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6th Wall of Antique Devices

tims, dr dave, proncess about tning forks 75.jpg
6th wall full slide
6th wall full slide

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6th antique upper shelf
6th antique upper shelf

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tuning slides
tuning slides

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6th wall full slide
6th wall full slide

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On top are three photos. who makes sound healing tables. Then Dr David and Heidi Flinchbaugh, Inventor and scientist. And, then My Precious Princess.

tuning ctstal red liht 85.jpg

Around the corner of the Pet Wall is a shelf with Tuning forks.  A 528hz Tuning Fork, The Human Organ Tuning Forks  and the 528Hz Love Tuner Whistle

The DNA 528 Hz Tuning Fork
The love frequency Tuning Fork This tuning fork emits the popular 528Hz frequency. This is known as the love and the DNA healing frequency. If you go to and search for this, you will see many videos on this frequency. So, if you wanted to start out buying only one tuning fork then it should be this one. You can hold it anywhere on your body for a session. Amazon Link $18.00 









And the Human Organ Tuning Forks.
The Organ Tuning Forks are a set of 15 forks, one for each of the major organs and essential parts of the physical body. These forks are tuned to the frequencies of healthy organ tissue.

 The frequencies were discovered by Barbara Hero & The International Lambdoma Research Institute. She passed sound waves through a healthy organ and calculated these frequencies using the speed of sound. Blood - E 321.9 Hz, Adrenals, Thyroid & Parathyroids - B 492.8 Hz, Kidneys - Eb 319.88 Hz, Liver - Eb 317.83 Hz, Bladder - F 352 Hz, Intestines - C# 281 Hz, Lungs - A 220 Hz, Colon - F 176 Hz, Gall Bladder - E 164.3 Hz, Pancreas - C# 117.3 Hz, Stomach - A 110 Hz, Brain - Eb 315.8 Hz, Fat Cells - C# 295.8 Hz, Muscles - E 324 Hz, Bone - Ab 418.3 Hz Amazon $159.00 And the book “ Tuning The Human Biofield” by Eileen Day Mcusick.
Amazon Link $     and the 528Hz Tuning Whistle

tuning crystal erd light 65.jpg
crystal bowl 67.jpg

On top of the Round Antique table is a Sound Therapy Crystal Singing Bowl
These bowls are used in yoga, meditation, healing, and in metaphysical centers. This orange frosted 11" bowl is the sacral chakra note D. This is the pleasure center around your navel area, your reproduction center. The purple frosted smaller 8” bowl is the crown chakra note B. This instills relaxation, mental clarity, reduces anxiety, and so much more. All the 7-chakra bowls are available on

   When the orange bowl came to me, I took it to Mark, sitting in his chair on the porch. I had him ring the bowl for a few minutes. Not long after, he started to cry. He asked me if this is what it was supposed to do. I said that frequency goes into your cells and makes you release emotions that you have bottled up, but it would not make everyone cry.

  One day, my friend Curtis and I went to a singing bowl workshop while in Milwaukee. The lady had many bowls that we got to ring while they sat before us. As soon as this class was over and we walked outside her house, Curtis vomited. We thought wow! Amazing that the sounds made you throw up, most likely releasing toxic stuff in your tummy, cool!!

   Kundalini Orgasm experience with the singing crystal bowls

 I had what is believed to be a Kundalini orgasm experience on stage in front of 50 people at a Holistic Convention one year. There was this man who sells those crystal quartzes singing bowls, and he was talking about them and giving demonstrations on their beautiful tones. He asked if there was anyone in the audience with pain. I did not raise my hand, but he pointed at me and said I keep seeing you fidgeting in your chair. I said Well, my back is bothering me a little. He said, come on up and sit in this chair. He had me take my shoes off, and he put both inside this very large orange crystal bowl that emits the note # D, which is for the sexual chakra. I did not know that at that point.

   He kneeled in front of the bowl on the floor in front of me. He then started to move the gong back and forth on the bowl so everyone could hear the tone. As soon as he started, my head flew backward, my hands gripped the sides of my chair, and I started to have extreme goosebumps all over my body. I felt this rush of energy roll up from my feet into my head. My eyes rolled back, and I started to scream, “ Oh God. Oh God”!

    The man was quiet while everyone listened to me and the bowl's sound. I said under my breathe to the audience that I was not having an orgasm, but my whole body was full of goosebumps. I do not think they believed me. I was conscious enough to feel embarrassed as I sounded like I was having an orgasm and goosebumps at the same time from the reaction to the bowl. This new sensation of pleasure lasted about 5 minutes when he stopped ringing the bowl. He told everyone that I had a rising of kundalini but had never had anyone who reacted that strongly before. I thought to myself. Figures!! He asked me if my back pain was gone, and I said, Oh Yes, it is gone. 

   I walked off the stage and sat down. I was embarrassed at the orgasm sounds I had been making. When he was finished with his talk, I went to see him at his booth. He was happy to see me and said he wished I were with him with all his talks. I asked how much is one of those bowls. He said $400.00 I have looked online over these past years and still see them at $400.00. 

red light 65.jpg

Also on the round table for you to try is the red light wrist device.
Red-light Laser Wrist 650nm Therapy Device
This adopts the principle of modern infrared light treatment; red light delivers non-thermal (non-heat) photons of light to the body. Place the red lights over the arteries of your wrist for purifying and energizing the blood. Red-light therapy has many benefits but having it go directly into your blood makes it even more powerful. You wear this for 30-minutes once or twice a day to reduce inflammation, sugar in the blood for Diabetics, reduce high cholesterol, improve the cerebral and cardiovascular system. This device makes the blood less sticky and improves blood circulation. I have seen proof of this with my microscope. You can also place it over the area of pain, swelling, cysts, swollen lymph nodes, or any area you need worked on. 

Testimonials I have seen or received by emails.

I had a sebaceous cyst on my hip that was going to need to be lanced but, on a lark, I decided to place the red light over it for 40 minutes instead of using the Energizer Health Tool or the Violet Ray. This gave me a chance to experiment with this device. 

When the red light automatically stopped, I noticed it felt better, and by the next day, it had shrunk completely. 

Also, I have had a couple of people tell me they received extra energy.

  I have done before and after live blood cell analysis with my own microscope and found like it says that the sticky clumpy blood before using this was unstuck and moving freely after wearing it for 40 minutes showing improved blood circulation.

If your friend or family member could benefit from it, say, let me just put this on your wrist for your pain, high blood pressure, or swelling, and let us see what happens. Go to my link to order 

antique wall 100.jpg

The 6th Wall of Antique Medical Devices
starting from left to right

antique shelf top 80.jpg

Top Wooden Shelf

uv  light 70 (1).jpg

Antique Ultra-Violet Lamp
A vintage Sun-Kraft cold quartz ultraviolet and ozone apparatus from the early 1940's. It was mostly used for skin problems.

dinshs65 (2).jpg

Dinsha Color Therapy Lamp
If you want to study color therapy, then buy the book “let There Be Light” by Darius Dinsha . It will show you where to buy the many different colored films, how to use them for ailments, and how to make the lamp. On my website there are experiments done with color therapy. This man was put in prison in the early 1900’s for healing people with color, google his name.

Whimshurst Wheel
Spin the handcrank to generate large sparks of lightning for use in various electrostatic experiments. Invented in 1880 by James Wimhurst, this generates high voltages. It has two large contra-rotating discs mounted in a vertical plane. It is not a healing device. Amazon Link $25.00

whimshurt70 (1).jpg
jaccobs 65.jpg

Jacobs Ladder
Here you can turn on the Jacobs ladder, but not touch it. You have seen these in Sci-Fi movies, especially the Frankenstein movies. This high voltage device is designed to show an electric arc that rises between two vertical conducting bars, which are placed close together at the bottom and narrow at the top. Once the arc reaches the top of the ladder, it vanishes, and another is generated at the bottom, and the cycle repeats. The approximate voltage between the electrodes is 15,000 volts.
   On Amazon is Mini DC Induction Jacobs Ladder High-Pressure arc. The PCB is customized and fixed according to the high voltage package, which is convenient to use. ZVS high voltage power supply is a welded product, and Jacobs ladder is a kit, which needs to be assembled by ourselves. The horn electrode is fixed on the base plate with insulator, and the base plate will never be damaged by the hot copper wire.  Products include ZVS high voltage power supply and Jacobs ladder.  This kit does not include power supply. You need to purchase switching power supply of more than 24 V and 150 W for power supply. They are dangerous and are not to be used as a healing device. Amazon Link $45.00


Leyden Jar Capacitor
Invented by German Ewald Kleist in 1745. The Leyden Jar is an antique electrical component that stores a high-voltage electric charge between electrical conductors inside and outside of a glass jar. This not a healing device, Amazon Link  $10.00

bagdad 65.jpg

Bagdad Battery as seen on Ancient Aliens created by Thomas Greenwell
 A Baghdad Battery can generate between 1 and 5 volts. It is not a lot of “juice” when you look at it, but then again, it was enough to power “something” small, thousands of years ago. These Batteries are unique, and most likely used in the pyramids in Egypt. This is not a healing device. If you want one, we make them for $75.00.

antique lower shelf 80 (1).jpg

Bottom Wooden Shelf

electreat 70.jpg

The Antique Electreat Roller
This stimulation device is an old tens unit. Tens units create a mild current of electricity. This is from the early 1900s and was used as a medical device. It is a roller for moving it around the body, and it is mainly used to relieve pain. However, it feels like a torture device because the current cannot be dialed down. Don’t bother with it if you have pain. It works on two D batteries. They are available on Ebay for around $50.00 I cannot use mine because it causes to much pain.

anthony rods70 (1).jpg

Pharaoh Cylinder Healing Rods
These are ancient Egyptian cylinders for recharging or restoring harmony of the body and soul. These bioenergetic tools effectively balance Yin and Yang energies, restore vitality, and achieve harmony of the mind. The Egyptian pharaohs would use these to ease mental, physical strain, to cleans and strengthen the aura. One rod is the Yin, made of Shungite (black) and the Yang cylinder (grey) is made of Talcochlorite. www.Anthony

antique kidder70.jpg

The Davis Kidder
Ari Davis (ca. 1811-1855) was a skilled American craftsman who received two patents in 1854. He described a machine for producing a magneto-electric battery used to heal people while holding on to the two electrodes. 

antique magneto and faraday materil70.jpg

Antique Faraday Battery
Electromagnetic induction was discovered in 1831 by Michael Faraday. He hypothesized that a changing magnetic field is necessary to induce a current in a nearby circuit. He made a coil by wrapping a paper cylinder with wire. He connected the coil to a galvanometer, and then moved a magnet back and forth inside the cylinder. This was used in healing by holding onto the two electrodes.       

Farady Material
This is special material protects you from harmful electromagnetic fields, EMF’s. You can use this material to place over your lap when you use your laptop computer or wrap it around your head under your hat. There are many ways to use this, just be creative.


Rainbow pod
radionic rainbow.jpg
second round table 66.jpg

On the wall above the sofa are photos and a video of the Rainbow PodMary's Healing Rainbow Pod more photos
Your body radiates the color frequencies of a rainbow. These colors come off your chakras, which creates your aura. When you are missing certain colors, this can have a harmful effect on the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. This Rainbow Pod can help replace those color frequencies. The stronger your aura is the healthier you are. The stronger your aura is the more protection you have from the environment. Inside this Rainbow Pod are four rainbow projectors that are aimed on your body. Also, there are colored lights strung up to enhance the colored frequencies as well as another projector of color that has the sounds of nature you can play while meditating or sleeping inside. It comes with an hour timer so the lights will turn off because they need to cool down. You can wait 20 minutes before resetting the timer.

   You can wear clothes or not, the effect will be the same. I have seen with my live aura imaging the power of this Rainbow Pod increasing the size of a person’s energy field with all their colors, enhancing all their chakras and health.
  This is a pop-up pod, so it is portable and very easy to put together. This has four rainbow light projectors that attach to the inside. You can sit or lay down. Dimensions: 6ft,5 inches long x 4ft,9 inches wide x 3ft,4 inches high, Weight of pod is 3.13 pounds.
  This also comes with a negative ion generator for not just air purify but to open your lungs and give you energy. Healthy negative Ions are very healing and energizing. When not in use in the pod, place the ion generator next to your bed while you sleep. It can help with breathing problems. Powerful Capacity, this Ion machine with Highest Output - up to 30 Million Negative Ions/Sec, 2 Million Positive Ions/Sec. Portable design makes it compact and lightweight. You can use the Ion machine virtually anywhere in your home, office, car, and enclosed workplace.180 Minute timer, if you want to buy it separately go to my Amazon link $114.00

   This also comes with Mary’s Healing Copper Screens to correct and balance your energy field. It is a powerful healing device with no electricity. You lay on the screens and hold the two copper pipes. Go to my website and read a lot more about the amazing Copper Screens and view a video on it. Or, you have already read about it back up on the 4th wall on the glass shelves.   Under the three healing tools I make. I need two weeks to make. $399.00     Plus Shipping


On the floor Under the White Marble CoffeeTable 

scalar device80.jpg

The Scalar Wave Device               On the left is the Scalar Wave device

   Back in the mid-1800s, James Clerk Maxwell first discovered Scalar Waves. Maxwell made great contributions in the field of mathematical physics. He formulated the theories of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields.
  Then Nikola Tesla advanced Maxwell’s findings and invented machines that proved the existence of scalar waves. Because of his great work in scalar waves, Nikola Tesla is generally considered as the father of scalar electromagnetics, so scalar waves are also called Tesla waves. Later on, the existence of scalar waves was acknowledged by Albert Einstein and led to the development of quantum physics.
  What are Scalar Waves? Scalar waves are called longitudinal waves, and they are created by a pair of identical waves that are 180 degrees out of phase with one another. They offer a special feature that is not described by Tesla in his patent, which focuses on the transport of energy. They can carry out lossless transmission of energy over and do not decay over time or distance. Also, scalar waves are able to convey information. This information can be from a healing substance. Additionally, Scalar Waves can also pass-through solid metal objects with no loss of power, transport energy without the need of wires and travel faster than the speed of light. 

tachyon 81.jpg

The Tachyon Device       On the right is the Tachyon device
A Time Machine, Tachyons (in real life) are superluminal particles.
They go faster than light, they go back in time. In practice they basically just go backwards (endpoint to source) rather than forwards. In The Flash, they seem to be some kind of energy linked to time travel and the speed force. Tachyons seem to exhibit some kind of energizing capability.
  Eobard Wells uses them to charge his cells, because they seem to act like an alternate energy source, They also seem to negate the gravity of a liquid but not the reactive force, causing things to go up instead of down. A tachyonic particle is a hypothetical particle that always travels faster than light. Physicists believe that faster-than-light particles cannot exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics. If such particles did exist, they could be used to send signals faster than light. According to the theory of relativity this would violate causality, leading to logical paradoxes such as the grandfather paradox. Tachyons would exhibit the unusual property of increasing in speed as their energy decreases.

These are my four framed certificates 
As we leave the Living room are my four framed certificates.
*Top left is my certificate of Ordination in the Order of Melchizedek, below that is my
*Certificate of complete for Reiki 11


*Certificate from the Stratford Career Institute in Natural Health Consultant
*Certificate from the Herbal Healing Academy Inc

Beamer 74.jpg
my frmed certificate80.jpg

Now lets go to my dining room for a Beamer session

Here you can lay on my sofa while recieving a treatment Here you can lay on this sofa for an eight-minute session with The Beamer. This healing machine creates healthy circulation that is vital to optimal health. Stimulating healthy muscles and temporarily increasing blood circulation in healthy muscles is the primary goal of BEMER, to support muscular health and optimize performance. The device uses a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. The Beamer can enhance • Oxygen Delivery• Local Blood Flow• Muscle Conditioning• Recovery
• Performance• Physical Fitness• Muscular *Strength• Endurance & Energy• Vitality & Well-Being
• Stress Reduction & Relaxation. Contact me if you are interested in buying one. I do not sell it but can out you in contact with who does.

angel mark 94.jpg
angel mark violet.jpg

This is my “Wings of an Angel” healing device.
  This beautiful 6ft female angel is a device to improve your health by the many healing devices incorporated into her. When you stand inside her arms, you step barefoot on an electronic tens type mat for improving circulation to the legs. Then you are within her field which emits chakra colors. In her wings are rainbow projectors for rainbow therapy. Lastly for five minutes, you will hold onto a violet glass electrode that emits high-frequency, ozone, a magnetic field, and you’re your cellular voltage charged up with energy. Her wings also emit the 528Hz frequency for healing and balancing. While you are receiving this angelic healing, you will listen to Margo sing her beautiful angel songs. Go to my website to see my video. I sell these to Wellness centers, and other business, so people can use her while in the waiting room. I also sell them to lay people.
She is quit the center piece. I custom make this angel Price $    plus shipping


My Arm and Leg Bouncer Invention coming soon
This is my “Bouncing Arm and Foot” circulation device.
  This is for improving blood flow while sitting or lying in your bed. People who are sedentary can use this to increase their blood circulation while sitting in a chair watching Tv, while using their laptop or even on a plane flight. Unfold it, place on the floor in front of you, place both feet on top of the strong rubber bands and you are ready to bounce your legs up and down at the same time or one by one. This is called passive exercising.
  You can use in while in your chair by placing it to the table next to you, place your arm on and bounce. This will improve your arm and hand circulation.
  You can lay it on your bed to improve circulation to your arms and feet. Start out a couple minutes a day and work yourself up. I custom make this, go to my website to watch the video. Price $                       plus shipping


dining room 73.jpg

Here you can see my other books on electricity and the body.


Now lets go outside into my backyard

pryramid website.jpg
pyramid backyard.jpg

In my backyard is my 7ft copper pyramid
you can meditate inside and get a before aura and during and after aura photo.

Telsa Tapestries Photo Opt
Here are three large Nikola Tesla Tapestries that you can have your photo or video taken with your cellphone or mine. These three large tapestries of Nikola Tesla are 8 ft x 6 ft that hang for photo opts. You sit or standing next to him. 

real tesla white bulb.jpg
tesla jr white bulb.jpg

This is an example of my young friend made up to look like young Tesla. This photo on the left is the famous Nikola Tesla holding a large white light bulb that he used in his experiments. The photo on the right is my 12 years old friend, Thomas Greenwell Jr.  We put a fake mustache on him and put him in a black coat. I have a similar bulb that Tesla had, that we lit up for an amazing recreation. We can do this for if you like.

bobble head 56.jpg

On the way out flick the Nikola Tesla Bobble Head for good ideas

front door gift 50.jpg

Now the tour has ended. I hope you come visit me soon. As you leave take the free gift inside the Tesla bag hanging on the door

At The entrance of my front door is My Decontamination Pod  

This is used to decontaminate people, mail, and packages before entering your house. This way, you and your family are safe from any pathogens. You will be purified and have killed germs; however, I cannot tell you which ones or how many germs. Someday all new homes will have them and will be very sophisticated. Do not worry about what the neighbors think. They may say they want one, and it can be taken down easily. I sell them so contact me if you want one.
In the Pod you place a chair and small table inside that you supply.

   When you enter you sit down, place your cell phone and keys into the UV light Sanitizer pouch on the table, then zip it for decontamination. Then turn on the healthy negative ion generator. This will purify and disinfectant the air. Then take the high-frequency violet ray machine, twist the bottom to turn it on, then roll it around on your skin, face, lymph nodes, around your nose and comb through your hair for a few minutes.

   Then use the Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper by holding the copper pipes in each hand for 3 minutes to kill germs. Then open the top of the bottle called Herbal Breathing and take three breaths. One into each nostril and the last breath through the mouth for an antiseptic into your lungs. The whole decontamination process is about 4 minutes long.

   You should keep small garbage bags inside so you can take your shoes off and change your clothes. Then you can immediately place them in the washing machine or at least the dryer. So, keep fresh clothes in the pod.

  I will send you some disposable shoe foot covers to use before going out the door or in your car. Throw them away before walking in the house in the pod. I will send some plant-based biodegradable gloves so when you throw them away, you are not harming the environment. I will send you info where to get more if you like.  Watch the video on my website.

I will send you along with the pod the UV bag to your keys and cellphone, The Dr. Hulda Clark 9-volt zapper, the handheld Violet Ray device, the ozone machine, herbal breathing bottle, and the UV light and the healthy negative ion device.

Dimensions;24.02"L x 24.02"W x 2.99"H   Weight; of pod is 3 pounds

Price $250.00 plus shipping

Delivery of Boxes and Mail

Place your deliveries inside the Decontamination Pod. Place a sign on the outside of your pod to tell the delivery man to slip the packages under the plastic. Keep your gloves by the front door and put them on before touching the boxes or the mail. Then you can spray them with your disinfectant and turn on the Healthy Negative Ion Machine for 20minutes to an hour, that is up to you. Throw away the gloves in a garbage bag inside the pod. Each time you go to the mailbox, wear your gloves, and spray with a disinfectant the envelopes and the mailbox

Contact Rev. Mary at 321-525-2511  Email me at

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