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Our True Paranormal Scratches and Brusies

These are real photos of use being abused by Interdimensional primates and spirits.

kris sun rays.jpg

This is my backyard looking at Kris's room. I thought it was an interesting photo because of the beaming white rays coming down to the ground. I have never seen that with my eyes before. Are they from the sun or an alien space ship.

marks calf.jpg

Mark's calf from being attacked by an Interdimensional Primate
July 7, 2020, Princess had to be put to sleep this morning because she was suffering pain from her heart and seizures. It all started when she had a heat stroke at the dog park. It was extremely devastating to me. She had been by my side for nine years. It was her and I against the world. I never had children, and I considered her my child. Her body was brought back to be buried in the corner of my property, behind my bedroom. Isaias had dug the hole about 3ft x 3ft and 3ft deep. Mark and Isaias placed her precious little body into her grave.     She is only about 10 feet away from my head when I am in bed. Mark told Isaias that he would put the dirt on top to finish covering her.    When Mark was about 6 inches from the top, something had grabbed the back of his right calf and squeezed it with extreme strength. He felt so much instant pain that he had a vision of a hundred eyes looking at him, judging him. We did not know what that was about. He immediately looked down to see what had grabbed him, but he saw nothing. He drops the shovel and runs into the back porch screaming at the top of his lungs with tears in his eyes. Everyone in the house came to see what had happened..
Click here to see video of him explaining what had happened

marks side bruise and scratch.jpg

Dec 20, 2014, Mark came out to the porch and raised his shirt to show me a huge scratch and a weird bruise on his left side. It has to be a few inches long and slightly deep. Mark said he had no idea how a ghost or monkey could have done this. He sleeps every night all night on his belly. Getting scratched like this when you are asleep and vulnerable is a concern.

marks ghost scratche on stomach.jpg

On March 31, 2014, Lorraine showed me her thigh with these horrible scratches that she woke up with. She said no way had she done it herself. They looked like two claw marks going down her thigh, about 3 inches long. We showed Mark her thigh, and Mark said look at this. He showed us his thigh, and he had one long scratch, about 3 inches long. It looked just like her scratch. And there was a small

izah bruise on back arm.jpg

Dec 30, 2014, Isaias came to the porch to show Mark and me his arm. He said, “Look at my arm”. Oh my god!! What happened, I said? He said, “I don’t know how I got this bruise, but I woke up with it. I said it looks like a fist hit your arm. He said I think Charlie did it while I was sleeping. I said Well, it’s probable; otherwise, you would have felt a hit like that. I said, Charlie is a coward, that's why he attacks while we sleep, most of the time. Again, this makes mark and me so mad, and it scares me at the same time.


This is a bruise on Kris's leg that she saw when she woke up but no explanation on how it happened except from, Charlie.

white mist on fence  sideyard.jpg

August 9, 2021 Mark was in the porch when he saw a weird light outside the screen door. He opened, it a took one pic then closed the door and sat back down. When he looked at the photo, he saw this weird light white mist on the privacy fence where the weird lights were last night.

fence alien full 1200 enhanced.jpg

August 8, 2021, THis is the scariest photo we have caught here. Mark was standing in the porch and through the screen door he saw a weird light. He opens the screen door and snaps a couple of consecutive pics of a light hovering over the privacy fence. It is so weird, in the middl are three lights that go straight up, like rods, maybe a foot in height. They remind Mark and I of the plasma filled glass rods we have on top of our Tesla Coil machine. Then next to the right of it is another group of rods that are smaller and purplish in color. To the far right is some kind of looking elephant trunk with a square end. Notice the purplish colors floating around them. What the heck are they? Are they aliens? I think they are. Thank God we have not seen them since. I gotta get out of here.

fence alien face enhanced.jpg

What the heck is this thing, it is so creepy. Is there a face at the end peering into our porch?

fence orb full photo (4).jpg

What are these lights, I so scared of this or these things

fence orb full photo (5).jpg

I dont know what this was but we have not seen it since, thank God.

kris white steak door.jpg
kris white steak door (1).jpg

April 24, 2022, at 5 am, I usually wake up between 4 and 4:30 am.I enjoy this time because the house is quiet. I make my coffee and return to my room. This morning I took my coffee and went into the backyard. I sat at the round table to watch the sunrise. I never enjoy my beautiful backyard at night because I am always afraid of the monkeys. However, for some unknown reason, I went out this particular morning. There was a wonderful breeze. Puppy and Max sat with me for most of the time. I sat out there for about a half-hour. I took some pics of the backyard in case I would catch something. So, I did. This photo is taken of Kris’s entrance plastic magnetic door that goes into her room that is in the backyard. Notice this white weird looking streak. What is it?                       So, I was enjoying myself when about 20 feet behind me, I heard five times a weird noise. I could not figure out what it was. Was it a raccoon or a cat? I knew they could not make that noise. Then I heard it right behind me. It was breathing, and an inhale and exhale. It had a grumbling sound with it. I knew it was not human but seemed to be a big entity. I figured it was a monkey having fun scaring me. I was pissed and scared because again, he ruined the backyard for me. I ran inside immediately with my dogs. Was it the chimp-like Charlie, an orange Orangutan, or a gorilla? It didn’t mean it was going to hurt me, but I was not going to keep sitting there to fine out.

kris blob backyard White Mist.jpg
kris fingers weird - Copy.jpg

This is Kris's hand pointing at a weird dark mist by her room. As I took this photo but what is going on with her fingers to look like that? That's creepy, is that because of the portal?

weird animal in oak tree not blown up.jpg

Look in the far right of my yard, see the whitish energy in the tree? I took this photo early in the Am because I was sitting in my backyard and kept hearing a strange noise.

weird animal in oak tree closeup.jpg

I zoomed into that white energy and this is what I found, a dog like creature in my Oak tree, do you see it?

weird animal that looks like the one in my backyard.jpg

Look how similar it looks like to this dog photo, weird right? I dont need some werewolf thing running around in my backyard. I worry enough about Kris living out there with all the other entities that are out there.

July 10, 2022, I caught a weird photo on my oak tree in my backyard. I had snapped the photo when I kept hearing a weird noise in my backyard. It is hard to make out, but if you go to my website, it is much easier to see. So, I blew it up on my laptop, when I saw a white energy in the tree. After doing that, I could make out a dog or werewolf looking thing. It scares me that this what has been making noise? Is it dangerous? It looks like it is. A year later while watching a paranormal Tv show this man showed a photo of what he caught in his yard, that looks exactly like mine. The photo to the left is mine, if you focus, you see a dog and it looks just like this man’s dog or were wolf.


July 9, 2021, Dragon, about 5 am, Kris comes into my bedroom; I was already awake watching Tv. She showed me a pencil drawing she did of a creature that was sitting at the bottom corner of her bed. She told me that she tossed and turned all night and felt hot. She said it could be menopausal hot flashes, but the weird thing is when she felt something on her bed, she looked and saw this thing sitting there. The drawing she did is on the website. She said it was sitting on her bed, staring at her with black eyes, and she did not feel fear or threatened. It was about 2 feet long and 12inch high, and it had two long front teeth like the saber tooth tiger. It had a mane around its neck that was dirty brown and stringy.  The mane had fire blowing off its head backward about 12 inches long. FIRE? That really freaked me out. She said the skin on the paws was so thin she could see the veins. I asked her if she felt it was demonic, and she said all she knows is she felt no fear from it, and they looked at each other like, what are you. It disappeared when she moved, but the sighting lasted about ten seconds. I said Wow, that's pretty long.  That portal is only a few feet away from her room, if not encompassing it. If we did not have a portal, I would not pay attention to this, but it could be a creature that came in from it like the other things.

tinas window breath later.jpg

Dec 6, 2020, Tina's breath was on the windowpane in the porch. Mark was sitting in his chair. It was 7:15 am. when he noticed what looked like a breath on the window. This porch window is between that and the backyard. He told me about 30 minutes later that the breath was still there. He said it looked like a mouth was open to spread the breath outward. So, I went outside to the next window and blew my breath on it, and it looked exactly like Tina’s. We watched the clock until mine disappeared and that took only ten minutes. He said the sun's heat should have made it disappear by now. None of the other windows have this on them. It should be every window or at least one other. Mark said he could not figure this out. I said notice it is above your head when you sleep on the sofa.                     So, her breath stayed for another 30 minutes until it evaporated. I wondered if it lasted so long because, in her dimension, her breaths composition is different than mine, just a thought.

frog ranch 3.jpg

August 5, 2018, Mark almost died on this day, but I believe Kris saved his life. Kris was sitting in the porch, watching Mark walk out and into the living room. Suddenly, she saw him standing still while being bent over backward at about a 90-degree angle. She quickly ran to him and put her hand under his head. She could not believe he had not fallen to the floor on his head. She put her other hand under his back and had him stand straight up. She asked him what was happening? He could not talk, but he walked a few feet into the kitchen, to the sink, and turned on the faucet. Kris was by his side while he put his hands under the water, and without any soap, they watched bubbles coming out of his hands and forearms. Kris said what is going on. Why are there bubbles coming out of you? He said that he did not understand what was happening. He got worried about these bubbles, and after a minute of his skin bubbling, it slowly subsided. Kris sat Mark down in his chair, and she came to get me.  I ran out to him, and he was in a daze for about ten minutes. Then he started to tell us that he was suddenly frozen still. He knew he was bending over backward when he saw warm rays of lights coming from the ceiling. They were lifting his chest upwards. They were colors that he had never seen before. The rays stopped when Kris straightened him up. He remembers his skin bubbling under the running water but had no idea how that had happed or what it meant. He thought he was dying; if Kris were not there, he would have died. Kris told him that it made no sense for him to be bent over like that without falling to the floor. Mark never bends his back backward and couldn't if he tried. None of us could bend over backward like that. She said to him he was lucky his spine did not break. I told him that I had heard a few times on Tv when people talked about being dead, having gone to heaven, and when they came back, they had seen colors in heaven that they had never seen before, just like you said you saw.  We wondered if he was saved by an entity, an angel, a spirit in this house, or whoever? We believed that Mark's life was saved so he could continue making these important healing machines like the Energizer Health Tool for humanity and finish this fixer-upper house before he dies.  I called Margo and told her what had happened. She said it was an angel that saved him because it was not his time to go, and it was giving him a healing. WOW, what an incredible experience he had, and he did feel better for a while after that.  One year later, I have been watching a Tv series called “Mystery At Frog Ranch” on the travel channel. These people are searching for Aztec treasure in Utah close to Skinwalker ranch. On one of the episodes, they had caught a man on a trail camera, a trespasser with the same type of seizure Mark had. Just like Mark, this man was lifted onto his toes while his stomach and chest were pulled upward. His back was bent over backward at about a 90-degree angle.  This man's arms were dangling down, shaking, mouth open, and making strange moaning sounds. I called kris to my bedroom to see this man. I asked her if this was what had happened to Mark. She excitedly pointed at the Tv screen, saying, “That’s it, that’s exactly what happened to mark”. I said I thought so. In this episode, the crew saw this trespasser on film, and they went to find him but could not. Maybe just like Mark, this man was in the dying process from a heart attack or something like that. Perhaps this guy was being taken up by a spaceship? Who knows, but it resembled what happened to Mark so much so that it is scary to me.
Click here to see a video of a similar experience then come back

marks tlekinese fork.jpg

June 4, 2022, this afternoon was a big day for spirit activity. Mark, while sitting in the porch in his chair from about 9 am to about 3:30 pm, had many things that happened. We believe the whole time it was Tina. It started early, he told me at different times throughout the day, he was hearing noises and seeing small white lights flying around.  When it was around 3 pm, Mark saw an amazing energy appear right in front of him while sitting in his chair. He said it was whitish, but he could kind of see through it. I asked him how big was it? He stood up, raised both arms straight over his head, and clasped his hands. I was shocked and said it was that big? He said yes, I saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared. I said it must have been Tina, he said he did not know.  A little later he said out loud to the spirit to move something, and a few moments later, his fork moved that he had placed on top of a milk carton on the floor. Then he got up and walked into the kitchen to put ice in his cup. When he came back, the fork had moved to on top of the ketchup bottle that was a couple of inches away.  When he needed more ice sometime later, he went back into the kitchen which is only about ten feet. When he came back, there is a letter sitting on top of his ashtray right in front of him. He freaked out and asked me to come to the porch. He said there has been spirit stuff going on. He also got Kris and William to show us all what had happened. He placed the letter on his ashtray and asked if we had put the letter there, knowing no one could have had that. No one could have gotten by him without being seen. Of course, we all said no; what are you talking about? He said we read the letter, which did. We all said we did not understand who wrote this or how it would lay on your ashtray. Mark said this letter was inside this pile of papers on his desk. So, he asked us how it got taken out of the pile and placed on his ashtray. We were all shocked and said, we don’t know.  Kris and I went back to our rooms. William was standing in the porch next Mark. He had his lighter in his hand slapped out of his hand by some spirit. The lighter dropped to the floor. When he reached down to pick it up, it was gone. They both got on their knees to look for it. They looked under Mark's chair, under the sofa, but it was there when they looked under the love seat. So, for this to have happened, it flew at a right angle after hitting the floor. How could it fly 3 feet? This is an impossibility. A spirit had to have done that.  About 4 pm this same afternoon I was in my bed when I heard a strange noise to my left in the bathroom. My dogs were on my bed, so I knew it was not them. I got up and thought maybe it was the Velcro that I have on the floor at the door jamb. I could not believe what I saw. About 3 inches of the edge was not tacked down but had been pulled up. So, I pulled the Velcro upward, and sure enough, that was the exact noise I had heard. It was very hard to pull, and I could only pull it up off the floor about an inch. A spirit did this to get my attention had to have a lot of strength. Now I have to rip up the whole strip and replace it. Thanks a lot spirit. I bet it was a mischief monkey.  Ten minutes later, after I got back into bed to watch some Tv I heard another noise in my bathroom. This time it sounded like a small plastic thing that dropped on the tile floor and rolled. Seconds later, I heard the same noise. I got up to look on the floor knowing I would not find anything, and sure enough, there wasn’t on the floor. So, I don’t believe a human spirit would mess with me like this, but one of the mischief monkeys, I’m sure they think it’s funny.

rosery full view (1).jpg

Jan 1, 2022, I sat down in my car and the red and white rosary had been moved in a way that no way could have done this. I tried to recreate how it was placed but could not. It had been picked up and placed over the rearview mirror in a way it had to have been done on purpose. I believe it is a sprit showing me that I am protected while driving.

Jan 3, 2022, I sat down in my car and again the red and white rosary had been moved in the same way as a couple of days earlier. Amazing this has happened once but now twice. Who is doing this and why?

pixy full window.jpg

This photo I took of my back porch from being in the backyard because I saw a weird purple light hoovering over where mark was sleeping.

pixy fairy closeup.jpg

That purple light is a fairy

This is a photo taken from my backyard at the porch where I saw a purple light, a fairy
Purple Pixy Event that happened to Mark on his 67th birthday July 1, 2021.

   Kris had been in her bed asleep when she woke up to a beautiful Pixy floating above her. She called me at 12:30 am, I was in a deep sleep. She said I had to come quickly because there is a pixy in her room. I said WHAT? A PIXY? She yes, come here. Not knowing what to expect I grabbed my cellphone to hopefully catch a photo or video. I was there in about 5 minutes and when I walked in, she said it flew out the door. She said it was hovering above her very close to the fast-ceiling fan blades that were spinning on high. The wind from the fan had no effect on her.
  She described it as about 4” high and 4” wide with the body in the middle being pure brilliant white with no features. The wings were a beautiful purple and pink flowing back and forth. She was shocked because of the weird stuff we have seen these past 8 years this is a first. She said she realized the Pixy was trying to tell her that she was stuck in the room and could not get out. So, before I got to Kris, had gotten off her bed and walked to her door and opened it. As soon as she did it shot right out.
  I was disappointed so I sat in a chair and told her tell me exactly what happened. When she was finished, I walked outside about 5 minutes later and started quickly snapping photos in the dark as I was going to walk back to my bed. We saw nothing as her and I looked around the backyard hoping to see it but with no luck. The next morning, I downloaded the photos to my laptop and “OH MY GOD”. I had captured what we believe to be the pixy.
  Here are some of the photos to show you on my website and some I have printed out. All these photos were taken when I was standing just outside her room in the backyard facing the porch of the house. When we looked with our eyes, we could not see these purple lights at all, we saw nothing looking at the porch.  What do you think?
  We do not know if this Pixy is male or female. Mark was asleep in the porch on the sofa and this Pixy with a lot of purple energy flowing over Mark was happening, but he never woke. We told him about this the next morning and showed him these photos. My psychic said that he was getting an upgrade for psychic ability and healing from this entity. Interesting it occurred on his birthday

This is a drawing Kris did of the mean monkey we call Charlie.
Has been seen a few times. He is 4ft tall with long fingers and nails. He has yellow eyes and pointed ears. He is a chimp but looks evil and has done evil things to us that you will read about in my book,
"From Hooker to Paranormal Investigator".


Feb 2 ,2024, it was dark, around 9pm and I walked into the porch where Mark was sitting. He told me something weird had happened last night, I said already starting to get nervous, What? He had me walk just outside through the screen door. He pointed up to the roofs eve and said a few nights ago William and he saw a light coming through the tiny holes in the eve, like someone was in there with a flashlight. I was shocked and said but no one can get in the attic and get to the eve, it’s not possible, and he said, I know. He said William and he watched a bright light inside the eve and even weirder it was only three feet long. Aso when they moved to the right and the left to look there was no light, only when they looked dead on. I said that’s no way possible, you can only see light from all directions, but this is unreal. I asked him why he did not come get me because he knows I document these things and he said because I still had Covid and quarantined in my bedroom. He said he and William got a board and moved it around the light to see if it could have been a reflection, but it was not.
  Now I am getting really creeped out. I asked how long the light was there and he said hours, but it was gone early in the morning. He knows this because he goes out the screen door to the fence to pee. I asked him for tonight or any night if you see it again come get me no matter what time of the night and he agreed. I took the photo of the during the day to help explain this weird occurrence but on my website under the link for this book, click the link paranormal videos you can see Mark explaining what happened as well of many weird videos from my house.
  I reminded mark about the light that we could not see when we walked outside but only through the window an that was only a week ago. So, what is going on here? Is this a portal, another alternative reality, alien tech, what? Also, remember the creepy lights that were looking over the fence at Mark in the porch only ten feet away. This is so scary!!
Ok, so today I had a reading from Margo, and I asked her about these lights. She said the one outside in the backyard was angelic and the light in the eve was from a portal. She said it is nothing to be scared of, but she said it is there because there are two people in my house very soon that are leaving earth, dying. Right away we both said Mark, but she did not know who the other one is, possibly Wiliam or Dominque whom both are old and in very bad health. I am surprised it could be either one, I’ve not been expecting it.

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