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Our True Paranormal Videos

This is Marks calf minutes after being attacked by a monkey because he was digging a grave for my dog in our backyard.

This is a video of my asking if any spirit wants to come and get their photo taken and within a few minutes about 100 Orbs flew out of the closet, passed me and dissapeared.

Five minutes after they seemed to be all gone I retook this video to show they stayed gone and would not come back in when asked.

This is my video of asking spirits to come get their photo taken the next night. This time about 50 orbs came out then disappeared. After that when I ask they dont come out anymore. I do wonder why though. five minutes later they stayed gone.

Dec 6, 2020, Tina's breath was on the windowpane in the porch. Mark was sitting in his chair. It was 7:15 am. when he noticed what looked like a breath on the window. This porch window is between that and the backyard. He told me about 30 minutes later that the breath was still there. He said it looked like a mouth was open to spread the breath outward. So, I went outside to the next window and blew my breath on it, and it looked exactly like Tina’s. We watched the clock until mine disappeared and that took only ten minutes. He said the sun's heat should have made it disappear by now. None of the other windows have this on them. It should be every window or at least one other. Mark said he could not figure this out. I said notice it is above your head when you sleep on the sofa.So, her breath stayed for another 30 minutes until it evaporated. I w ondered if it lasted so long because, in her dimension, her breaths composition is different than mine, just a thought.

video coming soon

frog ranch 3.jpg

                          This is captured from the TV show "Mystery Of Frog Ranch" 
This video and and photo shows very similar experience
August 5, 2018, Mark almost died on this day, but I believe Kris saved his life. Kris was sitting in the porch, watching Mark walk out and into the living room. Suddenly, she saw him standing still while being bent over backward at about a 90-degree angle. She quickly ran to him and put her hand under his head. She could not believe he had not fallen to the floor on his head. She put her other hand under his back and had him stand straight up. She asked him what was happening? He could not talk, but he walked a few feet into the kitchen, to the sink, and turned on the faucet. Kris was by his side while he put his hands under the water, and without any soap, they watched bubbles coming out of his hands and forearms. Kris said what is going on. Why are there bubbles coming out of you? He said that he did not understand what was happening. He got worried about these bubbles, and after a minute of his skin bubbling, it slowly subsided. Kris sat Mark down in his chair, and she came to get me.
  I ran out to him, and he was in a daze for about ten minutes. Then he started to tell us that he was suddenly frozen still. He knew he was bending over backward when he saw warm rays of lights coming from the ceiling. They were lifting his chest upwards. They were colors that he had never seen before. The rays stopped when Kris straightened him up. He remembers his skin bubbling under the running water but had no idea how that had happed or what it meant. He thought he was dying; if Kris were not there, he would have died. Kris told him that it made no sense for him to be bent over like that without falling to the floor. Mark never bends his back backward and couldn't if he tried. None of us could bend over backward like that. She said to him he was lucky his spine did not break. I told him that I had heard a few times on Tv when people talked about being dead, having gone to heaven, and when they came back, they had seen colors in heaven that they had never seen before, just like you said you saw.
  We wondered if he was saved by an entity, an angel, a spirit in this house, or whoever? We believed that Mark's life was saved so he could continue making these important healing machines like the Energizer Health Tool for humanity and finish this fixer-upper house before he dies.
  I called Margo and told her what had happened. She said it was an angel that saved him because it was not his time to go, and it was giving him a healing. WOW, what an incredible experience he had, and he did feel better for a while after that.
  One year later, I have been watching a Tv series called “Mystery At Frog Ranch” on the travel channel. These people are searching for Aztec treasure in Utah close to Skinwalker ranch. On one of the episodes, they had caught a man on a trail camera, a trespasser with the same type of seizure Mark had. Just like Mark, this man was lifted onto his toes while his stomach and chest were pulled upward. His back was bent over backward at about a 90-degree angle.
  This man's arms were dangling down, shaking, mouth open, and making strange moaning sounds. I called kris to my bedroom to see this man. I asked her if this was what had happened to Mark. She excitedly pointed at the Tv screen, saying, “That’s it, that’s exactly what happened to mark”. I said I thought so. In this episode, the crew saw this trespasser on film, and they went to find him but could not. Maybe just like Mark, this man was in the dying process from a heart attack or something like that. Perhaps this guy was being taken up by a spaceship? Who knows, but it resembled what happened to Mark so much so that it is scary to me.

Kris explaning the BLOB

Video coming soon

Kris making the monkey voice she heard while it banged on her outside wall. William, Nelson and myself will also be doing the monkey calls, video omig soon.

This is a friends video of a spirit animal under his sofa.

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