blood Test-This blood test tells you your overall health. I want you to learn how to interpret your blood tests. It is not hard to do because the information is explained online. Every time you go to the doctor and get a blood test him them print them out, take them home and go over them yourself. Save the tests so you can have a record of the past results. Optional testing is a telomere blood test that can tell you the length of your telomeres, showing your aging process.

Learn How To Test Your Waters Health With These Three Meters In My Gold Cabinet

 Alkaline, ORP, and Toxins For Example; I did these tests on 8/4/20

 *Alkaline PH- The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to its pH level. The pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic, and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline. Yo u want the water to be between 8 or a 9. You may have heard various health claims about alkaline water. Some say it can help slow the aging process, regulate your body’s pH level, prevent chronic diseases like cancer, increase blood flow, and increase oxygen delivery. Other studies show it can help with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, deactivate pepsin and help with acid reflux plus more health problems. 

                                   Alkaline Water Test I Performed

Zero Water Pitcher,   Hydrogen Water Pitcher,  Tap Water,  George Aloe water

         8.31                             9.83                             8.49                9.38                           

​Bring a cup of water to test if you like, it is Important for your health. These meters are

Inexpensive and simple to use. Amazon from $10 to $20.00

Check Your Health Through Testing Here
  Here are Testers such as an Oxygen/Pulse meter, Blood Pressure Cuff, Saliva tests for Nitric Oxide, Urine test strips. Keep track of your physical strength, what makes you strong and what makes you weak. Here is a tester for water PH, ORP, Toxins in your water, Air Ion Counter- This Air Ion Tester is designed to test the concentration levels of negative or positive air ions. Cholesterol and uric acid testing.
Experiment with your chi energy with this pinwheel by Thomas Greenwell.  

What I Will Do If I Get Covid 19 or Any Serious Illness.   

   Since I have my collection of 90 different types of healing machines, I have a big advantage.
I am scientifically minded and love to do experiments. So, I will use my measuring devices to keep track of my progress. On the television, internet, and radio, it seems there is nothing anyone can do to cure or prevent Covid19 or any flu, it seems hopeless. They say wearing masks will do no good because the virus will be on the outside of the material, your hand will touch it, then you still will get infected. So, what to do? These are my ideas, and I cannot guarantee that this will prevent anyone from getting sick or dying.

What Machines I Will Use If I get Sick 

As you have read through my collection, you have seen many machines that I can use.
I think you are somewhat familiar with them by now. If not, go back and read about them again.

 *Tesla Body Energizer, I will use for at least a couple of hours a day.

 *Dr. Bob Beck blood purifier zapper and I can make small amounts of colloidal silver

 *Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt Zapper, the one that cured my Lyme disease. 

 *My Tesla Coil to charge up my cells with millions of frequencies and high voltage.

 *Electric Foot Pad that emits direct current into the feet to stimulate acupuncture points.

 *Far Infra-Red Mineral Therapy Heat Lamp- for over chest and back.

 *LED light for over my chest and back but need to figure out what color to use.

 *Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer.

 I Will Test Myself to check my blood under my microscope before and after the machines.

 I will measure my energy with these Bio-feedback software 

 *Meridian Health Organ Detector- This is important because it will let me know my energy levels of each organ. The graph shows the organ's energy level and then shows an increase or decrease after using any therapy. For example, before and after the Tesla Body Energizer, the High-Frequency Violet Ray, the zappers, exercise, etc.

 *My Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer-This Full Body Analyzer Biofeedback will measure my toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, vitamin levels, and much more. It provides 48 different reports. When our health is not in good condition, our body will automatically give out certain alarms. This will detect changes of the pathological cells that can be a precursor of disease.   

 *Experimental Life Chi Meter, I will measure my energy and keep track.

 *Oxygen meter to keep track of my oxygen level in my blood and my pulse. 

 *Blood Pressure wrist cuff to keep track of my blood pressure. 

 *My oral thermometer to keep track of my temperature.

 *Hand Grip Strength Tester to track my physical strength.

 *Lung Performance Peak Flow Meter to test my lung strength.

 What I Will keep By My Bedside 

   Firstly, I will use the My Body Voltage Tester to ensure I am not lying in a harmful electromagnetic field. It is harder for the body to heal if it is in a constant disruptive field.

 *I will keep my high-frequency violet-ray plugged in by my bed to rub all over my body. Also, to place it on my face over my sinuses, eyes, ears, nostrils, and chest to relieve congestion.

 *The Red-Light wrist device for purifying my blood and use inside my nostrils.

 *I would place my Schumann 7.83 Hz generator close to me for extra energy.

 *I would place my magnetic pulser over my chest and lymph nodes.

 *I would use my infrared sauna blanket every day because heat kills the flu.

 *I would wear my Tesla socks.

 *Wear my little magnetic toe rings.

 *Wear my magnetic gloves to enhance my magnetic energy while lying in bed.

 *I would use my grounding sheet on my bed to keep grounded to the Earth and keep my circulation flowing as I sleep.

 *I would use My Tesla Copper Healing Screens. I would place inside the copper handles different herbal supplements.

 *I would wear my Tommy Cooper shirt to energize myself.

 *I would aim my strong negative ion generator toward me at all times for my lungs.

 *Edgar Cayce recommends a castor oil heating pad over the chest and liver. 

 *My Herbal Breathing bottle called “Inspirol” is a combination that Edgar Cayce recommended for lung ailments. It has Oil of Eucalyptus, Tolu Balsam, Compound Tincture of Benzoin, Oil of Pine Needles, Rectified Oil of Turpentine, and Rectified Beechwood in a Grain Alcohol base. I would take deep breaths a few times a day. I would breathe the Applejack brandy from the charred keg as Cayce states. Go to to learn more

*I would rub my DMSO to reduce inflammation over my chest.

*BC powder aspirin has never bothered me so that I will take one a day for inflammation.

*I am lucky that a friend gave me a large oxygen concentrator that I can use at my bedside if I need help with my oxygen.

*I have bought off Amazon small canisters of oxygen in case there was ever a fire I could breathe oxygen instead of smoke. They are exceptionally small and lightweight.

*I would take throat lozenges*Angelica and *Zinc

 I would Keep in my bathroom 

 *Ozone water maker, I would drink a couple of glasses of ozonated water a day. 

 *Urine test strips.

 *Nitric Oxide test strips.
What Supplements I Will Take
*Blue-Green Algae-This is the first nutritional supplement I ever took; it is a superfood. This changed my health dramatically 27 years ago. It is the most important supplement for me take every day for the rest of my life.

*CoQ10- is the powerhouse of the cells. It helps produce 95% of the energy needed by the body. It is a powerful antioxidant that can protect the body from the ravages of age, free radicals.

*Probiotics-These are friendly bacteria for our intestines and immune system. They are living microorganisms that you can have poor health if you have insufficient numbers. Probiotics are for supporting gut and immune health. They contribute to maintaining a balanced gut microbiota, necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system and the entire body.

*Neo40 Nitric Oxide Caps-This signals blood vessels to relax and dilate, helping deliver oxygen and nutrients through better circulation and better cardiovascular health. And their nasal spray.

*Angelica Powder-One reference claims this herb was named after the Archangel Raphael. According to a 10th-century French legend, revealed that a monk used this herb during an influenza plague epidemic to cure it or keep it at bay. 

*Glutathione- Increasing glutathione levels may protect us from the aging effect. It is considered the master antioxidant. 

*High doses of vitamin C and Zinc for the immune system.
*Quercetin with stinging nettle-This is used mainly for lung health.
*Geritol-is for iron, B-1 and B-2. You need this because iron helps carry oxygen. On a TV program, I saw Eric Roberts, which is Julia Roberts brother, said he was in the hospital from a bad accident. The doctors had no idea when or if he would ever get out. Eric Roberts said in his interview that one day an old Romanian couple walked into his room, arm in arm. They were very old and dressed in old-world clothes. They told him to take Geritol, and he will get better soon, then they walked out of his room. He was confused about who these people were and asked the nurse about them, and she said there was no one in his room. He started taking Geritol, and he was soon out of the hospital. So, because of his story, I bought it. I had an accident a few weeks before it came to me, and I was not allowed to use my healing machines for my shoulder and arm pain because I was involved in a lawsuit. When it came, I took a capful that day and then another capful the next day. The next day after that, I was completely out of pain. I did not expect that from Geritol. WOW! Amazing stuff. Then after that, I recommend it to people.
Essential Oils

   Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose have the highest measured electrical energies. Oregano, Clove is for killing germs and Lavender for calming. I will apply these on my skin, take breathes and use them in my diffuser. This is an aura experiment done with breathing in the Lavender essential oil.










This women’s aura is very low in energy.                    Minutes later her aura is very            
I had her take three breathes of the                
           powerful and stayed that way for
essential oil lavender                                                   at least an hour later

  When you breathe in anything, you are taking in nutrition so be careful of what you inhale. 

What I Will Eat If I get Covid or any illness 

   Mostly what I have already been eating since quarantining.
*Eat Kim Chi- It is cabbage and red peppers fermented. A scientist in Korea gave a bird with the flu Kim Chi, claiming it cured the bird. The Korean people do this for their health. There is also info going around on the web to eat white cabbage, but I will stock up on Kim Chi. 

*Asparagus, I eat half a can of asparagus every day for its powerful alkalinity effect.

*Two Olives a day, raw ginger, live mushrooms, raw squash, and zucchini.

Eat as many live uncooked vegetables as possible because the Life CHI meter shows their high energy that is needed for healing and optimal health. 

*I eat small portions of beef heart because it has more Co-q10 than any other food.                  

What to keep in your car

   How to purify and kill the germs in my car, especially when I get back into it after shopping or anywhere, I could have gotten exposed to the flu. 

1. I have a 12-volt battery that I have plugged into the car charger. This way, a large negative ionizer unit used for a room can be plugged instead of those small UBS Ionizers which plug into the cigarette lighter, which I have tested and are worthless. The ionizer immediately opens your lungs to breathe better, and it kills germs. Wear two negative ion generators if you go somewhere without your face shield or a mask. They blow healthy negative ions up toward your nose and mouth. It puts a negative charge in your air space, so the germs and pollutants drop to the ground before you can breathe them in. 

2. I use a UV wand to roll over my clothes and skin to kill pathogens. Do not use over your eyes

3. I Plug in my Violet Ray device so I can comb my hair before coming into my house. I do this if I had not worn my throw away cap. I rub my Violet ray around my exposed skin, lymph nodes under my jaw to kill germs and clean lymphatic system before coming back into my house. 

4. I wear two small negative ion generators around my neck; one is not enough. I know this because I have a tester. It is for protection from gas fumes at the pump and allergens. 

5. Red Light Wrist Device, I wear this on my wrist to keep my blood healthy and circulating. Instructions say to wear for a half-hour twice, but you should wear this on a long car ride. This device also keeps the blood from getting sticky and improves blood circulation. Also, use the nose connector that comes with this device to purify your nostrils. While driving, you are subjected to all kinds of harmful air, car fumes, gas fumes while pumping gas, carbon monoxide, and allergens that your immune system is not used to. 

7. Wear your Tesla Socks for improving the connection from the brain to the nervous system for energy while driving.

 What Devices Too Use While On An Airplane Flight 

 1. Wear two of the wearable negative ion generators. 

 2. Bring the EMS Foot Tens Unit Pad, easy to place on the floor of the plane, in front of your seat for circulation. Or my Arm and Foot Bouncer.

 3. Red Light Wrist Device for purifying your blood.

 4. Wear your Tesla Socks.

I make a one-of-a kind 7.83 Hz, healthy negative Ion face shield that I sell.
  There is no face shield like this one. Inside on each side of your nose and mouth are attached little air purifying healthy negative ionizers. This way the air is purified, and germs are killed before you can beath them in. You do not feel like you are suffocating like when you wear a mask. This shield is clear plastic. This way you can clearly see out and people can see your whole face.

On the outside top of the mask is a 7.83Hz Schumann frequency generator for added protection that will surround your body and give you extra energy. This can be proven by muscle testing. You can pull of the ion generators to wear around your neck. You can pull off the Schumann generator to place in your pocket or between you and your computer for protection form the harmful EMF fields. Go to my website to see the video and order. This will never be thrown away like the masks and can used for many years to come. Be proud of what you are wearing for protection. Do not worry what other people think. Some people will ask you how and where to get one. These three generators are recharged with a USB cable.
I custom make this Price $ 150.00 plus shipping

My Decontamination Pod For Your House Entrance

  This is used to decontaminate people, mail, and packages before entering your house. This way, you and your family are safer from any pathogens. You will be purified and have killed germs; however, I cannot tell you which ones or how many germs. Someday all new homes will have them and will be very sophisticated. Do not worry about what the neighbors think. They may say they want one.
  It is simple to set up and ultra-light to carry to the entrance door, just pop it open. To use, place a chair and small table inside my Decontamination Pod. When you enter inside, zip it up the, sit down, place your cell phone and keys into the UV light Sanitizer pouch on the table, then zip it for decontamination.
  Then turn on the healthy negative ion generator. These millions of negative ions will blow out of the front of the machine to purify, disinfectant the air, your hair, and the outside of your clothes. Place your face in front of the machine to take a couple deep breathe of the ions to purify your nostrils and lungs. These ions cannot harm you in any way.

   Then take the Violet Ray device, twist the bottom to turn it on, then roll the purple glass electrode around your exposed skin, face, lymph nodes, and comb through your hair for a few minutes. Place the straight rod gently into your nostrils or around it

   Then use the Dr. Hulda Clark 9-Volt Zapper by holding the copper pipes in each hand for 3 minutes to kill germs. This whole decontamination process takes about 5 minutes.

   You should keep small garbage bags inside so you can take your shoes off and change your clothes. Then you can immediately place them in the washing machine or at least the dryer. So, keep fresh clothes in the pod.

  I will send you some disposable shoe foot covers to use before going out the door or in your car. Throw them away before walking in the house. I will send some plant-based biodegradable gloves so when you throw them away, you are not harming the environment.

Delivery of Boxes and Mail in the Decontamination Pod

Place your deliveries inside the Decontamination Pod. Place a sign on the outside of your pod to tell the delivery man to slip the packages inside. Keep your gloves by the front door and put them on before touching the boxes or the mail. Then you can spray them with your Oxine disinfectant and turn on the negative Ion generator for 20 up to an hour, that is up to you. Each time you go to the mailbox, wear your gloves, and bring your bottle of disinfectant, preferably with the solution of safe Oxine sanitizer, spray the envelopes and the mailbox. Amazon has, a gallon of Oxine for $27.00 it is safe for all humans and animals.

   My Decontamination Pad is easy to set up. It is 81 inches tall and 43 inches wide. It weighs only 4 pounds and has a U-shaped entrance easily zipper. It is easily folded down. It is a lightweight material that allows for a steady airflow and is wind and water resistant.
You can go to my website to see the video. I custom make this, Price is $240.00 plus shipping.

 So, I Caught Covid
  You have read what I would do if I were you to catch Covid. So, now I will tell you about my experience with it. We went 22 months without anyone in my house catching it. It was very upsetting and scary to everyone when it hit my home.
  January 14, 2022, I woke up this morning and felt so weak that I could barely walk to my kitchen to make my coffee. I was coughing with lung congestion, and I knew I had Covid because the day before, Izah, had tested positive for it. He had brought it because he had to work doing lawn maintenance. He and I are the only ones who are non-smokers. He had been coughing, fever, chills, body aches, sneezing, and was fatigued. Right away I took my temperature, and it was 100.9 degrees. I was very tired, and my Garmin body battery Fitbit said I was at a 35. Wow, that was very low, I am always in the high 80’s or 90's every morning. I had a home Covid test, and it showed, I was positive. Right away, I took the Dr. Bob Beck blood zapper, placed the two electrodes over the arteries on my wrist, and electrocuted my blood for a couple of hours. I then used my Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper for an hour session. After that, I got on my Tesla Body Energizer for a couple more hours to move out the die-off from the germs out of my lymphatic system. Also, to recharge my body with oxygen, voltage, and the magnetic field. I took my supplements and breathed throughout that day from the herbal bottle called “Inspirol”, a combination Edgar Cayce recommended for lung ailments. It has Oil of Eucalyptus, Tolu Balsam, Compound Tincture of Benzoin, Oil of Pine Needles, Rectified Oil of Turpentine, and Rectified Beechwood in a Grain Alcohol base. 
  I have seven elderly adults in my house, including myself. They are renters and are not holistic-minded at all. I was worried because they all have C.O.P.D from smoking. As for supplements, I took Blue-green algae, Quercetin, and Irish Moss capsules though out the day. I was sleepy and stayed in bed to sleep. After all these treatments, I felt better in the afternoon, so I retook my temperature, which was down to 99.9. and some of my energy came back. My body battery said I came up to a 50. I knew my machines did this for me.
  The next day I did the same thing with the machines and the supplements, and that afternoon my temperature went down to 98.9, and even more of my energy returned. Since that next day, I never had any symptoms other than mild, occasional coughing. The next day my temperature came down to 98.5. All my energy was back, and if it were not for my mild coughing, I would not even know that I was sick. I woke with my body battery showing I was at a 74, which I was relieved to see. I did stay in bed mostly the whole time and slept while being positive for only two more days. I was quarantined in my bedroom. On the fourth day, I tested negative. It was so frustrating after 22 months of us being quarantined in the house, now I am stuck in my bedroom. I felt like a prisoner, but I had to be careful because of all the people in my house. 
  I kept up with the zappers, my two hours a day on my Tesla Body Energizer. On my second day, I added the red-light nostril probes my nose for 30 minutes twice a day. Unfortunately, four people in my house tested positive on the day I tested negative. They all had a rough time with all the flu symptoms, unlike my mild ones, thanks to my machines. One person almost died. They did not use any of my devices because they are not holistic people, which frustrates me. It took two weeks for them to become negative. Unfortunately, we had taken down my decontamination pod because it seemed the flu was ending, but that was done too early.
  During my Covid, I ate asparagus daily, Kimchi cabbage, a few olives, some ginger, beef heart meat, Kale chips, and salad. I ate a lot of alkalizing food and live uncooked vegetables and fruits. So, you see, I did not do everything that I wrote I would do but what I did was certainly enough to pull me out of this quickly. I am blessed to have my knowledge and my machines.
I want to thank Kris for helping me through this experience. I love you.


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