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 Ghost SLS Structured Light Camera Experiences

The famed SLS camera is a Structured Light Sensor Camera System. It allows ghost hunters seeking to capture video evidence to detect spirit forms during paranormal investigations that can't be seen with the naked eye. These forms are then depicted as stick figures that often dance around or seem to stand on top of people's heads.

Oct 8, 2022, SLS camera videos. This night I was watching a brand-new ghost hunting show and this woman had an SLS, a structure light sensor camera downloaded on an app on her cellphone. These SLS cameras have been around for years on ghost hunting shows, but they were big and bulky. It has always been my favorite ghost hunting tool because it shows a spirit as a stick figure. On the internet this camera is usually around $400.00. I had always wanted one to go through my house but as I have said before I am scared to see a spirit, see it move,  I have to live here.
  So, I went to google play store and download the trial. I turn it on, I am laying in my bed at night with only the Tv light on. My dogs are on the floor, and I scan the room and I do not see any stick figures which I felt relieved. Then I remembered how when I asked any spirits to come and get their photo taken a hundred orbs came out of my closet. The video of this is on my website. So, I asked the same thing and a minutes later a spirit came out of the closet, up near the ceiling. I said, Oh HI. Thank you for coming. It then came down and sat in the chair in front of the closet. It was the size of a human sitting there, never still, always moving. I asked the spirit to come closer to me and instantly it was standing right next to me about 6 feet tall. Then it sat back on the chair. I tried to keep my cool and said I do not know who you are I would have to get my ghost box but il do that with you another time. Then I said ok, I gotta go see Mark, see you later and I quickly left the room freaked out.
  Mark was asleep so I went outside to Kris’s room. As I walked into the porch there was a tall spirit standing there. I stood next to him and said to Kris, what kind of app I have on my phone and there is a spirit standing inches away from me. As I said that to her the spirit tugged on my sleeve. I stayed calm and told Kris what had just happened. Kris was sitting in her chair and when my camera turned on to her, it mapped her as a stick figure showing its accuracy. Then I aimed it at her bed across the room, and I said excitedly Kris, there is a spirit laying on your bed with its head on your pillow. This really freaked me out. I said kris do you want to see it. She no, I have to live in this room. I said I know, I feel that way too. I have this spirit on my website laying on her bed, you have to go see it.
  The next day I wanted to see if it would show a spirit during the day. As soon as I turned it on, there was that spirit sitting in the chair again. I said Hi, you like sitting in that chair I see. That was my aunt Helens antique chair. I asked him if he could sit on the bed, next to me and I tapped the mattress. Instantly he laid on my bed next to me. I said, thank you. Then I said can you touch my hand, I put my hand out, he reached out and touched my hand. He then jumped on the other side of my bed and then I got up and walked into the hallway thinking I might be able to see the spirit that Tim has been sensing across from his room. As I was filming with this app I did not see any stick figure but orbs flying around.
  Some years ago I had orbs in the hallway before flying around caught with my cellphone but that video has been lost. Maybe Ill see if I can see the orbs again on my cellphone. I do not plan on using this app again. I don’t want to know where they are in my house.

Here the ghost stick figure sitting in my chair in my bedroom jumped to my bed on command.

Ghost sitting between my legs while I'm naked and the ghost petting my puppy when I asked.

Ghost laying next to me on my  bed and reaches out to touch my hand when asked

Ghost lays next to me on my bed when asked.

One little ghost in my hallway just outside my bedroom. There are many orbs flying around as well. The floor had just been cleaned, no way is it dust. Tim complaines that many times when he opens his bedroom door, in the hallway right there is a man ghost standing there. Tim says he actually says to him," excuse me" as he walks into the hallway. So, here you see a small ghost right across from his room then disappears.

This video was taken ten minutes later and still there are many spirit orbs flying around and the ghost is still across from Tim's door like he is waiting to him to open the door. It is interesting to me that my dog Diamond makes a howling sound as if she sees or is disturbed by them.

After seeing these ghosts I walked into the backyard where Kris's house is. When I walked in I immediately saw a tall ghost standing there. I said hello are your from my room but head no response. I was very excited to tell Kris what I had been doing with this app on my phone. She is sitting in her chair but I said Kris, there is a ghost laying on your bed. When I asked her if she wanted to see it she said no because she has to live in that room. I said I comletely understand that.

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