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                                Top Devices I Recommend
         I make and sell some of these healing devices
I know you can be confused of which devices you would like to own so, I have narrowed it down to what I know are the most effective. These top ten cover everything you need for optimal health. Here is ozone, magnetic, far-infrared, charging up the cells with voltage, millions of frequencies, cleaning the lymphatic system, color, subtle energy, healthy water and killing germs by zapping them with electricity.

   Firstly, you need at least one self-diagnostic device to test yourself before and after any therapy. These are three I recommend.











1. Meridian Health Analyzer

Test the energy levels of each organ to see which is too low, too high, what raises it, and lowers the organ levels. This can diagnose the change of physical energy in your organs. It gives your health status reports by measuring the human body resistance value of 24 acupuncture points. This is important because it tells you the energy level of each of your organs. This is important because it tells you the energy level each organ on a graph and then shows an increase after using any kind of therapy. Example before and after the Tesla Body Energizer  has always shown an increase in organ energy levels This testing only takes 5 minutes to complete testing for human being health, bases on meridian theory of TCM. 1.List of meridian, 2. Histogram report Test energy levels of each organ, 3. Detection Organ Level Report Very Important, 4.Meridian analysis, 5. Beauty report, 6. Five lines of figure, 7. Physical symptom, 8. Experts suggest

Unfortunately, right now as of 2022 It is only sold in bulk from China but google, “ Chinese Meridian Health Analyzer” and see if it comes up. It should be around $200 but very worth it.











2. Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Test for the health of organs, heavy metals, chemicals, and 45 more tests. Scan the body in one minute. This Bio-feedback software measures heavy metals, chemicals, vitamin levels, and energy levels of each organ. I cannot verify the accuracy, so you would have to do that yourself. This provides you with 48 different reports in Spanish and English. When our health is not in good condition, our body will automatically give out certain alarms. This device will simply detect your suboptimal health so that you can start taking steps towards fixing it. Scan your health in 60 seconds. This Hi-Tech Quantum Analyzer is capable of taking accurate readings of your body at a cellular level in just one minute, and it’s completely painless.
   With only ten or so cells of pathological change, the analyzer can capture the pathological changes of cells and predict the precursor of disease. By taking health-care actions at this moment, you will be enabled to effectively prevent the various chronic diseases that might be putting your health at risk. I have done before and after the testing with the Energizer Health Tool and have seen improvements showing some accuracy with this Biofeedback. This way you can keep track of your own health.  I think you might find it around $100.00 on Ebay









The Garminvivo4 FitBit “Body Battery”

This fitbit will measure the usual oxygen, blood pressure, steps, ect, but I want you to get it for the measuring of the “Body Battery”. At any given time, you can see your energy level and see what you can do to raise it. See what your body battery measures when you wake up, during the day and before going to bed, while your sick, after exercising or after using one of my healing devices.  

 Mine and my friends are always around 80 to 100 percent when we wake. It normally starts to drop a while later, by the afternoon it could be in the 50’s and before bed sometimes its only at 30 to 15 percent. I believe it is important to keep track of your body battery. Not only try a healing tool like the Energizer Health Tool to see if it raises but take electrolytes as well. Experiment with it.

   Accent your style while enhancing your fitness with our vivosmart 4 activity tracker. This slim, swim-friendly wearable comes loaded with fitness and wellness features to help you make the most of a healthier, more active lifestyle. It monitors heart rate estimates at the wrist and includes helpful tools such as all-day stress tracking, a relaxation breathing timer, VO2 max and activity timers for walks, runs, strength training, pool swims and more. A wrist-based Pulse Ox estimate sensor lets you check blood oxygen saturation anytime during the day — or turn it on while you sleep. Plus, Body Battery energy monitoring helps you know when you’re primed to be active or when you may need to rest. Safe for the pool or shower, vivosmart 4 keeps you going strong with up to 7 days of battery life (excluding Pulse Ox sleep tracking) — while smart notifications with vibration alerts help you stay connected on the go (when paired with a compatible smartphone) 
Amazon about  $95.00                                                            








Here Starts the Healing Devices I recommend

The Tesla Body Energizer,
   This is my number one healing machine
For all disease and pain, energy, mental clarity, increased athletic performance, detoxification, blood circulation, maintenance. Used all for serious diseases; Lyme, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Gangrene, Sexual dysfunction, Shingles, Diabetes and used for all disease and chronic pain.

This is the best and quickest healing machine ever. We used to make this for many years and sold them to lay people and wellness centers around the world. However, we do not make them anymore because of retirement, but I will direct you to who does now..

After 27 years of testing many different devices for reversing illness and pain, by far, this has always been the one that gets the quickest and best results. It is all the machines rolled up in one. It emits millions of frequencies, puts ozone inside you to kill pathogens, adds oxygen, is a pulsing magnetic field, emits infra-red, and is the most powerful detox machine because of its increasing circulation. It reverses all kinds of illness and pain. Every cell has a tiny battery in it that holds your milli-volts. It has positive and negative charges. When that battery's voltage becomes low from stress, injury, or disease, it will have difficulty working properly. This device charges the cells back up just like a battery charge, such as when you plug in your cell phone. Cancer is -15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is -50 Millivolts, and a normal cell is from -70 to -100 Millivolts. This device powers the voltage back up in those cells so the chemical, hormonal, and enzyme processes can work properly. I have studied healing machines of all kinds, such as frequency machines, zappers, color, sound, magnetic, energy, subtle energy, infrared, acupuncture machines, Edgar Cayce devices, and Tesla Machines that use Electro-therapy to give the body the power to heal itself. This Tesla Body Energizer  has been the best of them all through my research. It is all the machines rolled up in one.                                                  

 People have reported great benefits with Diabetes, People with abnormal cells, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, paralysis, gangrene, edema, heart con, severe back pain, and so much more. The Tesla Body Energizer creates more oxygen in the blood because it ozonates the tissues.   Oxygen is a nutrient: you can live only a couple of minutes without it. Food, supplements, and water, you can last days without it. Also, harmful germs cannot live in a high-oxygenated state, and ozone is a germicide. This amazing device acts as a cellular massage. This can create a more balanced alkaline state, disease lives in a highly acidic state when the body becomes more PH balance it can regenerate to normal health.
CLick here to read more,  see testimonials and before & after tests

I do not make them any more but I can direct you to who does Order here
Price $1895.00
Call Mary at 321-525-2511 Or

20221107_100123 (1).jpg
energizer pink socks.jpg
enhancer izah (2).jpg
mini 9-volt zapper from ebay 50.jpg

Dr. Clark 9-Volt Zapper

   This is the zapper that killed my Lyme disease in 2 weeks. This simple device kills pathogens with a minute direct current. This kills viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites in your body that steals your energy. This device is part of what started my business of healing people with machines. This was done by holding onto 2 copper pipes for a session each day for 2 weeks. It also saved my life from a staph infection in an hour.
  First buy her book “The Cure For All Disease” by Dr Hulda Clark. Go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.The Hulda Clark Zapper is a simple electronic device for killing bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms. For those who may not have heard of Dr. Hulda Clark, she had an earned PhD in physiology, so she was a classically trained biomedical researcher. She did a lot of research on using frequencies to detect microorganisms and destroying them.

​ She invented a very simple device called a “9-volt Zapper” that runs on a 9-volt battery. It uses two simple, electrodes which are typically made from short lengths of copper pipe. It produces approximately 30 Hz output that only has the positive half of the wave cycle. The signal never goes negative, so it is really just a series of positive pulses which is half of a wave.

​ Although people frequently confuse zappers with Rife machines, zappers work on a completely different set of principles. Dr. Hulda Clark’s original theory was that most pathogens have a negative charge and that the positive pulses can destroy them.
I do not sell them, google “ Dr. Hulda Clark 9-Volt Zapper”
. They range from $50 on up on Ebay.

Beamer 74.jpg
Beamer drawing50.jpg

The Beamer
This healing machine creates healthy circulation that is vital to optimal health. Stimulating healthy muscles and temporarily increasing blood circulation in healthy muscles is the primary goal of BEMER, to support muscular health and optimize performance. The device uses a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. The Beamer can enhance • Oxygen Delivery• Local Blood Flow• Muscle Conditioning• Recovery• Performance• Physical Fitness• Muscular *Strength• Endurance & Energy• Vitality & Well-Being• Stress Reduction & Relaxation. Contact me if you are interested in buying one. I do not sell it but can out you in contact with who does. Email me at

tesla copper screen 75.jpg
Bobbie with neck pain.jpg

This is Bobby with a neck pain on his right side, notice the aura is gone.


After 20 a minute session he has a powerful red energetic aura for healing. He said his neck pain was gone.

My Tesla Copper Healing Plates

   Here you can lay on my sofa and get a 30-minute session to show you how healing this is.
There are two books written about the power of this simple healing tool.
I have seen excellent results for people in 20 minutes to relieve migraines, illness, and pain. Edgar Cayce states that when the aura accumulates in one area, this can cause pain and disease. He explains that these screens circulate the aura by moving the stuck energy. For example, if you have a migraine, it is because there is too much energy that has accumulated over the head. The Tesla Copper Healing Plates will move that down and balance the energy. I have added a feature: you can open the top of the copper pipes to place inside any substance so your chakras can absorb the vibration of that substance, such as pot, CBD, vitamins, herbs, crystals, gemstones, and essential oils or  crystals.
  You can place the screens against your flesh or wear light cotton clothing. You can sit on the screen and lean back on the upper screen or lay in bed with one screen under the small of your
back and the other under your neck.
  You can connect two people to share energies. If you have two s
ets of the copper plates. You can use them to energize the weaker one
who is tired or ill. The weaker person will take energy from the healthy one and
use it for healing. If both are both are healthy, then they will charge
each other. Studies were done with placing up to 6 people together
in a circuit, giving one sick person a powerful energy boost. 

raw powered White Quartz, Violet Amethyst, Dark Blue Lapis lazuli, Light Blue Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Green Malachite, Yellow Citrine, Orange Carnelian, Red Jasper and Black Grounding Obsidian

                          My Tesla Copper Healing Plates Testimonials.

    Hi Mary, I think it would be better to call you to tell you about my experience with Mary’s Healing Copper Plates. It has been great. I am getting a little more sleep and hope to do even better after a while. It gives me a little more stamina but so much so that I wasn't able to go to sleep until 2:30 am. I just laid on it for 15 min. Instead of 20 and I went back to sleep. I can regulate it that way, Isn't that something? My blood pressure has been down also, and one day it went up, and I just got out the healing Screens and laid on them for a few minutes and took my BP, and it went back down. I love it, thanks to you. I still think about what a Dear, Sweet girl you are, and I brag about you every chance I get. Love you so much, Jeanne   

    Dear Mary, thank you for the Healing Copper Plates. I have been using them for 2 days, and they really work so well for me. I have had neck pain that seems to want to stay with me. But I used the Copper Healing Plates, and it's gone, and my hips are better too. I feel so relaxed too. Thank you., Many blessings, Susan

    Hi Mary, I woke up with a cold/flu and 101 fever when everyone was getting sick in the winter months. I laid down on my copper plates, and within 5 minutes, I could feel a cooling feeling in my body as if someone had turned on the air conditioning inside me. It felt very strange but good. In 30 minutes on the plates, I got up and retook my temperature. I was amazed to see it was down a whole degree and a half. Marty

    Hello Mary, I wanted to tell you that the aching pain in my hands and arms has stopped. When I lay on the Plates, I wind up falling asleep. I started with 15 minutes, and now I go up to 30 for each session. Sometimes I forget to move them first, I just pass out. The planes and other outside noises do not seem to affect me as much at night now. I have noticed my stamina and energy levels are better. Even when I stay up late, I can still get up early and keep going. It seems I've a built-in alarm clock I never knew about. I wake up between 6:45-7am every morning. This heat has been unbearable, but surprisingly, I am dealing with it better. This may sound crazy, but I have noticed my chin is toning up, and my neck looks better. I suppose it's the bio circuits as I'm not doing anything else different. I don't even know where my garlic is to take it. But the mosquitoes are not bothering me either thank God, Thank You, Mary Lou

    Hi Mary, The Mary’s Healing Copper Plates continues to produce good subtle results. I often experience a pleasant ripple effect through my body. I place lavender oil inside the handle for the vibration. This gives me deep sleep with intense dreams. However, the most significant thing is its effect on my symptoms of anxiety and stress. Since using the circuit, my own symptoms of visual snow have reduced significantly, almost back to pre-stress levels. I believe this highlights the ability of the Plates to bring the body back into balance and enable it to heal itself. That’s all I have for now, but I will let you know if and when further changes happen. Omar.

    Below is my first ever testimonial I got when a girlfriend came over with shoulder pain that she had had for weeks. I had her lay down in my guest bedroom on the Healing Copper Plates. Within 10 minutes, she said she felt tingling going down her arm. I said stay on them for another 10 minutes. After the session, she said all her pain was gone; weeks later, she said it stayed gone. I had taken an aura photo before and after her using the copper plates. You can see the aura photos on my website. It shows a much stronger aura afterward, proving increased circulation. To order email or call me Price $120.00  Oder Here

   My Healing Rainbow Pod
Your body radiates the color frequencies of a rainbow. These colors come off your chakras, which creates your aura. When you are missing certain colors, this can have a harmful effect on the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. This Rainbow Pod can help replace those color frequencies. The stronger your aura is the healthier you are. The stronger your aura is the more protection you have from the environment. Inside this Rainbow Pod are four rainbow projectors that are aimed on your body. Also, there are 18 colored tap puck lights. There is a projector of color that has the sounds of nature you can play while meditating or sleeping inside. 

   You can wear clothes or not, the effect will be the same. I have seen with my live aura imaging the power of this Rainbow Pod increasing the size of a person’s energy field with all their colors, enhancing all their chakras and health.
  This is a pop up, so it is portable and very easy to put together. This has four rainbow light projectors that attach to the inside so you can aim the rainbow lights where you like.
 It also 
comes with a healthy negative ion generator for not just air purify but to open your lungs and give you energy. Healthy negative Ions are very healing and energizing. When not in use in the pod, place it next to your bed while you sleep. It can help with breathing problems.

   You can wear clothes or not, the effect will be the same. I have seen with my live aura imaging the power of this Rainbow Pod increasing the size of a person’s energy field, enhancing all the chakras.
It also comes with a Zero Point Energy Wand for balancing the energ
y field.
This also comes with my Tesla Crystal Herbal Cushion to lay your head on for emtal clarity.

 This Rainbow Light therapy technology. The 7 Colors can affect not only your skin needs but your health as well.

Violet; stimulates the crown chakra, your brain issues, and the Pineal gland

Blue light: Stimulates the Pituitary gland     

Softer blue light: Stimulates the Thyroid gland

Green light: Stimulates the Thymus gland, balances the heart.

Yellow light: stimulates the pancreas and the adrenal glands, replenishes cellular energy, and help with stomach problems such

Orange Stimulates lymphatic, metabolism, ovaries, testes, and is used for sexual issues.

Red light: Stimulates the Leyden gland, growth of collagen, improves blood circulation and grounding to the Earth.

   This device transfers rainbow light energy into cellular energy. This helps with improving overall health. Healing with color can be powerful. When the color hits your chakras, it will go throughout every cell for charging and healing. You can be muscle tested while inside and see how it makes you stronger. 

This is a pop up, so it is portable and very easy to put together. This has four rainbow light projectors that attach to the inside. You can sit or lay down.
  Dimensions: 6ft,5 inches long x 4ft,9 inches wide x 3ft,4 inches high,

Weight of pod is 3.13 pounds.

I custom make this Rainbow Pod   PLace Order Here
Click here to see more photos and Info 

tesla water maker 78 for website.jpg

My Tesla Water Maker
This small but powerful Tesla Coil emits electricity, a magnetic field, and millions of frequencies as well as sub-harmonic frequencies. Testing shows it raises the alkalinity PH properties of the water from acidic water, which is unhealthy, to a higher alkaline value which improves over health. It would help if you were more alkaline, which would help you have a healthy body and a strong magnetic field. 

   The water absorbs millions of frequencies to help replace any missing ones. This comes with a glass that holds a cup of water. Why only a cup? Because when the 3-minute session of charging the water is over; those frequencies will not hold much longer. So, it needs to be drank within fifteen minutes to receive all the benefits. Go to my website to order or call or email me with any questions. This comes with a 3-minute timer and will automatically turn off. This is not available anywhere except on my website. Price $250.00  PLace order here

tesla orgone 67 (1).jpg
orgone blanket.jpg
herbal cushion yellow.jpg

This is the aura of my orgone blanket, notice the photo next to it is me sitting on my Orgone Cushion. I now have the same aura as the cushion for healing.

My Tesla Crystal Orgone Cushion and Blanket

  This Orgone cushion is infused with orgone energy. This aura photo shows red, orange, and yellow in its energy field. This shows how it can stimulate the lower chakras or, the lower physical body. This cushion interestingly has the energy field of a young child, which is full of energy and will stimulate your CHI. Plus, there are benefits such as improving circulation, which helps with pain, getting the lymph flowing, and assimilating oxygen, and releasing toxins.
    Wilhelm Reich claimed to have discovered this life energy he called "orgone" back in the 1930s. He claimed that the universal energies accumulate in the cushion and could cure all ailments. Orgone blankets are being used in hospitals in Japan. The orgone material acts as a conductor of your body’s bioelectricity, stimulating your acupuncture points and improving CHI or Life Energy flow.

 Have a friend muscle test your strength while laying or sitting on it. Lay on your back and hold your arm straight up. Have your friend try to push your arm back down to your side. Then put the blanket over you and redo this test. You will find your arm will not go down as easily as without the blanket over you. You will find the blanket gives you more strength.
  Testimonial: This woman called me who bought the orgone blanket. She said after two weeks, she no longer has hip pain from using the blanket. I said Great, I am sure the blanket is improving your blood flow while you sleep and keeping your chi moving.               

This has taken extensive research to find these frequencies emitting from this cushion, that has been proven by an electromagnetic (Aura) camera. This is an aura photo of a seat cushion I bought for this experiment. I placed inside certain healing energizing items, some charged with my Tesla Coil, that I had tested with my aura camera and saw they all emitted the color red individually. Red is the strongest energy giving color to the body, the root chakra. I took the photo of the cushion before and saw no aura. After I placed everything inside, I retook this aura photo. Now there’s an amazing powerful red aura. This shows why when people buy these from me and use them at work that they have more energy to get through the day or their eyes don’t get so tired. It should be used while driving for more alertness.

heavy. You will be amazed. The cushion improves circulation immediately; it’s like an instant battery charge. Try this with your friends and family, it will blow their minds. I can make one for you or send me a cushion or you can bring your own cushion. Each cushion will be different from the next because they are custom made.
Muscle testing (Kinesiology) proves this.
To see an immediate energy difference is easy to prove.
Just sit on a chair without the cushion and lift the heavy books piled on top of each other on your lap. Get a feel for the weight by lifting them up and down slowly a few times, then have someone place the energy cushion on the back of the chair and sit back against it.  Then lift the books slowly and down, see how they feel lighter. Pull the cushion away, lift the books up and down again slowly and see how they are heavy.
  Place order here
I custom make this cushion for $70.00 and an Orgone blanket 4ft x 6ft for $300.00.

herbal aura cushion.jpg

My Tesla Herbal Crystal Magnetic Cushion
This has taken extensive research to find these frequencies emitting from this cushion, that has been proven by an electromagnetic (Aura) camera. This is an aura photo of the seat cushion I bought for this experiment. I placed inside certain healing energizing items, charged with my Tesla Coil, that I had tested with my aura camera and saw they all emitted the color red individually. Red is the strongest energy giving color to the body, the root chakra. I took the photo of the cushion before and saw no aura. After I placed everything inside, I retook this aura photo. Now there’s an amazing powerful red aura. This shows why when people buy these from me and use them at work that they have more energy to get through the day or their eyes don’t get so tired. It should be used while driving for more alertness.








This Aura Photo is of the Tesla Herbal Crystal Magnetic Cushion

 You can see the calming pink, blue, and violet colors this cushion emits

Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) proves this.
To see an immediate energy difference is easy to prove.
Just sit on a chair without the cushion and lift the heavy books piled on top of each other on your lap. Get a feel for the weight by lifting them up and down slowly a few times, then have someone place the energy cushion on the back of the chair and sit back against it.  Then lift the books slowly and down, see how they feel lighter. Pull the cushion away, lift the books up and down again, now they are heavy. You will be amazed. The cushion improves circulation immediately; it’s like an instant battery charge. Try this with your friends and family, it will blow their minds. I can make one for you or send me a cushion or you can bring your own cushion. Each cushion will be different from the next because they are custom made. I can make the cushion as big as you like.
I custom make either one for $70.00
Place order here

herbal calmin cushion.jpg
alan calming cushion 70.jpg

Notice how Alan has the same aura while sitting on the cushion

This is my session using my eight healing devices, with a friends photo inside the antenna receiving the healing frequencies.


This my radionic session to end the Ukraine war, with Putin inside the copper antennae.
I have eight energies such as, "Stop the war", "Heal Ukraine", "Putin, Stop the war", "Save the people", "Save the children", "Stop the missiles", "Tanks go back to Russia", and "Send back Russian troops".

My Radionic Plate 

This is a one-of-a-kind radionic plate that came to me from a man in my dream. This 12”x 12” plate that has a copper antenna in the middle for transmitting the energy frequencies to the subject. Place inside the antenna one to three photos, hair, or write the name of the subject. Then you can place a crystal, a color, herbs or write what the subject needs for healing. You can also place it on top of any of the healing devices photos.
  These photos of the eight machines will also send their energy to the subject. The photos are of the Energizer Health Tool, the Edgar Cayce Violet Ray, the Iteracare Health Blower, the Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper, the Bio Energy Tuner, the Crystal singing bowl, the Nikola Tesla Coil, the crystal singing bowl and the Swing Chi machine. Each one of these devices are explained in the book and will come with a flyer of why I picked these devices out of 90 in my collection. To read more about how this man and his son showed me how to make this in my dream,  To learn more about Radionics go to google.

My Radionic Plate That was Given To Me In My Dream
On March 8th 2022, I was sound to sleep when an elderly man with white hair and his 12 year old son with blonde hair appeared to show me something they created and wanted me to make. The father stood in the background while the son was so happy to show the wooden plate that looked about 12” x 12”. It had what looked like a cherry stain with polyurethane on top of it. In the middle had a copper antenna wounded with two points coming off the top. To the corner was a picture of my invention called The Bio Energy Tuner glued to it. All the sudden I realized what this was so I smiled and screamed to the man “ Oh, This Is A Radionics”. Then I woke up with the whole schematics in my head and drew it on a piece of paper. Later I took a nap and meditated on this and received more information how on to build it. This is when I saw the pictures of my other machines on it with a copper wire connected from them to the antenna.










My service is $ 30.00 if you want me to do this for you.
I custom make My Radionic Plate $80.00  Plus Shipping PLACE ORDER HERE

My Radionic Plate from dream.jpg
pendant white shelf 111.jpg

These are example of what you can have put on the front of the pendant or you can send me one, even a photo. The blue light is when the Schumman frequency is turned on. The photo on the upper left is the back of the pendant with a magnet, the shungite disk and my Tesla charged crystals. The upper right is my personal pendant. Wear it for alot of extra energy.

My 7.83Hz Schumann Magnetic Shungite Raw Crystal Tesla Pendant
This is a One-Of-A-Kind Pendant. The Schumann wave can help create a relaxed atmosphere, making people calm, improve sleeping quality, relieve fatigue, and restore physical and mental health. The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's Electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. Wear it as a necklace, place it in your pocket or place it on the laptop while working at the computer for EMF protection. When muscle testing, you will see how physically stronger you are when it is turned on   

   The Schumann frequency is the pulse of Mother Earth, the heartbeat from the electromagnetic field. Earth has been pulsating exactly at 7.83 Hz for thousands of years, but now it has been rising dramatically since 2017. We have seen it go up as high as 158HZ. It fluctuates, but what is this going to mean for our future? How it will affect all living things on Earth.
   This has a magnetic field, the Shungite stone for extra energy and the 7 raw Tesla powdered Crystals that he talked about, for even more added energy. Raw powered White Quartz, Violet Amethyst, Dark Blue Lapis lazuli, Light Blue Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Green Malachite, Yellow Citrine, Orange Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Black Grounding Obsidian. When muscles testing, it make you stronger and more balanced.
  You can pick out on the internet what you want on the front of the pendant.

I custom make this beautiful healing energizing pendant $145.00  PLACE ORDER HERE

tesla socks 30 (2).jpg

My Tesla Socks
Oct 4, 2022, I had a psychic reading from Margo today. As usual it was amazing and I’m only going to tell you a few things she said. She told me Nikola Tesla has come through to tell me that when he was alive, he had taken seven raw crystals, and grounded them into powder.  Then he sewed them into a pouch and sewn that to a pair of socks, where the arch would be for the foot. These frequencies would stimulate all the organs. He said that most people are not aware of how important their feet are to the whole body.
  I giggled and told her “OH MY GOD” before getting out of bed this morning
I had thoughts of asking Mark to grind up those same crystals to place inside my Tesla Herbal Magnetic Cushion that I sell. I am making one for my nephew for his birthday coming up soon because he is a truck driver, and this would help him have more energy and mental alertness while driving. Margo said he wanted me to open the top of my crown chakra for more communication with him. And, to meditate for contact with him. These are the raw powdered gemstones he mentioned to her. Raw powered White Quartz, Violet Amethyst, Dark Blue Lapis lazuli, Light Blue Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Green Malachite, Yellow Citrine, Orange Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Black Grounding Obsidian. When muscles testing, they make you strong and balanced. Now I make these socks for sale at $30.00 a pair.  PLACE ORDER HERE

My Tesla Magnetic Bracelet 
This is a Tesla Magnetic Bracelet that I created to wear around your wrist or ankle. This will give you more energy while you wear it. You will need to measure the inches around your wrist or ankle and tell me the size you need for the bracelet. Price $ 25.00  PLACE ORDER HERE

arm leg bouncer close up.jpg
arm leg bouncer just arm.jpg

My Arm leg Bouncer
  This is bouncer is called passive aerobic exercising. I created this to help people with neuropathy, people with diabetes, gangrene, any type of limb circulation problems and for people who cannot exercise.
  This is for improving blood flow while sitting or lying in your bed. People who are sedentary can use this to increase their blood circulation while sitting in a chair watching Tv, or while using their computer. By placing your feet or arms on the bouncer and lightly pushing the foot pads up and down your blood flow in your legs all the way down to your toes will improve, as well as the rest of the circulation throughout your body. There is no pressure on your joints. By increasing your exercise, you are also increasing your electrical power to your cells as well as getting more oxygen into the cells.
  I have added the 7.83Hz Schumann Frequency Generator. This is between the foot pads and will give your body extra physical energy. This is proven by muscle testing. You can see this video on my website. The 7.83Hz is the Earth’s frequency, a healthy signal frequency.
  You can lay it on your bed to improve circulation to your arms and feet. Place your calves on the pads and bounce.  I custom make this, go to my website to watch the video. Price $165.00      PLACE ORDER HERE                 
  If your elderly and have health issues you should go to Amazon or the drug store and get a blood pressure cuff and oxygen meter to keep track of your progress.

vr modern 70.jpg

The Tesla Violet Ray Device

Here I will turn it on so you can feel the power

My purple aura is before my session with the Tesla Violet Ray, the briliant aura is me after five minutes.

​ This High-frequency Device" is a miniature version of the Tesla Body Energizer and the modern version of the one from the 1950s. This is a small portable version and lightweight so that you can take this with you anywhere for healing. This tool is a Lymphatic drainage device that can detox heavy metals and chemicals from the body. In addition, it replaces any missing harmonics and magnetic field elements to the body energy field, unsticks blood red blood cells while improving circulation, and introduces ozone to add oxygen to the blood. This portable device can be used in house therapy for improvement in sports medicine, reversing pain, and cosmetology.

​   During the procedure, the weak impulse of high voltage alternating electric
current affects the skin surface without hurting bio structures of tissues.
This procedure is caused by the activation of micro circulation, broadening the arteries and capillaries of the skin, and subcutaneous cellulose. At the same time, activity of the venous system improves, and swollen tissues tend to decrease.

  Promotes Energy by charging up the cells and draining the lymph, moving toxic blood out.

WOW, now my aura is charged with a lot of energy, wow!

Different units have various electrodes like the orange neon gas or violet argon gas electrode. 

​This can help with Lupus, cancer, diabetes, and all disease!!!!

Skin diseases such as eczema, herpes, blackheads, burns, frostbite, bruises,
and speeds recovery time from injuries. It can help with air passage diseases,
trachea infection, bronchitis, and asthma. It can help with joints, muscles,
paralysis, gangrene, arthritis, artery, and veins. It can help with varicose vein,
thrombophlebitis, neurosis, problems with sleeping, osteochondrosis, depression, and so much more. When you read the testimonials, you will see how it helps with almost everything. 

   These are reports from people using the Violet Ray device, this does not mean you would get the same result. Remember this is the small version of the large and more powerful
Tesla Body Energizer.
(Anemia Sickle Cell) Hello Mary, I am so happy and amazed with my blood work. I have had sickle cell anemia all my life and have never been in the normal range until now. I bought this ray for my hair only, but you said to use it on my face, neck, and all around my body. I told you that I only wanted it for my scalp. Two weeks after I used this a couple of times a day for my hair, I had my blood work as for the first time, it was almost in the normal range. I called you to ask you if this cures Sickle Cell, you said you had no idea but now to use it directly over your blood. You said to place the bulb on the inside of your wrist where your arteries are, where they draw blood. Two weeks later, I called you to tell you for the very first time in my life, my blood test is in the normal range, Amazing! I tell my friends about this all the time. They are tired of me talking about it. I can’t thank you enough. Lakesha

(Back, water Retention, Calluses) Hi Mary, we are pleased with our purchase of the handheld violet ray. It is helping me with water retention that I was having to take water pills for. I haven't taken them in a few days because the violet ray seems to be doing its job. I've also seen a reduction of the calluses on my feet. My husbands back seem to be some better. Now I am interested in the full Body version, the Energizer. Linda H

(Buddhist Temple) Hello Rev. Mary. This Violet Ray has been an absolute God Send to us, treating the various medical problems with the poorest of the poor people in Thailand’s Esan region. We have been using them in the Buddhist Temples with success. Sister Fatima

(Cancer) Bladder)  My cat Ra was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was straining in the box

, and only blood was coming out. He couldn't pee at all. I put the ray over his bladder area on his belly. Within less than a minute, he got up, walked over to the box, and had a pee! I started using it 3-5 times a day, sometimes for 5 mins other times for 15 mins depending on what he would allow. That was over 2 weeks ago, and he has never bled one drop of blood since. I really feel that if I didn't use this device on him, he wouldn't be alive today. Every time I use it on him, he gets a blissful look on his face and soon starts to nod off to sleep. He even lets me use it around his face and mouth, and that helps him with his stinky breath. And, of course, you probably already knew what an incredible aphrodisiac the ray is! Today I put the mushroom attachment on my "private parts" (through clothes) - not INSIDE like you recommended for yeast - for only 5 minutes and I couldn't believe how switched on I have been feeling all day. I normally don't have these feelings as I'm so focused on work all the time. Kitty is slowly getting used to the ray, and I think. At least it has been helping his constipation, so that is terrific! My cat is doing better every day. Menkit

(Canker Sores) Hi Mary, Hope your doing well , Just wanted to update you on a few things where the Violet Ray has come to the rescue. Canker Sores: infrequently I'll bite my lip and get a canker sore. But here's what I found. If I put the end of the Violet Ray probe on the outside of my skin opposite where the canker sore is, it will go away over night! Walloped on the noise by a drawer: Last Thursday I had a termite inspection, and while moving things in the garage, I had a drawer slide out and hit me on the bridge of my nose. This was a plastic drawer, but it was heavy, and man did it hurt. After the inspector left, I ran in and applied the Violet Ray on the bridge of my nose using the large spoon probe. It stopped stinging, never turned black and blue. It was tender to the touch for about 4 days. The fact it never bruised was amazing!

 (Cat) Melanie’s cat had no hair on her back, from allergies. The vet and holistic vet could not help her. She called to tell me after a few days of rubbing the violet ray on her cat, the hair is growing back and has more energy. She wants to put her testimony on video

(Diabetes) Hi Mary, I had some problems that I could not fix. One of which was a circulation problem with my legs. I am a diabetic, and over the years, my legs from the knee down discolored to the point that they were almost black, and they itched so bad that I drew blood from scratching. No One was able to help this. Then I received the Violet Ray, and it stopped the itching; and over time, the normal color is returning to my legs. The circulation is returning. Thank you very much. It also relieves some pain areas. Simply by rubbing the glass tube over pain areas, the pain diminishes. Wish I had access to this device years ago. John W.  This is a miraculous healing device, click here to see how it has helped many more people,
 their amazing results.

You can go my link to order $145.00  ORDER HERE

angel mark violet.jpg

Healing In The Wings Of An Angel
 This is my beautiful “Healing In the Wings of an Angel” healing device.

    She is a 6ft female healing angel device I make to improve your health by the healing devices incorporated within her. When people see her, they are in awe, their eyes light up, and they want a session, or their photo taken with her. People have experienced more physical and mental energy. They have also experienced pain relief, better blood circulation, a calming, happy mood, and an increased auric field.

   This angel gives you color therapy, magnetic, shungite, and zero-point energy. She also increases your energy by standing on the electronic foot pad for acupuncture therapy. It opens up all the meridians to your organs so blood and energy can flow. The tap lights in her middle are for chakra therapy. The rainbow lights are for rainbow therapy. The wrist device is for red-light therapy purifying your blood. The Zero Point wand is for balancing your energy and pain relief. The iPod is programmed with many healing frequencies that your body will absorb through your energy field. The Schumann generator necklace is for added energy by using the 7.83 Hz, the natural Earth's Frequency. The small bracelet has whatever essential oil inside so you can breathe in that healing frequency, and she also emits Orgone energy. A mister comes with her to purify her energy field in between sessions. You can use holy water, essential oils, or whatever you prefer. I send along a kit of ten essential oils. All these devices are for pain relief and to increase energy. We are made up of these energies, so why not heal from them? 

 You can use each healing tool individually. Just take them out of the angel.

   She only takes 2 minutes to get ready for a session when she is all put together.

To Use;

1. To create your angel therapy session, take the Tesla Magnetic, Shungite stone, Crystal, Schumann 7.83 Hz frequency generator necklace hanging around her neck and place it around your own neck. If you are familiar with muscle testing, do this to prove to yourself how instantly it makes you psychically stronger by increasing circulation and adding energy to your body. This necklace has been charged on top of a Tesla Coil machine giving the raw crystals millions of frequencies. 

    These ten raw-powered crystals are White Quartz, Violet Amethyst, Dark Blue Lapis lazuli, Light Blue Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Green Malachite, Yellow Citrine, Orange Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Black Grounding Obsidian. When muscle testing, they make you strong and balanced. The idea of using these crystals came to me psychically from Tesla himself.

2.Then press the button that is attached to each wing. The LED lights will flash on. You can have the wings pulse or not. When you have everything turned on, take both wings, and cover yourself with them over your shoulders.

3.Then push all the puck lights in front of her from the forehead down to her feet. The forehead is dark blue, the throat is light blue, the pink is over her heart as well is the green one, the yellow is over her tummy, the orange is over her pelvis and the red root chakra, then the knees, and last the feet. While standing close in front of her, you are receiving chakra colors for chakra color therapy.

4.Then turn on the iPod attached to her right hip. Here you will listen to meditation music with many frequencies incorporated into it. 

5. Then place the Foot Tens Mat Device on the floor and place it directly in front of her. Turn it on, and you will see a small blue light. Then have your bare feet on it and turn the intensity up until you feel it comfortably. This will also improve your blood circulation, opening up all the meridians and acupuncture points throughout your body. It will increase your energy for optimal healing. Start at a 1 intensity.

6. Place essential oil inside the bracelet.
7. Then turn on the power strip so the rainbow light above her head and on the floor will turn on. The switch to change the colors for the rainbow lights will either pulse, stay static or change colors independently.

8. Place the Red-Light Wrist device on your wrist and turn it on.

9. When you are all setup, reach to her left hand and hold it for Orgone and magnetic energy. 
10. Lastly, hold onto the Zero Point Energy Nano Wand in her right hand.

   This comes with a mister to mist the angel between sessions to clear the energy. It also comes with essential oils to place inside the bracelet, so when you stand in front of her, you will breathe in that frequency.

   Go to my website to see my video. I sell these to Wellness centers and other businesses, so people can use her while in the waiting room. I also sell them to lay people.

 She is quite the center piece, a conversation piece. I custom make this angel Price $1200.00 plus shipping. It is custom-made, allowing for three weeks.  ORDER HERE

 Click here to view more angel photos and videos.  

The Nikola Tesla Economical Med Bed
The new concept of a futuristic med bed has been a round only for a few years but still are years before fruition. They will diagnosis and treat a person claiming to cure all disease. My Med bed has diagnostic abilities and has many different type of energies for healing the body.
The software used for diagnostic is the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer and the Organ Meridian Health Analyzer. 
   The many energies used for healing is ozone, a pulsed magnetic field, static electricity, millions of frequencies, rainbow color therapy, sound, neon plasma gas, red-light therapy, negative Ions, Nikola Tesla charged raw crystals, frequencies of certain herbs, and is a cellular charger. It emits the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz and has Shungite energy.

   My bed will charge up your cells with Milli-volts, unstick your sticky red blood cells thus increasing circulation, reduce inflammation and pain. It can reduce depression and anxiety, by giving the body energy to deal with it better and by releasing serotonin. It will increase the oxygenation in the blood. Germs cannot live in a high oxygenated state. It is the most powerful lymphatic drainage machine on the market. This releases the toxins in the body. It is great for the immune system and the digestive system. Overtime it can increase bone mass from the pressure wave, enhance muscle strength, and regrow the telomers, this can be proven by blood tests.

   Since I have been experimenting and selling with over 100 electrical healing devices over 27 years I feel I am very qualified to put this Med Bed together. This is used in wellness centers and by the lay person. Price $4295.00 Place order Here
The med beds in the future will be $50 to 100 grand.
or call 321-525-2511

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